Passions Update Wednesday 3/8/06

Passions Update Wednesday 3/8/06--Canada; Thursday 3/9/06--USA


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Noah is down at the wharf as ordered.

He checks his gun that he has brought from home. He knows that these people are dangerous.

“Hello! It is me Noah Bennett!"

He hears footsteps.

No one comes though.

“I need you to leave Maya and Fancy out of this!"

He suddenly realizes that this could be a setup.

He turns and finds a woman behind him. She is a little bit older but beautiful with long brown hair.

“Noah Bennett! Finally we meet. I see what Maya and Fancy see in you. What a beautiful face. It would be a shame is something happened to it.” She touches his face.

Martin and Pilar are ready for their wedding. She has gotten lipstick on his T-shirt from hugging him.

He turns to change it.

When he takes the T-shirt off she sees the scratches plain as day. It is clear what has gone on.

Katherine assured her that they would be there.

“What is the matter Pilar?"

“I am sick of your lies," she says.


She slaps Martin hard in the face.

Kay has found Miguel with Maria and she goes to he and Maria. The parents stand with their baby.

Fox finds Kay with Maria and Miguel and can’t stand the shock from the sight. He almost doubles over.

He goes back into the hall quietly.

Ivy is there and sees that Fox has seen Miguel and Kay together. She smiles knowing that it must have been hard for Fox to handle.

Fox is shocked but can deal with it and he goes into the room and greets Miguel like a real man.

Tabitha sees that Miguel has arrived. “Let the fun begin!"

Theresa comes into the kitchen and hears Ethan talking to Jane and playing with her. She isn't happy about the way that Ethan talks to Jane about her mother.

Chris has sent Sheridan off to find them a car to drive off in.

He then turns to the body wrapped in canvas and takes off the mask.

He finds Luis there but doesn't recognize him. He has a beard.

Sheridan does find a car and she also finds a cellphone in it.

She figures that she and Chris can use the vehicle to chase Otto and get Marty from him.

Chris sees that the man is fine, but Marty isn’t around and may not be.

Noah hates that this woman is flirting with him when she has hurt the people that he cares about.

She is sorry for that.

Noah knows this woman is responsible for so much going wrong in Harmony.

“The agent must have gotten carried away," she says.

Noah tells the woman that she will be dealing with him from now on and not Maya or Fancy.

“I want you to leave them alone. I love Fancy more than anything and I will not let you or anyone else hurt her.”

Luis keeps his eyes shut due to sensitivity to the light.

Chris still doesn't know who this man is yet.

Sheridan searches the car and finds keys.

“I will call the police once I get Chris," she plans.

Chris has no idea why this man has been held captive.

He sees headlights in the distance.

He gets up.

Sheridan has gotten a car.

“Have you spoken to him yet?" she asks about the body in the bag.

Chris says that he is okay but unresponsive.

Sheridan rushes over to talk to the man herself.

Theresa comes right into the kitchen now.

She says that she realizes that Ethan will not come to work with her.

She figures that Jane will be more comfortable having a nap before the wedding.

Ethan is feeding Jane and Theresa asks if she can do it.

Ethan finds nothing wrong with that.

He hands Jane over to Theresa and then goes off to find a towel in case Jane drools.

Theresa tells Jane that before too much time, she will be living with Little Ethan, her daddy and mommy…all the time.

Miguel says that Theresa’s assistant tracked him down and said that he had to get back home.

Kay figures that Theresa wanted Miguel there for the wedding.

Ivy thinks happily that Miguel will also break up Fox and Kay.

Miguel loves seeing Maria again.

Ivy suggests that she and Fox leave Miguel and Kay to be alone.

Fox will not leave.

Tabitha sees that trouble was on its way. “It is now here to stay.”

Martin wonders why Pilar thinks that he was with Katherine.

She tells him to look at his back.

He turns to the mirror and sees the scratches.

“Oh my god!"

He remembers her holding him and trying to get him to make love to her.

Pilar believes that he was unfaithful now.

Martin says that he wasn’t making love to Katherine when the scratches were made.

Pilar is only getting angrier when she listens.

Martin says that Katherine was trying to seduce him.

“How could she scratch you like that unless you were naked?"

Martin says that he was getting ready for bed and he had his shirt off when Katherine did this.

Pilar is finished with him.

She goes rushing from the room.

Martin gets his shirt and is about to run after Pilar, but Katherine appears.

“Let her go. You love me Martin. Face the truth. It is me that you want to be with.”

Martin wants to tell Pilar the truth that he wasn’t making love to Katherine when he got the scratches.

Katherine tells that she was talking to Pilar, and that is where she got the idea that Martin had been unfaithful.

“I will say anything to be with you Martin.”

Noah orders the woman again to leave Fancy and Mya alone.

The woman says that she is the one that is calling the shots.

Noah grabs her arm and twists it behind her back.

She calmly tells him that he has no control. “If we want any of you dead, we will kill you.”

He lets go of her.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you," she says.

Then in spite of her high-heeled boots, she moves into martial arts mode and Noah ends up groaning on his back.

“I warned you," she says.

Chris and Sheridan wonder what this man in the bag has to do with the whole scene at the house.

She goes over to the man.

Chris has put something over his eyes so that his eyes don’t hurt him from the light.

“Can you hear me?" Sheridan asks. “Do you know anything about where Marty is?"

Her voice triggers memories…Sweet memories of Sheridan and he in the past.

Their wedding…

Making love to her…

Having baths with her…

He promising never to leave her…

“Without you Sheridan…I am lost," he told her…

Sheridan thinks that this man must have been beaten and then left in the dark for a very long time.

