Passions Update Monday 3/6/06

Passions Update Monday 3/6/06--Canada; Tuesday 3/7/06--USA


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Tabitha and Kay are with the babies heading to the wedding. They have reached the front door. Tabitha and Endora sense trouble at the mansion tonight.

Tabitha knows that Kay is on the hit list this night for things that are going to go wrong.

Kay wants this negativity to stop.

“The ceremony will go off without a hitch. Then Fox and I can get married.”

Tabitha knows that will not happen until the planets align themselves.

Kay reprimands Tabitha for her negative talk. She is sick and tired of it.

“Well," Tabitha says. “Maybe I should just let you and Fox walk down the road to ruin since you won’t listen to reason, and think that you know best!"


Endora shocks her mother for that thought. Tabitha is sorry to make jokes like that. She knows that Tabitha really loves Fox and the idea that he and Kay are going to be together, but really…the way that Kay is acting…and with all the things against she and Fox…Like Miguel.

Kay says that all this talk about Miguel was a waste of time. “He isn’t going to come back home period!"

Ivy has told Fox that Kay has been sneaking over to her father’s house to look at Miguel’s pictures.

Fox seems worried about this.

Ivy says that maybe Kay keeps the pictures because Maria is in them and not because Miguel is in them.

Fox knows that she has lots of pictures of Maria at her house with Tabitha.

Fox walks off ahead to the wedding.

Ivy felt that went great.

She goes to see Valerie now in her office to tell of her progress with Fox.

Ivy tells Fox that Kay can’t stop looking at pictures of she, Miguel and Maria.

Theresa and Ethan talk more about the project and Ethan coming to work for her.

“Think about the difference that you can make in this world. I know that you said that you would never work with me but could you put your pride aside? This project can be your legacy. It can be a legacy that Jane can be proud of. For the rest of her life she will be able to say that her daddy did something amazing…he made a difference for good in this world. You can do that Ethan. You can change the world for the better! Isn’t that what every parent wants? Say that you will accept this job. Come back to Crane. Say you’ll do it!"

Katherine tells Pilar that she was with Martin the day before when Pilar thought he was alone.

“If you think that we weren’t together, then look at Martin’s back and tell me that I am lying about the passion that we shared," Katherine says.

“Liar!" Pilar shouts slapping Katherine hard across the face and almost knocking her off her feet.

Chris and Sheridan have found a secret room in the house in Hawaii where they think Marty is being held.

Chris goes in the door.

Sheridan waits at the door.

It is dark inside.

A thumping noise is heard.

“Chris are you okay?" Sheridan calls out!

No one answers.

Chris is unconscious in the secret dark room.

Otto is backed into a corner now. He has to do as Alistair has ordered him to.

“I have to blow this house to bits. Everyone inside and the guests will be destroyed. Sheridan mustn’t be with her heart’s desire…”

He turns to the big red button in the wall now.

He is ready to start the launch sequence to blow the house up.

Father Lonnigan is counseling Martin.

“You can’t take Pilar as your wife if your heart is with Katherine.”

Martin has no idea what to do.

Father Lonnigan isn’t hearing that Martin is over Katherine.

Martin promises to be faithful to Pilar.

Father Lonnigan feels that Martin should call off the ceremony.

“Don’t marry Pilar if your heart is with Katherine…”

Pilar can see that Katherine wants Martin and will do anything to get him.

Katherine admits it. “Martin wants me too. The marks on Martin’s back prove that we need each other. The proof is there that we were intimate.”

Pilar finds this woman despicable.

“You come here to make me stop the ceremony and it won’t work. Martin wouldn’t do that to me. Now get out before I rip your lying tongue out.”

“Martin loves me and we were in bed together Pilar. That is the truth.”

Sheridan calls for Chris and for a while no one answers.

Suddenly Chris talks.

“I tripped over something and fell Sheridan.”

“What is it?" Sheridan asks.

