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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Chris and Sheridan return to their suite.

They are going to get married.

Chris worries that she isn’t over Luis. “He is still alive in your heart.”

She still loves Chris anyway, and wants to marry him.

She doesn't feel pressured at all.

There is knocking.

The two thugs arrive wondering why they have been summoned to the room.

Chris and Sheridan tell that they are getting married and they need witnesses for that event.

Rachel is asking Martin who he sees himself with at the end of his life. “Is it Katherine or Pilar?"

Martin thinks what he would really want and the idea even shocks him.

Rachel is on him still. “Who do you really want?"

Katherine is not backing down. She will fight for Martin.

Pilar will not let him go.

Pilar is hurt but Katherine never meant to hurt her.

“Pilar… You will let him go. If you love him, you will let him go.”

Pilar warns Katherine that she had better tread carefully. “You don ‘t know what I am capable of.”

Fox has come into Valerie’s office and he thinks that he heard a woman’s voice.

Valerie denies that anyone is there.

Ivy hides under the desk from Fox’s view.


Ivy makes a noise by accident under the desk.

“What is that," Fox asks.

Valerie says that she heard nothing.

Fox starts to investigate.

Ethan and Gwen are ready for bed, but first he checks the computer to see if anyone wants him for work.

There have been offers but not for the job that he has been trained for.

Gwen tells him not to take a job that is beneath him. She would rather starve.

Theresa and Kay talk about love and ways to snag a man.

Kay remembers when she was in love with Miguel and he rejected her. “It took a really long time to get over it.”

Theresa loves Ethan like that. “Everyone knows that I love Ethan but I don’t know what to do next to get him.”

Kay shakes her head. “I don’t believe it. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald is giving up!"

Theresa turns to Kay with her mouth open from shock at what Kay has said about her.

Rachel orders Martin to tell her the truth.

Martin doesn't answer.

Rachel guesses that the woman is Katherine that Martin sees himself with.

Martin says that the woman is his wife. “I have given you your answer so if you don’t mind, I have a lot of work to do.”

She is surprised that he thinks of his ceremony as work.

That is not what he meant, he says.

Martin will not deny loving Katherine. “We had many happy years, but we were on borrowed time. We were both married. I hurt a beautiful, innocent woman over this.”

Rachel sees that he is punishing himself.

He doesn't look at it that way. “But if that is what it is, then I will do it.”

He leaves the kitchen.

Rachel knows that he is lying. “That was my sister that he saw in his mind.”

Katherine tells Pilar that Martin rescued her and that was why they ended up together.

“What I am saying is that no one is to blame. It just happened. Our love grew. We were married in every sense of the word.”

Pilar sees it differently. “You were not his wife. You were his mistress. You deserve to be alone. Get used to it. Martin is going to marry me tomorrow.”

“We still love each other Pilar.”

“Forget it!" Pilar shouts. “You are never going to get him from me again!"

Martin is in the room now. “What is going on here?"

Ivy is hiding and praying that she will not be found under Valerie’s desk.

Fox is still curious about whose voice he heard in the office.

Valerie gives in. “You did hear me talking to someone Fox. I will tell you who it is.”

Theresa denies that she is giving up on Ethan when Kay thinks that she is doing just that. She will not give up that easily. She has just run out of ideas.

Chris and Sheridan explain that they are getting married because they need to protect their children and this is the way to do it.

The thugs listen to the explanation and they will help the couple out.

Sheridan tells the men the wedding will be anytime now.

They head out to the beach.

Otto was in the suite and he has heard everything that the couple has said.

“Enjoy the wedding. It won’t be much of a celebration.”

Valerie says that she was looking at taking another job and she was on the phone with a recruiter.

“I said that I wasn’t talking to anyone because I thought that you would find me disloyal.”

Fox is fine with her checking out job opportunities.

“Just be straight with me from now on okay?"

She will do that.

He gets the contact numbers that he came for and he leaves.

Valerie closes the door.

Ivy comes out of hiding from under the desk.

Ivy wants to talk more.

Valerie worries that Fox will return.

Ivy can’t leave. “Miguel is the key to breaking up Fox and Kay and we have to find him.”

Kay wonders what Theresa is going to do next to get Ethan.

She has tried everything.

She needs a new strategy now. “My old strategy doesn't work anymore.”

Kay suggests that she read some women’s magazines and get some ideas.

Theresa will not do that. “There is nothing in those things, and I know all those tricks.”

Kay flips through one now.

“Ten reasons men leave their wives… More marriages split up over money than anything else. Modern men like to bring home the bacon, and they like their women at home.”

Theresa doesn't find that helpful.

“Gwen and Ethan can’t fight about that. Neither one of them is bringing home bacon, so how can they fight about that?”

Theresa gets an idea and the biggest smile ever comes to her face!

Marvin the Marvelous arrives.

He will be taking care of the wedding details.

He goes to Katherine and tells her that he can see that she is the beautiful bride. “I can tell by the way that the groom looks at you.”

Pilar looks over at Martin’s face when she hears the wedding planner say this.

The wedding planner says that he finds Martin and Katherine a well-suited couple.

Martin interrupts saying that Pilar is his wife and the one that he will be recommitting to.

The man laughs but stops quickly when he realizes that he has made a terrible mistake.

He turns to Pilar now. “Where would you like to start?"

Pilar has no idea where to start.

The man will start with her colors and go from there.

Pilar turns to Katherine. “Will you excuse us? My husband and I have a lot to do.”

Katherine walks out of the room.

Ethan and Gwen have just made love.

She has raised his spirits and other things too.

He was getting depressed and she brought him out of it.

