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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chris and Sheridan are in their tropical paradise in the hot tub. He was beat up and initially went to the tub to feel better, but now the experience has turned into something else with Sheridan. She is touched that he fought for her to find her son although he has been hurt.

Chris doesn't mind getting hurt for such a good cause. He knows that they need to move fast though to find the boy.

She starts getting out of the tub but he makes her stay. He isn’t finished with her yet. They kiss.

Rebecca tells her daughter to really pile on the sex when with Ethan after they move.

Rebecca knows that a tired man will not cheat. And she wants her daughter to remember that.

Gwen isn't worried about Ethan cheating.

“Ethan and I are taking our daughter to New York and Theresa will stay here and run Crane Industries with her miserable self.”

Ethan enters Theresa’s office at Crane.

He throws her bracelet on the desk.

“You got Mr. Grant to rescind my job offer didn’t you? I found this bracelet that I gave you in Mr. Grant’s office. Don’t deny it. Admit it. You bribed the man or threatened him. I called the New York office and they still need someone like me, so don’t lie.”

Theresa admits what she did.

Ethan hands her the phone. “You are going to call Mr. Grant and tell him that I am available for that job.”

Theresa will not do it.

“You are going to work here with me Ethan.”

Noah and Fancy are in a diner talking about his relationship with Maya.

Noah is really uncomfortable, but Fancy insists on hearing what went on between the two.

Noah tells that things got pretty bad between he and Maya in the past. Especially after what happened.

“What happened?"

Noah is about to speak, but the screech of tires prevents him.

The wall of the diner crashes inwards.

Everyone in the diner screams. Noah and Fancy duck for cover.

The man who has driven the car into the diner has his face covered.

He gets out of the car and rushes out of the broken building.

“Someone call 911!" a voice shouts out.

Beneath the rubble, a blonde head lays perfectly still and unmoving.

Chris and Sheridan are ready to get out of the tub now.

She knows that the mob contacts will help find her son, but she can’t sit still anyway and not look for her son.

Chris assures her that Eddie and Fat Harold will be sure to help.

Ethan is angry that Theresa is trying to tell him what to do.

She knows that he is strong and independent and that is why she wants him back at Crane.

He will find anything to get away from her and her sick obsession with him.

She knows that he doesn't mean what he says.

“You will not work here because you know that you can’t work side by side with me, while living in a loveless marriage. Isn’t that right Ethan?"

Ethan will not get into this with her again. “I am leaving and I will find a job.”

Theresa tells him that he will never get a job. “Absolutely no one will touch you with a ten foot pole when they find out what I will do to them.”

The waitress calls out to the cops.

Noah is on the ground motionless.

The officers enter the diner and the waitress fills them in on what happened.

The waitress tells that whoever drove the car deliberately drove into the building.

The ambulance attendants go to Noah.

He wakes. “I think that I am alright.”

He gets up rubbing his head.

His face is cut and bruised.

He remembers the car coming in the building wall.

“Where is Fancy?"

The others have no idea who he is talking about.

“She was with me. Where is she? Fancy!"

He goes looking for her and sees her through some debris that has fallen atop her.

Noah and the others go to her and gently remove the tables and chairs that have fallen on her but they still can’t get her loose.

She doesn't move.

Noah rubs her head as that is all that he can do at this point to help her.

Noah and the others work to get Fancy free.

The attendants see that she has trauma to the head.

She is bloodied.

Noah is frantic.

Someone suggests getting a tow truck to move this car that is somehow pinning her or her clothes to the floor and preventing her from being moved.

It is right on top of her ready to drop and crush her.

Noah can’t wait. He and the others try to lift the car all together.

Chris and Sheridan think of ways to find Marty.

Chris says that Marty is at the age where he needs inoculations.

“A doctor will have records to tell us where he is.”

Sheridan doesn't think that will work. Doctors’ offices don’t give out that kind of information.

Chris tells her to pretend to be Beth and make an appointment. “Start calling doctors.”

Sheridan is about to start calling doctors, but then thinks that Beth will not be using Marty’s right name.

Chris suggests that Beth might be cocky enough to be using the name ‘Crane’.

Rebecca schools Gwen on the things that she will need to really seduce her man properly.

“Get perfume, shave your legs, get him tickets to the games… Oh and make sure you learn one new sexy trick week!”

Gwen knows that she can satisfy her man on her own.

She tells that she still wouldn’t mind a few new tricks though.

She remembers the night when she gave Ethan a special massage.

Rebecca sees the smile that comes to her face and orders her to give up the juicy details.

Ethan can't believe that Theresa is acting this way.

“You think that winning me back will happen by doing these things to me? You are just like Alistair. You are trying to trap me into doing what you want. I want to run Crane Industries but not like this. I will not bow to your whim!"

Theresa tells Ethan that he is everything to her. “I will not stop! I can not stop until we are a family with Jane and Little Ethan!"

Ethan tells Theresa that this isn’t love. “We are not going to be together ever.”

She will not accept that. “You are with Gwen because you pity her.”

Actually, Ethan pities Theresa.

“I love Gwen very much.”

“We have a child Ethan.”

He knows that but she tricked him into bed to get that child.

She remembers him admitting that he knew that she was the one in his bed and not Gwen when they conceived that child.

“I will not give up on us Ethan.”

He begs her to stop this. “You haven’t ended this and so I will have to do it. I am taking Gwen and I will find a job somewhere else.”

She tells him that this will not be the end of them if he takes Jane.

She has rights but he has rights too and he will use them. “I want to live in peace and quiet Theresa.”