Chris inspects the blanket that covers whatever it was that Chris tripped over just now.

“Oh my God," Chris says.


“It is a body! I tripped over a body!"

“Is it Marty?" Sheridan asks.

Chris starts examining what is under the blanket to see who is there.

Theresa wants to help Ethan make his dream come true.

Ethan will not do it.

She can’t see how he can do this. How he can turn down the chance to handle this project.

Ethan offered his help and now that he has helped that is the end of it. He doesn't want a job with her.

“I have no choice but to keep you out of my life. I am not going to accept any job offer from you…”

Ivy asks about Valerie’s attempt to get Miguel back in town.

Valerie did the best that she could to get Miguel home.

She offered him the jet even.

“If that is not good enough, then you can jump on your broom and go get Miguel yourself.”

Ivy can see why Valerie does so well at Crane. She can get nasty when she has to.

Ivy wants assurances that Miguel will be back in town soon but Valerie can’t give her that.

Fox and Kay meet at the mansion.

She is so glad he is there.

Everything really looks nice for the ceremony.

Fox hopes that their wedding will be as nice as this.

Tabitha sees that this is where the trouble starts.

Kay wonders why he only ‘hopes’ that they are going to have a great wedding when she is sure that they are going to be happy.

He is afraid that he is going to lose her if they don’t marry soon.

She assures him that he will not.

Tabitha sees it coming now.

“Kay! Let’s start planning our wedding," Fox urges.

Kay looks over to Tabitha who sits with the babies.

Tabitha whispers over to her, “Don’t do it!"

Fox fingers the ring that hangs around his neck, longing to put it on Kay’s finger.

Martin feels that he is doing the right thing and is ready to be Pilar’s husband in the eyes of the church.

“I will forsake everything for my marriage and my family.”

Father Lonnigan really wants to hear Martin say that Katherine isn’t in his heart.

Martin tells that Pilar is his wife and the mother of his children and he loves her. “It is as simple as that.”

Father Lonnigan has to wonder.

Martin made a commitment to Pilar and he bailed years ago. This night he will make that commitment again and he owes it to Pilar and the children to keep his promises.

“So that means that Katherine is out of your heart?"

An attendant comes in to tell Martin that his tuxedo has been laid out for him to get dressed.

Martin has to go but tells Father Lonnigan that he has nothing to worry about.

Martin leaves.

Father Lonnigan notes that Martin never answered his question…

Pilar orders Katherine out but she will not go.

Katherine tells that Martin wanted to divorce her but she wouldn't hear of it.

“You used being a good Catholic to hold on to him. Let Martin go. You can’t force him to love you.”

Pilar screams for her to go.

Katherine will go but warns Pilar that she can’t take her place in Martin’s heart, or his bed…

After Katherine is gone, Pilar cries, pushing her face into the bed crying and wailing.

Ethan sees that Theresa was luring him all along.

“This just proves to me that I can’t let my guard down for one minute. I tried to be nice and you used it.”

Theresa denies that she was doing anything like he thinks.

“My answer is 'no'! Game over!"

He walks out of the study.

Theresa runs to the door and opens it to rush out.

Ivy is standing there.

“You heard my son. He said 'no'. Now you leave him alone!"

Fox wants to plan the wedding as soon as possible but Kay will not do it.

She wants to but Tabitha’s face is warning enough.

“We can’t do this without the planets being aligned.”

Fox has been trying to be patient but this is too much.

“And when did Tabitha get to be an expert on astrology? It all doesn’t make any sense.”

Kay begs him to do this for her and wait.

Fox wants the truth first.

“Tell me that there isn’t another reason why you are dragging your feet over our engagement…”

Chris looks at the body under the blanket.

“It isn’t Marty! It is an adult!"

Sheridan is relieved but wonders now where Martin could be.

Otto is ready to push the button.

“Damn you Alistair! Damn you for making me kill your own daughter and those two near and dear to her…”

Pilar thinks now.