She wants to watch a DVD with him now.

He will get them some popcorn.

He leaves the room.

Gwen wishes that she really was as confident as appears to be. This is really stressful.

Theresa gets a call.

“Miguel? You have to speak up!"

Kay hears his name and listens to Theresa talking.

Theresa is telling him to come home.

The phone cuts out while Theresa is telling him that his parents will be disappointed if he doesn't return.

Theresa isn’t sure that he is going to make it to the wedding.

Kay would like Maria to see her father.

Fox is walking by and listens at the door.

Theresa knows that Kay would like to see Miguel as well.

Kay wouldn't mind that, but Fox is the love of her life and so she won’t be heartbroken if Miguel doesn't make it home.

Theresa thanks Kay for helping her with ideas to get Ethan away from Gwen and she goes scurrying out the door.

Fox hides just in time.

When Theresa is gone, Fox enters the office asking Fancy what the hell it is that she thinks that she is doing. “Why are you helping Theresa break up Ethan and Gwen’s marriage?"

In Hawaii, the wedding ceremony is starting.

Sheridan smiles as she walks to Chris, dressed in off-shoulder white. She wears a small lei of flowers on her head and her hair is up.

The two thugs are wearing festive Hawaiian shirts with leis around their necks. They stand behind Chris quietly.

Chris smiles as Sheridan approaches.

When she reaches him, her face changes to one that is sad.

“Wait! We can’t do this!" she shouts.

Kay denies helping Theresa break up Ethan’s marriage.

Fox tells that he heard her.

“I respect my brother’s marriage.”

Kay didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

“I am really disappointed in you. Why was Theresa thanking you for helping her try to win Ethan back?"

Kay realizes that the article that she read probably sparked something in Theresa and caused her to have new hope.

Fox hopes that Kay really didn’t mean to end that marriage.

“Can you imagine what my mother would do to you if she realized that you were helping the enemy?"

Ivy is on the computer searching for Miguel but she has no luck.

Valerie comes in.

She tells that she has news. Miguel was supposed to come home and he isn’t coming after all.

Ivy is really disappointed.

“We still have to get him here. First we have to find him. I am hell-bent on getting him with Kay.”

Valerie wants to know why all the animosity.

Ivy says that she has seen one son’s life destroyed already.

“I will not let that happen to Fox with Kay Bennett.”

Theresa is in her office and she grabs a phone number.

She heads to the phone and dials.

“This is Theresa Crane. I need you to find me a job for someone that she can’t refuse and I need it now!"

Ethan and Gwen sit in bed eating popcorn and watching the DVD.

The computer makes the telling noise that says that there is a message.

Ethan checks the computer.

“It is for you.”

She comes to see the message.

She smiles.

“It is from a headhunter and they have a position open for someone with my skills. I didn’t put out a resume. They must have an old one and reviewed it.”

Sheridan can’t have this wedding.

“I don’t have anything borrowed and that is bad luck," she shouts.

Chris goes to one of the attendants at the wedding and he takes her necklace off.

He puts it around Sheridan’s neck now.’

They continue the wedding.

The ‘I do’s’ are said and both have their rings put on.

“By the powers vested by me in this state… I now pronounce you man and wife…”

“You may kiss your bride.”

Everyone claps as Sheridan and Chris kiss.

Everyone on the beach toasts the happy couple.

The minister has never seen such a happy couple before.

Sheridan confirms that they are in fact very happy.

Chris drags her off. “We have a big day tomorrow.”

Chris and Sheridan leave.

The thugs stay behind.

“Too bad about tomorrow.”

“They really do look like a happy couple.”

Katherine and Rachel talk about the wedding the next day.

Rachel tells her to stop the wedding.

Theresa waits. “Gwen is going to fall right into my web.”

Ethan is back in bed.

Gwen sits at the computer now.

“Can you believe that Collier and Company wants me? I didn’t consider going back to work but now… I don’t know. It is very flattering and you know that we need the money.”

Ethan reminds her that this company is local and they were going to move.

Gwen finds this to be a godsend. “This is big and we need a paycheck.”

She will take that interview.

“This could be the answer to our prayers Ethan…”

Chris and Sheridan are back in their suite.

She can’t believe that they are really married.

Chris can’t wait to tell James about the wedding.

Sheridan can’ t wait to tell Marty.

“By this time tomorrow, I will have everything that I have been waiting for. I will have a loving husband and my little boy.”

Otto is out on the patio and he looks in at the newlyweds who are in the room kissing.

The wedding planner is gone now.

Martin and Pilar laugh at the way that he acted over the wedding.

Pilar can’t believe that this is really going to happen.

She hopes that he really doesn't mind that they are doing this ceremony at the mansion.

He will be fine.

She will mark the next day as their new beginning.

Katherine and Rachel enter the room and see Martin and Pilar hugging.

Ivy will bring Miguel back to town if she has to crawl to him and drag him back.

“He will be the instrument of Fox and Kay’s breakup. You’ll see.”

Kay worries now.

“What if Ivy thinks that I set out to ruin Ethan’s marriage anyway? I screw up everything.”

Fox disagrees. “You haven’t screwed us up Kay.”

Gwen is thrilled.

“Ethan are you going to have a problem with me going to work?"

Ethan says that he is fine with the interview and warns her not to get her hopes up.

“I will bring in some money for us and it won’t even matter if you get work or not.”

Theresa gets the call that she has been waiting for.

“Mrs. Crane, Gwen has an interview with Collier and Company…”

Theresa is thrilled.

She looks at Ethan’s picture.

“Soon Ethan! Very soon!"

Chris and Sheridan make love.

Otto watches them from the patio.

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