Passions Update Thursday 3/9/06

Passions Update Thursday 3/9/06--Canada; Friday 3/10/06--USA


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Miguel can’t get over how big his daughter is.

Tabitha says that it is a shame that Miguel hasn’t gotten to see her change over time.

Maria doesn’t know that Miguel is her father but she will learn.

Tabitha says that it really is a pity that he hasn’t been able to find Charity in all this time.

Fox is concerned about Kay not telling Miguel about her engagement. He worries that her reluctance is for a reason.

Kay decides to tell Miguel the news right now.

She walks over to Miguel. “There is something that I need to tell you," she starts.

Ivy is thrilled. Fox will be rid of Kay soon, she believes.

Martin tells Katherine that it really is over for them.

Katherine finds him a fool to think that he can make Pilar happy.

He tries to pass her to leave but she grabs him and kisses him full on the lips.

Pilar comes down the hall and enters Katherine’s room.

She sees them kissing.

She runs out of there.

Theresa finds her and she learns that her father is still in love with Katherine.

The female voice calls Maya and tells her that she has not been careful with her cellphone.

Noah got a hold of it.

The woman wants that package that was in the room where the shooting took place in the attic. “You and Noah are the only ones that can lead us to the killer. He is not to go to the police. If I have to threaten you or Fancy again, I will do it.”

Maya only is concerned about Noah finding out that she has been working with these people.

Someone knocks.

Maya lets Noah in.

“This game is over," Noah says. “I want to know what is going on.”

Luis is unconscious at the hospital in Hawaii.

The doctors have removed the cloth from Luis’s face and they start working on him to see how extensive his injuries are.

Sheridan comes to the doorway of a cubicle. She parts the curtains and draws her breath in suddenly.

Her eyes grow large.

“It can’t be!"

Martin pushes Katherine off him.

“Pilar is the woman that I married and I will be with her for the rest of my life. I am going on with my commitment.”

Katherine remembers that Martin made a commitment to her once.

He remembers that.

She can never believe that he will be able to get over her.

He has to do the right thing here. “You and I are over Katherine and I will be going back to Pilar.”

Theresa takes her mother to her room and asks what happened.

“I saw them," she says. “I saw them kissing.”

Theresa says that this must be a mistake.

“No! Katherine told me that she was going to fight for Martin and then she said that she and Martin made love and the scratches were on Martin’s back to prove it. I saw him…without his shirt and the scratches were on his back.”

Theresa wonders why her father would do that.

Pilar says how Martin said that Katherine tried to seduce him and he resisted.

Theresa has to wonder about the scratch marks though.

Martin said that he was changing when the scratches were made.

Father Lonnigan seems to believe that Martin didn’t do this and he convinced Pilar to return to Martin and make up.

“That was when I saw them. Martin was kissing her and no one was forcing him to do anything. He is still in love with her and he would rather be with her.”

Theresa hugs her mother now.

Sheridan is freaking out.

Chris comes to her.

“It can’t be…”

The body on the bed is covered with a sheet. “He’s dead! I will never be allowed to find out about Marty now!"

A nurse comes in and tells Chris and Sheridan that they are in the wrong room.

The man that they want to see is in the next cubicle.

“He is alive.”

Chris and Sheridan see that there is still hope.

In the cubicle where Luis lies weak and on the brink of death, Luis has his eyes closed, but struggles to utter one word, “Sher…dan…”

Miguel has news for Kay first before she tells him her news.

Ivy asks Fox if he is okay.

“I am fine," he says.

She knows that Kay seeing Miguel now is a bit awkward for him.

Fox says that he isn’t threatened by Miguel.

Ivy knows that he shouldn’t be.

Ivy says that Kay is over Miguel surely.

Fox knows that.

“I want Kay and I have her.”

Ivy finds it funny how Miguel always seems to want what he can’t have.

“First it is Charity and he chased her forever.”

Fox feels his mother is trying to make a point somehow.

Miguel says that he has something to say, that he should have said a long time ago.

Tabitha is eavesdropping. “What is he going to say?" she wonders.

Noah pushes Maya to tell him all she knows.

She swears that she knows nothing more.

The female voice listens through the bug that has been implanted in Maya’s necklace.

Noah sees that he should have gone to the police when he had the chance.

Noah tells that the woman that met him ordered him to find out who killed her partner and where some package is.

“I am going to the police and I will put an end to this once and for all.”

The female voice knows that would be a big mistake. A very big mistake.

Chris and Sheridan discuss their situation.

Sheridan wants to know about the man in the cubicle.

“Maybe he knows about Marty. The longer we wait the longer it takes to get Marty. We were so close and I could feel it. I could feel it!"

Luis dreams as the doctors work on him.

He remembers his wedding.

Sheridan promised him that the best was yet to be.

The doctors notice that Luis is smiling.

They know he must be dreaming.

They sure do hope that he makes it. He is very weak.

Sheridan is upset now. “She can’t lose track of Marty again and she will if this guy dies.”

Martin doesn't want to hurt Katherine but she has to accept that he will renew his marriage vows.

She will not accept it or believe it.

“I am doing what I have to do," he says.

Katherine wants him to follow his heart.

He did that before when he ran off with Katherine.

“I was wrong to abandon my wife and children. I wanted to help you but I never intended to leave my family the way that did. When I finally realized that we couldn’t come back right away, I was devastated.”

Katherine remembers that they had to stay in hiding.

Martin thought that Pilar would give him up for dead and find someone else but she didn’t.

Katherine still feels that she and Martin were meant to be together. “I am your true love and the commitment to me is as important as the commitment that you made to her. Our passion is still alive today. Our love is the basis of our commitment to each other. You don’t love Pilar anymore. It is over but you and I are not over Martin.”

