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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy it telling Noah that it is over if he doesn't tell her the truth. She is still in the hospital and he wants to take her home. She will not go with him unless he tells his secret.

He will not accept that.

Maya listens from the hall.

Chris listens as Otto and his men taunt Sheridan about her husband being a coward.

She hopes that Chris doesn't come to her rescue so that he can find Marty on his own, and take care of him.

Chris has heard enough.

He stands back and runs jumping through the window that separates him from Sheridan and the thugs that hold her captive.

Chris takes on the thugs and Otto.

He manages to get Sheridan free form her bonds and they run into the hall before they men can get to their feet.

They hide behind a corner.

The thugs go running by them.

“We have to get out of here," he says.

She will not leave without Marty.

“He is in this house.”

The hear the thugs coming.

Chris and Sheridan run off in the other direction to widen the gap between them and the thugs.

Paloma tells her mother that her ceremony will be perfect. Pilar is now dressed and ready to go to the ceremony.

Pilar has to believe that things will turn out.

Father Lonnigan talks to Martin about how Pilar thinks that today is going to be the best day of her life.

Martin knows that.

Father Lonnigan questions Martin marrying Pilar when his heart belongs to another woman.

Rachel tells Katherine to go now and talk to Pilar about stopping the marriage before it is too late.

Katherine already did that but didn’t get her point across. She doesn't think that talking to Pilar again is going to change anything.

Katherine says that things are not black and white like her sister thinks. She can’t just go after Martin without thinking of Pilar.

“How can I go to her today and destroy this day? I am not cut out that way," Katherine says.

Rachel can’t believe that her sister is not fighting for the love of her life. It is going to kill her to know that for the rest of her life, the man that she loves will be with another woman.

Ethan is with Theresa and they discuss the project that she wasn’t going to develop now that Ethan will not handle it.

Ethan has questions about the project.

Theresa will not talk about her problems with starting the project as Ethan has told her repeatedly that he doesn't want to be a part of this.

He still wants to hear her issues with this.

She tells that there are some zoning issues and she can’t get by them.

Ethan has answers for all the problems.

She is sorry for dragging him into her business world, she says.

Simone is having a drink alone.

Rae comes over and is surprised to see Simone there of all places. She was keeping her new lifestyle a secret the last time that Rae saw her.

“You are in a gay bar?”

Simone isn’t struggling with her lifestyle anymore, she says. “So why bother hiding anymore?"

Rae can see that the girl isn’t happy. “I can see that you are feeling very lonely.

Simone says that she is fine.

Rae accepts that but reminds Simone that she is there for her if she needs to talk.

“See you around…”

Simone calls to Rae before she leaves. “There is something that is bothering me and I would like to talk to you about it," she says quietly and privately.

Ethan comes up with great ideas for the project that Theresa wants to develop.

Theresa sees that he has thought of everything that she couldn’t for the project.

He corrects her. “We have thought this out together, not just me…”

“We have really come up with something here Theresa," Ethan beams.

She hears what he is saying but she really doesn't have the expertise to handle this alone and can’t see how she is going to make this project work.

Ethan will not work with her, but he will help until someone else comes to handle this.

In Theresa’s mind, she can see that he still really loves her and that soon they will be together.

Father Lonnigan is concerned about the things that Martin told him in confession.

“You said that you couldn't get Katherine out of your mind and your heart Martin… Do you still feel that way now?”

Katherine approaches Pilar to talk to her.

Pilar will not have a conversation with this woman about anything on this special day.

“You can’t go through with this Pilar. I don’t want to hurt you Pilar, but this is a terrible mistake.”

Pilar sees things differently.

“Martin still loves me Pilar…”

Pilar orders her out.

Katherine will not leave. “You will listen to everything that I have to say. I want you to call off the ceremony. I want you to let him go!"

In Hawaii, the thugs inspect the house looking for Chris and Sheridan in every room.

Otto hopes that they couple are not in the nursery.

“If they discover our guests, we are in trouble.”

