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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan is alone.

She remembers Chris pouring his heart out to her while he was proposing marriage. She was accusing him of betraying her at the time. He was begging her to marry him and be his wife. He was on his knees proclaiming his love.

Sheridan wonders what she should do now about that proposal. Is she ready, or should she wait? “I do love him.”

Tabitha is in the house.

The doorbell rings.

She hears a voice somewhere in the air.

“And now the role of Fox Crane will be played by…” Tabitha hears that strange voice but can’t see anyone.

Tabitha stops walking and looks around.

“Answer the door woman!" the voice orders.

Tabitha does as she is told and answers to Fox carrying flowers and candy for Kay.

Kay is getting dressed upstairs.

Tabitha hates Valentine's Day and all its customs, but she fakes liking it for Fox while he is there.

Fox is going to show Kay how much he loves her tonight, he promises. “I have a surprise for Kay”.

Kay comes down looking beautiful in her red dress.

She loves the flowers… They are her favorite.

“I love you and thank you for making this day so special Fox," Kay gushes. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Fox tells that he has a surprise for her.

Tabitha uses her x-ray witch vision and looks through Fox’s clothes while he is talking to Kay.

“He is wearing the ring on a chain around his neck. He is going to propose.” Tabitha panics.

The boys in the basement growl and blow smoke through the vent to voice their displeasure.

Theresa is serious.

She is convinced that Ethan will never leave Gwen and now she offers herself as a mistress to him.

“I am not asking you to walk from Gwen. Stay married to her and we can be together still. That is the only way that we can be happy.

At the hospital, Eve, Julian, Sam and Ivy try to figure out who is trying to kill people in Harmony.

They worry about Julian getting attacked again but nothing has happened to him since the first attempt on his life some time ago.

It seems that someone has focused on Alistair and wants him dead. Who is that person?

In Alistair’s room, Liz cackles as she taunts Alistair about his helplessness.

“I am going to stand here and watch the great Alistair die…”

Tabitha uses her x-ray vision on Fox to look at the ring again.

The boys in the basement growl.

Fox hates that noise. “What is that?"

Tabitha tells again that the furnace is out of whack.

Fox offers to get it fixed in the morning.

Kay and Fox are ready to go, but Tabitha grabs Kay.

“I have to talk to you about Maria and her stuffy nose," Tabitha says.

Fox goes ahead to get the car. Kay knows that Maria has no stuffy nose. “What is this about Tabitha?"

Tabitha tells Kay again that she is stepping in it.

Kay is upset that she has to keep avoiding Fox’s proposal.

Tabitha worries that on this Valentine's Day’s night she will be especially willing to accept the proposal.

Ethan tells Theresa that he can’t have her as a mistress. “That is just wrong," he says.

She is offering him love in his life, but he maintains that he already has it with Gwen.

He goes to the door, and she follows.

She closes the door so he can’t leave, and she goes to him, caressing his chest.

“Let’s be secret lovers.”

She kisses him and he can’t fight the feeling. They move to the center of the room, still kissing.

Liz unplugs the machine, and it screeches.

Liz smiles.

She hears voices outside.

“It is Alistair Crane’s room! Get the equipment!"

Liz panics. She is trapped!

Eve is with Sam and Ivy when her beeper goes off. She looks at the display.

“It is Alistair’s room. Something is wrong. I have to go," Eve says.

Ivy tells Sam that they should follow her. “Maybe we will get to see Alistair die," Ivy says.

Sheridan remembers all the times that Alistair told her that she was weak and a blot on his life.

“Even the love of your life left you… Your mother left you… Now it wouldn't be any different with this child. He wouldn’t love you… He would grow up and use you and then he would leave you like everyone does.”

“You know what I think Sheridan? You will grow up old and alone, and wither away in that cottage of yours," Alistair told her.

Sheridan knows that she is worthy of love and that she isn't what her father tried to make her.

Chris comes to her. He has made reservations for them at the most perfect place.

Sheridan tells that she has been thinking about his proposal.

He starts apologizing right away again for rushing her.

He leaves now to go and get the car.

Sheridan knows that Chris will give her everything that she has ever wanted, but what if it falls apart like everything else in her life?

Out at the restaurant, Fox gives Kay a picture of themselves with Maria.

He has more surprises.

“Oh Harry!" a woman at the next table shrieks. “Of course I will marry you," she says.

Fox and Kay smile at the couple.

Fox finds their condition contagious.

Tabitha worries now. “He is going to do it.” She is watching using the big blue pot!

Fox shows the ring that he has for Kay on the chain around his neck.

Tabitha knows that Fox will not be able to resist this opportunity.

The boys in the basement growl, and shake the house in anger at Tabitha trying to help Kay out so that she can have her true love at the end of it all.

The framed picture of Fox and Kay falls off the table while the house is shaking.

Tabitha bends to pick it up.

“Oh dear,” she proclaims.

The glass in the frame is broken.

“This is just another sign that things are not going to work out for Fox and Kay.”

In Hawaii, Chris and Sheridan sit at a table.

The place is paradise. Sheridan wonders what it would be like to live in Hawaii. Chris says that living in Hawaii would be like living anywhere else. “As long as you have people with you who love you then it is great!"

Fox and Kay are dancing now…

Soon they head back to their table.

He offers her champagne.

She loves this date. “Everything has been wonderful.”

He likes seeing her have a good time.

“I have another surprise. This one is for both of us. Close our eyes…”

Kay does as she is told.

