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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1: 

            Noah and Fancy are back together again.  Noah is confused. “What is going on? You broke up with me and now you are kissing me like I am the last man on earth.”

            “I love you and you love me and that is all that I need to know," she says.

Scene 2:

            Theresa, upset that Ethan has gone to see Gwen, is at the waterfront.  She sees Chad there.  They catch up, and Chad can see that Theresa still has a one-track mind. “Ethan is married to Gwen and he will never leave her. Then again, who am I to give advice? Look at me! I am in love with a nun!"

            Theresa can see that Chad still hurts over the breakup with his sister.  He can’t let go.  She feels that neither of them should give up on the people that they love.

Scene 3:

            Ivy finds Fox alone in the main room of the mansion.  He tells her that Kay is telling Miguel about the engagement.  Ivy feels that Fox might be worried about this and she tells him not to be. “She has been reluctant to tell Miguel about the engagement though," she points out.

            Fox wants to know what his mother thinks. “Do you think that Kay would rather be with Miguel than me?"

Scene 4:

            Miguel is with his child and Kay in the nursery at the mansion.  He likes being with the both of them.  Kay has something that she wants to tell Miguel…

Scene 5:

            Chris and Sheridan stand over Luis, not realizing who he is.  He is their only link to Marty.  “Do you believe in the sixth sense?" Sheridan used to doubt things like that but she has it at times. “This man is very important to our cause.”  “Please wake up," she prays.

            Otto, knowing that Luis will never get up, is in disguise as a doctor as he watches Chris and Sheridan. “He’s had a death sentence," he says to himself.

Scene 6:

            Noah and Fancy spend time kissing.  Noah likes the way she says ‘hello,’ but he is still confused.  She only knows that she loves him.  He loves her too, and he admits that he has been less than honest. “I will tell you everything now.”

            “I don’t want you to anymore," she says.

            Noah is really confused about this.  She says she simply changed her mind about knowing all there is to know about Maya. “If you have something that you don’t want to tell me, then that is fine. God knows that I have dozens of secrets about men that I don’t want to tell you about," she says.


Scene 7:

            Theresa doesn't really think that Chad and Whitney should be physical, but they can still spend time together.  That will never happen, Chad knows. “She won’t even talk to me. I can’t keep beating my head against the gate at the convent to get through to her.”

            Theresa is shocked.  Chad is giving up. “I can’t do this anymore.”

            She grabs his arm. “Come on Chad. We are going to see Whitney and set her straight.”

Scene 8:

            Fox asks Ivy if there is something about Kay and Miguel that he should know.  Ivy says that there is nothing that she knows of.  Fox tells that Kay said that she held off telling Miguel about the engagement as it would hurt Miguel’s feelings.

            “Oh…Is that what she said?" Ivy blurts. 

            Fox wants to know what his mother understands about this.

            “Well Fox…Why would Miguel be upset about that? I swear… It is like Kay is trying not to burn her bridges…”

Scene 9:

            Kay is trying to get the words out, but Maria keeps goo-goo, gaga, talking away and interrupting.  Miguel can’t get over how amazing Kay is with Maria.  She smiles at him.  “Okay Kay. What did you want to tell me?"

Scene 10:

            Chris and Sheridan stand over Luis who has gauze over his face to protect his eyes.  Chris leaves for a moment.  Sheridan sits beside the strange man.  “You are not alone. Everything is going to be fine and you will be safe…”  Sheridan touches the man and a flood of memories come to her.  She sees the past with Luis and her as the main players.  She jerks her hand from the strange man’s arm.  “Luis!" she says.

            “Not smart," Otto mutters under his breath. “That’s getting too close young lady…”

Scene 11:

            Noah is angry that Fancy is keeping secrets about dozens of men. “What men?"

            She will not answer, but he pushes and so she does.  “Well, there was André, and the crazy double-jointed twins…”

            Noah can’t believe his ears.  Fancy only cares about the two of them and not who was in their past.  “Whatever else is going on will not affect us Noah.”  He loves hearing that.  “I need you Noah. Life isn’t worth living without you in my arms.”

            “I love you too Fancy.” 

            They rush off to find a place to be alone together.

Scene 12:

            Whitney is brought into the main room of the convent.  “Who wants to see me?"

            The Mother Superior gets the guests.  Theresa and Chad enter the room. 

            “No, Mother Superior get them out of here.”

            “Mind your manners, Sister," the Mother Superior says before leaving.

            Whitney is furious that she has been called out of bed to see these two.  “Let me guess. You, Theresa, want to talk about Ethan not wanting you… And you, Chad -- You can’t get over being with your sister…”

Scene 13:

            Otto watches Sheridan carefully.   If she finds out that Luis is in the bed, Otto will kill her.  Sheridan really wants to know who is in this bed.  She tries to sneak a peek at the man’s face, but feels guilty trying to do so and moves away from him.  Chris is on his way back to the room, so Otto runs to hide.  Chris finds Sheridan acting nervously.  “What is it?" he asks her.

            She is about to answer when the strange man starts having a bad reaction while unconscious.  His heart rate rises, and the monitor shrieks for help before Chris and Sheridan realize what is happening.

            Otto loves it. “Nature will kill him and I won’t have to do it…”

            “Help!" Sheridan shouts. “Nurse! Come quick!"

Scene 14:

            Theresa can see that her friend is bitter, and Whitney admits it.   Theresa says that she wants her friend to come home. “You don’t belong here.”