Theresa tells him to go then. “If you insist on leaving, then wherever you go, I will be a part of your life no matter what.”

Sheridan calls doctors one by one.

Chris watches as she calls every one.

Chris can tell that the name ‘Crane’ obviously isn’t being used for the child’s last name. “Maybe they are using Wallace?"

Sheridan turns to the phone again.

Noah and the others are trying to lift the car to get Fancy free, but they can’t do it.

Soon the others give up. This is too difficult.

Noah will not stop trying.

He lifts. He scores!

“You did it," the attendant calls out. “She is free!"

Noah waits a extra few seconds to make sure that Fancy is free, and then drops the car.

A cloud of dust flies up into the air.

Noah rushes to his love now… “Fancy!"

Fancy has been saved.

She needs to be stabilized and isn’t out of the woods yet though.

She is carried to the ambulance.

Sheridan has called all the doctors again and the last name that Beth is using for Marty isn’t ‘Wallace’ either.

Sheridan doesn't know what else they can do besides going door to door with Marty’s picture.

Chris feels that is a great idea.

They start getting up to get ready to question the people out in the street.

Chris is hurt, and he hurts with every move that he makes.

Sheridan will not let him come with her to search for Marty. He is too hurt.

Chris will not let her go alone. Otto is out there and she could get hurt. “You have to wait until I am up to speed so that I can go with you to do this.

Sheridan agrees to that idea, but will still head downstairs to get them coffees.

Rebecca knows that her daughter is probably a very sexy dish, but she also knows that Theresa has something going on too.

“If you were not leaving town, I would be concerned that Theresa would do something to get Ethan into bed.”

Theresa says that she is doing this to help Ethan. “You want the power to do good and you can do good working with me at Crane Industries. You know that you love me don’t you?"

Ethan tells Theresa again that he isn't leaving his wife for her.

Theresa tells that all that he has to do is divorce Gwen and they can finally be together.

Rebecca is ready to go and see the acupuncturist. “You know Gwen… He is sticking me with more than those nasty needles over at his office.”

Gwen warns her mother not to talk sex with her ever again.

Rebecca gets serious now. “I love you Gwennie. I want you to be happy and stress-free.”

Gwen loves her mother as well.

Rebecca is really going to miss her girl.

Gwen knows that Rebecca will be visiting real soon.

Rebecca tells Gwen to get her phone as soon as she is in New York.

They hug and then Rebecca is gone.

Gwen looks in the pen telling Jane that it will not be long now. “You and your daddy and I will be in New York and far from Theresa.”

Ethan tells Theresa that what she wants will never happen. “I will not divorce her for anyone. Even if I did leave Gwen, we can’t be together as you are married to Alistair. You can’t leave him as you will lose Little Ethan. Therefore, all this talk about ‘happily-ever-after’ is a fantasy. If you love me, then you will let me be with my family so that I can live in peace.”

He turns to walk to the door.


She runs up behind him and grabs his arm.

“I didn’t mean to treat you bad. I am sorry. I just want things to work out for us.”

“No! This is where you talk about fate and I will not listen to that speech one more time. Fate rips us apart. I don’t care anymore. The bottom line is that you and I will not be together, and it is high time that you realize it.”

She says that she will accept that. “Okay, we will be a team in the office then if we can’t be a team as a couple.”

Ethan can’t do this. “I am not a Crane and can only go so far here.”

Theresa has something to show him.

She gets a billboard and brings it to him.

“What is this," he asks?

It is a project that he has always wanted to work on.

“Yes it is Ethan. And I am ready to make your dream come true.”

Fancy is admitted and taken for an examination.

Noah comes running up but they stop him from being with Fancy.

He has to wait outside.

“Fancy you have to be okay. You have to be.”

Sheridan sees that Chris has fallen asleep.

She gets dressed and kisses his forehead. “We will look for Marty as soon as you are up to it.”

Sheridan leaves the room.

Chris crawls out of bed. He is fully dressed, and he heads to the phone.

“Hi! It is me. I thought that she would never leave.”

Sheridan is in the hall and realizes that she has forgotten her key.

She returns to the room.

She opens the door and sees Chris with his back to her talking on the phone.

She closes the door and thinks. “Chris lied to me. He didn’t want to take a nap…”

She opens the door again and peeks in listening.

“What do you mean? Look we have to move on this before Sheridan gets wind of things. I have o make my move today.”

He continues as Sheridan listens. “You heard me. Sheridan has to be kept in the dark. It has to happen before she finds out.”

He hangs up now.

“Damn I am good!"

Sheridan thinks that she is seeing Chris in his true light. “He isn't working with me… He is working against me.”

Gwen is with Jane and she talks about saying goodbye to Theresa forever. “Bye-bye…Bye-bye…”

Ethan sees the sketches that Theresa has had put together. He has an idea for revitalizing a part of town.

He is blown over with the sketches.

She tells that she needs someone that will put the dream into reality.

“I need you to do this. Harmony needs you… Say that you will stay here and work side by side with me and together we can make all your dreams come true.”

Noah is waiting for news about Fancy.

“What is taking so long? Please God let Fancy be okay…”

The doctor comes out of Fancy’s cubicle.

“Miss Crane is lucky to be alive. We gave her a transfusion. Her vitals were weak but they are stronger now. To what degree, I can’t say… There is trouble with her optic nerve. There is glass in it. Miss Crane may lose her eye.”

Noah goes in to see Fancy now.

She has a huge bandage over one eye and she is unconscious.

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