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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox can't believe that Kay canceled the proposal because of the planets.

He is happy that is the reason and nothing serious.

Tabitha knows that in time he will not be happy about anything like he thinks. “The dark side doesn't mess around when it comes to things like this.”

Ethan and Gwen are planning their new lives in New York.

Gwen wants to have a view of the park and Jane will enjoy the many activities. Ethan offers to move somewhere a little less hectic but New York is where Gwen wants to be.

Ethan is going to be making big money soon and so he tells Gwen they can go apartment hunting as soon as possible if that is what she wants. She will have the dream life that she as always wanted.

Gwen loves this and also the fact that Theresa will be out of their lives forever once they get on that plane.

Ethan says nothing.

Gwen panics. She looks in his eyes and sees something in there. “Tell me that we will not have to see her again Ethan!"

Theresa has just found out that their toughest competitor has just hired Ethan to work for them in New York.

Theresa has to do something about this.

“I am going to have a talk with this Mr. Grant and find out what’s going on. Just who the hell does he think he is?"

Sheridan worries now. There is real danger all around she and Chris as they search for her son. She has found Chris battered and beaten and he isn’t moving.

Fox is thrilled. Kay is suspicious and that is fine with him.

“What do you think about a summer wedding?"

Kay says that they can’t even talk about this in the hopes that it is going to happen eventually.

Tabitha listens shaking her head.

Fox is fine now. “The planets are jacked up but they will be fine in time right? Then we can get married!"

Kay guesses that will happen.

Fox doesn't like the sound of that.

“What do you mean Kay? The planets will change their position soon won’t they?"

Sheridan finds Chris still unable to respond to her and she feels that he is in danger the longer he stays under.

“Chris! Get up!"

Soon he stirs.

She helps him up and over to the bed.

“Tell me who did this to you? Was this the people from the mob? This is all my fault.”

Chris is all beat up and bloody.

Sheridan feels that she almost got him killed the same way that she got Luis and Antonio killed.

Chris tells her to shush herself.

Chris holds his side and groans in pain.

She wants to take him to the hospital but he will not go.

She gets a washcloth to clean him up.

He likes that. “I couldn’t ask for a prettier nurse.”

She thanks him for looking for her son.

Ethan tells Gwen that things are not as cut and dried as she would like to think. He knows that Theresa will not be out of their lives and he still sympathizes somewhat with her position.

“Theresa is an abused woman who married Alistair to be near Jane.”

Gwen sees it different. “She wanted to be near you Ethan, and she knew what she was doing. Look at the things that she has done! I can’t live like this another day or another second. If you can’t protect me from that woman, then I am going to take Jane and I will never see her again… even if that means not seeing you!"

Theresa enters Mr. Grant’s office and sits.

The man is polite enough and expresses his glee at not having to deal with Alistair lately.

“He does business like it is a blood sport.”

Theresa talks about Ethan and the job that was offered to him.

“Rescind the job offer!"

The man will not do that. “Now if that is the only reason why you have come today, you can go. Good day!"

Chris tells how he got beat up, but the mob guys but they still promised to look out for Marty anyway.

Sheridan is so happy she hugs Chris a little too hard.

He grimaces.

Kay says that she loves astrology but doesn't know about the stars and the moon, and all that.

“I just know that right now isn't the time to get engaged.”

Fox is getting skeptical again about her reason for not getting married. “Are you covering for another reason?"

Kay says that she wouldn’t do that.

She peers over his shoulder at Tabitha who is peeking in from the doorway.

Fox wants to find out when the planets will be in the right position.

Kay says that Tabitha knows all about this.

Tabitha thinks this is getting out of hand. “I just hope that the boys in the basement don’t get too upset over this.”

Theresa stands firm but Mr. Grant will not budge.

“I have had to be very careful to stay aboveboard to be successful in business and avoid getting squashed by Alistair. Alistair makes things very difficult.”

Theresa knows exactly how Mr. Grant feels under Alistair’s thumb.

Mr. Grant tells Theresa that he will not be put in the position that Alistair had him in ever again. “I will not be rescinding my job offer to Ethan!"

He opens the door now.

“Good day! And don’t call me, as I will never be calling you!"

Fox and Kay go into the kitchen and find Tabitha there.

She remarks how nice it is to see they are back together again.

Fox asks Tabitha when the planets will be realigned.

Tabitha says that she will have to consult her charts, but she doesn't move to do it.

Fox asks her to please do it now. “It is very important.”

He goes to make some coffee, while Tabitha fakes looking for books on the planets in the bookcase.

Kay whispers to Tabitha. “When are the planets going to be aligned?"

Tabitha says that the dark side does things their own way. “There is no telling when or if the planets will ever be realigned.”


Smoke comes out of the vent. The boys in the basement are not happy.

“What the hell is that," Fox asks?

Chris and Sheridan are happy again. She has him in bed and under the covers. Even in his pain he can’t keep his hands off her and they kiss.

Gwen tells how she has suffered at Theresa’s hand.

“We were supposed to be in India today and look what happened? If I were to believe that you would make sure that Theresa won’t be able to see us anymore, I could deal with that. You are either 100% with the idea to get Theresa out of our lives, or you are not. And if you are not, then I am going to take Jane and leave without you.”

Mr. Grant orders Theresa out of his office again.

Theresa tells the man a story.

“Alistair has hurt everyone that I care about.”

Mr. Grant cares nothing about this.

She continues telling how she had to endure being married to the bastard. “I survived everything that pig had to dish out. If he couldn't break me, then a run of the mill business man like you will not do it either.”

