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Passions Update Wednesday 2/1/06--Canada; Thursday 2/2/06--USA

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Maya wakes and Noah is over her waiting.

He has a million questions.

Eve tells him not to overwhelm her.

Maya asks what happened that night.

Noah tells that she was attacked and he wants to know who did this to her. He wants to find the guys.

Eve calms him. She has been through a lot already.

Fancy too wonders who did this to Maya.

Noah plans to find out.

Fancy hopes that soon he will tell her everything.

They head into the hallway to talk privately.

“Okay Noah. What is the whole story between you and Maya.” Fancy has been patient but that is over now.

Martin and Pilar come to the Book Café to see Paloma. They go to ask about her when they don’t see her around.

An employee tells that Paloma is in the stockroom getting supplies.

Paloma and Simone are in the secret room that they have found hidden under the stockroom.

They have found nothing there in Alistair’s secret room. Everything seems quite innocent actually.

Martin orders coffees for he and Pilar as they wait for Paloma to come out of the stockroom.

Pilar hopes quietly that she will be able to get married without interference from Katherine.

Katherine and Rachel are in Alistair’s room.

Katherine was hesitant to go in.

Rachel says that he is pathetic and old and can’t hurt them, so she shouldn’t be afraid.

Katherine hopes that he suffers great pain before he dies.

Alistair is on the monitor talking over a tape to Ethan, Gwen, Theresa and Julian.

“…You are all going to be under the thumb of my wife. What she says goes! This will be the gospel. The gospel of Theresa! I just hope that they have monitors in hell so that I can watch the heartache that Theresa is going to visit on all of you. Ha! Ha ha ha ha…”

Theresa can’t help smile as she realizes what this means for her.

The lawyer confirms what Alistair is saying.

Ethan and Gwen feel that Alistair’s mind at the time of the taping might be in question.

The lawyer denies that Alistair was insane.

Gwen wonders if Theresa held a gun to Alistair’s head to get this.

Theresa denies that she knew anything about this.

Theresa says that she has the makings of a dictator but she will be a good one.

She orders everyone to get home and relax.

Gwen isn’t about to do as Theresa tells her to.

Theresa expected this attitude.

“Joe! Put the plane away. No one is flying tonight.”

Gwen pipes in. “No! We are leaving.”

Ethan will not be bullied by her.

He orders the pilot to fly this plane out of there.

Theresa won’t allow it.

“Fine then,” Ethan says. “We will take a commercial flight!"

Theresa says that is fine but they will not be taking her daughter with them.

Simone knows that this has to be a hiding place, but what is Alistair hiding there.

Paloma and Simone start looking quicker through the boxes that are stored there.

Pilar asks Martin if he really is happy that they are renewing their vows.

He says that he really wants this.

She feels really good hearing that.

Fancy is trying not to be a jealous girlfriend but she wants to know more about Maya.

Noah did care a great deal about Maya.

He knows that she is afraid of something or someone.

Noah tells that on the dock wasn’t the first time that he saw her that night.

“I ran into her this evening. I saw her at the Blue Note.”

Fancy knows now that is who he was talking to when she found him at the Blue Note.

“She asked me for my help and now I am thinking that this incident wouldn’t have happened if he had helped her. I didn’t tell you as I wasn’t ready to talk about her with anyone.”

Fancy knows that there is more that he isn’t telling her. “Tell me what it is!"

Noah starts talking again about Maya.

Eve interrupts him saying that Maya is asking for him.

Noah rushes in the room.

Fancy is left with a lot of questions.

Rachel stands over Alistair and shouts about what a tyrant he is, in case he can hear her.

Katherine doesn't like this and she has to go in fact.

She has to find out how Martin is going to deal with this situation about who he is going to be with.

Rachel just wants her to be happy.

Katherine leaves now.

Alistair can hear them and in his unconscious state he thinks about Rachel and the things that he did to her.

“You deserve everything that I did to you. You are pathetic.”

In the secret room under the stockroom Paloma starts worrying. She knows that they can get in trouble for snooping in Alistair’s things.

Simone says that after the way that Alistair has treated their families any type of trouble is worth it.

Martin and Pilar are discussing their wedding when Paloma and Simone arrive from the stockroom.

Pilar tells that she went to the spa that day with Theresa and it was great.

Pilar wants Paloma to be a part of the ceremony for the renewal, but Paloma worries about this.

Katherine has always been like a mother to her. The wedding will be bittersweet.

Paloma says that she will always be grateful to Katherine for taking care of her daughter.

Gwen isn’t about to do anything that Theresa says.

Theresa says that she has a deal for them.

“You can work here Ethan. Think about it as that job offer that you wanted in India suddenly isn’t available anymore.”

“You bitch," Gwen shouts.

Ethan is good and can get a job working as a lawyer anywhere.

She just wants him to think about her offer.

Julian tells Theresa to give it a break already.

Theresa suggests they all go home and have a sleep and think about this offer some more.

“I am not going anywhere with you tonight Theresa," Gwen spits!

“Fine," Theresa says. “The plane isn’t going anywhere tonight Gwen so what are you going to do… Sleep on the runway tonight?"

Katherine is about to go into the Book Café.

She sees Martin and Pilar inside and quickly ducks back out of sight.

Fancy is still thinking about the secret that Noah is hiding about Maya. What could it be?

Maya apologizes to Noah for coming back to town.

Noah is only sorry that he didn’t help her before, and he offers to help her now.

She tells him that it is too dangerous… Especially for him.

