Passions Update Tuesday 3/7/06

Passions Update Tuesday 3/7/06--Canada; Wednesday 3/8/06--USA


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Noah is at home.

He thinks about Maya and how he took her cellphone so that the next time that the thugs call, they will be talking to him instead.

Sam comes down dressed for the wedding.

He tells Noah to hurry and get dressed so that they can leave together to see Martin and Pilar say their vows.

Noah isn’t going.

“Fancy doesn't want me around there.”

Sam gets angry when he hears this. He wants to know what the hell is going on with he, Fancy and Maya, and will not move until he has the whole story.

Katherine finds Fancy in the kitchen.

She had no idea that Fancy had been released from the hospital and was home.

That is the advantage of being a Crane Fancy tells.

Katherine asks where Noah is.

Fancy doesn't want to talk about him.

Katherine insists on the details.

“I asked for honesty and he couldn’t give that to me.”

Katherine understands but life isn’t that cut and dried.

“Maybe there is a reason for what he said.”

Fancy only sees that he has made his choice.

“If you love someone grandmother, don’t you do whatever it takes to hold on to them?"

Katherine agrees that you do just that.

Pilar is in the hall outside Martin’s door at the mansion.

She remembers Katherine telling her that she was with Martin in his bed the night before.

“If you want proof Pilar," Katherine said. “All you have to do is look at Martin’s back!"

Pilar still doesn't believe it.

She opens the door to Martin’s room.

He has his back to the door and is in the midst of putting something on.

Pilar pulls her breath in quickly, when she sees him.

Fox and Kay decide to get married as soon as possible.

Kay doesn't care about the planets anymore. She wants to marry Fox.

Tabitha sees that Kay is making a big mistake.

Fox tells Tabitha that she will be losing her boarder as he and Kay are getting married.

When alone, Kay orders Tabitha to stop giving her that look that tells that she is screwing up again.

Ivy has Miguel at the house now.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see you…especially Kay!"

In Hawaii, Chris has the body that he has found over his shoulder as he tries to escape the house.

Sheridan follows him.

Otto puts his final steps to blow up the house into play.

He tells a henchman to make sure that there are no exits that Chris and Sheridan can use to escape the house.

The man runs off.

Fox and Kay were celebrating their engagement when the glasses they are about to drink from shatter and champagne falls all over the table and the floor.

Fox runs to get someone to clean up the mess.

Tabitha whispers to Kay that this is just the beginning and things are going to get worse.

Miguel is a little confused about why Theresa’s assistant was pushing him so hard to come home.

“Do you know anything about that Ivy?"

Ivy denies knowing anything about that.

“It was probably Theresa’s doing," she says.

She brings him into the main room.

“Everyone! Look Miguel is here!"

She pushes him into the main room and then stands back snickering at her evildoings.

Chris and Sheridan are still in the house trying to make their way out.

Chris’s body sags under the weight of the body he carries over his shoulder.

“I don’t know which way to go," he says.

Sheridan isn’t ready to leave.

“I have to find my son!" she shouts.

The mechanical voice in the background calls out that all must exit the house as the detonation sequence has been launched.

Sam is firm on his decision to get the truth.

Sam can see now why Fancy wants nothing to do with him.

“First you drop out of school and now you are into something dangerous. Tell me what is going on.”

Noah wants to figure this out myself.

Sam has experience in this and can help.

Noah knows that but wants to figure this out himself.

Katherine gets Fancy some tea.

She knows that Fancy’s eye is going to be just fine in time.

Katherine wonders what happened with Noah.

“I love him grandmother but his feelings for me are not that strong it seems. I thought that he was the one.”

Katherine tells that this doesn't have to be over.

“Maybe Noah had reasons for doing what he did. True love hardly ever runs a fair course and people get hurt. I am talking about life. You are so young and so beautiful, so if you think that Noah is the one, then don’t let him go. Being with the man that you truly love is the most important thing in the world.”

Martin has an undershirt on.

“What are you doing here Pilar?"

She wanted to see him before the ceremony.

She has a gift for him for the ceremony.

“Pilar you look like an angel. Stay while I open my gift.”

It is a pair of cuff links.

“They were my father’s," she explains. “I kept them for you all these years.”

Martin liked her father and Pilar has his grace.

“I am damned lucky that I am marrying you twice and I know it. I can think of no better time to wear these than today.”

She looks like she is about to cry and tries to leave.

“Is everything okay?"

She has to ask him. “Am I really the woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with?"

Sheridan tells Chris that he is to take that body with him and leave.

“I will find Marty!"

Chris tells her that Marty probably is not there. “They wouldn't hide him all this time to kill him now! Please Sheridan. Come with me now so that we have a chance to find your son later. Please come with me now!"

The mechanical voice shouts, “All personnel evacuate the building immediately. Five minutes!"

Sheridan gives in and runs down the hall with Chris to try to find a way out of this maze of a house.

Sam wants to help his son out of this.

Noah needs to handle this himself.

Sam can see the boy is way over his head and Fancy could have been killed over his.

Noah knows that and it kills him.

“I love Fancy and will not let her get hurt again.”

Sam needs to help.

“You are so stubborn," Sam says.

Noah says he got it from him.

Sam lets up on him now.

“I am going to the ceremony now, but whatever this is…it isn’t worth losing the woman that you love…”

Sam leaves.

Noah is determined not to lose the woman that he loves over this.

Martin tells Pilar that he wants to be with her and the family.

“Where are these doubts coming from Pilar?"

She doesn't answer.