            Whitney finds them cruel. They keep bringing this up and hurting her.   “Everyone in town knows about the nun who gave birth to her brother’s child. And Miles… what kind of life will he have being ridiculed?"

            Chad finds her selfish to run off and hide while her son suffers alone. 

            “You are a coward," Theresa spits at her.

            “Oh that is rich coming from you. I would rather be a coward than a fool who runs after a man who doesn't want me.”

            Out in the hall, a nun is walking by and hears the shouting.   She stops to listen.  She hears Whitney’s hysterical voice. “I swear sometimes when I think about this, it makes me CRAZY!"

Scene 15:

            Ivy and Fox are still together waiting for Kay to tell Miguel the news.  Fox wonders what is keeping Kay so long.  He and Ivy head up to the nursery and peek in.  Miguel is standing beside Kay, and they are both looking down at their child.  Fox looks disappointed.  Ivy smiles coyly in the corner.

Scene 16:

            Otto watches while the medical staff tries to save Luis’s life.  Chris and Sheridan are frantic and watch.  Otto smiles as Luis dying will solve all his problems.

Scene 17:

            Noah and Fancy have been making love.  She feels they should stop now, but he convinces her to make love to him once more. They move to the bed.

Scene 18:

            Ivy is thrilled. She has managed to save her son from that malicious little shrew.

Scene 19:

            Miguel congratulates Kay.  Fox is pleased to hear him do that. “You can congratulate me too now," he says. 

            “For what?" Miguel asks.

            Fox is surprised. Miguel seems to have been only congratulating Kay on successfully raising his daughter.  Ivy is in the hall and rolls her eyes when she learns the blow hasn’t been delivered yet.  Fox tells him now seeing as Kay hasn’t been able to. “Kay and I are engaged.”

Scene 20:

            Chris and Sheridan see that Luis has been calmed and he is not critical like a few moments ago.  The doctor tells Chris and Sheridan that the strange man will not be conscious any time soon. He has no idea how long the strange man will be in this condition.  “Why don’t both of you go and get something to eat?"  Chris and Sheridan walk off. 

            Otto comes out of hiding.  “The way that I see it. Luis is alone and defenseless. He will never tell you anything, Sheridan. It is time for him to die…”

Scene 21:

            Noah tells Fancy that she makes love like a tavern wench and that is the way that he likes it.  She suggests that next time they get together they should play pirate since she already has the patch.  He knows that she relieved him of having to tell her about his secret, but he doesn't want her to sacrifice for him.  She doesn't want to hear about that, and that is her final word on it.  Someone comes to the door of the room where Noah and Fancy are alone.  They hear something but no one knocks.  “Who is there?"   Noah goes to the door to check it out.

Scene 22:

            Whitney is out of control. “Get out!" she screams at her brother and friend. “GET OUT AND LEAVE ME ALONE RIGHT NOW!”  The listening nun knows that something is terribly wrong.

Scene 23:

            Chris and Sheridan are having coffees in the refreshment area of the hospital.  He finds her so different from her father. “It is like you have a little piece of sunlight in your soul.”

            Otto goes into Luis’s room.  “Adios, Luis! It is the end of the road.”  He starts removing the oxygen equipment from Luis’s face.

            Chris and Sheridan are sitting and talking.  Suddenly she shivers.  “I just had a horrible premonition. It was very familiar. It was the same feeling that I got when I knew that Marty was my son. Something is wrong. We have to check on that man right now.”  She and Chris rush to the strange man’s room. 

            “You are already dead, Luis…You might as well get it over with," Otto says smiling over the ailing Luis.  Otto watches the hospital monitor.  Luis struggles to breathe. He can’t even talk.

Scene 24:

            Noah calls out to whomever is out in the hall.  He and Fancy hear footsteps but no one answers. Suddenly Noah opens the door and looks out, but no one is there.  Fancy breathes a sigh of relief.  He closes the door and returns to her in bed.  She laughs. “What if it had been Rebecca and she had seen you naked like this? She would have hog-tied you to the bed and taken advantage of you.”  Noah might have even taken her on.  Fancy really thought that someone was out there but doesn't worry about that now.

Scene 25:

            Chad and Theresa are alone now.   They are surprised at how Whitney was acting.  “She hates herself and is confused. She is fighting what is in her heart," Theresa sees.  Chad wonders if Whitney is having a nervous breakdown.

            The nun gets the Mother Superior and they go to the visiting room.  They hear nothing in the room now.  The Mother Superior knocks.  “Sister? Whitney? Are you in there?"

            Whitney comes out of the room.

            “Are you alright?" Mother Superior asks.


            The nun tells how she was frightened for Whitney’s life.  Whitney finds that the woman was exaggerating.  The Mother Superior will go back to bed but tells Whitney to ask for help if she needs it.  “Of course I will," she promises.  The nun and the Mother Superior leave.  Whitney turns around.  There are red marks on the back of her nightgown. She grimaces.

Scene 26:

            Miguel congratulates Fox and Kay now that he knows the big news.  Ivy is angry that Miguel has taken the news so well.  “So when are you leaving?" Fox asks.

            “I’m not," Miguel says.

            Ivy loves it. “This is perfect for Kay," she says in the hall.

Scene 27:

            Otto sees that Luis is taking too long to die.  “You need a little help.”  Otto gets a pillow and holds it over Luis’s face.  Chris and Sheridan are making their way back to the strange man’s room. Sheridan knows they have to hurry. She just knows it.

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