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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa has Ethan’s ear. She has a plan to redevelop Harmony and he could be head of it.

Ethan would like to do the project but he can’t drop all his plans with Gwen for this.

Theresa says that they could work together rebuilding the rubble that Hurricane Katrina left behind.

Noah wants more information on Fancy’s eye and what will happen to her.

Eve comes to talk to Fancy’s doctor. She finds it strange that Noah is there and asks what is going on.

Noah tells her what happened to Fancy.

Eve rushes to examine the girl with the other doctor.

Noah prays that Fancy’s eye will be saved.

Sam and Ivy are sitting on the couch.

He wants to share his liverwurst sandwich with her.

She has a bite.

“It is good.”

He knows that by the end of the year, he will have her drinking beers as well.

They talk about all the changes that have happened recently.

Sam brings up Fox and Kay getting married and Ivy squeezes her sandwich making a mess from the idea of her son marrying that girl of all people.

Sam laughs at her.

He lifts his beer. “A toast to Fox and Kay’s marriage!"

Ivy thinks to herself that will not happen in her lifetime.

Fox is hard at work in the office.

Kay sneaks in with cookies to surprise him.

He loves her cookies.

They are kissing in the office when Valerie walks in.

She promptly turns to walk out without being seen, but Fox calls to her at the last moment.

She hands him her resignation on paper. “Effective immediately.”

Chris is alone in the hotel room. “Sheridan is going to be so surprised.”

Sheridan hears him talking inside the room. She is in the hall.

“He must be working for my father. No wonder I can’t find Marty.”

She hears something and moves from the door and hides.

Chris comes out of the room and heads down the hall.

Sheridan comes out of hiding.

“The hunted becomes the hunter," she says following from a distance.

The doctor tells Eve that he tried to save Fancy’s eye but he can’t be sure that they can do anything.

Eve says they need an eye specialist in there.

“It is a shame. She is such a pretty girl.”

Noah is still waiting for word on Fancy’s condition.

“I better call dad and Ivy and let them know what is going on.”

Sam is happy again.

“When Grace left, I was sad but now you are in my life Ivy.”

“I love you too Sam!"

The phone rings.

Sam answers and is immediately disturbed.

Ivy later learns that Noah was with Fancy and there was an accident. “They were hit by a car and Fancy is hurt.”

They rush to get ready to leave for the hospital.

Maya comes downstairs. She has heard what happened.

She wants to go with Sam and Ivy to the hospital.

Fox feels that Valerie’s resignation is not warranted.

Valerie lets on that she can’t deal with certain changes in Crane right now.

Fox will not let her leave like this.

“This is your chance to get a leg up in the company. Theresa is in charge and she will want to surround herself with smart women.”

Fox’s pager goes off.

“I have to go. Kay… talk to Valerie and make her stay.”

After Fox leaves Valerie tells Kay that she doesn't have to pretend to try to be nice to her.

She starts packing her things.

Kay looks at the pictures that Valerie is putting in a box.

“This is your family?"

Valerie tells her that she knows that Kay really doesn't care about her family, but she explains that her parents are hardworking and poor people and that this job was really helping them out but she has to give that up now.

Kay tells Valerie that she knows that the girl really needs this job and she should reconsider giving it up.

Valerie will not listen to her.

Kay tells that she knows that Valerie and Ivy teamed up to wreck her relationship with Fox.

Valerie turns to her stunned at her outburst.

Sheridan keeps tailing Chris to see where ends up.

She has on a scarf and sunglasses to disguise herself.

Ethan loves the idea that Theresa came up with about revitalizing Harmony.

She was thinking about him and his dreams for Harmony.

“I hired architects to put this idea together for you. You always wanted to prove that big business could do good and be an engine for money at the same time. I contacted my designers and they are going to start the rebuilding outside of Castleton. On Crawford Street, we could build a daycare, and get a teen center to ward off drugs and problem behavior. That is just the beginning. We will make decent housing and a great neighborhood that people can be proud of. The people will be able to save some of their rent so that they will be able to buy their own properties. We can make it happen Ethan. Just stay with me… Together! We can make all your dreams come true…”

Kay tells Valerie again that she knows the truth about she and Ivy. She waits to see what Valerie will say next.

