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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay and Fox are getting ready for the wedding at the mansion that day. Fox says that Kay will be the most beautiful one at the wedding that day, and that he will be having a hard time keeping his eyes off her, and on the bride and groom.

One day soon, Fox is going to put the ring that is around his neck, on Kay’s finger.

He can’t wait for the honeymoon night.

He will dance with her at the wedding and everyone will be watching and then he will sweep her away.

He thinks that they should waltz at their wedding.

He has lessons and offers to give her some right then and there.

They stand together holding hands as he teaches her.

Ivy is outside Fancy’s room calling Valerie.

She want action.

“Miguel is the key to breaking up Fox and Kay. Find him and find him now.”

Noah is at the coffeeshop looking at the bullet that was left in place of his roses on Fancy’s blanket.

He remembers finding it and Fancy didn’t even have a clue that someone was in there.

Maya comes to Noah and sits.

She has startled him.

He wants to know who these people are that threaten them.

Pilar is watching as her daughter takes a call with Mr. Collier.

He is standing in Gwen’s office while he talks to Theresa.

Theresa orders the man to give Gwen lots of work.

Theresa also watches on the monitor in her study.

Gwen calls to Mr. Collier telling him that she has found some errors in the files that she is working on.

Mr. Collier gets off the phone and turns to Gwen now.

Theresa loves this.

Pilar finds her daughter just like the other Mrs. Crane. “You ruin marriages too Theresa.”

Katherine has come into Martin’s house and room naked.

They are kissing.

She wants to make love but he will not. He can’t in Pilar’s room and right before the wedding. That would be so wrong.

“Yes we can," Katherine says refusing to break her hold on him.

Over in Hawaii, Otto is panicking.

Chris and Sheridan are out in the foliage around the house.

Otto orders the men to get out with their rifles to find the couple and to shoot on sight.

The men disperse now around the house.

One of the hired hands focuses on the lens on his gun and he managed to find Sheridan in his sight.

He slowly brings the red light to Sheridan’s forehead and he waits.

Pilar knows what Theresa is up to now.

“You have bribed that man to get Gwen’s attention, and you are doing this on the day that I have picked to have my vows. You are just like Katherine.”

Theresa says that Ethan and Gwen don’t have a real marriage.

Pilar doesn't care what Theresa calls it.

“You can twist the truth around anyway that you like but Ethan loves Gwen.”

Theresa tells her mama 'no'. “Everyday that he lives with Gwen, he is living a lie.”

Ethan tries to feed baby Jane but gets covered with baby food instead.

The phone rings.

Ethan grabs the cellphone.

“Hi honey it’s me.”

Jane starts crying.

“What is going on?" Gwen asks.

Ethan tells that women are a mystery to him.

His tone is one that is snapping and mean-sounding, and he apologizes for that.

She wonders if he needs some help.

He says 'no'. “I am just fine. Have a wonderful day.”

The gunman is about to shoot.

Sheridan moves.

The man has to realign himself to get another shot at her.

She is stooping behind Chris now.

The gunman aims again and gets his little red light on Sheridan’s head.

He talks into his earpiece.

“I have her in sight," he says.

Otto orders him to get this done quickly. “If you can do that, then you will get a big bonus.”

The gunman waits…and…

Sheridan slowly turns her head in the direction of the gunman and her eyes grow big as saucers.


Soon Kay is getting the hang of the waltz.

Tabitha enters carrying Maria.

“Oh! I have danced with the Chippendales myself. All that you are missing Fox is that cute little bow-tie.”

Fox puts his shirt on quickly.

Kay goes to her daughter.

Tabitha tells that Maria has been missing her mummy.

Fox’s phone rings.

“Karen! You have the figures ready?"

Fox tells Tabitha and Kay that he has to take this call.

Tabitha and Kay gives him privacy.

Kay assures Tabitha that she hasn’t accepted Fox’s proposal yet, but she wants to.

She worries that Ivy will ruin things anyway.

Ivy and Valerie argue over getting Miguel to town.

Valerie has work to do and can’t spend all day on this.

Ivy doesn't care.

