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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Tabitha is with Fox and Kay and they go on about Fluffy and Endora snuggled up sleeping and how cute they looked tucked in together. Fox is a little confused about this Fluffy creature.

Fox finds Fluffy a little rough.

He is feeling a little chilly.

Kay sees that his shirt is tattered to shreds. Fluffy had a go at him while they were playing.

He needs to go and change.

He kisses Kay before leaving. “You are the only one for me Kay.”

She says the same thing back.

Fox leaves.

Tabitha finds Kay a fake. “You know that there is a chance that Miguel still has a hold on your heart, so why do you lie to him like that?”

The bar owner calls to Miguel who is sitting nearby. Valerie listens but everything that the man says is in Spanish and she doesn't understand.

Valerie is trying to reach him for Ivy who badgered her into dropping everything to do this.

Ivy comes rushing in the office.

“Did you find him? Did you find Miguel?"

Noah sits with Fancy and she is very upset with him.

He doesn't want to talk about Maya.

He wants her to get her strength back first before talking about Maya.

She will not be put off. “I want to know everything.”

Maya watches them from a window to the hospital room.

She hopes that Noah will not be pushed into telling what he knows.

Pilar is talking to Paloma.

She is so glad that her daughter can be there.

Paloma is sure that recommitting is all that her father is thinking about.

Pilar is sure that Katherine is thinking about this as well.

Katherine is trying to convince Martin not to recommit to Pilar, but he will not be moved.

Ethan has Jane all cleaned up now thanks to Gwen.

It is a good thing that Gwen had come home for lunch so that Ethan could watch her in action.

“Now I know how to take care of you," Ethan says to the pig-tailed baby.

Theresa walks in and greets Ethan and her baby.

“I am here to invite you and Jane to my mother’s renewal of her vows. My mother would really like to have you and Jane there.”

Gwen walks in behind Theresa.

“Do you want Jane there or is this a way to get Ethan all alone to yourself.”

Theresa turns around surprised.

Otto has his gun trained on Chris and Sheridan. He orders them out of the house.

“No!" Sheridan shouts.

Paloma puts on a brave confident face for her mother but she knows things that her mother doesn’t.

Martin isn’t trying to find out which woman will make him happiest he tells Katherine.

“I am trying to make up for the things that happened in the past. I love you but I love Pilar too.”

Katherine only sees this as living a lie.

He finds that he isn’t lying if he really does love Pilar and he does love Pilar.

Katherine wonders if he can stop the passion that he has for her.

He admits that he can’t.

He thinks back to times when they made sweet love.

They didn’t plan what happened between them…It just happened.

Gwen sees that Theresa is surprised to see her. “Why is that?"

Theresa remembers telling Mr. Collier to keep Gwen busy so she is surprised to see Gwen there. She should be working her fingers to the bone.

Theresa says that she just showed up to invite Ethan and Jane to the renewal.

Sheridan orders Otto to get Marty and to return the boy.

Otto only takes orders from Alistair.

She will give him money. She will set him up for life.

He already has all the money that he needs thanks to Alistair.

Chris shouts that they are not leaving without the boy.

Otto gets on the phone.

“We have two intruders In the main room. Come and deal with them.”

Sheridan didn’t come all the way to Hawaii to leave without her son. “Give Marty back!"

Chris swings into action taking control of the situation before Otto can see what is happening.

He turns quickly smacking Otto in the face hard with a fist that Otto didn’t see coming.

Soon both men are on the ground scuffling to be the one on top.

“Chris!" Sheridan shouts out.

The fight continues.

Tabitha says that first loves always have a special place in one’s heart. She knows how Kay feels about Miguel even if she will not admit it.

Fox returns now changed and ready to go to work, but first he will play with Maria.

He takes the baby and walks off to the living room with her.

Kay loves seeing Fox with her.

Tabitha brings up Miguel again. She knows that any woman who had a shot at Miguel would love to have him.

Kay hates that Tabitha is going on and on about this.

“If you really want to help me, then get some charts out and tell me when the planets are going to realign.


All the materials that Tabitha needs to do her work appear on the table, and she is now dressed in a black and silver Wizard outfit to die for. It is complete with a big, black triangular witch’s hat!

She works the calculator…

She draws…

She works the abacus…

She makes the charts…

“Just as I thought. The planets are not ready… You can’t marry Fox now.”

Kay is sick of this.

“I just want to get married.”

Tabitha wonders if that is true. “You know…If Miguel returns and gives up his search of Charity, he might want to get back with you.”

Ivy is thrilled. It seems that they have found Miguel.

Miguel gets on the phone but he talks Spanish and Valerie has no idea what he is saying.

He thought the call had to do with finding Charity but it didn’t so he hung up.

That upsets Valerie.

She has another idea though.

Noah and Fancy are talking.

Maya stays close to the door and listens.

Fancy says that she was awake the night before and she heard everything that Noah was saying to her.

Maya panics. “If she knows… We are all as good as dead.”

Theresa asks Gwen why she is dressed the way that she is.

Gwen says that she got a job. “So don’t you go trying to hire Ethan anymore.”

Theresa says that she understands that Ethan won’t come to work for her and that she accepts that.

Gwen finds that Theresa is giving up too easily.

Theresa says that she is just there to invite Ethan and Jane to the ceremony.

“I would invite you too, but you have to go to work…”

Ethan says that he will leave this decision to Gwen.

Theresa looks over at Gwen. “Is it okay then for them to come?"

Noah thought that Fancy was sleeping when he was talking to her.

“I was groggy but you were trying to tell me something.”

Maya is getting uncomfortable now.

Fancy begs for more information.

