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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chris and Sheridan are in bed making love by candlelight in Hawaii.

Maya is in the waiting area alone.

She hopes that Noah will keep his mouth shut or they will all be in danger.

Fancy wants the truth about Maya.

Noah wants her to trust him but she has waited long enough.

He sees that she has been very patient, but now really isn’t the time. He wants her to get better first.

She can’t wait any longer. She can’t stop thinking about Noah’s secret.

“If you love me the way that you say that you do, put me out of my misery. Trust me and be honest with me.”

Tabitha is on the laptop and she just can’t seem to figure it out.

She decides magic is needed.


“You got mail," the computer says in a grouchy voice.

She presses a key.

She sees Alistair’s hospital room.

Julian and Liz are there. “Well what have we here?" Tabitha wonders.

Liz is telling Julian how she was the one that tried to kill him as well as his father.

“I wanted to see you both six fee under…I still have high hopes for Alistair, but you survived.” Julian is shocked by what he hears. “Is it so hard for you to comprehend my level of hatred for you Julian?"

Julian feels that enough time has past for her to forgive now. He has apologized to her repeatedly.

“Are you going to live a lifetime of bitterness Liz?"

She is going to do just that.

Julian asks what she has against Alistair.

She thinks that is a funny question.

“Do you want to know the truth about me and Alistair? You didn’t rape me! I lied. You were riddled with guilt and so you believed anything that I told you. You didn’t remember it, you pictured it. You were easy to convince. I can’t believe that you bought it. You were not a pig at heart… Not like dear old dad. It was you father who raped me Julian! Not you!"

Maya is outside of Fancy’s room.

“I have to stop him from telling her the truth.”

Noah tells Fancy that she has to trust him and get over the fact that he can’t tell her the secret.

She knows that the big secret didn’t stay buried like they thought it should as Fancy is sure that is why Maya got hurt.

Sheridan feels perfect, secure and loved.

Chris tells that he was surprised when Sheridan didn’t accept his ring at first.

She was just surprised about the proposal and it made her think of Antonio and Luis.

“My father had me thinking that I couldn’t ever be loved.”

Chris will not leave her. He promises.

“I will not let your father come between us. Do you believe me?"

She does.

That is all that he needs to hear.

He and she and their two kids will be together soon and her father will not be able to pull them apart.

Tabitha watches the monitor on the laptop as the pain and misery unleashes itself with Liz’s every word.

The boys in the basement growl. They are unhappy that Julian is hearing the truth and realizing that he isn’t the person that he thought.

Tabitha tells .the boys in the basement to relax. “Don’t worry. Don’t forget about the spell that was put on the Cranes all those centuries ago. There is more misery to come.”

Liz tells everything.

“We met at the jazz club, you and I. You came on to me and you were a real mess. I wanted to talk about my sister with you and you took me home to your place, but you never laid a finger on me. You passed out drunk on the floor in your own vomit.”

“I wanted to kill Alistair but I couldn’t get to him. When I saw you after all these years, I wanted to punish you for everything. You were a convenient outlet. It was your father that I wanted dead, and it is still your father that I want dead.”

Liz tells how Alistair showed up and was very angry.

Julian tells that Alistair was mad that Julian used his money on wine, black women and song. “That sent him over the edge.”

Liz remembers the past now.

She was young back then.

Alistair was banging on the door after Julian passed out.

Liz let Alistair in.

He thought that she was the maid.

She set him straight.

Alistair ordered her to go and find his son.

He then saw Julian laying on the floor, passed out.

“Boy can’t even hold his liquor…” Alistair noted.

Liz wanted to leave but Alistair stopped her.

“You look like that black slut in my surveillance pictures.”

Liz told him that she was a decent Christian girl and not a slut.

She tried to leave but he held her there…

Fancy demands that Noah be honest.

He can’t. “Maya was already viciously attacked over this. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt over this.”

Fancy says that for that reason he has to tell the truth to her.

She thinks that her injuries could have been because of this secret.

Noah assures her that this has nothing to do with her accident.

Maya gets a call in the waiting area.

“You were supposed to get in touch with me Maya!" the female voice reprimands.

Maya says that she was busy.

“That is unacceptable Maya!"

Maya told the voice before that she was through with this plan and wasn’t going to go through with it.

“That is not an option,” the female voice informs.

“You will proceed as planned or everything that you value and know in your life will be affected.”

Maya tells the voice that an attempt was made on Noah and his girlfriend. “The girlfriend is okay but might lose her eye.”

The voice tells Maya that she knew the risks from the beginning. “If you had acted quickly, this wouldn’t’ have happened.”

Fancy finds this secret to be a huge deal. “Someone tried to kill Maya! Tell me the truth before someone else gets hurt!"

Chris and Sheridan are out and about on the beach.

They decide to go swimming but first he needs to kiss her again.

Tabitha watches the monitor.

“I knew that Liz was mean as a rattle snake but never knew why… Anyone would be mean if they had lived through what she did.”

Julian apologizes to Liz for what his father did.

She fought and screamed and cried but Julian wouldn’t wake up.

“I tried to get out but he wouldn't let me go.”

She begged to be let go. “I am a good girl and don’t belong here.”

Alistair taunted her telling her that she is a good colored girl all right.

He learned her name was Liz and he told her who he was.

“I don’t have anything that you want, so let me go!"

