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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Noah comes to Fancy with a flower.

She is sleeping now in her hospital bed.

He tells her that he is sorry for her getting upset before.

“This is all my fault. I guess that I thought that if I ignore my past, it wouldn’t affect us. I love you… And I know that you want me to tell you of my past. You know most of it already.”

“I sailed through college thinking that nothing could touch me. Maya really threw me for a loop when I first met her…”

Theresa is having a drink and getting tipsy while alone in the study.

She talks to herself in the study as she dances around the room with her big goblet of brandy..

“I hope that you die Alistair instead of come out of that coma. I have power now. My parents can have a wonderful ceremony and I can make sure that Gwen can get the job that I set up for her. When Gwen is buried in her work, Ethan will turn to me and then Little Ethan, Jane, me and Ethan can be a family.”

Gwen is still trying to figure out what to wear to work and asking for Ethan’s help.

He isn’t really interested in picking out her clothes.

She knows that he is upset that she isn’t going to be home with Jane, but she promises that later she will stay home and he can return to work.

She will be putting food on the table and Ethan appreciates that.

Gwen knows that eventually Theresa will let him out of his contract and then they can get him the job that he deserves.

Pilar is opening the door to the room where Martin and Katherine are together.

Katherine and Martin whisper so she will not hear them.

The door is starting to open.

Martin goes to it and grabs the knob.

“Don’t open it," Pilar says. “I can’t even look at you.”

Katherine sits on the bed waiting to see what will happen next.

Martin tries to open the door but Pilar pulls it closed.

She tells Martin that it is after midnight and he can’t see her.” It is bad luck!"

She is there as she has forgotten her wedding shoes.

“That is not true," she tells. “I really am here as well to hear your voice.”

Katherine makes a move to the door, but Martin holds her back. “Please don’t!"

He gets the shoes and passes them through the door.

She wants him to put his lips to the door and kiss her goodnight.

He does it but reluctantly with Katherine watching.

“I love you Martin," Pilar says.

“I love you too," he says.

She is gone now.

Theresa is in the study thinking about how it is going to be.

“Gwen will be calling saying that she can’t make it home to dinner…Ethan will get tired of waiting around for her. I tried to take Ethan from Gwen and it never worked. This way, Gwen will be giving him to me herself.”

Ethan tells Gwen that if things get really bad for them, he might have to go and work for Theresa.

He knows that his fragile male ego is bruised and that he seems unappreciative but assures Gwen that he isn’t.

They decide to make a united front for now, but he promises that one day he will return to the position of breadwinner.

They seal the deal with a kiss.

He really is lucky to have her, he says.

Noah tells Fancy about college as she lies half in and out of sleep…

“I met Maya and she was getting beat up. I stepped in. She is from Harmony you know… Her mother runs the Chinese restaurant down the street. Anyway, we got to talking and we could tell that there was a definite attraction between us. She had a secret. She hooked up with some bad people. I tried to help but I couldn’t. I wasn’t the invincible force that I thought that I was…

One night we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We saw something. We saw something…”


Noah turns to find Maya behind him. “You can’t tell her anything Noah.”

Fancy’s one unbandaged eye blinks in Maya’s direction.

Theresa just has to wait now.

She dreams of the future and how it will be. Ethan will tell her that his marriage to Gwen is falling apart.

He will complain about the job and how Gwen has no time for anything.

He will tell how he thinks that she is having an affair on him. “I hate to think it," he would say, “but I do.”

Theresa will tell him then that she tried to warn him about her.

He would see that she was right about a lot of things.

He would then declare his love for her and he would apologize.

“Would you have me Theresa?" he would ask. She would then jump into his arms.

Martin thanks Katherine for not letting Pilar know that they were alone together.

Katherine feels that Pilar needs to hear the truth.

Martin can’t hurt that woman again.

Katherine doesn't want to hurt her. She never did so intentionally.

She remembers the day when she realized that they were going to come home again.

Katherine tells Martin that he has to go to Pilar and tell her that he is going to move on.

Martin can’t stand the pain in Pilar’s eyes when she is disappointed.

Katherine offers to go with him if he wants.

She can disappear with Martin after that.

“We can go to Mexico and Pilar can find someone that will really love her.”

Martin will not do that.

He can’t break Pilar’s heart again.

Katherine feels that having the ceremony is lying to Pilar and that is hurtful as well.

“You were just about to make love to me. Was that all a lie? Are you doing this out of guilt? You will not be able to be faithful to Pilar. I will always be in your heart and you will want to be with me. You will not stay faithful to Pilar.”

Pilar comes looking for Theresa in the study.

Theresa tells her mother that she should be in bed.

Pilar says that she went to get her wedding shoes and was careful not to let Martin see her.

“Thank you Theresa for all that you have done for me.”

She sees that Theresa has been working late.

The desk is full of papers.

“This is a contract with Collier and Company," Pilar sees.

The phone rings.