“If you want Fox then you had better get this done!"

Ivy hangs up and goes into Fancy’s room.

Fancy is really down. “All I need is a parrot and a wooden leg.”

Ivy says that they are still looking for a specialist but she can come home. “That is the advantage of being a Crane.”

Fancy wonders then why her mom gave it up if it is so great.

Maya says that she has told everything that she knows to Noah about the people who tried to kill he and Fancy.

Noah knows that there has to be more to this.

Maya tells him to keep his mouth shut or he will make everything worse.

“The best way to protect Fancy is to keep your mouth shut. You might as well put a bullet in her yourself if you are going to talk. Do you want to keep her alive?"

Ethan tells Gwen that he has everything under control at home.

Some runny brown goo, (we hope) comes flying at Ethan from Jane’s direction. The is now all over his shirt.

He waves it off, crinkling up his nose as he does so.

Mr. Collier comes in to see Gwen and get her back to work.

“Ethan. I have to go now.”

She hangs up and gets back to work.

Ethan heads to Jane with a big fake smile on his face. He will handle this if it kills him.

Pilar is so disappointed in her daughter.

Theresa wants her mother to forget about Ethan and Gwen for today.

“Go get dressed for your big day," Theresa says.

Pilar will go but she feels like Theresa is just twisting her around her little finger.

Pilar is glad to have the ceremony at the mansion though as the living room is beautiful.

Theresa knows that her mother will be more beautiful.

“I can’t help this feeling that I have Theresa. I feel like everything is going to be snatched from me Theresa," Pilar says.

Theresa knows that is ridiculous.

She knows that her father is only thinking about his beautiful, beautiful bride.

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, both Katherine and Martin are naked and kissing on his bed. His marriage bed.

He suddenly moves from her.

“I can’t do it. I can’t make love to you. Get dressed. We have to stop this. We can’t bring back the past. It kills me to see you begging for my love.”

She knows she has his love and she only wants him to see that they belong together.

“Martin. You are my husband. You are Pilar’s husband by law, but real marriage is based on love and that is us. You are my husband. You can’t just throw it away. If you throw us away, you will regret it until the day that you die.”

Fancy has a heart-to-heart with Ivy.

Fancy is down about love.

Ivy wants to help but doesn't like to meddle in her children’s lives.

“I wish that I could help but love is difficult.”

Fancy says that the only one that can patch up her relationship is Noah.

“I have been trying to find out what has been going on with Noah and Maya. He knows that I need the truth," Fancy says.

Noah has to go now. He has to pick up Fancy from the hospital.

He promises not to tell the truth about what he knows, but he still has to wonder if Maya has more that she is keeping to herself about this. Maya assures him that she knows nothing more.

Noah leaves.

Maya’s cellphone rings.

She knows who it is before she answers.

The female voice tells Maya that she heard everything that was said and that Maya is doing a bang-up job.

“The bug that we put in your necklace worked wonderfully.

Mya has to agree. She looks at her necklace and can’t even see the bug in the necklace.

In Hawaii, Chris soon realizes that something is very wrong.

Sheridan lies motionless beside him.

“Sheridan! Sheridan!"

She doesn't answer.

The gunman is winding up again for another shot.

Chris can tell that he has to move Sheridan or they will still be in danger.

He picks up her upper half and drags her backwards into the thick Hawaiian foliage in the yard.

The gunman is about to make another shot, but he suddenly loses sight of the pair.

Now with Sheridan up against a tree, Chris holds her face to his. “Sheridan! Sheridan!"

Chris fears that Sheridan is dead, but she isn’t.

She suddenly wakes.

She hit her head on a rock and it is bleeding now.

The gunman finds the couple again.

They have no idea that they are in the man’s sights.


He misses Chris and Sheridan but he has accidentally shot the door to the house, and it is now open.

They make a run for it and get inside as the gunman makes a few more shots at them that all miss their target.

Tabitha and Kay still whisper in the corner.

Kay is about to tell Tabitha about the night before but Tabitha says that she knows all about the night before. Kay hates when Tabitha snoops. Especially during intimate moments like that.

“I had a dream.”

