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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha is glad to get back to her big blue pot and away from that laptop.


She starts the bubbling of the pot to see what is going on with Kay and Fox.

In the bowl, Tabby sees her own image. That is not right. She can’t investigate right now…

She hears Fox and Kay coming in and she covers the big blue pot with a piece of cloth nearby.

“Oh Kay you are back! Don’t worry Maria is sleeping like a lamb.”

She tells Fox that she is sorry to hear about Fancy’s accident.

She says that there is no shame in wearing an eye patch though! “Pirates do it all the time!"

Fox heads to bed not sure why Tabitha said that.

Tabitha turns on Kay. “You are playing with fire by entertaining the idea of being with Fox."

Kay says that she will not be putting her future with Fox in jeopardy again, so there is no reason to worry.

Tabitha knows that they are doomed and how Kay mucks it up this time remains to be seen.

Gwen loves that she has had a job offer.

“I can help and you wouldn't have to work if things go good.”

He finds her getting a little ahead of herself with this.

“Don’t feel bad if you don’t get the job. Things have changed since you last worked.”

Gwen gets back to the computer to see if there is anymore word about the offer from Collier and Company.

“Finally, we will not be at Theresa’s mercy anymore.

Theresa is home now from work.

“Ethan will be furious now that Gwen will be working. It won’t be long before Ethan comes back to me now.”

Theresa hears loud voices.

She runs in the main room.

She learns that Katherine and Rachel are arguing with Pilar.

Pilar wants them out of the room so that she and Martin can arrange their wedding in private.

Theresa understands her parents stance.

Fox is in the bathroom getting ready for bed.

Kay is in the bedroom changing.

The phone rings.

It is Miguel calling to talk to Kay.

He tells that he is on the move and hasn’t had time to call Kay.

“I almost find her and then she disappears again.” He knows that he will catch up to her soon.”

Kay has heard that before.

He asks about Maria.

Kay tells that she is doing just great.

She finds that Maria looks just like her dad.

She wishes that he could see her in person. “She is amazing.”

Miguel wants to come and see Maria, but he feels that he is really close to finding Charity.

Tabitha knows that Miguel is on the telephone with Kay and she listens from the living room using the extension there.

Tabitha has been keeping Charity from Miguel all this time and no one knows it. That is the way that the powers of darkness wants it.

“Maybe Kay could convince Miguel to give up looking for Charity," Tabitha muses. That would ensure that goody-goody never returned to cause trouble in Harmony.

The boys in the basement blow fire through the basement vent when they hear that.

Gwen finds the job that she has been recruited for to be made for her.

Ethan finds it really funny that Gwen gets a call out of the blue like this for a dream job.

Gwen hears something different in his voice from before. At first he was glad for her and thought that she could do well, but now…

Ethan just finds the timing on this offer to be amazing.

Gwen can see that God really does work in mysterious ways.

Theresa tells her mother that she will be staying at the mansion tonight.

“Papa… You have to go home and not see mama until the wedding. It will be bad luck if you do.”

She starts pushing her father out of the house.

Katherine calls to Martin. “Can I speak to you?"

Pilar tells her that whatever it is, it can wait until the next day.

Pilar pushes Martin to the door.

“Tomorrow we will be married. That is all that I will be thinking about. Sweet dreams.”

She sees Martin out.

She tells herself that there is no way that she will let Katherine ruin this.”

Katherine and Rachel are walking out of the main room now.

“Not so fast ladies," Theresa says smiling.

Both Katherine and Rachel turn to face Theresa to see what she has to say to them.

Theresa tells the women to sit down. She insists!

They sit.

“Are you comfortable? I think that you should enjoy this feeling…”

Pilar is outside the room listening.

Theresa tells Katherine and Rachel that they should be careful or they will be put on the street.

“Katherine you are Julian’s mother and Rachel you are family too. You can stay here as long as you don’t get in my mother’s way. If you bother my parents, I will have you shipped out of here in matching pine boxes.”

Pilar comes into the room now.

“Tomorrow at the wedding Katherine, don’t be here.”

She and Theresa start walking from the room now.

Theresa asks Katherine and Rachel to turn off the lights when they leave. “Electricity isn’t free.”

Ethan and Gwen talk some more about how things will be if Gwen gets the job. “What about Jane?" Ethan asks.

Gwen feels like he is picking on her and looking for ways to show her that she can’t actually have this job.

Tabby watches and listens.

Miguel can’t stop what he is doing to go to Harmony.

“I am too close to finding Charity.”

Kay tells him that Theresa is Alistair’s wife now and can help him with his search but he still can’t come home now.

They end their call.

Miguel falls back on his bed and sighs.

In Harmony, Kay falls back on her bed and sighs. “Why does he keep looking for a woman who doesn’t want him?" she wonders.

Tabitha is beside herself with laughter.

“Two men, and she loves them both. What a disaster!"

Kay can‘t believe that Miguel is still chasing Charity.

“What does she have that I don’t? That whole situation is sad. What a shame. He loves someone who doesn't love him. He is a great guy and could have made someone really happy.”

Kay turns off the light and settles into bed to sleep.

Fox still isn’t in bed yet.

Ethan finds it really strange that Gwen has this dream job available, and he can’t find anything.

Gwen is holding Jane now.

Ethan really thought that he would be the one to be the breadwinner and not his wife.

Gwen knows that in time Ethan will be working in the capacity that he belongs.

Gwen loves the idea of getting dressed for work and using her education.

Being a fulltime mom is great but so is having a Martini for lunch in the middle of a difficult workday.

“This is going to be a great thing for us.”

