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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Gwen is beaming as she holds Jane…She is talking about being lucky to have dropped home in time to accept Theresa’s invitation to the ceremony at the mansion.

Ethan leaves to get changed.

Theresa tells Ethan to take his time.

Gwen has Theresa alone now and she tells Theresa that she will not get even ten feet near Ethan at this ceremony.

Pilar asks Paloma to tell her the truth about what is making her upset.

“Do you wish that it were Katherine exchanging vows with Martin instead of me?"

Paloma remembers telling her father that she saw him with Katherine hugging.

“Are you in love with her?"

Martin admitted that he loves Katherine still.

Paloma couldn’t understand how he could recommit to her mother if he still loves Katherine.

Katherine comes to see her sister.

She tells that Martin still loves her but will be going through with the ceremony with Pilar.

Father Lonnigan is in the mansion eating something in the kitchen.

Martin is there now with him.

Father Lonnigan can feel that something is wrong with the man.

Martin remembers his heated kisses with Katherine..

He had to push her away and tell her that he can’t be with her.

She wanted to be with him and she was on him with her naked body.

Tabitha and Kay are feeding Endora and Maria.

She and Kay want the children fed before the wedding.

Tabitha isn't really looking forward to the wedding.

Kay finds her too pessimistic.

Tabitha thinks that Kay dreams too much.

“The truth is that we are two single women and that is reality for us.”

Kay is not going to be single for long.

“I am going to get married to Fox.”

Tabitha knows that she hasn’t forgotten about Miguel yet.


She shows Maria a picture of her daddy.

“You haven’t forgotten about your daddy have you Maria?"

Tabitha knows that Kay will have a hard time turning her back on Miguel if he shows up in town.

Valerie has Miguel on the phone while Ivy watches.

Valerie tells Miguel that he has to come home. “It is an emergency.”

Miguel wants to know what the emergency is.

Ivy and Valerie makes noises into the phone to sound like static so that they don’t have to answer his questions.

Fox is in the hallway walking by the office and he hears something funny inside Valerie’s office.

Fancy is still demanding that Noah tell her the truth about he and Maya.

Maya is outside the room hoping and praying that Noah will keep his mouth shut about this.

In Hawaii, Otto and his men are dispersing and searching the house.

“We have to make sure that Sheridan doesn't find where our guests are.”

Chris and Sheridan have come across a room.

Inside, is a small bed and lots of toys.

“I just know that his this is where Marty sleeps and that this is his room.”

She slowly pushes the door open as she and Chris start to enter.

Kay doesn't want to talk about Miguel.

“He isn’t coming back, not unless Charity comes with him. What is so great about her anyway? Anyway he is long gone and he will not even come back for his parents’ ceremony. When he does return, if he does, I will be married to Fox…”

Valerie and Ivy keep pretending to have static over the phone.

Fox is outside the office and he calls to Valerie to get the files that he needs.

Ivy panics. “He can’t find me here!"

Fox is about to enter but a secretary comes to him to have him sign papers which delays his entry to the office.

Ivy panics. “What should I do?"

Theresa gets on her cellphone and orders Mr. Collier to get Gwen busy so that she can be alone with Ethan.

She is furious. She is alone in the living room of the Bed & Breakfast and she talks sternly and quickly.

“Get her back to work so that I can be alone with Ethan. I paid you a small fortune and you are not holding up your end of the deal. Now get her out of here so that I can be alone with Ethan.”


She turns to find that Ethan and Gwen are standing behind her in the doorway, looking at her strangely while she holds the phone to her ear.

Paloma just wants her parents to be happy.

Pilar assures her that they will be.

“We were in love when we were first married. We never got a good night sleep as one of you children were always up.”

All that Paloma can think of is the fact that Martin loves Katherine.

Pilar is sure that Martin and she will recommit and no one will ever separate them again.

Father Lonnigan feels that Martin’s conscience is not clear.

Martin says that Katherine has been approaching him sexually but he has been strong.

