Passions Update Friday 3/10/06

Passions Update Friday 3/10/06--Canada; Monday 3/13/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan phones Gwen and learns that she is still swamped.

Ethan tells that the wedding keeps getting delayed so she hasn’t missed anything as yet.

Theresa is listening to their call while sitting in the study.

“You will keep getting swamped Gwen," Theresa thinks to herself smiling.

Sam goes to his father.

“I have to talk to you about Fancy.”

Aunt Rachel comes to Fancy to see if she is fine.

“My eye is doing fine," Fancy says.

“I wasn’t talking about your eye, I was talking about your heart.”

Miguel plays with Endora and Maria in the nursery.

Tabitha is there too and she says that things have been great for she and Kay in the house.

“Still, it is a pity that there isn’t a man around sometimes… Two mommies can get a bit confusing sometimes.”

Fox and Kay talk about Kay not telling that she is engaged to Fox.

“The sooner that Miguel knows how the land lays, the better…unless there is some other reason why you are not telling Miguel the truth. Are you still in love with Miguel?"

Pilar cancels the ceremony.

“I will not be a part of your lies. This marriage is over!"

Martin and Katherine stand facing Pilar as she shouts at them.

Chris and Sheridan go into the strange man’s cubicle, but his face is covered now and they can’t talk to him.

They had no idea how badly hurt this man really was.

They leave the area.

Chris’s cellphone rings.

Chris checks it. “It is the police. They say that they haven’t gotten a hold of Otto and his men.

Sheridan sees now that the man in the cubicle is her only hope for finding her son.

“I can’t help thinking that this man is a lot more important to me than I know," Sheridan says.

Fancy tells her aunt that she and Noah are over.

“There is this woman from Noah’s past and he will not tell me all I need to know about her. I will not be with a man like that.”

Noah decides that he has to talk to his father about Fancy as she has been hurt because of him.

“She dumped me because I couldn’t tell her the truth. Fancy needs to know that I love her and there will never be another woman that means as much to me as her.”

Paloma comes to the nursery and finds her brother there.

They hug.

Miguel hates that he has missed seeing Maria grow up.

Tabitha confirms that he really has sacrificed a lot for Charity, even though she said that she didn’t want him.

Paloma asks him if running off was worth it.

“Maria is my niece and she has been growing up without her father.

Tabitha says that things have changed now.

“I remember a time when a man would hold himself to very high criticism for leaving a woman with a bun in the oven.”

Endora thinks how her mother sure has a way with words.

Paloma knows that Tabitha is talking sense.

“You will miss precious time with Maria that you will never get back Miguel if you don’t spend time with her.”

Kay is taking her time telling Miguel about her engagement as he will feel like he is losing Maria as well as Charity.

Fox sees no point in waiting.

Kay says that part of her doesn't believe that this is happening.

“I can't believe that someone like you would want to marry someone like me.”

He smiles. “Look at you. You are sexy and smart, and you are a great woman. You could have any man that you want, and I have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming. You are Kay Bennett and I don’t want anyone else…”

Martin begs Pilar not to call off he ceremony.

She will. “I am not a duty…I am a woman…the woman that you loved. You still want your whore? Stay with her? There was never a more foolish woman in the world than I. All those years, lighting a candle in the window…What a fool I was and I even thought that you were dreaming about me too but you weren’t cause you were too exhausted from being with your whore!"

She pulls his shirt off pointing to his scratches.

“What is this? What is this? On the eve of our wedding, you sleep with that tramp! May God have mercy on your souls!"

Chris and Sheridan come back into the strange man’s room.

The doctors put the gauze back on the man’s face to cover his eyes. They may have been damaged. For now they have to be kept from the light. He could even go blind.

“We have to go," the doctors say. “You can stay but don’t over stimulate him.”

The doctors leave.

Sheridan touches the man.

Images of Luis come rushing through her mind.

She jerks her hand back as if electrocuted.

Chris sees her reaction to touching the man.

“Sheridan! What is wrong?"

Theresa listens as Gwen refers to her as a witch, asking what she has done to get to Ethan so far.

Mr. Collier enters the office asking Gwen to get back to work.

“Sorry Ethan. I have to go now.”

Gwen hangs up.

He turns and Theresa is behind him. “I wanted to apologize for leaning on you about work. Actually, I need a few minutes of your time to get something done.”

Pilar thought that Martin was a man like no other.

“How stupid I have been. I gave you chance after chance to choose between me and that slut. I believed you and I thought that you were a man of honor. Everyone pitied me but I couldn’t let go because I believed in you. I waited for a man that had moved on. Aren’t I stupid? Aren’t I stupid Martin? Even when I found out about her, I forgave you. You still went back to her and you slept with her behind my back, in our marriage bed! I am going to burn that bed and I will grind the ashes with my heel!"

Miguel didn’t think about how he missed Maria all this time until he got back this day and held her in his arms.

“To be honest, I was following Charity but I don’t think that she ever really knew that I was looking for her. I would chase her from country to country and something weird would happen to stop me dead in my tracks.”

There was this one time when Miguel almost found her.

He found the street but not the house. “It was number 49, but there was no house with that number.”

He asked for directions.

There was this old woman…Miguel was in England at the time.

She looked just like Tabitha, but she was sweeping the street in front of her house it seems.

She knew the house that Miguel was looking for, she said. She told that it just disappeared one day in a big puff of smoke.

Miguel walked off sad.

The old woman cackled.

She walked up to the house before her and changed the numbers back to the ones that Miguel was actually looking for. “Number forty-nine”.

