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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox and Kay are out in the snow freaking out because they are going to be married one day.

Fox wants to tell their parents but Kay wants to keep things quiet for now and not reveal the ring.

He will do as she wishes, but he really wanted to ask her dad if he could marry her.

She loves that.

Sam tells Ivy how Noah has a friend that got attacked down by the waterfront and she is staying with him.

The girl is an old friend from school and Noah wants no one to see her there and he will not say why.

Ivy finds all of this very strange. Sam does too and knows that there must be more to this story than Noah is telling.

Maya looks at Noah’s picture as she lays in bed alone. It is a picture that she has had with her for years.

“I know that you want to be honest with Fancy but I pray that you will not tell her what happened that night.”

Noah and Fancy are out for a bite to eat in a diner. He insisted that she come out with him so that he could explain things.

She wants Noah to open up to her.

“What were you doing with Maya in the shower? You were almost naked and she was naked.”

Noah knows that what she saw looked bad but she collapsed and he came to help her and that is all.

She could tell that Noah was used to holding Maya by the tender way he had her in his arms.

Noah admits it. He knows every curve and dimple of Maya’s body. “Is that what you want to hear Fancy?"

Ethan is coming around.

Gwen wants him to promise that Theresa will be a memory once they are out of there.

He tells her that they are on their way and that Mr. Grant who hired him is a very brave man to stand up to Crane this way.

In his office, Mr. Grant is bending to Theresa’s will as she threatens to destroy his business.

He makes a call and orders that Ethan’s job offer be taken from him when the pressure gets too much.

Theresa tells the man that she will keep him in business as long as he never underestimates Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Crane when it comes to getting what she wants!

The phone rings.

Ethan answers and tells that he will be to see Mr. Grant right now. Gwen listens quietly as he talks.

Ethan relays the message to Gwen.

Gwen starts worrying immediately.

Ethan tells her to keep it together. “Before you know it, we will be in New York Gwen.”

He leaves.

Gwen will settle for New York she tells herself. “It is not as far as India but we can still get away from Theresa.”

Mr. Grant has done as he is asked.

Theresa plans to get out of there before Ethan arrives. That surprises Mr. Grant.

“He can’t find out that I did this to him. He would be furious with me.” Mr. Grant can certainly understand that.

On her way out of the office, Theresa drops a piece of jewelry in front of the door without realizing it.

Sam and Ivy are alone still having coffee in the house and talking about their kids.

Fox and Kay arrive and Kay tells that they have exciting news that they want to share.

Fox shushes her. “I have a question that I want to ask you Sam. Sir… I wanted to ask your permission to marry your daughter.” Sam smiles at the question. He is clearly happy for the kids.

He can’t believe his ears.

He immediately gives his blessing.

Ivy is in the living room and she hears everything that Fox has said. “In your dreams Kay Bennett… you are not going to marry my son," she says quietly to herself.

Maya wonders how Noah can forget what they had so long ago. It was so special. She can’t forget it herself.

She hopes that he will keep the past in the past, although she can’t have him for herself.

They will all be in danger if he reveals what he knows about what went on in that attic.

Fancy is still angry about what she saw in the shower when she walked in on Noah and Maya.

Noah knows that but finds her jealous for no reason.

She denies it.

Noah only wants her to know that there is no need to be jealous of Maya. “You are the woman that I love and want to hold in my arms.”

She smiles at that. “Really?"

Gwen is in the Bed & Breakfast alone.

Her mother comes to visit.

“I am so glad about Ethan’s new job and your move to New York.”

Gwen is on the computer now searching for apartments.

Rebecca opens her bag. “Let’s have a celebratory drink. I got martinis!”

Rebecca will miss her daughter but will be over to visit a lot.

“I will want to see Jane from time to time.”

Rebecca looks at one of the apartments that Gwen has been reading up on.

“I know someone in that building and you should get to know her, if you ever get out of here. Theresa just might rises out of the ashes when you least expect it. She will stop at nothing to destroy you Gwen.”

Theresa arrives at the office and finds Valerie there.

Theresa immediately starts bossing Valerie around. “Get me a latté.”

Valerie will not be ordered around.

Theresa explains why she is telling Valerie what to do. “I am in charge now. Now get me a coffee, and clear out that office next to mine. That will be Ethan’s office.”

Ethan arrives at Mr. Grant’s office.

Mr. Grant tells Ethan that he has something to tell him. “You will not be going to New York today or tomorrow. I am sorry but as far as you are concerned, you are never going to New York.

Ivy tells Fox and Kay that she is surprised that the kids are getting married.

“I know that the two of you are in love but you might be rushing into this.”

Fox feels that they have taken their time.

He knows that Ivy will be planning a huge wedding for them when they are ready.

Fox has to go back to work now. He has heard that Theresa is wreaking havoc.

Fox leaves.

Sam hugs his daughter before leaving to check on Maya upstairs. He tells Kay about the girl that Noah has brought to stay with them for a while.

When her father leaves, Kay tries to leave but Ivy stops her.

“We have to talk Kay.”

“What about Ivy? Valerie? The girl that you got to take Fox from me," Kay asks?

Mr. Grant says that he can’t take on any personnel right now.

Ethan is immediately suspicious.

“Has someone from Crane called you and told you not to hire me?"

Mr. Grant says that he has all the attorneys that he needs.

“What about Theresa? Did she call you and threaten you?"

Mr. Grant denies that he even knows the woman.

Ethan accepts what the man tells him now.

Mr. Grant says that in the future he will reconsider Ethan working with them.