She hands Jane over to Ethan and rushes off to find a suit to wear to her interview.

Ethan mumbles that he wishes that he were doing that.

“What did you say Ethan?"

“Nothing dear," he answers.

Katherine and Rachel discuss Theresa and how clever she was to separate Martin and Pilar for the night to get Martin away from Katherine.

Katherine might lose her chance to get the man she loves.

Rachel knows that after that ceremony, her sister will never get Martin back.

“You had better do something and you have to do it fast.”

Katherine knows that she is right.

She walks out of the room with determination.

Theresa and her mother discuss Katherine and what she wants.

Theresa tells her mother to fight fire with fire.

“You go and get some sleep mama and tomorrow you will be the most beautiful bride.”

Pilar smiles, thanking her daughter for making this day so special for her.

Pilar leaves the room.

Once alone in the study, Theresa talks to herself.

“That’s right mama. When you love someone you do whatever you can to get that person.”

She dials a number.

“This is Mrs. Alistair Crane calling… I know that it is late, but you will get Mr. Collier for me if you know what’s good for him…”

Theresa gets Mr. Collier on the phone.

She thanks the man for taking the time to see Gwen for the job.

“Once you hire her, Gwen will be a great asset.”

Collier didn’t say that he would hire the woman yet.

“It is very hard to get a job here.”

Theresa tells him to make room for Gwen. “And you will!" she threatens.

Gwen takes out her suits and asks Ethan to help her pick one.

He isn’t really interested in that.

She can see that this job offer is really bothering him.

He admits it.

“I will be here feeling inadequate as a father and as a man.”

She assures him that there is nothing inadequate about him.

“This is Theresa’s fault.”

Ethan agrees. “She is relentless. She used money and power to get me to work with her at Crane. The bride of Alistair turned on me. I can’t believe that she is doing this to us.”

Gwen is smiling. “You finally see her as I do. This new job is going to get us out from under Theresa’s thumb.”

Kay is in bed and her mind floats.

She dreams she is reading in bed.

Miguel would appear and take off his shirt getting in bed with her.

He wouldn’t be looking for Charity anymore. He would be interested in Kay and only Kay and Maria.

“I belong here with you and our daughter. Will you have me?"

She would tell how she has waited for this all along…”

Kay is sleeping now and still dreaming.


Fox hears a voice. “Kay did you say something?"

No one answers. Fox feels that he must be hearing things.

The door to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house opens.


He shakes his head, 'no'.

She walks in the house towards him.

“Don’t do this Martin. Do have the ceremony. You love me.”

He continues to shake his head as he stands before her speechless.

She puts her arms around him and kisses him passionately.

He can’t resist and he kisses her back, wrapping his arms around her as well.

Theresa tells Mr. Collier that Gwen is great for the job.

Collier wonders why Gwen can’t work at Crane.

Theresa says that she is doing Gwen a personal favor by getting her this job at Collier.

Theresa promises that if he hires Gwen, then she will see to it that Collier and Company will win every contract that they bid on.

Mr. Collier likes that.

Gwen wants Ethan to be happy for her.

“We can live very well on my salary until you get back to work.”

He is happy for her, he really is. “I am just concerned about the baby.”

Gwen says that she will work until he can.

“This is Theresa’s fault. I want you to enjoy this time with Jane. Think about it as a gift. When I stay home again, I will love it but right now one of us has to be out of the house.”

Ethan sees that Jane will have to understand that mommy will not be around anymore.

Tabitha can see Kay sleeping upstairs.

“I wonder what she is dreaming about," Tabitha wonders.

Kay is dreaming that she is in bed being smothered with kisses by… Miguel.

She begs him to stop but he will not. He can’t get enough of her.

When Fox climbs into bed with Kay, he sees that she is having a sexy dream.

She suddenly jumps up.

“That must have been some dream that you were having. You kept yelling out a name Kay…”

Martin pushes Katherine off.

“This isn’t right.”

She tells him that he is doing this because he feels obligated.

“Pilar deserves true happiness and love Martin.”

Martin feels that the time that he has left should be given to Pilar.

Katherine sees him as a loving man but knows that Pilar will not be happy like this.

He does love Pilar, but he loves her more, she knows.

“What about all those memories that we shared? Don’t deny yourself the happiness and love that we deserve.”

She kisses him again, and he falls into it.

Both of them fall to the couch.

Someone knocks.

“Martin! Are you in there?"

Martin and Katherine both sit up and look at the door.

Fox tells Kay that she called out a man’s name.

She panics now. Maybe he heard her.

He tells that he was in the shower and heard her calling out his name.

She lies saying that she was calling out his name.

Tabitha hears that Kay has lied to the love of her life.

“Watch it Kay! If Fox find that Miguel isn’t out of your system, you could lose him forever.”

Mr. Collier is on board with Theresa’s little deal.

“The money that I will be making from Crane will pay for her salary and more…”

Theresa gets off the phone.

“This is interesting and different. Having money and power can get you what you want. You can pay people off and you can intimidate them like I did to Katherine and Rachel. Getting Gwen a job will take over her life…Ethan will want a full time mother for Jane and that is where I come in…”

Gwen promises that Jane will have a fulltime mother.

“When you start working, I will stop working and stay home.”

Ethan worries that he will not be working for a while.

Pilar is on the other side of the door.

“What are you doing Martin?"

Katherine tells him to open the door. “It is time that she found out…”

“No!" Martin says.

He jumps up quickly as the door is opening.

“No Pilar!" he shouts grabbing the door before it opens.

Outside the door, Pilar sees that something is wrong. “Oh no!"

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