Tabitha remembers now how she was the one that stopped Miguel from making contact with Charity.


Endora has taken a picture frame and made it a monitor for all in the nursery to watch.

Fox and Kay are kissing in the living room. “It is a vision, or omen of some sort…”

“Things don’t look good for Fox and Kay.” Tabitha can see.

The vision shows Fox and Kay kissing and then a dark cloud comes over them.

Fox and Kay are suddenly struck by lightening and they end up as skeletons in a matter of seconds.

“Oh my," Tabitha says. “That can’t be a good.”

Sam tells Noah that he has to be honest with Fancy to have a good relationship with her.

Noah wants to do the right thing.

Aunt Rachel tells Fancy to give Noah a chance.

Fancy can’t. “Secrets and deceptions run all through my family and I can’t bear it.”

Aunt Rachel overheard a lot of things when she was hiding in the house.

“I know that Noah loves you…I saw that in him.”

Fancy only expects his honesty.

Rachel knows that Noah was involved with someone else before and they got in trouble once.

She wonders if she should tell Fancy about this or not.

Chris and Sheridan discuss the strange feelings that this man brings to Sheridan.

When Sheridan and Chris discuss Luis and Marty, the man groans.

Chris and Sheridan feel that is an indication that this man knows of or has heard of those people.

She leans to the man.

“Sir…Do you know anything about Luis or Marty?”

“Why does Katherine always come first Martin?"

Martin can’t answer that.

Katherine helps him. “The reason that I come first, and why I will always come first is because he loves me.”

Pilar turns on Katherine flying at her in a murderous rage.

She grabs the woman by the neck landing on top of her on the bed. She chokes her and shouts out, as Katherine fights to get Pilar’s hands off her neck.

Martin has to pull Pilar off Katherine.

He apologizes to her but she will not believe him.

“It is not what you think Pilar!"

She wants an explanation for why he was with that whore on the very day that they were going to renew their vows.

Ethan is reluctant to help Theresa with her work.

He finds that unethical.

“…Although I am Jane’s mother and I am asking you for a bit of advice?"

Ethan will think about it but right now he has to go and see Jane…”

Theresa will wait. “He will be back. He can’t help it.”

Sheridan talks to the side of the strange man’s face.

“Please help me. Do you know where my son Marty is?"

The man has a sequence of pictures flying through his mind of he, Sheridan and Marty.”

He groans and tries to raise his covered head.

Chris can see that the man is very weak.

“We will just have to wait until he is doing better.

Outside the cubicle, Otto dressed as a doctor is watching as Chris and Sheridan try to get information from the man on the bed.

“Good luck getting information from him," he says quietly. “He will never survive.”

Rachel’s advice to Fancy is to fight for Noah.

“Perhaps he has a good reason for not telling you the truth about this woman. If you need to know what Noah is hiding, he will tell you in time. Just don’t lose this marvelous man. Go and find Noah. Go right now and find him.”

Fox and Kay talk about how lucky they are.

He knows that is because of the honesty between them.

“We have no secrets.”

Kay looks down at the ground now.

Fox says that it is okay to have the occasional white lie, but then that will be it!

Kay thinks to herself that love will win out for she and Fox.

Tabitha wonders if Miguel is the shadow that was in the vision.

“It can’t be Miguel as he plans to leave town again…”

Paloma and Miguel talk about love and how it seems to ruin everyone.

“Miguel loved Charity but needs to take charge of his own life. Maybe Charity doesn't want him anyway. I am going to get back to basics. I want to raise Maria and take care of her.”

Tabitha asks Miguel if he is going to stay in Harmony.

“Yes…I am staying for good.”

Martin has no idea what to say to Pilar.

She feels that if he loved her, he would know what to say.

“Katherine wouldn’t mean anything to you.”

Katherine says that isn’t true.

Martin shouts at Katherine to stop this.

Pilar knows that Katherine is right.

“She is the one that you love right?"

Martin can’t answer.

“You can’t admit it and so you say nothing. You are not a man. You are weak. You are a coward…”

Sam and Noah talk about Maya.

Noah wants Sam to hear him out.

Fancy comes in and is happy to have found Noah.

Sam says that he and Noah will talk later.

“Go talk to the woman that you love Noah.”

Fancy was worried that Noah had left.

He will if she wants him to.

She wants him to wait.

“I need something…”

She leans in and kisses him.

Fox and Kay kiss while in the main room of the mansion.

She promises to tell Miguel that they are engaged, and then they and plan their wedding.

“Don’t worry about him as he will be off soon searching for the love of his life again.”

Paloma is overjoyed that her brother will be staying in town.

Tabitha can see that the sky is about to fall in on Kay soon.

Theresa drinks in the study while she waits for Ethan.

The phone rings.

Ethan answers her cellphone to Mr. Collier.

“Don’t get angry with me. Look at the screen on the phone. I sent you a photo…”

Theresa looks at the picture and sees that Ethan is with Gwen at the office and they are kissing over her desk.

Pilar will not be the object of Martin’s pity.

“I am done. I am so done. It is over… And you…Katherine! If this sad excuse of a man is what you want, then you can have him. I never want to see him again!"

The doctor tells Sheridan that there is nothing they can do to get the information that Sheridan needs out of the man before its time.

The doctor goes to examine the man now.

Chris and Sheridan leave the area, but Sheridan stalls.

“I have a strange feeling that if we leave, we may not see this man again. It happened to me before.”

Otto is listening nearby.

“You are a lot smarter than I gave you credit for Sheridan. Now he is dead!"

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