He says that she should wait until she is stronger.

She gets angry with him.

He knows that this will cause more questions.

She just feels that he doesn't trust her.

“I am going to say this once. We can’t go on if you are going to keep secrets from me.”

Paloma has done her mother’s hair and now she does her nails.

Pilar has never felt more beautiful.

She has hopes for the future.

“After we renew our vows, no one will come between my husband and me…. No one…”

Katherine tells Martin that they are more than close.

She remembers them holding hands after a night of lovemaking.

“We are kindred spirits Martin.”

He has to admit that he loves her.”

He remembers those passionate nights again.

He kisses her now more passionately then ever.

His shirt is off.

She is so filled with passion that she scratches his back.

Otto and Chris fight and finally Chris gets the upper hand.

He delivers a blow that renders Otto helpless and laying on the floor.

Chris and Sheridan rush out of the room to escape.

The guards come running in.


Otto picks himself up off the floor.

He orders the men to find those two quickly!

Ethan will do what Gwen says in this matter of going to Pilar’s renewal.

Gwen says that she doesn't mind really.

Theresa thanks her for letting Ethan and the baby come.

Maya is panicking. “We may all lose our lives if you give in Noah," she says looking in the window.

Fancy remembers them telling each other that they were not going to keep secrets from each other.

“I know what is at stake here. If you can’t be honest with me Noah, I can’t be with you and I won’t be with you.”

Valerie tries to get to Miguel again but they can’t get through the damn Mexican phone line.

The laptop makes an alert sound.

Valerie sees that she has another phone number for Miguel now that they can try.

Kay wonders if Miguel is the shadow over her relationship with Fox and what that means.

“Maybe he will be jealous of Fox and cause trouble. Doesn't matter as I love Fox and I want to be with him.

Tabitha really has to wonder what Kay would do if Miguel came home to her.

Kay won’t even talk about that.

“Miguel hasn’t been home even once to see his daughter… So why would we think that he would come home now? Just leave me alone about Miguel!"

“Kay," Fox says coming into the room. “What is this about Miguel?"

Kay says that they were talking about him. “He is Maria’s father Fox.”

He knows that but wonders if that is the real reason why she will not marry him.

Pilar’s nails look great.

Pilar says that people are going to think that she is a lady of leisure like Katherine.

Paloma spills the nail polish as the sound of Katherine’s name.

Pilar can see that something is wrong. “What is it?"

Martin and Katherine are kissing and she begs him to make love to her.

They fall on the bed together.

He suddenly looks up at the picture on the side table of he and Pilar.

He can’t do this. “I can’t disappoint Pilar again. I have to be there for Pilar and our children.”

He gets up and puts on his shirt.

“I have to do this. Find someone else to love. Katherine it has to be over between us. Don’t think of yourself as a loser. Find yourself someone else to love. I am going to be with Pilar and you will have to accept that. You will find someone to love, but it will not be me. I am already married.”

Katherine agrees.

“In your heart and in your soul, you are married to me.”

“This has to end," he says.

Chris and Sheridan are running through the house, trying to avoid the killers.

They now tiptoe through the halls, as do the thugs.

Chris figures things out and leads the way. They are now following the men instead of being followed.

Otto and his men are confused about where Chris and Sheridan have gone.

Chris and Sheridan stop to listen.

They hear Otto in a room.

“Chris and Sheridan are in this house. Under no circumstances are they to get in this room. Now come on and let’s find them.”

Otto and his men leave the room to look for Chris and Sheridan.

Chris and Sheridan come out of hiding after Otto and his posse leave.

“Did you hear what he said?" Sheridan asks Chris. “Marty has to be in that room.”

Paloma says that she is fine and that she just spilled the nailpolish.

Pilar feels that she knows what this is about.

“You were close to Katherine and you feel torn. She was like a mother to you. There must be some part of you that wishes that Martin were exchanging vows with Katherine and not me.”

Katherine feels that staying with Pilar when Martin loves her will devastate Pilar.

“How do you do that Martin? How do you lock your feelings away?"

Martin will do his best to do what is right.

“I hate hurting you Katherine, and missing out on things with you. I have missed out on Pilar and her life though and I will have to spend the rest of my life making things up to her.”

Katherine cries begging him to please not turn his back on her.

“I am sorry Katherine. I am going back to my wife.”

Kay can’t believe that Fox is concerned that she is thinking about Miguel and marrying him.

She assures him that she wants to be with him.

Tabitha even admits to checking the planets for their position.

Kay says that she was just telling Tabitha that even if Miguel wanted her now, she couldn’t be with him.

Fox kisses her. “Good answer…”

He has to go to work now but he will see her later at the mansion.

Tabitha can see that Fox was rattled when Kay mentioned the ‘m’ word.

Kay gets immediately defensive about the whole thing.

“Miguel is off somewhere and he even told me that he wasn’t coming home anytime soon. He is not threat to Fox. Trust me!"

Valerie tells that she has connections and had numbers traced to Mexico from Harmony.

She dials the number that she has.


“Is this Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald?"


“I work for your sister and you need to come home right away," Valerie says.

Ivy smiles at her for the great job that she is doing.

Fancy is upset. She believes that her eye would be okay had Noah told her what she needed to know about his secret with Maya.

Ethan is ready to go now.

Theresa is ready to go too and will accompany Ethan and Jane.

Gwen comes into the room and takes Jane out of Theresa’s hands.

“We are going to have such fun at the renewal, aren’t we sweet pea?"

“What are you doing?" Theresa asks.

“I believe that nothing is more important than family," Gwen says. “And that is why I am going to be there at the renewal with my family. I am going to let no one and nothing get in the way of my family.”

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