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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan is tempted by Theresa’s offer but he can’t forget that Theresa just tried to keep him prisoner in Harmony when he clearly wanted out. He just can’t forgive that.

She tells him to forget his pride and look at the benefits. “Look at the good that you can do. Stay here in Harmony and take your rightful place as Head…”

He corrects her, “…Co-Head of Crane Industries… You are Head of Crane Industries.”

“Okay then Ethan… Co-Head of Crane..”

Julian arrives at the hospital and learns that Fancy has been hurt very badly. Ivy tells how the accident went.

“She isn’t dying or anything like that but it is still serious," Ivy tells. “Her eye is damaged and she could lose it.”

Eve comes to Julian.

He begs her for good news about his precious beautiful daughter. “Tell me that Fancy’s eye can be saved.”

Fancy wakes and is unhappy to see that Maya is there with Noah. “Why is she here? What happened?"

“Oh… Now I remember. You were going to tell me your secrets Noah at the diner.”

Maya prays inside that Fancy will not be told the truth even as she begs for it.

Fancy is suspicious of the real reason that Maya is there. To take Noah perhaps?

Maya says that she was worried about the both of them and that is why she is there.

Fancy wants to know why the car came in the window. “Tell me everything.”

Chris has just dropped to his knees and he proposed marriage to Sheridan. He has a ring in a velvet box that he holds out to Sheridan but she doesn't move.

“This is why I was sneaking around behind your back today. There is nothing else going on.”

She has no idea what to say to him.

He loves her and he has never found another woman like her. You must have done something to please God as he has given us another chance at happiness and we should grab it. Marry me Sheridan. Say 'yes'!"

He offers Sheridan more time to think about this. She still says nothing. Chris is getting embarrassed now, and he sees he is embarrassing her.

“My apologies. I thought that our journey stopped at the same destination. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like this. My love for you is so strong.”

Liz is over Alistair’s body at the hospital.

She asks him where his guards are now.

“No one cares for you now! You are utterly hopeless. Anyone could walk in here and kill you and you couldn’t lift a finger to stop it.”

Eve tells that the eye surgeon will be coming but they can’t do anything until the doctor gets there.

She has done tests and will be waiting for that to get more information.

Fancy demands to have the truth about Noah’s secrets, but he will not talk about this now.

“Now… I want to know about it now Noah! Please…"

Fancy falls asleep as she is talking.

Maya tells Noah again that he can’t say anything about the truth to her or she will be in even greater danger than she is now.

Theresa waits for Ethan’s answer to her proposal.

He is really tempted by it.

She remembers that Ivy said that he could be president one day.

“This is better than that. You don’t have to answer to anyone. Not even me. This will be like a partnership in every sense of the word. The chance is here to make a difference. We can change the way that Crane has treated people. Say 'yes'… One word… 'yes'…”

Noah tells that Fancy was conscious and she is sleeping again.

“she wanted to know where she was and what happened.”

Ivy is glad that she is at least conscious. “Fancy is young and beautiful. Losing her eye could devastate her.”

Julian feels that Fancy may be stronger than they think.

Noah takes the blame for this. “This is all my fault.”

Sam overhears his son and asks him what is really going on here.

Theresa almost has Ethan ready to say 'yes' but he doesn't.

He rejects the idea of taking the job.

“You can’t!" she shouts. “You are the one that told me that this is the way to a lifetime of fulfillment. This is everything that you have ever wanted. Your bones are crying out for you to take this job.”

She takes him to the nameplate on his door. “This is real. From now on, just one call from Ethan Winthrope can do anything in the world.”

Ethan has always wanted this.

Theresa smiles. “What exactly have you always wanted Ethan? The chance to make a difference? Or the chance to be with me?"

Chris understands that he was thinking differently than Sheridan was.

He decides that he will get his own room now.

She tells that the question terrifies her and not him.

“I can’t answer that question just yet Chris. My life has been a series of disappointments. Every time that I try to find happiness, I am disappointed. You might not disappoint me on purpose but you may be making promises that you can’t keep. Luis was the one bright spot in my life after a long list of bad relationships. I am not surprised. My father sent me to Europe… Send me to have drug treatments and therapy. Pilar was my only friend. I was famous and didn’t have any friends. That ‘smiling Sheridan’ in the tabloids was a stranger.”

“Princess Sheridan would grow up to find love and have a family of her own but that wasn’t really me. Every time that I found someone to love, it never worked out.”

Chris cares nothing about her money or family. “That idea can only hurt us if you let it.”

She has scars and needs to heal before moving on.

Sam questions Noah as Maya listens.

Sam finds that there have been two incidents now where young women got hurt mysteriously.

Maya says that her incident was a mugging.

Sam doesn't believe her.

“Noah do you remember when those mobsters came after you from Vegas? You needed help then. I don’t want to have a call that tells me to go to the morgue to identify your body.”

Noah needs time.

Sam warns him not to take too long.

Liz closes the blinds and moves closer to Alistair.

“You are not so scary right now old man. You are weak! You are nothing and you can’t hurt me… Not ever again.”

She remembers their conversation the night of the party.

Alistair said that he was going to reveal her secret to Eve.

“Eve will be relieved when she hears the secret and she will be happy. I am not bluffing Liz. You will not be able to hurt Eve again. You will be dead in the water.”

