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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan rushes to Theresa.

Luckily she is fine.

She wishes that she were dead.

He wants her to give this up.

She can’t let him go. She leans on his car facing him. “If you go, I am afraid that I will not see you again.”

Eve is on Ivy because she is happy about what she is getting after all the conniving that she has done.

Eve knows that the dreams that Ivy thinks that she is going to see come true are going to be nightmares.

Ivy thinks that Eve wants something from her but Eve wants nothing.

“I will not be pushed around by you or Kay about Sam’s marriage breaking up!"

Eve wonders what Kay has to do with this.

Ivy tells that Kay knows all about this and let it happen.

“Kay is bad Eve, and that is why I don’t want her anywhere near my son.”

Eve thinks that the chance that Kay will come clean instead of keeping this secret is very apparent. “I am sure that she will tell Fox," Eve says.

Fox has gotten into a conflict with Mother Goose.

She doesn't know who he is and when he enters the house, she holds him down with her staff.

Kay explains that Mother Goose is their sitter for the night and makes the feathered friend unleash him.

Fox is really concerned that Kay has a lunatic watching her child.

Mother Goose threatens to break his crown for saying that.

Tabitha calms the old bird down by explaining who he is. “No wonder," Mother Goose says smiling. “He is a Crane! No wonder he has no idea who I am…”

Tabitha whispers to Fox that Mother Goose is from an agency and thinks that she is really Mother Goose.

Fox calms down.

Kay sends him out of the room for a moment.

“Why me?" she asks after Fox is gone. “I just wanted to have a pleasant evening.”

Mother Goose tells Tabitha that the children never got up the whole night and she is surprised knowing what a brat Endora can be.

“I know what your child is like to watch and I am surprised.”

Tabitha tells the woman that her babysitting is over and she can go now.


Mother Goose is gone.

Fox returns surprised that the babysitting goose has flown the coop, and is gone so fast. Tabitha says that she has been gone for a long time now.

Kay turns to him. “I have some plans for you tonight," she promises kissing Fox lips. Tabitha rolls her eyes wondering what can go wrong next in this scenario.

Julian and Liz are together in Alistair’s room.

He learns that she was planning on killing him.

They hear Sam outside the room.

Sam is talking to a nurse about Alistair.

He enters the room and sees Julian there alone.

“Do you have any idea who wants Alistair dead?" Sam asks.

Liz is hiding again and she listens to see what Julian will say.

Theresa is trying to get Ethan to agree to let her be his mistress.

He just can’t do it.

She can’t be without him.

He tells her that they haven’t managed to get together all these years and that to him that means that they are not meant to be together.

“Enough of this! I can’t take it in my head anymore. Let go of this dream. Just let it go!"

He gets in his car.

She stands before it in a feeble attempt to keep him there.


She moves from in front of his car.

She watches as he drives off.

“I will never let you go Ethan…”

Gwen is at the hospital learning what exactly has happened to Fancy, and how the others are dealing with it.

Noah fills her in.

She learns that unfortunately Alistair isn't dead yet.

She really hates that he threatened everyone on New Years Eve.

Noah wonders if he really knew anything that could threaten anyone’s life.

Gwen thinks back to Alistair promising to ruin her life with the tabloid secret.

She tells Noah that sometimes a person needs to keep a secret to keep things in their lives the way that they should be.

Theresa is driving in her car, and she remembers her times with Ethan…

…Loving him

…Making love with him

…Crying when seeing him with Gwen

…Being with he and Jane

She bends to turn down the music as it is making her sad.

She slowly goes into the next lane and has to swerve back quickly to get her car back on track.

She is crying.

Ethan sees the car out of control.

“Oh no! That is Theresa! She had better slow down or she will go over that cliff!" Ethan sees.

Eve knows that Kay isn’t the type of girl that would keep a secret like Ivy has been keeping.

Ivy feels that Kay has to keep the secret or she will be trouble as well.

Eve’s pager goes off.

“I have to go Ivy, but keep in mind what I said.”

She leaves.

Ivy doesn’t care what Eve says. “I will stop that marriage.”

Tabitha hears Kay giggling in her room.

Tabitha hates this. Young girls having sex in the house like this wouldn’t happen in her day.

Tabitha hears another kind of giggling now.

“Endora’s awake…”

Tabitha sees a beam of light come down the stairs.

Endora’s at it again. It is going to be a long night.

Fox and Kay are kissing on her bed.

They see the beam of light enter their room and rise to the ceiling.

They look up and the ceiling seems to have turned into a sunroof, exposing the stars in the sky. It is perfectly magical. “Where did it come from?"