He wants to know what that means.

She tells that he has to stay out of this as… Her voice trails off.

He guesses correctly that this has to do with that fateful night from long ago.

Maya tells him to get on with his life and forget about her. “Go to your girlfriend and never tell her about this.”

Noah can’t do that. “I have to tell her the truth… she deserves the truth about us.”


Fancy looks at Noah and Maya and sees that the girl looks really upset. “What the heck are they talking about?"

Theresa pushes Ethan and Gwen to come to the mansion.

They decide that they are going to a hotel.

“And how are you going to pay for the hotel," Theresa asks.

Ethan will use his credit card.

Theresa orders him to hand the cards over.

Ethan sees that now she is going too far.

Theresa turns to Julian. “We are not in the practice over at Crane of letting disgruntled employees continue to use their company credit cards are we? I have to protect the company that I have been charged with.”

Julian tells Theresa that she really is pushing this.

Ethan tells Gwen that the cards do belong to Crane, and the ones that don’t are set up by banks owned by Crane.

Gwen has a trust fund but the banks that hold it are owned by Crane as well.

Ethan hands over his cards.

Gwen finds her as cold, hard and vicious as Alistair used to be.

Alistair thinks to himself that Rachel is really a horrible woman.

Rachel stands over Alistair and she hopes that he can hear her.

Alistair knows that even now he is still causing grief to everyone and that makes him very happy.

He would love to be a fly on the wall when his Will is played for everyone.

Inside, he laughs.

Rachel thinks that she sees him laughing somehow although that is impossible…or is it?

Pilar discusses Katherine and how she deserves credit for raising Paloma.

Katherine is outside the Book Café listening in.

Paloma loves talking about this, but she has to get back to work now or she will be fired.

Pilar, Paloma and Simone move to be alone in a corner to discuss the renewal.

Katherine sees that Martin is alone and she goes to him.

He tells her that they should talk outside.

Maya says that the men on the waterfront meant business. “If that woman hadn’t come by when she did, I wouldn't be here. Those men meant business Noah. Do you want the same thing to happen to your girlfriend?"

Ethan and Gwen only have a few dollars and won’t be able to get a hotel.

Julian offers to give them some money, but Ethan will not take it.

Ethan remembers that Sheridan is gone and he figures that he and Gwen can go and stay at the Bed & Breakfast.

Theresa says that Jane will not be comfortable there.

Ethan leaves with Gwen and Jane.

Julian sees that Theresa’s little plan didn’t work the way that he planned.

“You are going about this the wrong way Theresa.”

He leaves the jet and Theresa alone to stew in her juices.

Theresa didn’t get Ethan back in the house with her but she will figure it out and make it happen.

Katherine tells Martin that there is no reason for him to renew his vows. “For the first time we are really free to be together Martin. I love you.” She waits. He says nothing.

Martin looks to the ground now.

She can see that something has changed.

“I love Pilar, and I love you too, but... I never dreamed that you and I would fall in love …Still we did.”

Katherine will not pressure him into doing something that he doesn't want to do.

“I am just presenting you with a choice. You can call off the ceremony. We spent years together happy and in love. You don’t just throw that away when you get a second chance to be together.”

Maya really feels that Fancy could be in danger. “These people will hurt anyone who knows anything about this. Although we went our separate ways we are still in danger. Anyone that we talk to is in danger too. If you love her as much as you say you do, you will not put her life at risk. Promise me that you will not tell Fancy the truth.”

Maya starts coughing uncontrollably.

Eve comes rushing in and tells Noah that he has to let Maya rest now.

Maya just keeps shouting to Noah that he has to promise…”Promise! Promise!"

Noah goes back to Fancy.

“What got her all upset Noah?"

Noah tells that the past has gotten to her and made her upset.

“What past," Fancy demands to know? “She knows what it is but I don’t. Are you going to tell me what this is all about now?"

Noah is quiet. “I am sorry Fancy. I can’t tell you about that.”

Fancy says again that she will leave him if he can’t let her into his heart.

He asks her to trust him on this and leave things at that.

She can’t do that. He can’t trust her, and so she can’t trust him.

All he can say is that he is sorry.

He keeps telling her that she is the most important woman in his life but she can see that she isn’t.

She walks off.

“Fancy! Come back here," he shouts.

Katherine wants to hear Martin say that he wants her again.

Martin has no idea what to say to her.

“Pilar deserves to be happy too Katherine.”

Katherine knows that but her happiness shouldn’t be at their expense.

“She knows that you have moved on and has found love and contentment with someone else. Call me selfish but I don’t want to spend another day without you.”

Pilar tells Paloma and Simone that she is looking forward to being happy with Martin.

Paloma says that being happy for her includes Katherine.

Pilar hopes that Katherine can move on with someone else now besides her husband.

Paloma looks over her mother’s shoulder out the window and see Martin and Katherine embracing in the snow.

Ethan and Gwen enter the Bed & Breakfast.

They called Sheridan and she said that it was fine for them to be at the Bed & Breakfast while she is away.

Gwen knew that Theresa would try something.

Ethan tells her not to worry.

Theresa comes into the room where Little Ethan is drawing in his pajamas.

She tells him that it is time for bed. She will tuck him in later.

He leaves.

He has made a valentines card for his mother.

Theresa promises to give Little Ethan the father that he deserves.

“I will make a family for you with Jane and Ethan. I promise.”

She then grabs the scissors on the table and starts cutting up Ethan’s cards into itty-bitty pieces.

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