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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan tells Chris over dinner, that she has been thinking about his proposal of marriage. “I am ready to give you an answer," she says.

Ari the astrologist tells Fox and Kay that now is the time for them to get engaged.

Fox wants to get engaged that very night since it is clear that things are perfect.

Tabitha is watching from the big blue pot and she is furious that the fake has fooled them in.

The boys in the basement are upset that she wants to stop Kay from ruining her relationship for good.

She knows that Endora is going to be furious with her if she lets Kay lose Fox when there was a chance that they could be happy, and Tabitha didn’t help them. Tabitha really doesn't like to disappoint her.

“But how can I stop this?"

Eve, Julian, Ivy and Sam are in Alistair’s room. They have discovered that someone has pulled the plug on Alistair and that was why he kept crashing and going into ‘critical’ status.

“Who is trying to do this?"

Liz is hiding in the room behind some equipment and she listens quietly as the group try to unravel the mystery.

Theresa is begging that Ethan let her be his mistress.

Ethan feels this is wrong but she will not let him be.

“Please Ethan… Let it be," she begs.

Ari is sure that this is the perfect time to get engaged. “You will be guaranteed a life time of love. The planets never lie.”

Fox knows that this has to be right as the woman is a professional astrologist.

Kay isn’t sure, but after some coaxing she agrees to get engaged.

Tabitha can see that amnesia runs in the family as Kay has forgotten that she will be ruining everything forever if she goes through with this.

Tabitha feels that she has to head over to the Seascape to stop this.

“I need a babysitter…”


A creature appears.

“Oh no! You are the mother of that brat," the woman spits. She is suddenly afraid. Endora did unspeakable things to her the last time that she was over.

It is Mother Goose.

Tabitha tells her that she is one to talk about Endora being a brat, as her books are filled with situations that are not appropriate for children. “Rub-a-dub-dub! Three men in a tub! Really!" Tabby says.


Tabby changes into eveningwear.

Even Mother Goose likes the outfit. “You look good girlfriend…”


Tabby is gone!

Mother Goose finds that Tabby has some nerve conjuring her up like this.

“I heard that," Tabitha’s voice booms, out of the air…”

The group in Alistair’s room is trying to figure out what happened him and who is responsible.

Liz calmly listens.

A nurse is questioned but she has seen nothing.

Sam says that a guard will have to be put at the door. “Whoever did this will try again.”

“You got that right," Liz thinks to herself.

Ethan tells Theresa that he can’t have a connection to her professionally or otherwise. “We can’t do this anymore. You go your way and I will go mine. This is the end. Theresa! This is the end.”

Fox believes that Ari is telling the truth about the stars.


Tabby appears in the middle of the room, and no one notices lucky for her.

“Why Fox! Kay! What are you doing here? I just had a certificate that I wanted to use up and so I came to get something to eat. The kids are okay Kay. They are with a mother. Who is this?"

Fox introduces Tabitha to Ari. “She is reading the stars for us.”

Ari tells that this is the best time for Fox and Kay to get married. “Kay got bad information from someone named Tabitha about the stars. What a dimwit!"

Kay whispers that this woman standing at the table is ‘Tabitha’.

Ari apologizes but Tabitha will not have it.

Tabitha tells that this woman couldn’t predict anything with her cards.

“You are pretending to be a clairvoyant!"

The glass of water on the table suddenly tips over and water falls all over the ass-trologist’s lap!

“How did you do that?" Ari shouts.

Tabitha says nothing.

Sheridan loves Chris and James and she feels like they are her family.

“Finding Marty will only complete that feeling.”

She looks at Otto’s picture.

“We have to find this guy… I think that it is time that I move on with my life. Luis wanted me to find happiness and with you I will have that. Ask me to marry you again and I will make it worth your while…”

Chris gets on his knees and asks the question again.

This time Sheridan says 'yes'.

He slips the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Otto and his associate discuss Chris and Sheridan and what they have been up to.

If Alistair dies, they are to follow the instructions that he left for them on a CD that he has given them.

“No one can find us here… Especially Sheridan!" Otto tells.

Fox tries to help clean up the mess on the table.


Cherry sauce suddenly appears all over Ari’s charts that she has with her on the table.

She has no idea where this came from. “We are not even having dessert yet!"

Tabby makes fun of the woman.

“You have no cosmic gifts. Tell me what I am thinking!"

The woman claims that she doesn't work this way.

Tabitha accuses the woman of getting her mojo from books that she probably carries around in her bag in case she needs a refresher.

The woman opens her purse to prove this untrue and lo and behold, there are psychic books in there.

Tabitha laughs at her and Ari stomps off.

Fox cleans up the table and walks off after Ari with the soiled papers.

Kay is angry. She knows that Tabby has been watching her in that big blue pot.

“I am only here to tell you that you can’t be engaged to Fox yet!"

Kay doesn't see why she should believe Tabitha over Ari!"

Otto and his associate put the tape in the machine.

Alistair’s image comes to the screen.

“If you are watching this video… Then some things may have happened that need action as a result.”

The tape that the men are watching was made when Rachel was being held captive. Now that Alistair is incapacitated, they watch the video to see what the man’s wishes are.

Alistair continues telling that if this house is found, then every effort has to be made to control that information. Especially if Sheridan is involved. “You know what to do, just make sure that you do it.”

