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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay is blue.

She is back home from the trip, and sad after refusing Fox’s proposal.

Tabitha knows that things will be better when the planets are realigned.

Kay knows that Fox was shattered.

She remembers that he thought that she was still in love with Miguel when she couldn’t give him an explanation for not accepting his proposal.

Kay knows that she really has lost him forever now.

In Hawaii, Sheridan and Chris are back to square one.

They know now because of the fire that someone knows that they are looking for Marty and they will have obstacles now.

“Father won. He is in a coma and he still controls everything.”

Chris has an idea on how they can find Marty and take him home.

Ethan has a new job, but Gwen worries as he is under contract with Crane and has to honor it.

Ethan isn’t worried. He leaves to make calls to get things rolling for the new job and move that they have to make to New York.

Gwen tells her mother that she would like to believe that Theresa will leave them alone but she is sure that Theresa will not.

Theresa is alone thinking about how it is going to be when Ethan comes back to Crane.

“Theresa you bitch," Ivy shouts! “I will not allow you to ruin my son’s life again!"

Theresa has her back to the doorway, but knows that voice. Ivy has arrived. Theresa smiles.

Kay asks Tabitha what it is like to be old and alone.

Tabitha is offended.

Kay feels that she will have a life like Tabitha’s now that Fox has slipped through her fingers.

She is sorry for Maria as she has lost the best step dad ever.

Tabitha reminds her that this marriage would have been total misery and heartache anyway.

“You are responsible for this Kay. You started the ball rolling with the spell to make him successful. Evil is never fair Kay. If you give up this notion of happily ever after with Fox, then you will have paid your debt to the dark side.”

Kay is just upset that Fox thinks that she has been having feelings for Miguel all this time.

Fox comes into the room as Kay is talking. He stands behind her.

“Why can’t I just be with the man that I love?"

Fox answers her.

“I am sure that Miguel will return for you one day Kay," Fox says.

Both Kay and Tabitha turn their heads to see Fox standing in the doorway listening.

Chris figures that if he gets his old mob connections to help, they will be sure to find Marty in no time.

Sheridan can’t believe that he would suggest such a thing.

Rebecca and Gwen are discussing how to control Theresa when Ethan comes in.

He tells the women not to worry as they are going to New York whether Theresa likes it or not.

Ethan is even willing to press charges against Theresa for his attempted murder if she doesn't let up.

Rebecca likes the sound of that.

Ivy confronts Theresa for stopping Ethan from going to India.

Theresa says that she is in charge and she can do whatever she wants.

Ivy knows that somehow this is Theresa trying to get to Ethan.

“If you love Ethan as much as you say that you do… why did you murder his daughter? Why did you expose him and ruin his identity?"

Theresa again denies that she sent the information to the tabloids. “They set me up to take the fall and that is the truth. You don’t believe me but one day you will. Don’t you remember when Gwen threw the evidence in the incinerator? That wasn’t all the evidence. I will find the rest of it and Gwen will be exposed.”

Noah and Maya are in the shower. He is holding her up. She is about to collapse.

Fancy enters the room when she hears moaning.

She sees a naked Maya with her arms around Noah’s neck and he holds her up with his arms around her. To Fancy this looks like something else entirely than what it really is.

Fancy watches frozen.

Noah doesn't move but he tries to explain when he realizes what the scene must look like to Fancy.

She will not listen.

He calls to her but can’t move. Maya is dead weight now and he has to keep his arms around her to keep her standing.

Fancy rushes from the room.


She is gone.

She runs down the stairs and stops when at the bottom. “To think… I trusted him…”

Kay tells Fox that he is the one that she loves.

“I couldn’t say 'yes' to your proposal but it is not about Miguel.”

Fox turns to Tabitha.

“I will be taking my things and leaving. You understand right?"

Tabitha does.

Fox leaves the room.

Kay’s heart is breaking now.

Tabitha tells her to rest easy.