Sheridan and Chris will get the man to a doctor.

She runs ahead to the car.

Chris gets Luis into the car.

Sheridan still has no idea who the man is that lays in the back of the car with his eyes covered.

Sheridan speeds trying to get to the hospital fast so that she can get information about Marty, and resume the chase of Otto.

“You are going to crash Chris says.”

That reminds Sheridan of the time when she crashed Luis’s police car once.

Luis groans from the back of the car when she says that.

Ethan and Theresa have Jane in the nursery now.

Theresa really misses her daughter and sees that Jane should be with her.

Theresa knows that Gwen is great, but she suggests that when Gwen is busy at work, Theresa will be able to spend time with Jane.

Ethan puts Jane in the crib and suggests that he and Theresa go downstairs.

Ethan heads into the hall.

Little Ethan runs to him and Ethan picks him up.

“I miss you. You used to play with me.”

Ethan is sorry for that.

“Don’t you like me anymore?" the boy asks.

Miguel and the others are downstairs now.

Fox gets champagne to celebrate Miguel’s homecoming.

Tabitha remarks that Miguel looks more handsome than ever.

Tabitha knows that Kay must be in shock.

Kay says that she isn’t in shock but she is glad that Miguel is there.

Miguel finds that Tabitha hasn’t changed a bit either.

Kay thinks to herself that Tabitha grows old even more slowly than Cher.

Miguel plays with Endora for a minute.

Endora likes Miguel but prefers Fox for Kay.

Fox is ready with the champagne now.

Tabitha tells Endora quietly that it would be better for them as witches if Kay were to end up with Miguel. “That wouldn't be going against the dark side.”

Father Lonnigan is sitting alone in the kitchen.

Pilar comes in crying.

“I am calling off the ceremony. I won’t marry a two-timing pig like Martin. Katherine told me that she and Martin were intimate and he has scratch marks on his back to prove it.”

Martin is angry that Katherine hurt Pilar.

Katherine says that Pilar would have seen the marks eventually.

“We are free to be together now.”

Martin will not have this.

“How many times have I told you that I will not leave Pilar?"

Katherine tells him that it is alright now. “You don’t have to leave her. She has left you.”

Noah picks himself up off the floor.

“I wouldn't normally hit a woman but in your case, I might make an exception. Look I won’t say anything about that man getting shot in the attic.”

She tells that the man was her partner.

Noah was going to head to the police station but Maya convinced him not to do that.

“What do you want from us now?"

The woman is interested in a package that was there the night of the shooting.

“You are a smart man. Your father was a policeman. Find out who shot my partner and where the package ended up, and maybe I will let you all live.”

Pilar tells how Katherine bragged about the lovemaking.

Father Lonnigan says that he and Martin were talking earlier and he is sure that Martin didn’t break his vows.

Pilar can’t believe that.

Father Lonnigan is sure that Martin is a good man who still have feelings for Katherine.

“Martin wants to make a life with you and your children. For his sake as well as yours… talk to him and work this out. It is worth it. You and Martin exchanged vows before God. You owe it to yourself and to your children to do this.”

Pilar decides to give Martin another chance to explain.

“I would hate to see Katherine end up with my husband.

Katherine didn’t want to hurt Pilar but she knows that the marriage would be a loveless one.

Martin has love for Pilar.

“I will not have her lose me again. Now because of you, I may have lost her.”

Katherine knows that Pilar knows that this is best and will make her happier in the end.

“We can go on and have a life without shame and without guilt. We can have the happiness that we deserve.”

She kisses him now.

Pilar has come to the door and is about to enter.

Kay brings Miguel up to date on everyone in Harmony.

Miguel listens to ever bit.

Fox tells that his mother and Sam are going to be married.

Fox whispers to Kay that he notices that she hasn’t told Miguel about their engagement. “Are you embarrassed about it?"

Chris and Sheridan bring Luis to the hospital and the tell the medical staff that the man’s eyes have to stay covered as he is sensitive to light.

Luis is wheeled away.

Sheridan wants to talk to the man but the staff won’t let her yet.

“What about Marty?"

Chris tells Sheridan to wait.

“As soon as we are able to get information from the man, we will get it.”

Luis has no ID on him, so no one is able to get any clues as to who he really is.

In a room, with his face covered, the doctor starts working on Luis.

Noah orders the woman to wait and not leave.

She pulls a gun on him.

“I suggest that you do as I ask, or all of your will be dead. I have every confidence that you will succeed. You will agree to do this as you have no other choice.”

The woman turns and leaves.

She drives off.

Noah thinks about the task before him.

Ivy asks Miguel how long he will be staying in town.

He will be in town for a short while, he says.

“Kay has done an amazing job with Maria," Miguel says.

Fox asks Kay why she hasn’t told Miguel about the engagement.

Kay just got used to the idea of being engaged herself but she does agree that she should tell Miguel.

She and Fox walk over to Miguel now.

Tabitha sees that Kay is in a really tight spot now.

Ivy smiles. She hopes that Miguel works his magic on Kay.

Ethan explains to Little Ethan that he had to go and find a home for his family.

Little Ethan thought that he was a part of Ethan’s family.

Ethan tries to explain, but Theresa tells him that this isn’t a good time.

Martin pushes Katherine off him.

“Darling you don’t love Pilar and you can’t be faithful to her.”

Martin tells her that she is wrong.

She pulls him into a kiss.

Pilar opens the door and finds the pair together.

The staff remove the cover from Luis’s face and start working on him.

Sheridan is dying to get in there and talk to the man. “Who is he?"

She goes to the curtain that gives the man privacy and she slowly starts parting it to enter.

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