He pulled her close then, but she slapped him hard.

He laughed and then backhanded her hard in the face.

She fell on her back and he climbed on top of her. “No daddy no!"

“I can be your daddy," he promised.

She threatened to tell but he didn’t care.

She started calling him ‘daddy’… she was reliving something.

It only turned Alistair on more.

“Ooh… A good little black girl who calls me ‘daddy’! You are turning me on!"

She screamed but there was no one to help her.

Tabitha sees Liz in a whole new light. “If anyone needs to seek justice, it is her.”

Julian is thinking about all that Liz is telling him.

Liz says that while she was being raped, she had a flashback to the rapes she lived through because of her father doing it to her.

When Alistair was finished, he zipped up and told her to tell his son that his father dropped by.

Then he laughed and was gone.

Liz couldn’t move, and Julian was still passed out nearby.

Julian understands her now.

Liz can’t rest until the man is dead.

She runs to the plug again to pull it out but Julian stops her.

Tabitha is angry. He should have let her pull the plug.

The picture on the monitor changes to Chris and Sheridan frolicking on the beach.

“What are they so damn happy about?" Tabitha wonders.

Chris and Sheridan are finished swimming and he takes her hand, leading her to a bonfire.

It is warm there.

He set this all up for her.

He waves his hand, and Hawaiian dancers walk out in single file before the couple.

They then start dancing for the pair.

Fancy is getting angry now.

“Get out! I don’t want you here if you will not tell me everything.”

Noah will not leave and so Fancy tries to leave.

She reaches for the bandage to take it off and get dressed.

“No!" Noah shouts at her. “You can’t take the bandage off your eye!"

She fights him now. She wants it off.

“Nurse!" Noah calls out. “I need some help!"

Noah holds Fancy’s hands to keep her from ripping her bandage off.

She keeps fighting him though.

Noah tells that she has to be still as she has glass in her eye.

She panics. “I am going blind?”

The doctor arrives and Fancy still struggles.

The doctor tells that she has to keep the bandage on.

“If you don’t calm down then I will have to give you a sedative.”

She will not be still.

The doctor calls for a sedative.

Fancy doesn't want it but she has no choice.

Fancy calls to Noah to get her mother and father.

Chris and Sheridan kiss by the fire as the dancers entertain.

When the dance is over, the dancers bow, and they clap for Chris and Sheridan.

Chris and Sheridan sit by the fire now.

He has turned her bad day around.

“Maybe tomorrow we can find Marty.”

The two hoods that beat up Chris appear from out of the foliage nearby.

Chris explains who they are, wondering if they have news about Marty, or if they want to beat him up again.

Liz is fighting to pull the plug but Julian will not let her.

Julian knows that Alistair is the devil on earth but this isn’t the way for her to handle this.

“Leave him the way that he is. He is as weak and impotent as a newborn baby.”

Liz is afraid that Alistair will recover. If he does then he will be as mean as he always was.

Julian tells Liz that she should think about herself is the way to handle this. “What do you want in your life Liz? Don’t allow him to make you this way. You are still young and you should be able to find love again. You should be able to try it.”

Julian really doesn't want to see her rob herself for the rest of her life. “He will get the satisfaction.”

Liz sees his points. “Fine! Let him shrivel up and die in his useless, pathetic body.”

She runs out.

Julian goes over to his father’s body. “I stopped Liz from killing you but I could do it myself. You created someone as vengeful and cruel as yourself. You are a despicable excuse for a human being. Liz was right. You don’t deserve to live.”

Julian leans by the bed.

Alistair thinks to himself. “You pathetic excuse for a son. You don’t have what it takes to pull the plug.”

Julian snaps to a standing position. “Did you say something?"

Noah makes the call as Fancy has asked him to.

He finds Maya behind him.

He tells that Fancy is scared and confused and trying to tear off her eyepatch.

Maya can see that this is very hard for him.

Noah will never forgive himself if she loses that eye.

Maya sees that he is protecting her.

“Things could be worse Noah.”

Julian feels that he imagined hearing his father talking.

“He can’t talk. He had a stroke and is probably brain-dead. Father you have cursed this family and town for the last time. You hurt innocent people. My mother, Rachel, me, Eve… never again. Soon you will be dead and buried and we will be free of you. In time we will erase the memories.”

Alistair thinks that will never happen.

Julian will be able to spend time with the woman that he loves.

Julian realizes that he and his father have never shared any love at all.

“Your grandchildren will be able to live lives of peace and joy.”

Alistair thinks aloud that Fox and Kay; Noah and Fancy will never really truly be happy.

Julian was going to kill his father but he isn’t worth it and he isn’t worth going to jail for either.

Julian heads to the door, looking back just once at Alistair before leaving.

Alistair thinks although he can’t move.

“I knew that you couldn’t pull the plug Julian. I am far from incapacitated. You and the rest have no idea what I still have in store for you.”

The thugs have news for Chris.

Chris and Sheridan wait for more news.

“We can take you to the kid if you want.”

Sheridan sees that Chris really did it. “I am getting my son back tonight.”

The picture on Tabitha’s monitor changes.

She sees Otto at the house in Hawaii.

Something more occurs.

“Heavens to Betsy!"

Chris and Sheridan are hugging. Sheridan really thinks that she is going to get that child back.

“When will she ever learn?"

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