Valerie admits it.

“How did you find out?" Valerie asks.

Kay and Tabitha actually saw Valerie and Ivy in the big blue pot conspiring, but she doesn't tell that of course.

Kay was furious and wanted to go out there and give those two a piece of her mind.

“I know that you were just trying to make a better life for yourself and I bet that Ivy came up with this idea anyway. I can hear her now. You don’t have to worry Valerie. I will not tell Fox. He loves Ivy whether I like it or not. Kay offers to keep her mouth shut to Fox, if Valerie promises not to meddle anymore. Don’t quit. You can stay as long as you want as long as you keep your nose out of our business. What do you say?"

Noah is waiting and praying for Fancy.

Sam and Ivy arrive. They hug Noah.

Noah is shocked to see Maya there.

She had to come and find out what happened to Fancy.

Noah tells how a car hit them at their table. “I only had a few scratches and bruises but Fancy was pinned under the table, under the car. We got her out and she was injured. She isn’t in danger of dying but her face… It is pretty badly injured. The whole side…and her eye has glass in it and she may lose it.”

Ivy is frantic. “Sam! Sam!"

He hugs her.

“Why wasn’t I a better mother for them? I would have taught them to be more careful.”

Sam tells her that this was an accident and not her fault.

“It was no accident," Maya says quietly.


Noah turns to face Maya who is sitting behind him.

Noah tells that he was about to tell Fancy about the shooting when they were hit.

Maya is not surprised. “You can be in as much danger as I am.”

Maya is relieved to know that Fancy doesn't know anything. “You have to keep things that way as her life might still be in danger.”

Ivy is destroyed.

“Her face… Her eye? Fancy will be changed for the rest of her life.”

Chris is still walking along with Sheridan following hoping that he will eventually lead her to Marty.

Sheridan watches as Chris goes to a group of children in a playing area.

Sheridan wonders if this could be so easy. “Is Marty there?" she wonders.

Chris goes to a little blonde boy and rubs his head as the boy looks up at him.

“Is it him?" Sheridan wonders.

She takes off her sunglasses. “Marty!"

She goes running to the little child and hugs him dearly. “Oh Marty!"

“I found you," Sheridan says.

“Mommy! Help," the child shouts.

An elderly woman comes over telling Sheridan to let the boy go. Another younger woman comes to assist if necessary. “You are scaring him," she says. “Leave me alone!" the boy insists.

Sheridan tells the woman that her son is missing and that she thought that this boy was hers.

The people there have no idea where her boy could be.

They look at the picture and have never seen that little boy called ‘Marty’.

Valerie can’t believe the offer that Kay is making to her.

Valerie never really liked Ivy anyway and is glad to stop spying for her.

Kay finds they have a deal then. The women shake hands.

Fox returns telling that Theresa has some grand ideas and she will be running him ragged.

Kay tells that Valerie will be staying after all.

Fox asks Valerie to deal with a legal situation for him, and Valerie gladly runs out to deal with it.

Kay really feels that she could learn a lot from Valerie now that she is staying.

Fox asks why she would bother learning about the office when she will be staying home when they marry anyway.

“Excuse me?" Kay says.

Ethan and Theresa are talking and Ethan really finds it ridiculous that Theresa thinks that Gwen will accept this idea of hers.

Theresa takes his hand and walks him into the next office to hers.

The room is grand. “This is your office.” The chairs are all leathers and the room is huge.

She goes over to look at his nameplate that as just been put on the door.

Ethan sees that she is really jumping the gun.

Theresa has a lot of idea about the room and how she will make it perfect from him.

He tells her that none of this feels right to him.

She tells him that he will be “Head” of Crane Industries.

He will not take that title. “You are the CEO Theresa… Not me!"

