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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

It is Pilar’s wedding day.

“Thank you God for this beautiful day…” She is in the hall, looking out a window.

Martin is in the hallway and finds Pilar there. He has come over to see her before the wedding.

She is not happy that he has seen her before the wedding. That is why she didn’t stay with him the night before.

Martin remembers the night before.

He was with Katherine when Pilar showed up.

They managed to hide that Katherine was with him and Pilar still has no idea about that. There is no reason for her to know.

Martin had to see her to talk to her before the wedding.

She worries that he has changed his mind about the wedding and looks up into his face to hear what he has to say.

Ethan and Gwen are talking about the job again.

Ethan is sure that she will do fine at her interview.

Ethan hates that Gwen has to go back to work but Gwen is fine with it. She is actually looking forward to it.

It is a way to avoid Theresa’s control.

Theresa is up and on the phone.

She talks to the recruiter at Collier and he confirms that he has Gwen’s paperwork. He is impressed with her credentials it seems.

Gwen will be offered a Vice Presidency position at Collier.

Theresa tells the man to keep her busy and he will not regret it. “Just pile it on and she will be happy.”

Chris and Sheridan are in bed and they can’t believe that they got married the night before. They laze in bed now.

“It was so romantic Chris. I married the man that I love on the most romantic beach in the world. My heart is almost full. The only thing that will make it full is finding Marty and bringing him back home.”

They hear the birds and know that it is time to get up.

They have to go and get Marty.

Chris feels that he should go and get Marty alone.

“Your father hires killers and I don’t want to take chances with your life. Please. If anything happens to me, take Marty and raise him as James’s brother.”

Sheridan isn’t going to wait around in bed any longer. She will be there and they will get her son together.

She heads out of bed.

He shakes his head after she is gone.

“I am sorry to hear you say that Sheridan… You give me no choice in this matter anymore.”

He reaches into the bedside drawer and gets out some rope, wrapping it around his arm in a menacing manner.

Pilar is anxious about what Martin has to say to her.

He assures her that he has committed himself to her and to their wedding. She breathes a sigh of relief.

She apologizes for worrying.

“I have looked forward to this day for so long. I should trust in God’s love and in yours. Isn’t this exciting? I am excited today as I was when I married you all those years ago. I still feel like I am eighteen.”

He finds her as beautiful as she was way back when.

She knows that he is lying.

They kiss.

Katherine comes to the doorway of the living room.

“I don’t mean to intrude," Katherine says.

Pilar tells Katherine that she would appreciate it if Katherine were not there today. Martin tries to stop Pilar from being rude, but Pilar insists that she isn’t trying to be that way. She feels that Katherine would be more comfortable somewhere else anyway. That is all that Pilar meant.

“I know that you still live here, but considering what is about to take place today, I would think that you would rather be elsewhere.”

Katherine says that she has a lot to do anyway, and so she will go and start her errands now then.

She starts leaving, but Martin calls to her.

Pilar tells him that he should let her go.

Katherine leaves.

“It is settled," Pilar says.

In the foyer, Katherine stands alone.

Gwen is ready for her interview.

She looks great and Ethan knows that she will blow them away at the interview. She wears a black blouse and skirt.

She goes to Jane and holds her.

“I will not have time to feed her this morning. I love doing that and I will not have a chance to do that when I start working.”

Ethan offers to drive Gwen to work and that way she will be able to give Jane her bottle in the car.

Theresa tells the man at Collier that he should pile on the work as much as possible for Gwen. She will appreciate it.

“Her husband doesn't love her anymore and she wants lots to do to get her mind off her marriage.”

Mr. Collier heard that Gwen had a child.

Theresa says that the woman stole that baby. “What kind of nut job are you handing me?" Mr. Collier wants to know.

“The child isn’t hers. Gwen only has custody of that child, but that will change.”

Mr. Collier is getting uncomfortable with this deal.

Theresa reminds him that she is paying him a fortune to do as she tells him to.

She hangs up.

Sheridan is in the bathroom talking to Chris through the door.

Chris is dressed and sitting in a chair in the bedroom holding the rope.

Sheridan comes out of the bathroom and Chris hides the rope quickly behind his back.

He begs her again to let him handle this.

She will not.

“We are doing this together. Now not another word.”

She goes back into the bathroom to get ready.

Chris was afraid that she was going to say that.

He looks down at the rope now that he holds before him in his hands.

Chris peeks in on Sheridan and sees her putting lotion on her hands.

He closes the door and ties the rope to the doorknob.

He then ties the rope to the foot of the bed.

“That should keep Sheridan out of trouble," he says.

Pilar talks to the staff about her wedding. They are as anxious as she is.

Martin is looking at a picture of Katherine on the table.

He remembers Katherine telling him that he is only marrying Pilar because he feels guilty.

Pilar comes over and tells him to get working on the wedding details with her since he is here.

Alistair is in his hospital room.

Katherine comes to visit him.

“What a wreck you are. I can’t tell you how happy am to see you so ill. I brought you some Pansies. That comes a French word meaning ‘thinking’, and I am thinking of you. I needed to see you to remember the things that you have done. I let you rob me of my innocence. I was like a beaten terrified animal. Martin allowed me to live again. Martin gave me back my joy and love and optimism. Now…Pilar is going to take it all away. I won’t let her do it. I can’t let her do it. I must stop her and I will stop her.”

Ethan and Gwen bring Jane to the door to head out.

Gwen is carrying Jane and worries that the girl might spit up on her clothes.

Theresa is watching the happy couple using Alistair’s monitors.

“That is my baby. You throw up on Gwen just as often as you want," Theresa says.

The three arrive at Collier and Company and she is ushered right in.

Ethan holds Jane and asks if he can wait for Gwen to be finished.