Someone is singing in the other room.

It sounds to Sheridan like Beth is giving a baby a bath.

She and Chris plan to open the bathroom door and quickly grab the baby, even if it isn’t Marty and then run out of there.

Chris opens the door and he and Sheridan rush in.

“Marty!" Sheridan calls out.

Father Lonnigan reminds Martin that he will be making a promise to Pilar to be honest and faithful to her.

“Can you do this without feeling obligated?"

Katherine begs Pilar to let the man go.

Pilar can't believe that she is hearing this.

Katherine tells the truth that Martin is still in love with her.

“He is only doing this as an obligation that he felt because of running off years ago. It is the truth and you know it.”

Pilar knows that Martin loves her and that he isn't doing this out of guilt.

“The only liar here Katherine is you. You can’t stand this. Martin doesn't love you anymore.”

Katherine tells that she got a very different impression from Martin that morning and the night before when she was naked in his arms.

There is a Hawaiian woman scrubbing the tub and singing in the bathroom. Neither Beth nor Marty are in there.

The housekeeper speaks no English.

“You work for Otto?"

“Otto! Yes!" the woman says.

Sheridan still is convinced that Marty is in the house somewhere and she will find him.

They try to get the woman to tell if she has seen anyone like Marty around the house, but she doesn't understand.

Simone tells Rae that she shouldn't really be bothering her with this but…

“I feel really alone. I feel like I am on the outside looking in.”

Rae can relate.

“What in particular is making you feel like this?"

Simone tells of the ceremony later on and how her friend is going to be getting engaged soon.

“When Kay and I were little, we used to talk about getting married and children. I can’t have what Kay is going to have," Simone says.

Rae feels the way that Simone does sometimes.

“Sometimes I feel bad but times are changing and people are changing. One day, gay people will be able to get married as well. Things are looking up.”

Simone has no one like her friends do.

“I am alone. I am totally alone," Simone says.

Ethan wraps up the last problem and he did so in no time.

Ethan looks at his watch.

He sees how late it is.

“Gwen hasn’t called.”

Theresa reminds him that Gwen is working for a living now.

Ethan is surprised by the amount of work that Mr. Collier is giving Gwen.

Theresa thinks to herself that Gwen is going to stay busy.

Her phone rings.

Theresa leaves to take the call outside the room.

“Yes? Gwen is busy? Good. Yes! Ethan loves the project and when I am through with him, he will want to be with me.”

Sheridan grabs the housekeeper, trying to get her to tell where Marty is but the woman knows nothing.

Chris makes Sheridan unhand the woman who goes scurrying off.

Chris wants her to come with him now. They are in danger.

Sheridan finds a picture.

“Look Chris!" This is proof that Marty is here. “Look!"

Chris looks at the picture.

It is off Sheridan holding Marty in her arms.

“No I am positive that he is somewhere in this house!" Sheridan says.

Father Lonnigan pushes for an answer to his question.

“Do you really love Pilar, or is this ceremony an obligation?"

Martin says that he is having the ceremony for both reasons.

Martin ran off with Katherine and broke his marriage vows but he had to run off to help save Katherine.

“Pilar never gave up on me and I need to return the happiness that I didn’t give her before Father Lonnigan.”

Father Lonnigan begs Martin not to go through with this if it means that Pilar will suffer more pain.

“Martin’s feelings for me were very clear today and last night. His heart is not in this ceremony Pilar. I know because of the way he kissed me and held me in his arms.”

Pilar shouts for her to stop it.

“I was there when you came to get your shoes.”

Pilar’s eyes grow wide.

“That is not true!" Pilar shouts.

“How would I know that you came for your shoes if I had not been there at that time?"

Theresa ends her call to Mr. Collier.

Before she returns to the study, she stops to think of the future.

She can see him in her mind telling her that he loves her and that she is his soul mate.

Theresa knows that she is so close to having her dreams come true.

Chris and Sheridan walk the halls of the house searching room by room for Marty.