She remembers seeing Miguel in her dream and he was very interested in her.

Tabitha knew it. “You are still interested in him aren’t you?"

Kay says that the dream was a memory and that he is over Miguel now.

It still bothers her because she feels that the shadow at her wedding with Fox is actually Miguel.

Valerie is alone at work and she looks at the Lopez-Fitzgerald phone records to see that there have been a lot of calls to Mexico.

Valerie calls a number there and gets a man who speaks no English.

She tries using her Spanish but it comes out more like Italian.

Finally she just says Miguel’s name and the man immediately understands.

“Yes! Yes!"

Valerie can’t believe this. “I have just found Miguel.”

Martin loves Katherine but he owes Pilar.

She did everything for her family, on her own. “Pilar was so poor that she had to send Paloma away to survive. Now they have to deal with a vendetta that Alistair put against my family. It is my fault. Both of my sons are dead because of me…because of us. This will not bring my sons back but I will devote every day to Pilar to make her happy. That is what I am going to do.”

Noah enters Fancy’s room.

Ivy sees him first and calls to Fancy.

She looks over to him but not happily.

He goes to kiss her cheek but she will not let him.

“I came to help take you home," he says.

Fancy says that her mother will help her with that.

Ivy offers to stand back and let Noah drive her.

She doesn't want help.

Ivy pushes her and so Fancy agrees to let him take her.

Ivy whispers to Noah about whether or not he loves Fancy or not.

“I do," he says.

Ivy tells him that he had better do something about that then.

Chris and Sheridan go running through the house shouting for Marty.

The gunman goes to the doorway but he can see that Chris and Sheridan are in the house.

He makes a call to Otto to tell him that the intruders are in the house.

Otto panics that the intruders are going to see their very important guest.

“Everyone, swing into action!"

Chris and Sheridan keep checking the house.

They open door after door and then…

Sheridan opens a door.

“Oh my God! Marty?"

Chris comes up behind her and peers into the room.

Martin will give the rest of his life to Pilar.

Katherine hears his beautiful words but knows that he is kidding himself.

“How can you make Pilar happy when you will be wishing that you were with me?"

Theresa assures her mother that she will make a beautiful bride.

The phone rings.

Theresa looks at the display, and sees that it is something that she has to take care of.

She tells her mother to take care getting ready and that thins will go great.

Theresa likes helping now but wishes that she had done more in the past to help her mother.

The women hug and Theresa goes rushing out.

Pilar looks down at her gown on the bed.

Ethan talks to Jane about eating and keeping strong.

The baby just keeps flinging baby food at her daddy.

“Well hello!"

Gwen comes in to see her family.

“What a mess! Look at that face! Maybe we can eat like a big girl.”

Gwen spoons the food easily into Jane’s mouth.

Ethan is amazed.

Gwen has come home for lunch to be with her family.

She keeps shoveling the food into Jane’s mouth as Ethan calls Jane a little traitor.

Maya is drinking coffee at the Book Café.

Her phone rings.

“Get over to the hospital and find out what Noah is doing with Fancy.”

Maya can’t just barge in there but she is ordered to do just that.

She hangs up.

“This is insane, but I have to do it.”

She gets up and leaves the café.

Noah sees the flowers that he got for Fancy on Valentine's Day are still there.

He wants her to tell him what is wrong.

She says that every time that he gets close to telling her the truth about he and Maya, something happens. “If you want to make up with me, then you have to tell me everything.”

Fox is still on the phone with the office staff.

Tabitha is taking great delight in the fact that Kay still has feelings for Miguel.

“If you had to choose, who would you pick?"

Kay looks over to Fox now.

Valerie tries to get confirmation that Miguel is there but the man talks such thick Spanish that Valerie can barely understand him.

“Is Miguel there?"

“Yes! Yes!"

He puts Valerie on hold.

He turns to a table…”Miguel!"

He slowly turns his head to the man behind the bar.

Chris and Sheridan have to find Marty and they decide to continue looking for him.

They head to the door to run, but a man comes in.

It is Otto and he holds a gun on the newlyweds.

“Hold it right there!"

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