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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Fox and Kay are in bed dreaming of a life together and how it is going to be when they are finally married.

He can’t wait to tie the knot.

She is sorry that she is making him wait for the planets to line up properly, but once that happens, nothing will stop her from becoming his wife. Absolutely nothing.

Ivy is fuming.

Valerie is scared as she watches the woman pace back and forth in anticipation of ending Kay’s relationship.

She wants to get Miguel back to town so that Kay will get confused and not marry Fox.

Katherine and Rachel discuss Martin.

Rachel wants her sister to fight for her happiness.

Katherine can’t stop thinking about Pilar and what she will be losing in all this.

Theresa is with her parents offering to have the renewal of vows for them at the mansion.

Martin will not have that association with the Cranes.

Tabitha is in the kitchen knowing that Chris and Sheridan are searching for Marty this very moment. She knows that the search will not give them what they think.

Chris and Sheridan are with the two thugs looking for Marty.

Chris and Sheridan think that they are going to finally get Marty and be able to head home with him. They hug in anticipation.

Martin hates Alistair and all that he represents.

Theresa understands what he is saying, but she thinks that is the very reason why they should have the ceremony there.

“From this day forward this house will be full of joy and love, and we can celebrate with your renewal of vows to mama! I always knew that mama wanted to have a big wedding and that you all couldn’t afford it.”

Pilar tells her daughter to stop talking like this.

Martin had no idea that Pilar wanted a big wedding.

Theresa can provide that for her parents now.

Pilar knows that Martin hates Alistair, but she thinks that recommitting in the house at this time is fitting in some way.

Theresa loves the idea. She would like to focus on this instead of Ethan right now. Her mother wants to know how things are going with Ethan, but Theresa doesn't delve into that.

Valerie and Ivy are arguing.

Ivy is angry that Valerie hasn’t gotten this Miguel idea under control.

“Kay had such a thing for Miguel and it is almost a sure way to get Kay’s focus off Fox.”

Valerie has been checking and it seems that Miguel is probably going to be in town soon.

They have no idea how Miguel will be arriving.

Ivy tells Valerie to check car registrations to see where Miguel is.

Valerie says that is a silly idea that could take a long time.

Ivy has to agree.

She would like to make Kay frustrated somehow tonight anyway.

She orders Valerie to send Fox a text message telling that he has to get to work right away.

Valerie does as she is told.

Fox is kissing Kay when the phone rings.

He has to answer it.

Kay begs him not to.

He reads the message and sees that he has to go in right away.

Kay is pouting now.

Fox has to work hard for his future family, he reminds her.

Kay damns his job, but only deep in her mind where he can’t hear her.

Fox rushes out so fast that he even forgets to kiss Kay.

Chris and Sheridan are in the jungle near where Marty is supposed to be housed.

They need a plan.

The house is right before them.

They have to see where the security around the house is before making a move.

Some guards are seen patrolling the grounds.

The guards talk about moving the guests of the house.

They have had an order.

Chris and Sheridan hear the men talking.

“We have arrived just in time to get Marty. They were going to move him. I am finally going to get my son!"

Theresa begs her father to give her mother the wedding of her dreams.

Martin finally gives in.

Pilar thanks him.

“You know Martin… We started our marriage on this estate, so it is fitting to do this here…now.”

The phone rings.

Theresa gets a call. She will deal with it later though. Her parents are very impressed by the way that Theresa handles everything so confidently. “It was only the Singapore office. I will talk with them later.”

She makes a call and orders the limo out front.

She tells her mother that she is to order whatever she wants for the wedding.

Pilar asks about Ethan now.

Theresa can’t talk about that now. She has to go but tells her mother to have fun shopping.

She runs out of the house.

Pilar wonders if the reason that Martin didn’t want to have the ceremony there was because of Alistair or because of…

Footsteps are heard behind them.

Martin and Pilar turn to find Katherine and Rachel coming into the room.

Fox arrives for work.

Ivy hides while Valerie talks to him.

He heads out of the office for a moment.

Ivy is happy that they heard him coming.

There is no way that Ivy would be able to explain why she is with Valerie in the middle of the night.

Ivy and Valerie discuss trying to find Miguel. Valerie will hit the Internet and continue searching.

Kay comes downstairs and Tabitha is there.

Kay is going to work to be with Fox she decides. She has gotten dressed and is ready to go.

Tabitha says that it is evident that the spell to make Fox successful is obviously still working, as he runs out of the house at a moment’s notice.

Kay sees the laptop on the counter.

It has a picture of Hawaii on the monitor.

“What are you doing?"

Tabitha tells that Chris and Sheridan are in Hawaii and they are in for a bit of a shock.

Chris and Sheridan are still hiding in the rich foliage of Hawaii.

Tabitha and Kay look at the same screen but see different things.

Tabitha thinks that the monitor is blank at times but Kay tells her that she is wrong. “It is fine!"

Tabitha chalks this up to finally getting old.

Kay wonders how old she is anyway.

Tabitha will not answer.

Kay thinks that Tabitha is over 300 years old, but she also remembers Tabitha saying that she was around in the Ice Age and that was 10 thousand year ago.

Tabitha worries about her health as her powers are fading fast.

Kay suggests that she have some minerals and vitamins. Maybe some sulfur.

Kay gets going now.

Tabitha is alone but can’t see anything on the monitor. “How am I going to find out what happens to Sheridan and Chris?"

Chris and Sheridan and their new thuggish friends are still hiding and trying to be quiet.

Sheridan steps on a twig and it snaps.

The guards hear it.

They start moving over to where Chris and Sheridan are hiding with the others.

“Oh no!" Sheridan whispers. “I will never get Marty back!"