“You know I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you…”

Tabitha knows that now is when he is going to do it. “I have had a bad feeling from the moment that Fox walked in with those flowers.”

Tabitha leans into the pot.

“Kay! Can you hear me? Don’t do it! Don’t accept his proposal!"

Fox has Kay with her eyes closed still.

He promises that this will be a Valentine's Day that she will never forget.

Ethan and Theresa are really getting hot and heavy in the office.

They are ripping each other’s clothes off now.

Alistair is in grave danger.

Someone has turned off the machine, and it doesn't shriek anymore.

The staff gives Alistair oxygen and do CPR on him to keep him alive.

Sam and Ivy watch in anticipation.

Fox won’t let Kay open her eyes yet.

“Are you ready Kay?"


Tabitha closes her eyes now as well. “Oh no!"

Fox tells Kay to slowly open her eyes.

A woman stands before them.

“You got me another woman? Sorry Fox but I am not into that.”

Fox tells that the woman is Ari and she is an astrologist.

“She is going to give us a reading.”

Tabitha is mad. Everyone knows that those people are fakes.

“Don’t listen to her Kay! Don’t listen!"

“Growl,” the boys in the basement sound.

A red puff of smoke flies into the room.

Tabitha has to agree with them about this. “Nothing makes me madder than mortals pretending that they have powers.”

Ethan and Theresa are almost ready to make love, but Ethan suddenly can’t do this and pushes her away.

She will not let him escape her and she is on him again.

He can’t resist her. And so they are at it again.

Eve manages to get Alistair stable, but as soon as she announces his condition, he is unstable and critical again.

The machine starts shrieking again.

Eve has no idea what is going on.

Liz is in the room hiding behind some equipment. She listens as the others talk about Alistair and how his condition is developing.

Chris and Sheridan sit and share stories.

Sheridan realizes that she is laughing and she hasn’t done that in a long time.

“It feels so strange to smile and laugh…”

A young boy comes to Sheridan and Chris and offers them leis… Welcoming them to the restaurant.

Sheridan smiles. “I was just thinking about Marty and James. Maybe one day we can all vacation here as a family…”

Chris finds that a perfect idea.

Fox tells Kay that he got Ari to tell them about the stars to see if they can get married soon. Kay is skeptical about this woman’s powers.

The woman tells in her strange almost-Transylvannian accent how she got her powers from her mother, who got it from her mother, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Tabitha knows that the lady is lying.

“First! I must clean your aura of all negative energy!" She lights a match and blows it out in Fox and Kay’s direction.

“I have studied the charts and what I have to say is this! HMMMMMMMMMMMMM….” The whites of the woman’s eyes shows barely while she holds her fingers at the sides of her head.

Tabitha sees the woman is a fake AND a lousy actress.

“I have news," she says. “Great news…”

Tabitha is furious. “If you listen to that damn gypsy Kay, you are done for!"

Ethan and Theresa are kissing and about to make love.

He pushes her off. “I can’t do this. I will not be able to live with myself if I do this. Gwen will find out as I would tell her. I am in a marriage with her. I would have to confess this thing.”

Theresa just hears guilt in his voice.

“The only way that you can get rid of this guilt is to make me your mistress. I am offering you my body and my heart, and my soul.”

He can’t do that. “You deserve to be someone’s life, and not the other woman. I respect you way too much to put you in that position.”

Theresa wants to be his wife more than anything. “I want to tell the world that we belong together, but I will be your mistress and make that sacrifice because I will do anything to be with you.”

Ari isn’t read to talk yet.

After a moment or so, Ari talks… “There is a strong romantic energy in the atmosphere. This is the best possible time for couples to get together.”

Fox loves this. “We can get engaged tonight!"

Tabitha shakes her fists. “Kay! You will lose Fox forever.”

Ethan tries to make Theresa see sense.

Theresa doesn't want to be his mistress, but she will settle for this.

“I want to be a wife to you, and raise our children together. Something got messed up and now things are so difficult.”

Ethan wants her to accept it.

She has to keep trying to get him. “You love me and you don’t love Gwen.”

Ethan can’t have her as his mistress. “I would lose my self-respect. Think about what you have done in the name of loving me! You went to Julian to beg to have me back in the family and you ended up getting drunk and getting pregnant. You don’t think about your son first. You married Alistair Crane!"

Theresa knows that she made mistakes but that was because of her desperation to be with Ethan.

He can’t give her what she wants.

She loves him and will always love him.

“Fate means for us to be together.”

Ethan doesn't believe in fate. “If it existed, wouldn't we be together? I can’t live a lie!"

She finds he is living a lie.

“You love me and you can’t just turn off your feelings for me.”

“I do love you Theresa, but I am committed my wife and you will have to accept it.”

She says that she will do that but she just wants a small part of him, without actually getting it all. “Please be with me.”

Chris and Sheridan are in the restaurant eavesdropping on a couple nearby.

The man is badly sunburned.

He asks his girl to marry him and she gladly accepts.

Sheridan sees that Chris is right. “You don’t have to live in paradise for it to be paradise.”

She has been thinking about his proposal and she is ready to give him an answer.

Liz stays in her hiding place and listens.

Eve keeps saving the man and his machine keeps crashing.

Sam sees that the plug is not in the wall.

Eve knows that couldn’t just happen by accident.

“Someone has been trying to kill Alistair," Julian figures.

Sam knows that whoever is doing this will not stop until Alistair is dead.

Liz smiles from her hiding place.

“You got that right," she thinks to herself.

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