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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah recognizes the unconscious woman as Maya.

Noah gets upset that the ambulance isn’t there yet.

He decides that he is going to take Maya to his house.

Fancy feels that Maya might have broken bones and shouldn’t be moved.

Noah picks the girl up and orders Fancy to call Dr. Russell.

Ethan and Gwen are happy that they are actually going to go to India. Theresa couldn’t stop them.

Gwen thinks back to the way that Theresa boldly stood up to them and was trying to use her power as Mrs. Crane to stop their plans.

Ethan, Gwen and Jane are just happy that they are going to get away from the stress of Theresa.

The jet starts moving.

Gwen thinks to herself that this is it. “Adios Theresa!"

Tabitha is watching all in town using the big blue pot. She worries about that Kay and how she will give in to Fox easily and get engaged the second that he mentions it.

Tabitha has to think. “What can we do about this to save Kay from a lifetime of unhappiness?"

The boys in the basement roar and blow smoke through the basement vent when they hear her talking about happiness for mortals.

Tabitha is quick to tell the boys that she really wasn’t worrying about the happiness of a mortal. “You didn’t hear me right.”

Tabitha can only hope that Kay holds out until the planets are aligned. If she doesn't wait, her life will be misery.

Fox and Kay stare into each other’s eyes and feel the love as they sit in the tub.

“Kay… I have to ask you a question," Fox starts.

“Whatever it is… Yes!"

Tabitha panics. “Oh no! Wrong answer. Silly girl.”

Chris and Sheridan are in the lobby of the hotel and they decide to get to work right away trying to find Otto.

Otto is nearby and he knows that Alistair would hate it if Chris and Sheridan found him.

If they get too close to him they will die, he vows.

Fancy follows as Noah carries Maya to his house and puts her to bed.

He orders Fancy to get his EMT kit.

Fancy stands and watches him work on her unconscious body.

Fancy is confused. This woman really is his ex-girlfriend.

Fancy has more questions but Eve suddenly arrives.

Eve finds it funny that Noah moved her when an ambulance would have been along in a minute.

He shouts at her for asking him about that. “Should I have left her in the rain?"

Eve is sorry for upsetting him.

“Do we know who could have done this Noah," Eve asks.

Noah thinks back to the past when they witnessed the man getting shot.

Fancy can see that there is something that Noah isn’t telling.

She wonders if Maya is back in his life.

Tabitha can tell that Kay is about to say 'yes' to Fox’s proposal.

He jokes that she shouldn’t have said she would say 'yes' to whatever he asks. “What if I ask you to eat bugs or something? Room service is on its way… After that… then I will ask you that special question.”

He gets out of the tub and leaves her alone in the bathroom.

Kay hollers out in glee at what is to come.

Tabitha tells Endora to think. “What can we do?"

Endora waves her stubby arms.

ZAP! Tabitha appears dressed in disguised in a bellboy’s outfit in the Bed & Breakfast where Fox and Kay are staying. She even has a moustache.

Ethan and Gwen are happily awaiting their takeoff, but the jet slows down instead.

“What is going on?"

Ethan goes to the phone. “Pilot! Why are we slowing down?"

A door opens and Theresa enters with Julian behind her.

Theresa! “What are you doing here," Gwen demands to know.

Theresa tells the couple to get off her plane!

Julian tells the couple that they can’t take off as expected.

Chris and Sheridan start their investigation into the whereabouts of Otto.

Otto follows the couple and hears them asking people for him and where he might be.

Otto thinks back to what Alistair told him when they first spoke of this assignment.

“This is very important Otto," Alistair cautioned. “In fact, if anyone dares to even ask about this case, they are to be eliminated," Alistair ordered.

Otto feels that he has no choice in the matter. He has to do as Alistair ordered.

He is hidden in a door way behind Chris and Sheridan.

He levels his gun at the back of Sheridan’s head.

“Such a shame to waste such a beautiful woman," he says.

Fancy stands off to the side and watches Noah’s behavior.

Eve checks Maya out and sees that she has just been roughed up a bit. She really should be in the hospital though.

Noah says that he will be the one to take care of her there. “I will give her everything that she needs.”

Fox looks at the ring as he waits for Kay to get dressed and come out to be with him.

She is beautifully dressed and he wears a suit.

Dinner hasn’t arrived yet.

“I was going to wait until after dinner to do this but I can’t wait.”

Fox gets on his knees.

“I love you. You are the only woman for me…”

Tabitha is listening at the door.

She knows that this is the time to strike.

She gets her rolling cart and bursts into the room.

Fox falls to the bed to get out of the way.

Ethan and Gwen demand an explanation for why their plane was stopped.

There is a DVD left and Alistair arranged that it needed to be watched by everyone present.

Alistair’s attorney is there and he says that no one will leave to go anywhere until they have watched the DVD.

Chris and Sheridan are about to get information on Otto but the computer technician doing the research can’t help them.

“The computer has crashed. I am afraid that I will not be able to get the information that you need until tomorrow sometime.”

Sheridan asks if maybe they can get a repairman to work on the computer.

The man tells that is not possible as it is time for him to close up now.

Otto is behind the group listening to their conversation and he sees that Sheridan really has a death wish as she is stirring up trouble.

Otto levels his gun again in her direction.

Sheridan wants to continue the search for Otto’s address right now but the man in charge says that he has to close up.

“I would like to help you but my wife and I are going to a luau tonight and we can’t be late. Come back tomorrow!"

Chris and Sheridan decide that they will be there first thing in the morning.

Chris knows that she is disappointed but the records will be there in the morning. She will not put anything past Alistair and worries that the records could very well disappear if there are there now.