Liz promised him then that he wouldn’t hurt her if he were dead first.

This is Ethan’s chance to have it all.

Ethan feels that he has it all though already. He is married to Gwen and that makes him happy.

Theresa tells again that Gwen is the one that got him robbed of his birthright.

“You were heir to everything that Alistair possessed. I am just trying to give back what was rightfully yours… Including me.”

He can’t see how they can go back.

She knows that is what he wants though.

“You deserve this life. It isn’t about the job alone, it is about love. It is Valentine's Day… Let me get back to you Ethan… Please!"

Sheridan is skeptical about love but if that is true, then how could she travel all the way around the world to find Marty?

“I won’t rush you Sheridan but you have a family if you need it. James and I will be there for you and when we find Marty, he will be there too. I hope that one day you will accept my hand. I love you today, tomorrow… always.”

Theresa tells that Ethan can wipe the mistakes of the past away with this job. He can correct the trouble that the tabloid incident caused.

Ethan is sick of this nonsense to do with the tabloid, but it doesn't matter as he has to stick to his vows so all this talk is water under the bridge.

“Has to stick with your vows? That is not how you should think about your marriage Ethan. You marry someone that you love… that is the way that it should be. Do you want to spend the rest of your life chained to Gwen when your heart belongs to me?"

Maya comes to Noah who is sitting with Fancy who is sleeping.

Maya tells Noah that anyone that hears what went with the shooting will be in danger like Fancy is now.

Noah has to tell Fancy the truth about this.

Maya knows that Fancy will be dead if she is told the truth. Does Noah really prefer that to having her safe?

Maya knows that the car was meant to kill Fancy when it crashed through the wall.

Noah says that they should have gone to the police when the shooting happened years ago.

She says that they made a decision to keep quiet and they have to live with it.

Noah knows that whoever is doing this will not stop. “I have made my decision and I have to tell Fancy.”

Maya can only hope that he will change his mind for all their sakes.

Theresa questions Ethan’s marriage.

“You are in love with me. I am in your heart, mind and soul.”

Ethan simply says that he loves Gwen.

Theresa knows that he loves the idea of Gwen, but Theresa finds her malicious and conniving.

Ethan finds that Theresa of all people shouldn’t be calling anyone conniving.

Theresa admits that she is that way too, but she did that for him and their children.

“Our love is different and special. It is passion and fiery. It is all-consuming. Don’t you feel it?"

“I do feel it! If I could take you in my arms and make love to you for rest of my life, I would do it.”

Theresa comes to him. “Let’s do it.”

“I can’t! I can’t throw it all away Theresa!"

Theresa sees that he is in a prison with Gwen. “You will live year after year in that cold cell with her. What you have with her is like a candle compared to the bon fire that you could have with me… By staying with Gwen, you are sentencing me to jail as well. I made a promise to you. In my heart I a married to you and I can’t walk away form that. Therefore, if I can’t be with you, I can’t be with anyone else ever…”

Julian and the others try to figure out what happened at the diner.

Eve wonders about these incidents. “Are they related to the attempts on Alistair’s life? “

Julian can’t understand why anyone would hurt Fancy.

Sam says that he thinks that this has something to do with Noah and Maya. “I don’t think that Fancy was a target.”

Julian can’t be sure. “That person could be out there right now.”

Liz is still in Alistair’s room.

She goes back to the night of the party again…

“…Haven’t you done enough to me already Alistair?"

Alistair said that compared to Liz, Eve will look like an angel.

Liz threw her drink at Alistair and then pummeled him with her fists that night.

Liz turns to Alistair’s frail frame and proclaims that he is the one that will get what he deserves and after that she will have her revenge.

She marches purposefully to the other side of the bed.

Chris ends their conversation now.

She feels so badly for not being able to accept his proposal.

He says that they should still celebrate being in a lovely place as Hawaii.

“We will go to dinner and then for a walk.”

He kisses her forehead and tells her that his offer of marriage still stands. “Maybe one day soon…”

She does love him. Maybe she is making the biggest mistake of her life.

Theresa wants him.

He doesn't want to hurt her but she has to get over him.

“Do it for me… I know that you can find love someplace else. You may have missed love already. I just can’t leave Gwen. Not now… Not ever…”

“Then don’t… Don’t leave Gwen. Spend the rest of your life with her if you want to. I believe that you will not divorce her, but that is no reason for either one of us to give up our dream of happiness. I will be your mistress and we can build this secret life together. You can stay married with Gwen but have complete love with me…”

Noah strokes Fancy’s hair. “I am so sorry. I feel like this is all my fault. I love you Fancy. I hope that you can hear that in your dreams. When you wake I will tell you everything. You deserve the truth.”

Maya warns again that both he and Fancy could end up dead.

Julian could still be in danger from whoever tried to kill him before.

Liz is in Alistair’s room.

“The laugh is on you… despicable goat… No one deserves to die as much as you. I have longed for this moment. I am going to savor your death the way you savor fine wine. It is Valentine's Day! The whole world is out there giving out hearts, but the only heart that I want is yours. If I could rip it from your chest I would. All I can really do is stop it. Bon voyage Alistair… You are a midnight train to hell!"

Liz stoops and pulls the plug out of the wall.

She laughs like a cackling witch.

Alistair’s body contorts, ever so slightly.

Liz just howls with glee at him!

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