“I was tempted though…Sorely tempted," Martin admits.

Katherine tells that Martin will not back out of the marriage.

“Rachel I threw myself at him and he is still going to go through with this. He feels that he owes time to Pilar and her children. I have lost him forever.”

Maya continues to watch Noah and Fancy through the window of Fancy’s hospital room.

Fancy demands an answer from him about the secret that he holds.

Noah can’t seem to make her understand.

She can see that he thinks that this is a big problem but to him this is one that could get bigger.

Maya’s phone rings.

The female voice wants a report.

Maya tells that she has told Noah not to talk about this but Fancy is being very insistent.

“She can’t know Maya. You have to stop him.”

Maya doesn't know what she can do to stop Noah talking.

Inside the room, Fancy begs for the answers. “Please…I have to know.”

Tabitha starts about Miguel again but Kay quickly stops her.

Kay is sure that she will end up with Fox.

Tabitha reminds her that there is a spell on Fox that could very well stop any relationship for her with Fox.

“There is also that shadow that was in the big blue pot. That could be trying to stop your relationship too.”

Valerie and Ivy hang up the phone.

There is no place for Ivy to hide right now.

Fox wants to come in.

Valerie tells him to hold on.

She opens the window and helps Ivy out onto the ledge.

Ivy clings to the wall.

Fox walks in now.

Valerie walks towards him poised as usual.

Outside, Ivy clings to the wall.

A pigeon flies over to her and lands on her head.

Ethan and Gwen are ready to go.

Theresa tells her that they can all go in one car to the mansion.

Gwen isn’t going to get in the same are with Theresa, she whispers to Ethan.

Gwen’s phone rings.

It is Mr. Collier.

“Taking a long lunch on your first day?"

Gwen says that she will be back to the office in ten minutes.

Ethan is angry that Mr. Collier has pushed Gwen to work on the day of her interview.

She has to get back now.

Theresa stands in the corner watching.

When alone with Ethan and Jane, Theresa rushes to the child and holds her.

“I guess that it is just you, me and our daughter," she says.

Chris and Sheridan are still running through the house from the thugs.

At every turn, there are men with guns seeking to kill them.

Chris manages to trip one man while running through the house.

Chris wants to find a way out of the house but Sheridan will not leave without her son.

Chris and Sheridan keep running.

They see a group of hit men running in one direction and so they run in the other direction.

When they turn the corner they stop cold.

A man is before them with his gun aimed.

Chris and Sheridan back up.

Otto and his other men are there.

Chris and Sheridan are trapped.

“Give me my son," Sheridan shouts at Otto.

“No. You are not going to get him," Otto says.

Chris and Sheridan back up and away from his gun as he advances on them.

Paloma looks at her mother’s gown for the wedding and knows that she is going to be beautiful.

Pilar says that she was even younger than Paloma when she married Martin.

“When you do find the right man, I hope that you find a man like Martin.”

Paloma puts her head down.

Pilar tells Paloma that she wants her girl too to have a marriage that will last forever.

Father Lonnigan likes Katherine but she still committed adultery with Martin.

Martin knows that.

He was living a lie while his wife was living in torment.

Martin will make things up to Pilar but he has to wonder what his life would be like if he had stayed with Katherine.

Katherine can’t bear the idea of Pilar being in Martin’s arms.

“He is resolved to go through with this.”

Rachel finds her sister a quitter.

“There is one way to stop this ceremony and I will tell you exactly how," Rachel says.

Maya watches Noah and Fancy.

The female voice warns that Noah can’t tell what he knows.

Fancy is in the room begging for the truth.

He suddenly remembers being with Maya and finding Fancy sleeping.

That was when he found the bullet in place of the rose that he had put on Fancy’s pillow.

Fancy is still waiting for her answer from Noah.

He says that he has nothing more to tell her.

She can’t believe that he is still lying to her.

“Just go. I will call Crane Car to take me home but right now I want you to leave. We are finished.”

Otto points his gun at Chris and Sheridan.