Otto listens as his hides.

Tabitha dressed as the bellboy causes a ruckus to distract Fox from his proposal.

She puts napkins on Kay and Fox and tries to serve them food, but Fox will not let her and hustles her out of the room.

Tabitha is leaning on the door now. “How can I do this without Fox finding out that I am a witch? Any more bright ideas Endora?"

Fox leans over to Kay and again tells her that he loves her.

“Being around you makes me so happy.”

The pilot asks Theresa if they are going to be flying the plane that night.

Theresa says 'no'.

Gwen can’t believe her gall.

The DVD is set up.

Alistair’s image comes on the screen.

“If you are watching this, I am either dead or close to it. I have decided to make this video because the advertisement in the paper warned that someone was to be murdered. I realize that this person could be me.”

Gwen is very impatient to get going and cares nothing about all this.

“…By the time that you have seen this Julian will have taken control of the company…”

Theresa can’t wait to hear what Alistair has to say. “Yeah, yeah, get on with it!"

“…My last Will says that Julian is in charge…”

Gwen is glad to hear Alistair say that. “Yes we all know that Julian is in charge. Now someone get this bitch off the plane so that we can get going.”

“No!" Theresa spins around sharply to face Gwen when she says this.

Eve really wants Maya in the hospital but Noah will not hear of it.

Maya stirs.

Noah calls to her.

Eve really wants this girl in the hospital.

Noah calls out to Maya and tries to talk her back to consciousness.

Eve suddenly finds all this strange and looks to Fancy to see her reaction to Noah’s concern for this beautiful stranger.

Fancy puts two and two together. This has to be the woman who wrote that love letter to Noah.

Fox and Kay share a moment.

Fox tells how he wants to build a family with Kay and have kids with her.

Tabitha is out in the hall thinking hard.

“UI have to save Kay from herself!"

ZAP! Tabitha is transformed into a housekeeper.

“Thanks Endora," Tabitha says.

Knock, knock!

“Housekeeping," Tabby calls out.

Fox lets her in but doesn't recognize her.

Tabitha causes trouble trying to get to the bed to turn it down. Fox gets pushed out of the way in the process as he tries to tell her that she needn’t do this. “We can turn down our own beds.”

Tabitha whispers to Kay. “I am trying to keep you out of trouble you little nin-com-poop!"

Chris and Sheridan return to their suite and she sees that he has been thinking ahead.

There is food in the room and wine.

He presses a remote and beautiful Hawaiian music starts.

He takes her into his arms and they dance.

He really feels that Sheridan is going to find her son the next day.

Otto is at the records department where Sheridan was searching for his address.

He has a gas can.

He picks the lock and enters.

He douses everything in the room with gas… Everything!

“No one will find anything here.”

Alistair continues to talk on the DVD.

“I have changed my Will…”

Theresa smiles.

“…When Julian restarted his relationship with that black whore I wanted to change my Will. This DVD will be the codicil to my last Will…”

Gwen panics.

Ethan confirms that he can do this.

“…I don’t want Julian in charge of my affairs any longer. There is only one person that I want in charge… And that person is…”


Alistair chuckles now knowing that he is torturing whoever is watching him.

Fox orders the housekeeper from the room.

Kay tells him not to be angry with the woman.

“Fox could you please get me some more champagne?"

Fox goes to the ice bucket.

Tabitha goes over to Kay and whispers to her that her relationship is going to be over if she doesn't watch it.

“Thank you sir. Have a nice night!"

Then Tabby leaves.

Fox will never book a room in this place again.

Fox decides to ask his question another time.

Kay tells him to do it now. “It is the perfect time.”

Fox gets on his knees again.

“I have had my time as a carefree bachelor and I can’t see my life without you…”

ZAP! Mummy is back.

“Good job Sweet Pea," Tabitha says.

Fox finally pops the question.

“Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Kay looks down at the ring in the black velvet box and smiles.”

Chris and Sheridan are having a romantic dinner and they discuss finding Marty.

Chris just wants to spend his life making Sheridan happy.

“Let’s dance before we have dessert.”

She would like to have dessert first.

She moves into his arms and kisses him.

“Hmmm… Delicious…”

Otto is still doing the devil’s work spreading gas about the office where his records are bound to be discovered.

He is finished. Now he lights a match and starts the fire.

Alistair continues.

“…The one person that I want to have run my empire is Little Ethan…”

Theresa finds that strange.

Gwen finds that strange too.

Ethan knows that Alistair has something else in mind.

“…Little Ethan is just a little child and so someone will have to run things in his place until he is an adult, and that person will be… The child’s mother. Theresa is in charge of my empire, in other words she is in charge of your lives.”

Theresa turns to Ethan and Gwen. “That means that you will not take my child to India. Gwen you had better listen to me. Now you are accountable to me for EVERYTHING!"

On the screen, Alistair is laughing. He laughs eerily on the tape as if he is in the room and knows what he has actually done to Ethan and Gwen…

Eve calls in a prescription to be delivered to the house for Maya.

Fancy wonders if Maya is really the one for Noah now. She feel that maybe there wasn’t ever room for her in the first place.

Tabitha and Endora watch the proposal using the big blue pot.

Fox has popped the question.

Kay says that she can’t marry him.

Chris and Sheridan are having a romantic moment in bed making love.

At the records office, Otto stays long enough to make the fire rise to its highest, then he leaves.

Alistair says that he is changing his Will because all despised him and disrespected him.

Ethan and Gwen are shattered.

Julian curses his father for this.

“Did you hear that Jane? Your mommy is boss! You mommy is head of everything!"

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