She remembers Katherine telling her to look at Martin’s back to see the evidence of their passion.

She turns to him now.

“Are you sure that there isn’t something that you need to tell me Martin?"

There is.

He turns to her now.

No one is in the main room.

Ivy pushed Miguel into a room where the housekeepers are cleaning up the mess from the champagne and no one else is there to see Miguel has arrived back in Harmony.

Miguel wants to go and freshen up for a bit.

A housekeeper tells where there is a spare room.

“Ivy? Don’t tell my parents that I am here. I want to surprise them.”

Ivy agrees to keep his little secret, and what a surprise that is going to be.

Fox and Kay are outside with Tabitha and the children as they throw snowballs.

Father Lonnigan comes walking by.

“Well if it isn’t Stevie Wonder strolling by," Tabitha says to herself quietly.

Fox and Kay tell that they are engaged.

He is happy for them and agrees to marry them when they are ready.

The girls are getting wet with snow now.

Fox goes to get them.

Father Lonnigan remembers when Kay was in love with another man not long ago.

“At the time, you swore that you wouldn’t love another like you loved him.”

Kay says that things were different then.

Father Lonnigan reminds her that Miguel is the father of her little girl.

“Have you really put all your feelings for him behind you?"

Chris and Sheridan go to a window.

Chris kicks it out for Sheridan to climb out.

She sees a car speeding towards the front gate.

Chris orders her to just get out. “Just go!"

Kay says that she is finished with Miguel.

Father Lonnigan tells that when he lost his sight, his other senses became heightened.

“I worry that you are not over Miguel.”

Fox returns to tell that Maria got really wet with the snow and that the housekeepers are cleaning her up.

Kay rushes in the house to help with Maria.

Tabitha panics.

Endora is heading to the priest.

The priest stoops talking to this little girl that he can’t see.

Tabitha worries that Lonnigan is going to sense that Endora is a witch.

“I have to get her away from him.”

Martin tells how he was lucky to marry Pilar so long ago and he feels lucky to be marrying her again.

That means so much to her.

They hug.

Otto is in the getaway car with his main thug.

The house is about to blow up in seconds now.

Sheridan is outside, but she will not move from the house without Chris.

He returns carrying the body with him.

He awkwardly pushes the body through the window ahead of him.

“5…4…3," the mechanical voice calls out…

“Get away from the house," Chris orders when he sees Sheridan directly outside the window!



The house explodes.

The force of the body and debris push Sheridan forcefully from where she was standing.

Then it is quiet.

The tea was great but it didn’t make Fancy feel better about Noah.

Katherine tells Fancy not to give up on Noah.

“I love you," she says kissing the girl’s head.

She leaves.

Sam comes into the kitchen asking for Ivy.

Fancy has no idea where she is.

Sam tells how he knows that she and Noah are not getting along.

“Noah says that this isn’t his business but Noah loves her very much.”

Fancy says that people that love each other are honest with each other.

Sam says that he and Noah are the same when they fall for the right woman.

“Noah will love you Fancy for the rest of your life.”

If that is the truth then why doesn't Noah tell her the truth she wonders.

Noah is home alone.

He thinks of the shooting in the attic…

He thinks of the car crashing through the eatery walls…

He thinks of the bullet he found in place of his roses on Fancy’s hospital bed.

The phone he took from Maya rings.


“Oh," the female voice says. “This isn’t Maya!"

“No it isn’t. You are dealing with me now!"

Tabitha panics.

Endora is hanging out with the priest and they are getting to be great friends. She has to get her daughter out of this.

Fox finds his mother.

Kay and I are getting married.

He hugs his mother.

“Well we will just see about that," she thinks to herself.

Kay runs upstairs to see how Maria is doing.

She opens the door.

Miguel is standing there holding their daughter.

Kay freezes in her tracks… “Miguel?"

He stares back at her smiling.

Sam understands Fancy’s feelings about Noah.

Sam has been frustrated with him as well.

Fancy says that this is different from Sam’s relationship with his son.

Sam says that they have to believe that Noah is doing the right thing in spite of how it looks.

“Do you trust Noah enough to love him anyway?"

She is worried about him.

Noah orders the female voice on the phone to stay away from Fancy.

The voice can see that Fancy means a lot to him.

Noah demands to see these people and talk face to face.

“Go down to the wharf. Someone will be there to meet with you.”

Noah has more questions, but the female voice hangs up.

Noah starts preparing for his evening walk.

He unlocks a cupboard and takes out a gun.

He checks that it is loaded and then he walks off.

Martin and Pilar have finished hugging now.

“I have gotten makeup on your undershirt.”

Martin has another one and sets about changing.

Pilar turns back to him and sees the scratches on his back!

Fox comes looking for Kay and finds her in an upstairs bedroom.

She is standing with Maria and Miguel.

Fox is heartbroken and goes back into the hall.

The explosion is over.

The body lays a few feet away from Sheridan.

She is unconscious, laying on her back.

She gets up and realizes that Chris is nowhere to be found.

She frantically starts calling for him. “Chris! Chris!"

She can’t see him and gets upset over that.

Suddenly she hears coughing.

She turns and he is walking to her.

He helps her up and they hug for a while.

Chris says they have to get out of there.

“You go and find a car and I will check on that body.”

Sheridan goes rushing off as instructed.

Chris goes to the body that has been tied up in a canvas sack the whole time.

He pulls off the black woolen mask that covers the person’s face.

When he sees the face, he jumps back as if bitten by a snake.

He recognizes it.

The man has a beard, but it is still…Luis!

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