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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Martin and Pilar are reading the paper and planning the renewal in the living room of their home.

Paloma comes into the room and talks with her parents, glad to see her mother so happy.

Pilar is so happy that Paloma will be a part of the wedding. She is really looking forward to the celebration.

She shows Paloma some bridesmaids’ pictures for choosing a dress, and then she leaves to make breakfast.

Paloma knows that her mother is excited about the renewal and she mentions that to her father. He can sense that she has something that she wants to say to him.

“Dad, I saw you last night with Katherine hugging outside the Book Café.” Martin puts the paper away now.

“Yes, Paloma. I still love Katherine.”

Paloma can’t understand how he can remarry her mother when he loves Katherine.

Ethan and Gwen are up and at the mansion. They wonder why Theresa has called them over there.

Theresa offers Ethan an envelope.

“It is proof that Rebecca and Gwen ruined your life. She thought that she ruined the proof but there was more.”

Gwen shouts that she is lying again.

Ethan opens the envelope and reads.

“It was you. All this time. You destroyed my life and you tried to pin it on Theresa. Explain this Gwen!"

Gwen jumps up out of bed.

She is alone in bed.

“It was a bad dream.”

Fancy gets up and has a big bucket of ice cream for breakfast. No plate! No table manners. She just gets the bowl and starts shoveling the ice cream in her mouth.

The housekeeper comes in telling Fancy that breakfast is being served, but she doesn't want that. She wants ice cream.

Theresa comes into the kitchen.

“Why don’t you have breakfast in the solarium”

She wonders if that is an order or not.

Fancy fears that now that Theresa has control she will kick her out of the mansion.

Theresa likes her. She will not do that.

Rebecca comes into the room looking for someone to serve her breakfast.

Theresa says that the cook isn’t around.

Rebecca tells Theresa then to do her a favor and to serve her some grapefruit.

Theresa is only happy to help.

She grabs half a grapefruit and mashes it into Rebecca’s face.

Noah gets up shirtless and goes over to check on Maya who lies sleeping in bed.

She wakes.

He sits with her.

“About what happened last night. Those men followed you to Harmony didn’t they?"

She admits that is true. “This has to do with what we saw in the attic doesn't it?”

Noah can’t see the connection between what happened then and now.

In Hawaii, Sheridan is awake and ready to start the day.

She looks at Marty’s picture in a locket that she wears.

“No one is going to stop me from finding you and bringing you home.”

In the hotel room behind Sheridan, an intruder has come into the suite. He or she walks from room to room and then settles behind Sheridan who is standing on the patio for the room.

Sheridan is looking at the view quietly.

Someone touches her shoulder.

She turns suddenly scared.

“It is you," she says to Chris.

He went for fresh pineapple.

He feeds some to her.

They have to resume their search for Otto this morning.

Chris says that when they get a clue as to where Marty is, they have to move fast to get him in their possession.

Gwen comes downstairs and finds Ethan looking for work on his laptop. He will need a job.

Julian would help them but he isn’t in charge anymore.

Ethan can’t even use the company as a reference as Theresa will surely get in the way of that.

Gwen knows that this could stop Ethan from getting work elsewhere.

Ethan will have to keep hoping that someone will take a risk and hire him.

Gwen will keep her fingers crossed.

Ethan will not give Theresa the power to destroy his marriage although she has ruined their plans.

Inside, Gwen knows that Theresa could ruin her marriage if she gets the evidence about the tabloid.

Rebecca sees that Theresa is acting like she owns the place.

She reminds the girl that Julian is in charge.

Theresa enlightens her.

Theresa also tells that Ethan and Gwen didn’t make it to India. “I stopped them.”

Rebecca doesn't believe it.

Fancy confirms that all that Theresa has said is true.

Theresa warns Rebecca that she should start looking for a new place to live before she is thrown out on her snotty butt.

Rebecca isn’t sure what happened here, but whatever it is, she wants it reversed.

Rebecca plans to talk to Gwen to find out what is going on here.

Theresa asks her to please have Gwen return a couple of things that belong to her.

“What is that?"

“Ethan and Jane," Theresa says smiling crazily.

Rebecca stomps out of the room.

Martin sits with his daughter to explain that he feels for both her mother and Katherine.

“I know that you want me to go back to Katherine.”

Paloma can’t help how she feels. “I love Katherine and I always will. However, now I love mama. She wasn’t being selfish when she sent me away. To know that mama loved me that much let me see her in a whole new light.”

Martin is confused. “Should I stay with your mother or go with Katherine?"

Paloma only wants him to leave now if he is going to leave and not prolong it.”

Martin plans to stay with Pilar and renew his vows although he loves Katherine.

Fancy is pouring the chocolate syrup now on her ice cream as she talks to Theresa.

Theresa tells her that she is welcomed as long as she wants to live there.

Theresa also is indebted to Noah and will do this favor for him by letting Fancy live at the mansion.

Fancy wants Noah’s name left out of this. Theresa can see that she hit a nerve and she offers to be a sounding board if that is what Fancy needs.

Fancy doesn't buy Theresa’s kind and caring act.

“You are only doing this to show Ethan that you are not really the bitch that you really are.”

Theresa takes offence. “Ethan isn’t here anymore Fancy to see anything. He is gone. So if I were you, I would be nice to me before you get to see how nasty I can really be.”

Noah tries to make leeway of what happened to Maya.

She tells that she thought that the night of the shooting in the attic was really history but it wasn’t.

“I felt like I was being watched and I got scared. I couldn’t go to the police and so I came to find you and instead I led them right to you and put you and Fancy in danger.”

Chris and Sheridan are ready to go into the records office to get Otto’s address.

They open the door to the office and find everything burned to the ground.