They shake hands and Ethan starts leaving.

He looks down and sees gold on the ground.

He picks up the piece of jewelry.

He recognizes it. “That bitch!"

Ethan knew that Theresa was behind this and now he has the proof.

Mr. Grant is concerned. “Are you alright?"

Ethan says that he isn’t fine right now, but he will be when he has a chat with someone right away.

Theresa is at work giving Valerie orders although the girl is not her secretary.

Theresa apologizes to Valerie for being harsh with her and she tells Valerie that they should work well together, and she will lighten up a bit with her.

Valerie will help in anyway that she can.

Fox arrives and Valerie greets him.

He goes to Theresa and they hug.

Theresa wonders if Fox will mind taking orders from her now.

He thinks that he will be fine with her.

Fox is really surprised. “My grandfather wouldn’t ever put a woman in charge before, so this is great.”

He tells how he just got engaged.

Theresa isn’t all that happy about his news and it shows.

“I never thought that you and Kay really knew each other.”

Fox knows that Theresa has no right to judge. “You fell in love looking at a picture in a magazine so who are you to talk?"

She admits that he is right.

Fox says that when he marries Kay, they will be related in another way besides him being Maria’s stepfather.

“You will also be my step grandmother.”

She smiles at that.

He leaves the office now. “Call me if you need anything.”

Theresa is alone now.

She starts thinking.

She goes to the phone and dials.


“Miguel… It is Theresa! Have you had any news? Have you found Charity?"

“No! Nothing yet.”

Theresa tells him how she is in charge now of the Crane family and fortune.

Miguel is really thrilled for her.

Theresa says that she is learning the ropes and when she does she will be making things respectable again in Harmony.

“Miguel if you need help with finding Charity, you let me know.”

“Thanks sis! I called over at Tabitha’s to talk to Maria the other day, but Kay wasn’t home.”

Theresa tells her brother that he needs to come home. “I think that there are some things that you should know about, so you need to get home.”

Kay stands up to Ivy.

Ivy tells Kay that this marriage will never happen.

Kay says that if Ivy interferes in her relationship, she will go right to her father and tell him about David Hastings.

Ivy agrees to keep quiet then.

Kay rushes off now to get her mother’s recipe box.

Ivy looks after her as she walks off.

“You think this is over little girl? You had better think again…”

Maya is resting when someone comes to the door.

“Come in…”

Sam enters the room and introduces himself.

She knows all about him as Noah talked about him in the past.

Sam knows nothing of this girl.

She tells that she and Noah went to school together and then they broke up. “I guess that Noah doesn't like to talk about it.”

He asks how she is feeling.

She tells that she is doing better.

She looks familiar to him.

She tells that her mother is Sally Chin who runs the Chinese restaurant in town.

Sam would like to ask her a few questions.

He learns that she was mugged, but they didn’t get anything from her.

Sam finds that strange. “When two guys attack someone, they usually want something.”

Maya tells that a woman came up and started screaming and the men took off.

Sam wonders if she knew the men.

She didn’t.

She wonders why he is asking all these questions.

He says that he can’t help it as he was a policeman and asking questions is a habit.

He decides to let her get some rest now.

“If you think of anything more, then let me know about it," he tells.

She feels that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and that there is nothing more to the attack.

From what Sam can tell, she could have ended up dead.

Fancy is mostly upset with Noah for not telling her about Maya before she pushed the issue.

He is sorry that she feels lied to but he dated a lot of girls and doesn't feel that he should have to tell her about each of them.

Fancy still wants to know about the girls in his past.

She offers to tell him about her past boyfriends but he doesn't want to hear about that.

She turns the subject back to Maya.

Noah decides at that point that he will tell her what she wants to know. “I will tell you everything," he promises.

Rebecca is helping Gwen pack and putting her lingerie on top so that Gwen will be ready for him when she gets to New York.

Rebecca tells Gwen that she had better keep her husband happy and tired in bed to keep him interested.

Rebecca wonders if Gwen ever wonders if Ethan misses Theresa and making love to her.

Gwen never thinks about that.

“Theresa is going to have to live without him. Soon she will be a horrible memory," Gwen knows.

Theresa tells Miguel that he should come to see his daughter.

“I know that you talk to her often but she needs to see you in the flesh.”

Miguel would like to come and see the family but he is following leads to find Charity.

Ethan stomps into the office.

Theresa sees the look in his eye.

“I have to call you back later," she says hanging out the phone.

Ethan tosses her bracelet on the desk.

“Just what the hell do you think you are trying to do?"

Kay has her recipes and she hugs her father before leaving the house.

Sam tells Ivy that he is so happy to see his daughter this way.

“I never thought that Kay would get over Miguel, and now I am so glad that she is so happy.”

Ivy thinks to herself. “I wonder where Miguel is right now… He could come in very handy right about now.”

Maya is alone again.

She worries that someone is going to get hurt again but she fears that it isn't going to be her. “It might be you Noah…”

Noah is uncomfortable rehashing his relationship with Maya but he answers questions anyway.

“We were together for a while but is seems longer because of what happened during our relationship…”

“What happened," Fancy asks leaning over the table towards Noah.

Someone screams.

“Watch out!"

Noah and Fancy take a dive just in time.

A car comes in the diner, driving right through a wall that is mostly glass and serves as a window to the establishment.

Everyone in the diner scatters as the car flies directly to where Noah and Fancy were sitting. Had they stayed in their chairs, they would have been killed instantly!

Inside the car, a dark, hooded figure sits behind the wheel.

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