That is fine. She will make him the Co-Head of Crane Industries.

This is too much for Ethan.

She will not take no for an answer. “This is your birthright. You are going to run Crane Industries…”

Sam tells that he called the station and heard that the car went straight through the window to where Fancy was sitting. “The car is stolen and did this intentionally. The police know nothing. He or she was wearing a sweatshirt and his face was hidden.”

Eve comes out and Ivy rushes to her.

Eve tells that she is very concerned about the eye but she has called in a specialist.

Noah and Ivy want to see her.

Eve tells them to go in.

Fancy is laying on a bed.

She isn't in pain right now.

She has a huge bandage on her right eye.

Ivy tells her that she will be fine.

Eve tells Ivy not to give Fancy any false hope.

Noah tells Fancy that he loves her more than anything in the world.

Maya looks down when she hears that.

Ivy has to call Julian and let him know.

Sam stops her for a minute, but Ivy wants to handle things her way.

Kay didn’t figure that she would be staying home after they were married.

Fox says that he really thought that she would want to be home.

“Plus we are adopting a ton of kids and that is going to be fun for you right?"

Kay says that what she does will ultimately be her choice.

She really likes working there in the family business.

Fox tells that they are going to have lots of money and she will want to stay home and take care of the kids. “Don’t you want to stay home and be the kind of mom that your mom was Kay?"

Ivy calls Valerie and tells her that she needs to do something about Fox and Kay and quickly.

“NO!" Valerie tells her. “I will not do it.”

Sheridan is back at the hotel.

She is alone. She packs her things. “I will find Marty on my own.”

She opens the door to leave.

Chris is on his way in.

“What are you doing Sheridan?"

“I know! I know that you are working for my father. I thought that you were taking a nap! I know! You are here to stop me from finding Marty. I will not let you do it. You can't stop me!"

“Yes I can,” Chris tells her.

He pushes her back into the room and jumps in as well, slamming the door behind her.

Kay tells Fox that he just told her that he wants her barefoot in the kitchen. “What do you want me to do? Have a pipe and slippers waiting for you at the end of the day?"

Fox didn’t mean to offend her. “I think that you are very talented. If you want to work, then I will stay home and raise the kids. Once we adopt more kids and get married, you will want to stay home. It is a natural thing that happens.”

She warns him not to hold his breath. “We will take this one day at a time. Right now, I just want to be with the man that I love.”

Ivy can't believe her ears.

Valerie says that she has a good job and she wants to keep it. “Kay promised me that things will be fine if I stop my spying.”

Ivy has an ace up her sleeve. “She has something else up her sleeve. She knows that Valerie wants Fox and Ivy promises that she can still have him if she helps. Are you still willing to work for me?"

Valerie looks in the office and sees Fox and Kay smooching.

“Alright… I will work for you.”

Ivy knew that she would see things the right way.

Theresa pitches her idea.

“Things are going to be different now Ethan. “You and me… Co-CEO’s helping those who need help. Stay here in Harmony and together we can turn this town into paradise.”

Noah sits beside Fancy and calls out her name.

She stirs.

“Noah… Did you ask the waitress for the cheque?"

He tells her that they are not at the diner anymore.

“We were at the table and a car came in and hit us.”

Fancy remembers now. “You were talking to me about Maya and your past with her.”

Maya hopes that Noah will never tell the truth to her.

Fancy looks around the room and sees Maya.

‘What is she doing here?"

Sheridan thinks that Chris is going to hurt her but he denies that he isn’t.

She heard him on the phone and saw him sneaking around town, but he denies that he was doing anything sinister.

“I know that you are working for my father," she says.

Chris gets angry now. “I hate it when you accuse me of being connected that bastard father of yours. I went out today Sheridan because I wanted to surprise you. I have something for you.”

Chris reaches into his pocket and pulls out a velvet box.

He drops to one knee.

At that point, Sheridan’s mouth drops open as well.

“Sheridan," he starts. “Will you marry me?"

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