Eve sees the way that Julian is looking at his father strangely.

He is wondering if the person that tried to go after Alistair will try to go after him too.

Eve is going to report this and get a policeman to stay at the door.

Julian feels that will be a good idea.

Julian will wait in the room for her to return.

Eve worries about his safety.

Julian isn’t convinced that the killer wants to hurt him.

Liz thinks quietly that he shouldn’t be so sure about that.

Ethan is begging for his freedom.

Theresa hardballs him. “I am holding you to your contract with Crane. You are not going anywhere. You will stay right here with me," Theresa commands.

Tabitha is hurt that Kay is questioning her predictions.

Kay knows that Ari has no supernatural powers, but she is good with astrology.

Tabitha says that if she is that good, then she will know ahead of time that she is going to be turned into a toad.


Ari is on her way out of the Seascape and she suddenly shrinks, turning into a toad.

Fox is confused. He has come out looking for Ari and all he finds is a big toad.

Kay is not happy with Tabitha for doing this.

She orders Tabitha to turn Ari back the way that she was.

Tabitha will only do that if Kay promises not to get engaged to Fox that night.

Ethan gets the rest of his clothes on now and straightens himself up. He is determined to leave this time.

Theresa says that she has to keep him, as he has company secrets that will be at risk if he takes them elsewhere.

“I expect you to be here at 9am sharp tomorrow.”

Ethan tells Theresa that under these circumstances, he has no choice but to break his contract with Crane.

“Maybe Gwen will get a job… I don’t know… But I do know that now there is little reason for us to have contact. And now I say ‘goodbye’.”

He walks quickly to the door.

She calls to him but he is gone.

Sam and Ivy are in Alistair’s room.

Sam wants Ivy to come with him. “I have something that I want to show you.”

Eve kisses Julian and leaves the room.

Julian thinks that he is alone with his father now.

“Who did this to you father? Was it the same person that hurt you at the house, or someone else?”

Liz makes a mistake. She makes a sound.

Julian clearly hears it.

“Who is that? I know that you are here. Show yourself!"

Liz stays hidden in her space while Julian starts slowly walking about the room listening for clues about where the sound came from.

Sam and Ivy are outside. He shows her a romantic setting that he has had set up for her.

He has pink and red balloons and candles set up in front of the hospital.

He wanted to do more for her for Valentine's Day but with Fancy hurt, it didn’t seem right.

She hugs him.

He goes over to the table, but the champagne isn’t there yet.

She is fine with that. “Your kisses are plenty intoxicating.”

He makes her sit and he opens a box before her.

It is a necklace with a heart pendant on it.

“I love you for being you," she tells him.

She makes him so happy. “ I feel like I did when I first met you.”

She feels the same.

He wonders if she still wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

There is nothing that she would like more than that.

They kiss!

Tabitha waits for Kay to answer.

“Do I wait longer to turn Ari back or do you give him up now?"

A fly is buzzing around Ari the toad now.

Fox is at the restrooms area but Ari never comes out.

He leaves to look for her elsewhere.

Kay gives in. She will not pursue her engagement tonight.

Tabitha knows that this spell is a curse, and it can be deadly.

Chris and she. Discuss how their lives are going to be.

She is so lucky to have him but he feels that he is the lucky one.

She loves him, she really does.

He kisses her hand over the table.

Otto and his associate discussed the tape that they just watched.

The result of all that they just watched on the tape is that if Sheridan gets too close to the secrets of this house, then Otto is to pus a big read button that is positioned behind a picture on the wall.

“It will blow the whole house to bits when pressed. That is how serious that Alistair is about Sheridan not finding this house or who is in it," Otto tells.

Chris can’t believe that Sheridan let him love her.

“Our life is going to be wonderful together. I will give you everything. That is how much I love you Sheridan!"

Otto’s contact is warned that he isn’t to let Sheridan out of his sight.

Otto tells his friend that it appears that Chris and Sheridan are getting married.

“She had better go home. If she stays and finds out that her kid is here, then things will get bad. I don’t want to kill anyone, but if Sheridan shows up, then this house goes up in a blaze of glory.”

Julian continues searching the room and then suddenly he sees Liz hiding behind some hospital equipment.

“Liz! What are you doing here?"

Fox returns to Tabitha and Kay. “I can’t find Ari," he complains.

Tabitha goes to the toad.


Ari makes a yucky face and pulls a fly out of her mouth!

“Yuck! Fox can keep his cheques! I am out of here.”

Tabitha goes back to the young couple.

Kay tells him that she can’t get engaged now. “I want to wait a little longer.”

Fox decides to do things her way.

The lights dim.

“What was that?" Fox wonders.

‘Just the lights," Kay says.

Tabitha knows that the dimming of the lights was the shadow that brings with it a lot of bad things for the future.

Sam is heading into the hospital for a moment.

He bumps into Eve who is coming out for a minute.

“Can you sit with Ivy for a moment?"

Eve goes to Ivy and sees that she is happy as a clam.

“You are getting everything that you want. When the truth comes out, you will not be dancing for joy then will you?"

Ethan is strapping up in his car. He is ready to go home now.

He starts the car, and pulls out of the parking spot.


She is before his car and he hits her.

She falls to the ground unmoving.

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