She remembers Martin trying to make her believe that he was committed to her when she felt he wasn’t…

She remembers asking Martin if he really is going to stay with her now that he doesn't have to. He said that he would…

She remembers him telling her that he loves her…

She remembers him telling her that she can count on him…

Pilar now vows not to let Katherine take Martin from her again.

In Hawaii, Sheridan waits for Chris to return to the room.

“Who could that body be? Maybe it is Beth…”

She shouts to Chris asking if the body is a woman…

Chris can’t tell but the body seems to still be breathing.

He tries to lift the body and carry it out of there.

Otto has hesitated enough.

He presses the button.

A mechanical voice booms through the house.

“All must vacate the premises. The device will detonate in twenty minutes.”

Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep! An alarm sounds throughout the house now and continues to do so.

Otto looks around the room one last time.

Ivy tells Theresa to stop chasing her son.

Theresa says that she was offering Ethan a job.

Ivy knows that this is Theresa’s way to work her wiles on Ethan, but she knows that this isn’t going to work.

Theresa knows that when Ethan has had time to think he will take the job.

Ivy sees that Ethan doesn't want this job and he doesn't want Theresa…

Tabitha tells Fox that Kay Would love to put his ring on her finger but she really just wants things perfect with the planets and that is all.

Fox’s cellphone rings.

“I have to take this.”

He moves away.

Kay sees that she will lose Fox is she doesn't accept the proposal soon.

Tabitha knows that if Kay does accept the proposal, she will lose Fox for sure.

Kay decides that she is going to get engaged the next time that she has a chance to.

“From now on, I will do things my way.”

Endora telepathically tells her mother to stop Kay from doing this.

Tabitha has no idea how to do that.

Kay goes to Fox.

“I want you to propose to me again as I think that you are going to like my answer this time.”

Tabitha watches with her mouth open. “She has really put her foot in it this time.”

Martin thanks his attendant for his assistance with getting his clothes ready.

He is alone now.

He remembers Father Lonnigan’s question about Katherine…

He remembers Katherine’s naked body against him the night before. He wanted her so badly. She professed her love for him and begged him to make love to her…

Martin knows that he has love for Pilar and he will prove it by going through with the ceremony.

He starts getting dressed.

Pilar is walking the halls of the mansion.

She remembers Katherine telling that Martin kissed her the night before. Katherine said they were in bed. Pilar said that she didn’t believe this. Katherine said that the proof was on Martin’s back.

Pilar has to believe that Katherine was lying.

She sees Martin’s door before her.

She goes over to it.

Martin is inside getting dressed.

His back is to the door.

The scratches on his back are clear.

Theresa is downstairs in the mansion.

In her mind, she hears the song; “Here Comes the Bride…”

She pictures herself coming down and her father walking her to the main room.

Ethan would be waiting and Martin would hand her over to Ethan.

Father Lonnigan would start the ceremony but Ethan would interrupt him to say something.

Ivy would be in a chair bound and gagged so she can’t cause trouble.

Ethan would turn to Theresa and thank her for making him the happiest man in the world.

They would kiss.

Ivy would be writhing in her seat.

Martin would hold her straight so that Pilar could come up and strike her hard in the face, after spitting in her palm…

Theresa knows that one-day, her dream will come true.

Fox gets on his knees now and does a proper proposal…

Tabitha waves her hands, begging Kay not to accept the proposal.

Kay ignores her. “I accept…”

They kiss.

Fox knows that nothing and no one will come between them.

Ivy goes to the Crane front door.

Miguel is there.

She brings him in.

“I can’t tell you what your being here will mean to everyone…”

The mechanical voice calls out.

“The self-destruction device will destruct in 15 minutes.

Chris comes out of the secret room carrying the body over his shoulder.

“Come on Sheridan… we have to get out of here.”

Sheridan can’t go. “I have to find my son!"

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