“Theresa takes the call promising to have the papers in the mail that night.”

Pilar has been looking over the contract.

“What are you up to Theresa?"

She only says, ‘business’.

Pilar guesses that Theresa is paying Collier and Company off so that they will not hire Ethan.

Theresa denies that is what she is doing.

“I am actually paying Collier and Company to hire Gwen. This is the best idea that I have ever had. Gwen will be so busy with her job that she will not notice when I take back what is rightfully mine.”

Pilar tells Theresa that he can’t do this but Theresa feels she has to.

She can’t talk now.

Pilar warns her that this is wrong.

“You are breaking up a marriage. You have deluded yourself for too long. Ethan and Gwen have been together for years and you have been the outsider.”

Theresa says that Ethan never knew love though until he met her.

It is clear that the women will not agree.

Pilar finds Theresa to be doing the same thing that Katherine is doing.

Theresa doesn't see that. “She took a man from a family that had kids in the marriage, I am just taking back what is mine!"

Pilar says that she never had Ethan in the first place.

“They were lovers, but you just had him for a minute.”

Theresa doesn’t want to be like her mother was. “You cried and cried every night for papa. I am not going to be like that. I will not end up alone.”

Pilar says that if this is her wish, then she should find a man that really loves her.

Theresa won’t wait for that.

“I will take back what is mine!"

Gwen starts putting her things together for the big interview as Ethan watches.

He tells her that she seems to have everything now but the kitchen sink.

He has given her his briefcase that she can use for the job.

The case has his initials on it and that makes Gwen a little leery for the interview.

Ethan offers to get a screwdriver and remove the letters from the case.

She won’t have him do that. “You will ruin it.”

Noah and Maya talk in the hall.

They argue again about whether Fancy should know the truth or not.

Noah feels that Fancy is already in danger so telling her the truth won’t matter at this point.

Maya tells that she hasn’t been completely honest about all that she knows about this.

“Danger has followed me here," she confides.

He knows that.

She has no idea what is in store for her next but she tells that she heard from the people that did the shooting.

“I don’t know who these people are, but they want us to keep quiet. Now that we are together again, they are afraid that we are going to talk, especially to Fancy. Noah… They want us all dead.”

Noah wants to go to the police, but Maya warns again that can’t happen.

Noah sees that this isn’t going to stop with them just keeping quiet.

“My dad will protect us.”

Maya knows that these people are everywhere and can see everything. How can they be protected?

Martin is sorry, but he has to do what is right for Pilar.

Katherine worries about him and how he is willing to deny his feelings for her.

“Pilar will know that you really don’t love her if you fake it. You can’t make that sacrifice.”

Martin knows that she did it for her daughter and was successful.

Katherine admits it but that isn’t the same.

“There is no reason for you to do this. Alistair is in a coma and Sheridan knows the truth. I love you, and you love me. We are soul mates and we belong together. Stop pretending that it isn’t true. Give into your heart and give in to the passion that you feel.

Pilar hates that her daughter who was raised in the church is doing something like this.

Theresa is going to right a wrong.

Pilar knows that this is about the tabloid.

It is. Theresa is doing this because Gwen is evil and Ethan will see that she knows.

Pilar wonders if Gwen will really isolate Ethan and Jane for a job.

Theresa knows that Gwen is a working girl at heart.

Pilar wonders how Ethan is going to like Theresa working.

Theresa doesn't want to work. She wants to use the company to get her man.

“Then when I get him, I will make him the head of Crane Industries and then I can stay home and be a mommy.”

Pilar puts her foot down.

She walks to the desk, grabbing the contract for Collier and Company. “No Theresa! I will not let you break up a marriage.”

Noah is heading in to see Fancy and tell her the truth.

Maya begs him not to do this.

He won’t be stopped.

“Fancy! Are you awake?"

Noah has a closer look at her.


The rose that he laid on her has been replaced with a bullet.

Gwen is going on and on about her new job and how wonderful it is going to be.

Ethan starts wondering how this all came about.

Katherine wants Martin to put himself in Pilar’s place. “Would you want her to do this for you?"

Martin has talked enough. “I want you to go!"

She will not go.

Then he will.

He starts walking to the door.

“Why are you leaving Martin? You don’t trust me? You are afraid that you will make love to me?"

“No!" he shouts. “that is not it!"

He walks off.

She cries now. “The truth is that you love me. You still love me.”

Theresa admits that her mother is right. “Maybe I shouldn’t pay Collier and Company off to get Gwen that job. You have convinced me that I was wrong mama.”

Pilar hands over the contract.

Theresa tells her that it is late and time for her mother to go to sleep.

They hug.

Theresa walks her mother to the door and then locks it behind her.

“Mama! This is the right thing for me to do," Theresa says to herself. “I will not spend my life without passion and love.”

She starts setting up her package. “Nothing will stop me from getting rid of Gwen, and getting Ethan…”

She faxes the contract.

She sips her drink as she waits for the transmission to go through.

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