A firefighter tells that everything is damaged and ruined. “Nothing is left.”

Sheridan is heartbroken. “We were counting on these files to get to Marty. What are the chances that the office was burned because we were snooping around. Otto must have been here. He might be around now watching our every move.”

Rebecca goes into the Bed & Breakfast and finds Gwen there.

“It’s true?"

Gwen confirms it.

She tells how Ethan is getting dressed to go looking for a job right now.

Rebecca never thought that Alistair would give Theresa all his power.

Gwen has to agree.

Ethan comes into the room dressed for a job interview.

The recruiter is from New York and he is in town.

Ethan takes off now.

Gwen hopes that Ethan gets this job or Theresa will have more of a chance to get her claws into him.

Maya feels better this morning and wants to get back to her hotel.

Noah tells Maya that she has to stay with him and stay safe.

“My dad used to be the chief of police and we will take turns looking after you.”

Maya can’t deal with the guilt of this and the hurt that might come from it.

Noah says that they will have to call the police and tell the truth about this.

She doesn't want that.

He knows that it is better late than never.

He walks to the phone.

She shouts at him to stop! “We can’t prove that we are innocent. It is too late. We could have gone back but we didn’t and now we have to deal with this on our own.”

Noah puts the phone done.

“Well, I still have to tell Fancy the truth about this whether we call the cops or not.”

“No!" Maya sits up now.

“You will be putting her in danger if you tell her any of this!"

Noah has to do this as he could lose Fancy.

Maya feels that keeping the secret is better than Fancy losing her life.

Noah knows that she is right about that.

“Still, the past will catch up to us sooner or later.”

Maya moves slowly. “I am sore. I am going to take a shower.”

She turns to him thanking him for his help.

Fancy thinks of the promise that she and Noah made to each other.

“We are not going to let anyone, or anything get in between us.”

He really seemed sincere when he used to tell her that he loved her.

Fancy asks herself why she is upset.

“I am not going to lose the man that I love this easily. I will trust in our love.”

She grabs her purse and runs out of the house.

Martin and Pilar are at the mansion with Paloma.

She has food and refreshments for them all.

“Alistair has made a will that makes me in charge of everything if he dies or is incapacitated, like now. Julian was in charge but isn’t anymore. This is all mine.”

Paloma loves the food.

Theresa tells her family that she wants them to move in with her.

“Instead of working for the Cranes you will be living in their house. You can claim as many rooms as you like, and you can have credit cards and go shopping and get whatever you want.”

Paloma loves this!

Martin and Pilar are more reserved about how wonderful this might or might not be.

Rebecca hates the dump that Sheridan lives in. “She doesn't even have a mini bar.”

Gwen knows that sooner or later Theresa will find the truth about the tabloid and when that happens, Gwen will lose Ethan to that woman.

“We need to be prepared.”

Rebecca says that she is.

“Look! If push comes to shove… with Theresa threatening your future… I will do whatever it takes to stop her," Rebecca says.

The maid reports to Theresa that she hasn’t found anything yet that proves that Gwen and her mother have framed her.

Theresa tells the woman to keep looking.

The housekeeper wants to take a break now as she is exhausted.

Theresa tells her to keep looking or she will be looking for a new job.

Theresa heads back to her family and tells them that they need to move in.

Martin and Pilar feel that they don’t need to live in a big house. Pilar will not take anything from the Cranes.

Theresa turns to Paloma. “I know that you want to be a designer, so why not work at Crane as Fancy’s assistant”

Paloma thinks back to the secret files that she and Simone found under the Book Café. “Simone," she said. “We have found a gold mine here!"

Paloma hates to do this but she has to turn down her sister’s offer.

Theresa can’t believe this. “How can you people turn this down?"

Noah is in his bedroom, while Maya showers.

She starts crying out. “Ah! Ah! Ah!"

He rushes to the bathroom door and slowly opens it.

Maya is naked in the shower.

She is having some sort of pain, and it is difficult for her to stand up.

Noah comes into the shower stall, holding her in his arms as a support.

She puts her arms around his neck as he holds her up in the shower.

In the hall, Fancy is making her way to Noah’s door.

Sheridan sees her situation hopeless now that the office has burned down.

The firefighter tells that the fire chief feels that the fire was arson. They are waiting for the inspector to come and look things over.

Chris and Sheridan realize that they could be in real danger while looking for Marty.

Rebecca and Gwen talk about Theresa and how they should handle her.

Rebecca feels that they should just take Theresa out if she gets out of control.

Ethan returns.

He was hired.

The man that interviewed him isn’t afraid of Theresa at all.

“We are going to have a job in New York and a new home. Theresa can’t stop us anymore.”

Martin and Pilar talk about Theresa quietly. They know that Theresa is under the false pretence that she has control. Alistair will never give that up.

Paloma thanks her sister for the job offer but she wants to respect her parents feelings on this.

Paloma asks her sister what it is that she wants now that she has all the money in the world.

Theresa wants what she has always wanted. “Nothing has changed. I want Ethan.”

Fancy is in the hall.

She hears the shower going.

She goes into Noah’s room and sees that no one is in there. “Noah must be downstairs. I will head down there to see if he is there, in case Maya is in the shower.”

She starts walking off.


That was a woman’s voice.

Fancy heads back to the bathroom door and puts her ear up against it.

Inside the shower stall, Noah is with a naked Maya in the shower, with his shirt off. Both have their arms around the other and their eyes closed to keep the water from getting in them.

“Here Maya. Put both your arms up and hold on, or we are both going to fall down," Noah says.

Fancy clearly hears that.

She grabs the knob and opens the door entering.

What she sees causes her to freeze in her tracks with her mouth open.

She just stares.

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