Chris is concerned that they are going to be caught.

They hear footsteps and duck into a room.

The noise is gone.

Chris wants to get going again.

“Wait!" Sheridan says. “I just got a chill. Marty is somewhere nearby. No one is in the room but maybe not that they can see…”

Sheridan goes to a hanging tapestry.

She pushes it aside.

They find a hidden door.

“This could lead to Marty!" Sheridan says.

She puts her hand on the doorknob to turn it.

Simone has been feeling down lately.

Rae says that whether you are gay or straight, you always need someone to talk to.

Simone likes that Rae is talking to her now. “When we were going out, we used to talk like this.”

“Remember how I told you about Chad and how I thought that he loved me? I realize now that I was in love with the idea of being in love. I knew that I didn’t really love him but I was fooling myself.”

Rae says that it sounds like Simone was just trying to avoid her feelings.

Simone would like to find that special someone to love her.

Rae knows that everyone wants that.

Simone feels naïve thinking that she and Rae were going to be a serious couple at one time.

Rae did care for Simone but Simone needed more than Rae could give.

Rae touches Simone’s hand tenderly now.

Ethan can’t stop. He tosses out ideas and Theresa loves every one of them.

Ethan has to take a break and call Gwen now.

Theresa tells him to go ahead and she will take the time to call Mead.

Ethan freezes. “Mead? Mead Construction? They are a high-end company from out of town. They won’t do a good job. Get a company here and build the community by having workers here do the job.”

Theresa sees that he makes perfect sense.

“I see that I am going to mess this up.”

Ethan knows that Fox could help.

“No, he is really busy with Crane Industries…

Ethan suggests Julian!

“No, he can’t do it. Not with the extra work taking over for Alistair.”

She tries again to get Ethan to reconsider working for her.

“No! I will not work for a Crane!"

Theresa has no idea how this project is going to work if he doesn't handle it.

“Change your mind. Say you will take the job!"

Sheridan can’t open the door.

Chris starts throwing his shoulder against the door to try to open it.

Bang…bang…bang… goes Chris’s shoulder against the door.

A thug in the hall hears the banging noise and peeks in the door.

He sees Chris trying to force the secret door open.

He closes the door again.

“This isn’t good. They can’t be allowed to get in that door," he says quietly.

He walks off down the hall.

Martin tries to explain his position.

“When I saw Pilar again after all these years, I couldn’t let her down again and I will not.”

Father Lonnigan sees things differently. “You will hurt her again Martin.”

“Answer me this. Are you still in love with Katherine?"

Katherine continues to confront Pilar about the truth.

Pilar will be having her ceremony whether or not Katherine wants it.

She doesn't believe that anything was going on with Martin and Katherine even if she was in the house.

“I trust Martin. It is you that I don’t trust Katherine. He is doing this because he wants to.”

Katherine feels that the only reason that Pilar came to the house the night before was because she was afraid that perhaps Katherine was with him and she was, she confirms.

Rae tells Simone that there might be a chance that they could make their relationship work.

Simone is shocked.

Rae wasn’t sure that Simone knew what her true feelings were in the past.

“Simone, I am still in love with you," Rae says.

Simone never stopped loving Rae either.

They decide to try again.

They kiss now.

Theresa offers the job and waits for an answer.

He starts saying 'no', but she wants him to think of the good that he could do as leader of the project.

“This could be your legacy and Jane could be proud of it too. For the rest of her life, she will be able to say that her daddy did something amazing…he helped people and made a difference and as Co-CEO, you can do these things. Isn’t that what every parent wants? To leave the world a better place for their children to live in?"

Father Lonnigan asks Martin to tell if he loves Katherine still.

Martin loves Pilar, and he is committed to spending the rest of his life with her.

“Katherine knows that she will have to move on…”

That is not the answer that Father Lonnigan wanted to hear.

“Without honesty and a heart that is pure, that marriage is doomed.”

Pilar is not surprised that Katherine would go to Martin and beg to be with him.