Kay says that she bought the thing online.

Fox says that it is magic.

“What?" Kay asks scared that he is figuring out the truth about her life in this house.

The stars shine and twinkle on them from above.

“What I mean Kay is that making love to you under the stars like this is magic…”

Sam asks Julian again if he has any idea who would want Alistair dead.

Julian says that he has no idea who that person could be.

Julian was like his father, he tells, hated by everyone, but Eve has changed him and he is so grateful.

Sam knows that Eve is a great influence on anyone that she touches.

He leaves to go home now.

Julian goes to Liz in her hiding place.

“You are going to tell me what is going on and you will tell me now!"

Noah is alone in Fancy’s room wondering if he should tell Fancy the truth or keep her in the dark about the shooting he witnessed so long ago.


He turns to Fancy. She has just gotten up.

Her room is full of flowers.

He got them for her for Valentine's Day. “I wanted to show you how much I love you.”

She loves them but can’t see them very well. “Do I have hair in my eyes?"

She puts her hand on her face and feels the bandage.

“Oh!" She jumps up in horror at the bandage on her face.

Theresa is still driving along and feeling sad.

She sees something up ahead. “What is that?" she wonders slowing down.

It is Ethan! He has stopped his car in her path.

She jumps out of the car and runs to him.

“I knew that you would change your mind. You couldn’t leave me!" she shouts.

Ethan sets her straight. She was in danger and he was only helping her out.

“Good luck and goodbye Theresa!"

He walks off.

Julian and Liz are still in Alistair’s room talking when they hear voices outside.

Liz hides again.

Eve enters the room.

Julian seems a little nervous.

She knows when he is keeping something from her, but he gives up nothing and pretends that his nervousness has to do with his father’s situation.

She offers to go and get some coffee.

Once she is gone, Liz comes out of hiding.

“My my my… You do surprise me. Sam comes in and you don’t turn me in… Then my sister Eve comes in and you lie to her for me. Why? Why didn’t you sell me down the river?"

Fox and Kay have just finished making love.

They look at the ceiling where the stars are shining down at them.

It looks like the ceiling is open but it isn’t.

Tabitha knows that Endora is up to tricks again.

An animated torpedo zaps by Tabitha, after she hears childish giggling.

It makes her drop the linens that she has in her hands.

The torpedo zaps through the keyhole and makes fireworks up where the stars are showing in the ceiling.

Kay jokes… “And all this for only $49.99”.

Ethan meets Gwen at the restaurant for dinner.

He tells her that Theresa tried to make him work for her but he refused.

“I can’t work for anyone now. I would like to forget about Theresa tonight and just think about us. We will have a romantic dinner and dance a little bit. We don’t have a lot of money but I know that we can get through this together.”

They kiss.

Theresa is on her cellphone walking into the Seascape.

She will be dining alone tonight.

She goes into the main dining room and sees the man that she loves kissing Gwen.

Ivy is on the phone asking Valerie for her help again.

“I need you to find someone. Someone that can drive a nail in Kay’s coffin. Find Miguel. If you can do that… That will be the end of Fox and Kay as we know it.”

“What about Kay?"

Ivy turns to the stairs in her house and sees Sam standing there on his way down.

He has heard her last statement.

Ivy smiles sweetly at him.

Ivy hangs up the phone.

Sam demands to know what Ivy was talking about.

She tells that she was planning to give Kay a pre-engagement gift.

Sam finds that thoughtful.

“We are so lucky that we are getting married and our children are getting engaged. I never thought that I was going to be happy again, but I am because of you. If Kay and Fox have what we have, they will be happy for the rest of their lives.”

Fox and Kay lay on the bed watching the fireworks.

Fox knows that she must have paid more than $49.99 for that light show.

She says that she did this as she loves him so much.

Tabitha is eavesdropping at the door. She knows that this can only mean trouble.

Liz taunts Julian for lying.

He only wants to know what she is doing there.

“It was me Julian! I pulled the plug on that predator. I knifed him… Tried to smother him and I poisoned his cigar…”

Julian finds this impossible.

“You and Alistair both have the devil’s luck. If I had my way, you would be six feet under.”

Fancy is crying on Noah’s shoulder.

She thanks him for the flowers.

He waned to have her see something nice when she woke up.

“I love you Noah… but I still need to know what you were going to tell me about Maya. Tell me the truth. All of it.”

Ethan and Gwen are dancing at the Seascape.

He tells her to trust him that he will make things work out.

She will do that.

They hug and Gwen sees Theresa over his shoulder.

Gwen asks him to hold her tightly.

He does that.

They kiss.

Theresa watches as Gwen glares at her.

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