The secretary says that he can wait if he wants.

“It is adorable to see you taking care of the baby. Keep it up Mr. Mom!"

Gwen takes her seat for the interview.

Mr. Collier is impressed with Gwen’s résumé.

He tells that a headhunter sent him her résumé.

Theresa watches Gwen and Mr. Collier. She likes the way that he is handling things.

Chris is about to get into a cab alone.

Sheridan shows up.

She is angry.

“Did you forget me?"

She tells that she climbed out the window to escape the bathroom.

“You are an overbearing oaf.”

The cab driver asks if they are going anywhere today.

Both Chris and Sheridan say 'yes' in unison.

They get into the cab together.

Pilar and the staff work things out for the wedding.

It is time to get dressed.

Martin will have to go home and get his tux.

She hugs him.

He knows that this is a big day for her.

She corrects him saying that this is a big day for ‘us’. He nods. That is what he means.

He leaves.

Pilar knows that this will be the best beautiful day of her life and that nothing will ruin it.

Katherine tells Alistair’s body that she wishes that she were stronger in the past. She could learn a thing or two from Alistair and even Rachel. She will try to assert herself more.

“I have learned a thing or two about manipulating people. I hate resorting to this behavior, but I can’t give up on Martin. I don’t feel like I am the other woman. Martin and I were together as husband and wife for so much longer. Longer than he and Pilar. They will sneer and whisper that I stole Pilar’s husband. Even Sheridan is disappointed in me. She can’t bear the thought that I would hurt Pilar, and I understand that.”

“I hate you Alistair! I deserve every bit of happiness that I can get in this life. Pilar… If you had only gotten on with your life… No one wants to be in love with a man who is in love with another woman…I can’t understand why she wants him so.”

Alistair chuckles in his mind, but Katherine hears it. She looks around the room surprised.

“I am starting to hear things," she thinks.

“She wants to ignore her conscience.

If she were a true Crane, she wouldn’t care about doing what she is about to do but it still bothers her.

“I am going to reclaim everything that I have lost in my life.”

Alistair thinks that Katherine is a fool. “Fine… Blame me for every little thing that has happened in your life but don’t fool yourself into thinking that what you are about to do is right. It is not!"

Katherine has to find a way to get Martin for herself.

Alistair thinks that she is trying to make herself feel good about stealing another woman’s husband. “You are a two-timing slut…”

Alistair laughs in his mind.

Katherine can swear that she hears Alistair laughing.

“You whore… “ Alistair laughs some more.

Katherine knows that there is no way that Alistair could be laughing. “You are in a coma," she says before leaving.

“See you in hell Katherine…” Alistair says.

At the house, Otto is there awaiting the arrival of Chris and Sheridan.

Otto can’t believe that after all these years he would be blowing up the house and everyone in it.

Chris and Sheridan have arrived to get Marty. He is very concerned that she will be hurt.

She tells him that no matter what; she will be going in to get her son.

They kiss.

They hear a noise.

They look over to the house.

Sheridan worries that Beth might be trying to escape. They have to get moving.

They slowly make their way to the house.

The thugs tell Otto that Chris and Sheridan are on their way to the house.

The men run to get in place.

An alarm sounds.

Chris and Sheridan hear it and know that they have been found out.

The gate around the house starts to close.

The secretary tells Ethan that he must have a strong marriage to let his wife work while he stays home with the baby. He tells that he will be going to work soon as well.

The secretary finds that funny. “And then what? She is going to give up her job to stay home?"

Gwen has a blanket over her shoulder and she apologizes for that. “I was with the baby and didn’t want her to spit up on me.”

Collier wonders if the baby will be a problem.

She assures him that her husband will be handling the baby while she works.

She is hired.

He wants her to start working today.

She will do that.

“He wants her to analyze the assets of a list of companies, make projects for 5 and 10 years…etc….”

Theresa is watching the deal close on the monitors.

She claps. Mr. Collier did such a great job; she might even give him a bonus for this.

“Shame on you Theresa…”

She turns to find her mother behind her in the doorway.

“How could you do this?"

Theresa turns back to the monitor and hears that Mr. Collier is still doling out assignments for Gwen to handle.

Ethan is waiting for Gwen with the baby.

Suddenly she comes out of the office with files and paperwork. “I got the job.”

He would like to take her to lunch but she has all this work to do.

Jane starts crying but Gwen coos at her and the baby stops crying immediately.

“How did you do that?" Ethan asks. “Nevermind. I will see you for dinner right?"

She knows that she will not make it.

Theresa watches the couple.

“Look mama! This is great!"

Pilar is angry that on this day of all days she is scheming to end a marriage.

“Ethan and Gwen have a real marriage and here you are splitting them up. You are no better than Alistair.”

Theresa hates that her mother has said that.

Pilar reminds her that power corrupts the soul.

“I don’t like this woman that I see before me.”

Theresa feels that she is only trying to get what was stolen to her.

“You can’t say a word of this to anyone mama.”

Pilar would think that Theresa couldn’t do this to another woman.

Theresa calls her a conniving bitch. “I am not blind. Ethan loves me. He tells me that. He just can’t get rid of the stone around his neck. I am just helping him get to the woman that he really loves.”

Pilar finds this shameful.

Theresa will not stop. She wants Jane and Ethan back.

Martin is at the house alone.

“Can I really go through with this?"

Arms come around him.

He turns to find her naked with him.

“We are alone Martin. There is no need to lie now. Darling make love to me. Make love to me!"

They kiss.

Otto orders the house sealed.

“I may have to blow them all to kingdom come.

Sheridan sees the gate is closing.

“We have to get in there Chris. Come on!"

They run onto the property before the gate closes.

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