Katherine isn't ashamed of what she did.

“Stop it! You will never convince me that my husband doesn't want me! I know that Martin turned you away!"

“No he didn’t," Katherine says. “We were in bed when you came to the door. You think that I am lying? You want proof? Look at Martin’s back and that will prove that I am not lying.”

Chris gets the door open.

Sheridan wants to go check things out to see if Marty is there but Chris orders her to stay at the door and he will check things out.

Chris enters the room.

It is dark in there.

Suddenly there is a rumbling sound.

“Chris! What is it? Chris!" Sheridan calls out.

Chris doesn't respond.

The thug goes to Otto to tell him that Chris and Sheridan have found the hidden room.

“That is it! There is no other way. I have no other choice but to blow this house sky high. Everyone in the house will be blown to bits.”

The thug sees no reason for this. “Alistair is in a coma…”

Otto knows that Alistair has ways of punishing people who disobey him, even while he is in the condition that he is in now.

“Evacuate our people," Otto says.

He goes to wall, revealing a hidden panel in the wall.

A giant red button appears.

“Why don’t you just go back to playing House Hubby and I will handle this problem on my own.”

Noah wants Fancy to forget about all this.

She is in a wheelchair now.

The attendant from Crane Car has come to get her and he pushes her off and away from Noah.

Maya comes out of hiding.

“You look terrible.”

He feels bad. “I just lost the woman that I love.”

He grabs Maya and puts her in Fancy’s empty hospital room.

“Do you know anything more that you are not telling me Maya? If you do, I want to know about it right now!"

Ivy is hanging by her fingertips from the ledge.

Valerie tells her to let go with one hand and she can then be pulled inside.

She finally gets the courage to do it, and Valerie drags her in.

Valerie says that this manipulation of her children’s lives is going kill her.

Ivy has to do this.

“Get Miguel on the phone and get him back to Harmony," Ivy orders walking to the door.

Before leaving, she turns around. “Thank you for saving my life. You are doing a good job with Miguel…Just get him back here.”

She leaves and Valerie gets back to the phone to talk to Miguel again.

Miguel is on the phone talking to Kay.

Another call comes in and he tells her that he has to go as his other call might be about Charity.

Kay can see that he doesn't care about her just like before.

That is fine as she wants nothing to get in the way of her relationship with Fox.

Fox is at work and he looks at Kay’s picture.

“You say that you are over Miguel…But are you really?"

Chris and Sheridan arrive at the door they think leads to Marty’s room.

They hear noises.

They hide while an armed hit man walks gingerly by with his partner.

“I know that this is it Chris…”

Chris and Sheridan walk forward to enter the room.

Pilar is ready.

“I will have everything that I have ever wanted after today.

Paloma has something for her mother to take to the ceremony.

“It is back at the house. I will be right back.”

Paloma runs off.

Father Lonnigan warns Martin to be truthful.

“Are you thinking about canceling the ceremony.”

Martin just talks about the suffering that Pilar has suffered at his hands.

That is not an answer to Father Lonnigan’s question.

“Are you going to marry Pilar out of pity or love?"

Rachel feels that Katherine is being too weak.

Katherine isn’t like her sister and can’t dash Pilar’s hopes and dreams.

Rachel finds this a kind act and not a mean one.

“I know that you are not me though Katherine and that you have to do what is right for yourself.”

Mr. Collier comes to Gwen and is impressed to see that Gwen is on top of things.

Gwen sees that she will have to work quicker if she is to make the ceremony on time.

Ethan is a little offended by Theresa calling him a House Hubby.

She apologizes.

Ethan calls for the nanny to come and get Jane for a while.

Theresa wonders why he did that.

He tells that he can’t work with the baby there.

“I can work out all the problems that you have with the project in no time flat if someone will take care of Jane for a while.”

Fancy is taken to her room and then left alone.

She sobs now.

“Noah… Why couldn't you tell me the truth?"

Noah is a mad man and he holds Maya by the arms.