Katherine and Rachel are curious as to what Martin and Pilar are doing there. Pilar tells that she and Martin will be renewing their vows in the mansion.

Pilar would like to talk to Katherine alone if possible.

Rachel and Martin walk to the kitchen.

Pilar tells Katherine that she doesn't want to see her at the wedding. “Also… stay the hell away from my husband.”

Kay arrives at the office and tells Fox about Fancy and her eye.

Fox is torn. “I have to get to the hospital. Kay can you stay here for a while?"

Kay tells that there is nothing that they can do at the hospital anyway.

She has come to the office to help with some work for Fancy if she needs it. Fox tells that Fancy has a scheduler on her desk that Kay can look at to see what needs to be done.

Kay will go and get some things from Fancy’s office.

Theresa enters the office. “Hey! Hey! Hey!"

“Kay did I hear you talk about helping in the office? Fox I need to talk to Kay alone for a moment.” The ladies head into the hallway.

Tabitha mixes up a concoction and drinks it.

She looks over at the monitor and sees that she can see a little better now.

Chris and Sheridan are still hiding but are about to be found by the guards who have heard the twig break.

The guards are about to find the culprits…

Otto comes out asking the men what they are doing. They tell that they heard something in the bushes.

“Come inside. I need your help! Now!"

The men scurry off.

Chris and Sheridan come out of hiding with the mobsters.

Sheridan thanks the thugs for helping them.

The men walk off.

Sheridan turns to Chris now.

His face is very sad.

“Chris! What is wrong?"

He tells her that he is sorry but he can’t help her get Marty back.

Rachel asks Martin about the ceremony and if he really wants to do it.

Martin wants to help to heal the hurt that he caused Pilar many years ago.

Martin loves Pilar, but Rachel senses that Martin loves Katherine more.

She wants to play a game.

She makes him sit.

The game is a way to predict the future by picturing yourself in it.

“Close your eyes… Imagine yourself in your golden years looking back at your life. You are at peace… satisfied with your life. There is someone else there with you. You reach over and take her hand… “

Martin can actually picture it…

“…Who is she Martin? Who is the woman that you are sharing your life with in your mind.”

Katherine refuses to stay away from Martin wen Pilar orders her to. “I love him.”

Kay thinks that Theresa is going to stop her from helping with Fancy’s work, but Theresa wanted to talk about Maria for a minute.

“My brother is her father and I wanted you to know that now at Crane Industries, you will always have a job so that you can provide for Maria here.”

Kay thanks her for that but knows that Fox will take care of her and Maria one day.

Theresa will still make things happen for her if she needs it.

“I think that family should help each other. That is why I don’t understand Miguel taking off to follow Charity around. He should be here with his daughter and not off with someone that doesn't want to be with him.”

Kay looks as if she is about to say something but she doesn't.

Theresa pushes her.

Kay says that she can’t understand Theresa being down on Miguel chasing Charity when she does the same thing with Ethan.

Theresa’s mouth drops. She is suddenly quiet.

Chris has just had a thought. “What would happen if something happened to me? Who would look after James? Your father would prevent you from having James and he would probably be sent to Maureen’s family. I am sorry Sheridan but I can’t help you to find Marty.”

Valerie can’t find anything to do with Miguel anywhere on the net.

Ivy orders her to keep trying.

Valerie has been finding things out about Miguel and Charity that really freak her out as she searches the net.

“Did Charity really have a zombie double?"

Ivy confirms that.

Ivy recounts some of the weird events that have taken place around Harmony when Charity was living there. In fact, there hasn’t been a lot of that spooky stuff since she left.

Valerie finds something. “It is an address. It looks like Miguel was doing some yard work for a while.”

Fox is at work looking for reports.

He can’t find them anywhere.

He goes to check Valerie’s office.

Ivy is with Valerie going on about finding Miguel.

They hear footsteps.

“Valerie! Are you in there?"

Ivy panics. “It is Fox!"

He opens the door and looks in.

“Oh my God," he says.

Kay points out the similarities that Theresa has with Miguel.

She also understands why Ethan runs from her. She is too overbearing and always digging her heels in.

“Well, what should I do?" Theresa asks.

Kay says that Ethan is a victim too. He married the wrong person, and he needs to be left alone to come back to Theresa on his own.”

Theresa smiles.

Theresa sees Sheridan hoping for Marty to come back to her but all she is going to do is suffer over this.

Sheridan isn’t angry with Chris for not helping her.

She has to go and get her son…even on her own.

She hopes that he will watch Marty for her if anything happens to her.

Chris knows that just wishing Marty on him will not keep him there.

“We should have taken care of this before…”

Chris suggests that they get married.

“This will be the legal way to have both their children cared for. Being parents of both children through marriage will protect both boys should anything happen to either of them.

“Will you do it Sheridan? Will you marry me?"

She smiles.

Rachel pushes Martin. “Who is the woman who has your heart in your mind?"

Slowly, Martin is about to see the face of the woman that he really loves.

He jerks himself forward. “Oh my God.”

Rachel leans forward. “Who is she? Who is she in your dream.”

Katherine stands firm. “I will not stay away from Martin. I WILL NOT!"

Fox tells Valerie that he heard a woman’s voice. “Who was it?"

Ivy is hiding under the desk.

Valerie tells that no one is in the office.

Fox knows that he is not crazy. “Tell me! Who was it that you were talking to?"

Theresa listens as Kay tells her how to change a little bit to get Ethan to see that he needs to come back to her.

Sheridan agrees to marry Chris. “Yes! I will marry you!"

They hug.

Tabitha watches the couple using her monitor. She shakes her head.

“Too bad Sheridan! This isn’t going to be wedded bliss…”

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