Ivy is sick of hearing about Theresa trying to win Ethan back.

“I wanted Ethan to run Crane and you denied him that. Do you know how wrong that is?"

Theresa says that she wants Ethan to run Crane Industries as well. “That is why I am not the person that outed him as a Bennett. He was in the perfect position to run everything before that happened to him.”

Ivy wants her to leave Ethan alone but Theresa feels that if Ethan really loves Gwen like Ivy thinks, then her trying to get him shouldn’t matter.

“I want him to run Crane Industries, and even be president one day. You would be very important Ivy.”

She likes that idea.

She hates that Theresa is thinking that she would be first lady.

The phone rings and Theresa takes the call.

“It is time for my conference with the London office. I will do my best until Ethan comes back to run the company. After that… The sky is the limit.” Theresa leaves the room.

Ivy seriously thinks about this. “Ethan in charge.”

Noah holds Maya up and shouts hoping that Fancy will hear him. “I will be down in a minute!"

He picks Maya up and carries her to the bed.

Maya didn’t realize that Fancy had seen them.

“I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble Noah.”

He has to go and talk to Fancy and he warns Maya that he will be telling her the whole truth. “I love Fancy and she loves me. I will lose everything if I don’t tell her everything.”

Maya reminds him that he will lose her another way if he puts her in danger.

Fancy gets her coat on and runs out of the Bennett house.


She stops running.

Noah runs out of the house with no shirt on in the snow to talk to her.

“I need to explain Fancy!"

THWACK! Fancy slaps him hard across the face. “Save your breath! I never want to see you again!"

Chris says that there is no danger going to the mob for help to find Marty. “I am not in danger anymore.”

Sheridan will not hear of it.

Sheridan will make a call and pretend that she is moving to Hawaii. “I will asked for daycares in the area to check them out.”

Chris will go downstairs and get some directories to look through from the front desk.

The two kiss. Chris leaves now.

Sheridan sits at the table.

Chris goes outside and thinks that the mob will help and have better resources than he does although Sheridan is against the idea. “I will be safe. I only care about Marty and Sheridan.”

Kay hates that Fox thinks that she is still in love with Miguel.

Kay decides that she has to tell Fox everything. “I have to tell him everything as lying always gets me in trouble. He deserves to know the truth.”

Tabitha says that if she is going to tell the truth then she had better tell that there are witches in the house, and that she broke up her parents’ marriage and whatever else she has been hiding from him.

“I am sure that will kill the poor boy for sure.”

Kay walks off.

Tabitha calls to her but she leaves anyway to go and find Fox.

Tabitha knows that Kay will muck this up for sure.

Fox is on his way out, but Kay stops him.

“I have to tell you the real reason for my refusal of your proposal.

Tabitha eavesdrops rolling her eyes.

Rebecca and Gwen are talking about Theresa while in the Bed & Breakfast trying to figure out a way to control Theresa.

After she knocks on the door of the Bed & Breakfast, Gwen lets her in.

“I have a question for you Gwen. Are you responsible for Ethan’s true parentage being leaked to the tabloids?"

Ethan walks into the mansion.

Theresa runs to him. “I knew that you would come back.”

He tells her that he isn’t back. “I am through with Crane Industries and I am through with you.”

Noah tries to explain but Fancy will not listen. He tries anyway.

“Maya went to take a shower alone and I rushed in. Her back hurt and she couldn’t stand up and I ran in to grab her and hold her up. She passed out in there. That is when you walked in. I wouldn’t cheat on you with Maya.”

She doesn't believe any of it. “You have a story for everything! Get out of my life and stay out!"

Noah tells Fancy that she is acting stupid.

“Maya is badly hurt. Do you think that she really felt like making love? Let’s get inside. I am freezing and I am not wearing any shoes. Come on. I have to go upstairs and get some clothes.”

Fancy hates that he will be going up to his room where Maya is.

“I have to go there. That is my bedroom!"

“Oh yeah," Fancy says.