“I want to know if you are keeping something from me? Fancy was almost killed. The people who did this will pay for this.”

Maya tells him to hit her if he needs to hit someone.

He will not get angry with her. “You don’t know who these people are do you?"

Maya doesn't answer.

“Maya! You know something? You have heard from these people again haven’t you?"

Tabitha schools Kay on the dark side and how it works.

“You are getting way in over your head if you think that you can fool the dark side. All I am trying to do is protect your interest. I am trying to make you see what is coming down the road.”

Kay feels that she is doing fine with Fox and will stay that way.

Tabitha has warned her and that is all that she can do.

Fox bumps into his mother in the hall and she is disheveled looking.

She says that she has been having a hard day that is all.

She asks how things are with he and Kay.

He says that things are fine. Ivy looks like she needs to say something but she doesn't.

Fox gets curious now. “What were you going to say?"

Ivy says that she wouldn't want to be accused of blowing things out of proportion by mentioning something.

Fox pushes her.

Ivy says that she is sure that he must be curious about the photos that Kay has left at her father’s house.

“I have asked her why she hasn’t taken them to Tabitha’s, but Kay will not do that. I have some here. I was going to throw them out…”

Fox asks to see them.

The first picture that he looks at is of Kay, Miguel and Maria.

Fox suddenly realizes that they were a family once.

Miguel is at the bar when he gets another call from Valerie.

“Your sister wants you to come home and she wants you here as soon as possible. Theresa also says that you can work on your search for Charity from here… So where should I send the Crane jet to pick you up?" Miguel doesn't understand this. He just spoke to Kay and she says that everything is fine.

Chris and Sheridan are at the door and they are about to enter what they think is Marty’s room.

Sheridan opens the door and walks in.

It is definitely a little boy’s room.

Chris feels that doesn't mean that the room belongs to Marty.

She recognizes some of the things that Marty loves in the room.

“He is here. Marty is in this house," she says.

Father Lonnigan remembers that Martin was going to pray and try to get rid of the feelings for Katherine that he had.

“Did you do that?"

Katherine comes to talk to Pilar.

Gwen is in her office.

She calls for the secretary to come in.

Gwen wants to head out for the day.

The secretary tells that she has more work for Gwen to do.

Gwen wants to push this to the next day.

The secretary says that Mr. Collier insisted that Gwen work on these right away.

Ethan meets every problem head on and solves it.

Theresa’s phone rings.

She looks at the monitor.

“It is just a text message.”

Mr. Collier is letting her know that Gwen is up to her neck in work.

Theresa smiles and heads back to Ethan on the couch.

Kay isn’t afraid of anything getting in the way of her relationship with Fox.

Kay and Tabitha get the kids ready for the ceremony.

“You go on ahead Kay and Endora and I will catch up to you later.”

Kay and Maria leave the room.

Tabitha takes Endora out of her chair.

“We are going to stir up some fun my little sweet pea!"

Fox looks sad.

Ivy says that he shouldn’t read anything into the obsession that Kay must still have over Miguel.

Ivy feels that Kay may be hanging on to the pictures as they are the only ones that she has.

“She probably keeps the pictures at her father’s house because Fox is living with her now.”

Fox can see that the pictures must be really important to Kay.

Valerie tells Miguel that he can us Crane Industries to help with his search for Charity if he returns.

Noah wants the dirt now.

“What do you know Maya?"

She tells that the people behind all this mayhem have been calling her.

He wants her cellphone.

“The next time that they call, they will see that they have the wrong number. No one threatens the woman that I love.”

Fancy is still in her room crying over Noah.

Otto is getting angry now.

He tells his men to go out and find the couple.

“They can never see the nursery!"

The men run off to search.

“Frére Jacques, Frére Jacques, dormez-vous! Dormez-vous! …”

Someone is singing in a room attached to the toddler room Chris and Sheridan are in now.

“Someone’s here," Chris says.

Sheridan recognizes the voice as Beth’s.

“They’re here!" Sheridan says.

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