Chris pushes Sheridan through a side door just as Otto’s finger hits the trigger.

She is safe and out of harm’s way.

Otto focuses on Chris now, but he too jumps through the doorway where Sheridan has already gone.

Otto tells his men to get Sheridan first.

“We will use her to flush the white knight out later.”

Chris and Sheridan have been separated.

Sheridan runs down a long hallway and turns a corner.

She can hear Otto’s voice behind her.

“You will never get away! We are coming to find you!"

Ethan and Theresa are at the mansion in the study.

Theresa says that she hates this room.

Ethan hates it too. He almost died here.

Ethan calls his wife, while Theresa takes the baby to the other side of the room.

As Gwen talks to Ethan, a secretary comes in with files for her to work on.

She plans to meet Ethan later at the ceremony in spite of all the work that she has to do.

“Has Theresa come on to you yet? She is up to something. I can feel it.”

Kay is tired of Tabitha breathing death and destruction all over her relationship.

Tabitha will be quiet then if that is what the girl really wants.

Ivy stands perfectly still out on the ledge.

Increasingly pigeons come to sit on and around her.

She peeks down at the street and panics.

Valerie and Fox talk business.

“Get off me you flying rat!" Ivy spews to the pigeon.

Fox thinks that he hears something.

“What was that?"

He looks out the window.

Valerie says that she hasn’t heard anything.

Sheridan keeps running for her life.

She opens a door to hide, but that is a big mistake.

Otto is waiting for her there.

“You have made a big mistake," he snarls.

“Get away from me! Get away!"

She backs up and another man is behind her and he holds her so that Otto can come right up to her this time.

Ethan assures Gwen that she has nothing to worry about where Theresa is concerned.

Gwen gets more files.

She has to hang up so that she can get out of there and make it to the ceremony.

Theresa watches and listens as Ethan ends his call.

She has Jane on her lap.

“Oh my gosh. This is crazy!"

she is looking at her monitor.

She gives Ethan the baby and tells him to go and join the guests.

“I have a major crisis.”

“What is it?" he asks.

She will not tell him as he has made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her job.

Someone knocks.

“Come in!"

A man from the office arrives and gives Theresa the plans for the project.

“Too bad they are never going to be developed," the man says.

Ethan recognizes these plans and wants to know what is going on here.

Father Lonnigan is very concerned about what Ethan is doing today.

“Who do you really want to be with? Pilar or Katherine?"

Pilar used to look at her wedding gown and remember how happy she used to be.

“Now I will wear it and I will be happy again. I don’t believe in divorce you know Paloma. It is a promise that one makes to God to stay together. I fought to keep your father and he is fighting too. He has turned his back on his relationship with Katherine. I love him all the more for that. We are going to focus on our marriage and our children. Your father and I are going to do that Paloma. No one will come between us now.”

Katherine feels that it is too late to stop the ceremony.

Rachel suggests that Katherine talk to Pilar instead of Martin now.

Maya tells the female voice that Fancy has just dumped him.

The voice is happy to hear that.

Maya feels really bad for Noah.

In the room, Fancy is ordering Noah out.

“Go! Go!"

Maya hides when Noah exits the room.

Fancy is crying in her bed now.

“Why Noah? Why are you doing this?"

Kay knows that she is going to get married to Kay no matter what!

Tabitha knows that the couple is doomed.

“The dark side is like the Canadian Mounties. They always get their man..”

Ivy is trying to be quiet but the pigeons are freaking her out.

Valerie says that the sounds that he is hearing are just the plants bumping up against the windows.

Fox accepts that and leaves.

Valerie rushes to the window and opens it.

She waves most of the pigeons away.

She holds her hand out now for Ivy.

Ivy starts walking to her and when she leans into the window to climb in, she falls over the edge.

Valerie watches shocked.

Sheridan is tied up now in a room.

Otto holds his gun on her.

He tells Sheridan that his men are out searching for Chris and when they find him…”You both will be dead!"

Chris is watching Otto from behind.

He is outside, looking through a window.

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