“You better be telling me the truth," Fancy says under her breath.

Noah runs into the bedroom to get his clothes.

Maya knows that at any time now Noah will be telling Fancy the truth and putting her in danger.

“Look what happened to me last night? Can you protect Fancy?"

Tabitha peeks in the doorway to listen to Kay talk to Fox.

“Miguel is Maria’s father and he calls sometimes but I have no feelings for him whatsoever. I want to be with you and only you. I wanted to accept the proposal but I couldn’t… “

Kay is about to talk more, but she looks over Fox’s shoulder and sees Tabitha signaling for her to shut her mouth.

Kay decides to speak.

“The truth is that I can’t marry you because of magic.”

Sheridan is on the phone randomly calling daycares looking for Marty. She can’t find him anywhere.

“I hope that Chris is having more luck than I am," Sheridan says.

Out in the hall of the hotel, two men come to meet Chris as he has asked them to.

He shakes the two men’s hands as if they were old buddies.

“So… What can we do for you Chris?"

Noah is dressed now and he tells Maya that he has to tell Fancy everything.

“I will protect her. I have done that already. We have had many episodes where she needed me. As long as Fancy is downstairs, I will have a chance to make things right. Goodbye….” Noah leaves.

Fancy is downstairs and she decides that she has waited long enough for Noah to come down.

She turns and walks out of the Bennetts’ house.

Noah comes down. “Fancy!"

She isn’t anyway.

“She left?"

Tabitha still listens from the doorway.

Fox thinks that Kay’s excuse of ‘magic’ being the reason for their not getting engaged is ridiculous. “Are you kidding me?"

Kay tells that the planets are not in alignment and she will be risking their future by accepting his proposal right now.

Tabitha sees that Kay has really stepped into it now.

Fox sums it up. “You love me and that is why you can’t marry me?"

Kay tells him that is exactly it.

Tabitha doesn't even understand what Kay is saying.

Ivy tells Rebecca and Gwen that Theresa says that they are responsible for Ethan’s life being ruined.

“I remembered backing you up when you said that you were destroying CD’s, but Theresa seems very sure that you were destroying damning evidence.” Ivy also knows that Alistair had something on everyone the night of the party. “Maybe this is what Alistair had on you.”

Rebecca is hurt that Ivy would side with Theresa over them.

Ivy isn’t siding with Theresa, she just had to ask.

Ethan tells Theresa that he has just come to the house to get a few things.

She knows that he wants her and that is why he has come back.

“You are really something… You know that?"

Ethan heads into the back of the house.

A delivery man arrives with an envelope. He wants to deliver it to Theresa.

“What is it?"

She is told that it is information that Alistair asked to have delivered to the house.

Theresa wants none of that. She tells the Crane Industries deliveryman to get rid of the information and to stop whatever spying and snooping has been going around.

“What do I do with this?"

Theresa tells the man to get rid of the envelope.

“Wait a minute. What is it?"

She is told that the envelope contains information on Ethan Winthrope.

“Wait! That is information on Ethan?" Theresa’s face lights up.

Fox revisits all that he has gone through to propose and now he learns that astrology has stopped them from getting engaged.

“The stars told you to nix my proposal? That is hilarious. That is ridiculous. Are you kidding?"

Kay sees that this wasn’t a good idea.

Tabitha makes a face from behind Fox back.

Noah returns from looking for Fancy out in the snow.

“She left.”

“No I didn’t," Fancy says.

He turns to find her behind him in the house.

“Proof that I am wrong. Tell me everything.”

Rebecca and Gwen deny that they hurt Ethan with the tabloid information.

Ivy will accept that, but if she finds out that they were lying…

The door opens and Ethan enters.

“I have everything from the mansion. We can now pack and move to New York.”

Back at the mansion, Theresa tells the deliveryman that she hasn’t time to read the report that was generated with information on Ethan. “What is it about?"

“He is leaving for New York. He got a job and he will be moving to New York," the man tells.

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