She closes the door.

She turns again to face the business icon.

“I am not leaving here Lawrence! I will not leave until you rescind that job offer to Ethan!"&# 9;

Tabitha pretends that she didn’t hear the boys in the basement.

Fox knows that there is something going on down there.

Usually Tabitha tells Fox that she keeps blaming the furnace for that noise in the basement, but he can’t understand why she just doesn't buy a new one.

Tabitha fakes hurt and offence at the thought that a Crane would come into her house and just flippantly suggest she go out and buy something as expensive as that.

Fox apologizes for his insensitivity.

Kay needs to figure something out to make things right and doesn't care about the basement or what is in it.

Tabitha finds a book on planets and settles in with it on the couch.

Fox and Kay sit by her.

Tabitha tells that it will be a few months before he can be engaged to Kay.

He will wait but would like Kay to wear his ring anyway.

“No!" Tabitha tells that wearing the ring now means that they are engaged, and so they can’t do it.

Fox thinks that the women are nuts.

Kay says that she wants to do things this way as she doesn't want to screw up their future. “Trust me on this," she begs. “If anything went wrong later on, I will think that is because we didn’t wait for the planets!"

Fox will wait and then ask her again to marry him.

She promises at that time that she will say 'yes'.

Chris and Sheridan are kissing and laying in bed.

He wants to make love to her but she knows that he is too hurt for that.

He has an idea.

They get off the bed and he takes her to the hot tub in their suite.

She smiles.

He tells that the hot tub will make him feel better.

She knows that he is bringing her to the hot tub for more than a soak.

Mr. Grant laughs at Theresa’s little act clapping his hands as if at the theatre.

“You have only been Alistair’s wife a few months. You must have been a quick study.”

He takes out a file and reads from it.

“…Daughter of Martin and Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald… fell in love with Ethan… you followed Julian Crane to the Bahamas and married him after getting drunk… you had a child with Julian who you named Little Ethan….”

“That is enough!"

Mr. Grant can see that the woman’s personal life is the reason that she is there.

She agrees.

“I love Ethan and I will continue to do whatever I can to be with him. I will not give up. I even married a sick and perverted man to get close to Ethan. I lost a great deal. Alistair has custody of my child, from tricking me into it. Now here I am in charge of everything that Alistair owns personally and professionally and I will use it. Now tell me you will not hire Ethan!"

Mr. Grant tells Theresa that she reminds him of his five-year-old daughter having a tantrum. “What are you going to do when I say 'no' again? I have hired Ethan and he will be working for me. None of your theatrics will work on me! You have a lot to learn young woman."

Theresa says that she has a lot to learn but she will learn it. “You think that Alistair was hard on you? You are going to think that Alistair was a pussycat when I am done with you. That is a promise and if you don’t give me what I want… I will sink you and your company!"

Fox wants to wear the engagement ring around his neck until Kay can marry him.

She finds that a beautiful gesture to make.

He leaves to get more coffee.

Tabitha tells Kay that she is playing with fire again.

Kay says that she isn’t wearing the ring, Fox will be.

Tabitha knows that the dark side will be unhappy that she isn’t keeping her end of the bargain. “You said that you would give him up for good and now you are changing your mind.”

Kay doesn't care.

Tabitha sees hard times coming.

Chris and Sheridan are in the hot tub naked.

He finds the rushing water soothing.

He tells Sheridan that he doesn't deserve her. They kiss.

Ethan makes Gwen sit.

“I love you and will be spending my life with you no matter what.”

She hearse him say that all the time but what he needs to say to her is that he doesn't love Theresa.

He will care about Theresa always, but he promises not to jeopardize the family or the marriage. He wants what is best for them.

Gwen needs him to agree that they need to be away from Theresa.

He does agree. “Theresa will not go away but the next time that we see her will be at Jane’s wedding. Once we are in New York, Theresa will be out of our lives Gwen.”

Theresa has done some research on Mr. Grant as well.

He finds that hard to believe as she wouldn't dare coming to see him this way.

Theresa tells Mr. Grant that Ethan has a contract and he is not free to work for someone else.

“I propose to leave my legal department out of this problem. There is another department that we have at Crane. That department has high ranking politicians assassinated… The one that topples business. You will be seeking solace when I am through with you.”

Mr. Grant doesn't believe that Theresa has it in her to do any of this.

She orders him to talk to his people and find out if what she is saying is true or not.

“I have nothing left to lose. I have the power to get what I want and I am going to get it. Now called Ethan and tell him that the job position has been filled by someone else, or I call the ‘special department’ and have them get me what I want… anyway that they see fit. It is your call!"

Chris and Sheridan are in the tub, in the full throes of sexual passion.

Fox leaves for a little while.

Kay tells Tabitha that she is wrong.

Tabitha knows that Kay is playing with fire upsetting the boys in the basement.

Kay goes to the vent and shouts that she is sick and tired of this!

Gwen likes the idea of not seeing Theresa until Jane gets married.

“We are going to have a wonderful time in New York and Theresa will be so happy that she will not have time to hunt us down.”

Ethan is only glad that Mr. Grant wasn’t afraid to hire him.

They owe him their thanks.

Theresa tells Mr. Grant that she is going to unleash her anger if she doesn't get what she wants.

“Call Ethan and tell him that you are rescinding your job offer… NOW!"

Mr. Grant is starting to break under the pressure of the threats being hurled at him.

Theresa leans over the desk glaring at him.

He nervously reaches for the phone and starts dialing.

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