“Your father would rather be with his whore Theresa!"

“Mama, you don’t know that.”

Pilar can’t go through with the ceremony now. “It would feel like a lie.”

Theresa can’t understand why her father would even set this up if he didn’t want it.

Pilar knows that he was only trying to do the right thing.

“I will not spend the rest of my life wondering if he is thinking about her. I will not do it.”

Theresa knows that she is hurting and that she still loves her father, but she still believes that her parents should be together.

“I am going to tell you what you have to do mama if you really want things to work out.”

Miguel wants to tell Kay how he feels right now. “I don’t want to wait. I’ve waited too long already.”

“Kay, you have done an amazing job with Maria. She is perfect, smart and sweet and it is all because of you, and so you must be a terrific mom. I have missed so much of her life. I am so grateful that you are taking great care of Maria for us. I have never seen you happier either.”

Kay says there is a reason for that.

“Come here daddy!" Maria calls.

He calls to Maria, but when he turns he sees that Fox has already gone to Maria and picked her up. Maria was talking to him and calling Fox ‘daddy’.

Maya tells Noah that going to the police will make things worse.

Noah demands to know how.

The phone rings.

“I hope that you are not going to the police," the female voice says. “That would be unwise.”

“What do you want?"

The woman promises Noah that if he goes to the police, he will regret it.

She hangs up.

“How did she know what I was saying?"

Noah turns to Maya.

“She knows things that I have only told you. It is you isn’t it? You have been talking to them haven’t you? It’s you!"

Chris and Sheridan wait for word on the strange man in the cubicle.

Sheridan suddenly has a thought.

“I was just thinking about Luis. I could always tell when he was nearby. Maybe he is trying to tell me something. I am sorry Chris but you know how important Luis was to me. We shared past lives together. Forgive me. We are married now and I am committed to you and our family. Part of me will always love Luis but I love you now. You are my future.”

They hug.

Chris and Sheridan leave to get coffee and something to eat.

After he leaves, Luis is taken out of the cubicle in emergency.

He is left on the stretcher in the middle of being transported to Radiology.

He lays uncovered against a wall in Emerge…

Chris and Sheridan are on their way to get food, when Sheridan suddenly has to return for a moment. There is something that she forgot back where they were sitting.

Luis is unconscious still, laying on the stretcher back where Chris and Sheridan were sitting.

Kay apologizes for Maria not realizing that Miguel is her father.

Miguel says that he understands.

“When you make Maria understand that Fox is just your boss, Maria will look at me like her father.”

He goes over to Fox who is holding Maria.

“Come to daddy," Miguel says.

Fox reluctantly gives up the child.

Noah demands to know how the female voice knows everything that she knows.

Maya says she has no idea.

Noah suspects that Maya is a part of this.

“How can you believe that? They almost killed me too.”

The female voice hopes that Noah buys Maya’s act for her own sake.

Sheridan decides that she really doesn't have to return for anything in the waiting area after all and she and Chris continue on their quest for nourishment.

The doctor and nurse are ready to continue pushing Luis to Radiology now, and off they go.

Katherine wants Martin to tell the truth and admit that he is in love with her.

“Don’t have the ceremony Martin.”

Martin is in love with Pilar and he will marry her tonight. “There is nothing that you can do to change my mind Katherine. Nothing.”

Theresa tells her mother to fight for Martin.

“Pull yourself together. You remarry papa tonight and don’t give up!"

Pilar feels really bad about how Martin might really feel about Katherine.

Theresa tells her mother to forget about that.

“I have to deal with that all the time and I just push the thought of he and Gwen out of my mind. If I could have him back in a minute I would.”

Pilar can’t understand how Theresa lives like that.

Theresa tells her mother that she has to remember the years she spent praying for this man to come back.

“Have the ceremony and don’t let anything get in the way.”

Chris and Sheridan return and find that the strange man is gone.

A nurse tells them that the man is fine but has been moved for tests.

“When we move the man to a private room, you can see him for a few minutes. He opened his eyes for a moment and it was very painful for him.”

Sheridan wants to know the second that she is able to see the man.

Fox can see that Kay didn’t tell Miguel about him as Miguel thinks that Fox is just Kay’s boss.

Kay is worried about Miguel’s feelings especially after Maria shunned him.

Fox isn’t worried about Miguel’s feelings and he will be the one that will be around for Maria’s future.

“You need to tell Miguel that I am not just your boss. I am the one that you love and I am the one that will be Maria’s stepfather.”

Tabitha waits. Those kids are going to be destroyed once and for all.

Ivy feels the tension in the room. “This is going to be better than good!

Katherine is pushing Martin but he will not listen to her.

Pilar is at the door now.

Martin is telling Katherine that he has to marry Pilar as he has an obligation to do so.

“Is that what I am?" Pilar asks.

Martin and Katherine turn and Pilar is in the room.

“Is that all that I am to you Martin?"

Noah wonders if the room is bugged.

“That can’t be it. WE don’t always talk in this room.”

He looks her over.

“What about that necklace?"

The female voice listens and hopes that Maya doesn't blow this.

“Do you wear that necklace everyday?"

She says she doesn't.

Noah rips it from her neck and grinds it under her heel.

He finds the bug inside it.

That is how they stay a step ahead.

The female voice hears that Noah has found the bug. “I have to do something about this.”

Chris and Sheridan wait for word on the man.

Soon a nurse comes and tells the newlyweds that they can see the man now.

They hurry to his room and when they enter, Sheridan’s eyes grow large. “Oh my goodness!" she says.

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