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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

At the airport, Sheridan paces.

Chris comes to see her with the baggage.

They have arrived at the islands. Sheridan will not leave the island without her son, she vows.

Fox and Kay are in the car heading out on their trip to be alone. Both are happy and looking forward to being with the other.

Fox is so smitten with her that he almost crashes. “Keep your eye on the road Fox," Kay says laughing.

“Kay dear… I am hear," Tabitha calls.

Kay looks at the side view mirror and sees Tabitha’s image there.

Kay panics but Fox can’t hear Tabitha talking to Kay.

Tabitha warns Kay again not to get engaged.

Tabitha cackles. This is fun isn’t it Endora?

“Let’s see what is going on with Noah and Fancy…”

Tabitha looks into the big blue pot and sees the couple.

Noah is prepared to tell Fancy everything.

Tabitha can see that this isn’t going to end well. “When Fancy finds out the truth about Maya. She will regret searching for the truth for the rest of hr life.”

Maya has failed her mission and is trying to get away from the waterfront to head home, but two henchmen hold her captive and keep her right where she is.

Theresa has stopped Ethan and Gwen from leaving the mansion.

“Do you know who I am? I am Mrs. Alistair Crane and I have the power to do whatever I want," Theresa tells.

Theresa tells Ethan and Gwen that they are not going to be able to leave the town, much less the country.

Julian comes over to see what the big holdup is.

Gwen tells that Theresa is stopping them from going.

Ethan tells how Theresa thinks that she has all the power now that Alistair is indisposed.

“I am Mrs. Alistair Crane and I have rights," Theresa says.

Julian tells her that she may be married to Alistair but she has no rights at all.

Noah starts revealing his secrets.

“You know how you have been with people before? Well, I have been with people before too. Maya was the biggie for me. I thought that she was ‘the one’. We met one year in college. This guy was going to beat her up and I rescued her. We immediately realized that we were attracted to one another and we had a relationship.”

“The relationship was different. She was different. She… I… It was very intense and back then I thought that she was the girl for me.”

Fancy tries hard to hear what Noah is saying to her.

Noah wonders if he should go on with this when he sees the pain on Fancy’s face. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She doesn't mind a little hurt as long as she is the one in his heart now.

Noah’s mind flashes back to the kiss he shared with Maya at the waterfront.

Fancy sees that Noah is thinking about something else.

“Am I the only one that is in your heart Noah?"

At the waterfront, Maya struggles to escape her captors, but they hold her tightly frightening her and making her scream as she struggles.

Fox and Kay go to their room at the cabin.

Kay loses her breath when she sees the beautiful room.

He likes surrounding her with beautiful things.

She could do without beautiful things if she has him and only him.

He takes her to the bathroom.

A tub is filled with bubbles. Candles sit all around the tub.

“You have thought of everything Fox.”

Fox has the ring in his hand. He looks at it. “The best is yet to come Kay.”

Tabitha and Endora see everything via the big blue pot. Tabby is not happy that Fox is about to proposed.

“Fox is going to go to any lengths to break down Kay’s defenses. That silly girl will say 'yes' when Fox asks her to marry him. I hope she keeps her wits about her and remembers that she can’t marry Fox until the planets are aligned.”

Fox and Kay get passionate now and Tabitha rushes to cover tiny Endora’s eyes.

Fox and Kay are almost naked.

Chris and Sheridan are still at the airport gathering their things.

Chris sees that Sheridan has brought Marty’s teddy bear thinking that it might help them find Marty.

Sheridan could kill Beth for what she has done. “I have lost time that I will never get back.”

Chris knows that horrible feeling. “Don’t think about what you have lost but what you have to gain. When you get Marty, you will never lose him again. When you get your son, you will make up for lost time.”

They hug now.

Julian tells Theresa that this isn’t a game. “You have no power as Alistair’s wife. Alistair’s instructions are clear and he wanted me to take over the decisions of the family and the business.”

Theresa is Alistair’s wife and she demands to make the decisions for the business and the family.

Julian knows that Theresa knows nothing about business and business matters.

Theresa tells that Fancy is doing just fine at Crane and she doesn't know much.

Julian says that she is a fashion designer, but that is all. “Father wouldn’t ever put her in a position where she would oversee the entire company and the family. Ethan and Gwen go ahead and get to your plane," Julian orders.

Theresa will not let it happen and continues to stand in their way.

Fox and Kay hop in the tub and look up through the sunroof at the stars in the sky.

Fox points out many different stars and tells stories of them.

He took a semester in college where he studied the stars and that is how he learned about them.

Kay jokes that she knows about wishing on stars and reading her horoscope in the paper every morning, but that is about it.

Fox never does that and doesn't believe in horoscopes and things of that nature.

Kay asks Fox what he thinks about magic.

Fox laughs. “Did you do magic on me Kay is that why you are asking? Have you bewitched me?"

Tabitha chuckles at Kay’s questions.

“Do you think that an evil spell could ruin a perfect relationship?"

Tabitha is getting angry. “She could blow our cover with these questions. Kay is trying to ignore the facts and she is asking the wrong person the wrong questions.”

“Endora… Let’s check on the alignment of the planets. Maybe if she screws up and accepts the proposal, the planets might have arranged themselves and we won’t have to worry.”

ZAP! A telescope appears at the window.

Tabitha looks at the telescope but it is facing the wrong way and shows something else in the universe that has nothing to do with the planets aligning themselves.

ZAP! Endora fixes things.

Tabitha has another look.

“It is too soon! The planets are not in alignment yet!"

ZAP! Tabitha looks again in time to see the planets of the universe dance around and snap to attention in alignment.

Tabitha shakes her finger at Endora. “Not even you can will this Endora. We can only hope that Kay doesn't accept the proposal or she and Fox will be doomed forever.”

Sheridan and Chris talk about what they have to do to find Otto Krauss. “We have got to find Otto," Sheridan says looking down at Otto’s picture.

Julian orders Theresa out of the way so that Ethan and Gwen can leave.

She refuses to move.

Julian physically holds Theresa to make her behave.

Ethan and Gwen leave the house with Jane.

Theresa is furious now.

She goes to the phone.

“Put me through to the Crane jet please? The is Mrs. Crane. The flight has been canceled. Do not fly my plane anywhere!"

Noah assures Fancy that he loves her, and only her.

He is having a hard time explaining that he was really in love with Maya and he still has memories of her.

Fancy believes that your first true love is always the one that you will love most of all.

Noah doesn’t believe that.

Fancy needs to know what broke them up.

Noah remembers the shooting that he and Maya witnessed.

He starts to tell Fancy about it but is interrupted…

…By a blood curdling scream!

“What is that," Noah wonders.

“Someone must be in trouble.”

Both he and Fancy start heading in the direction of the screams.

In Hawaii, Chris and Sheridan are at their hotel.

A young girl puts a lei over Sheridan’s head and welcomes her.

Chris comes over to Sheridan saying they are all checked in.

Sheridan has a strange feeling. “Something weird just came over me…”

Theresa orders the pilot not to fly the plane.

Julian reaches for the phone but she won’t let him have it.

“My stepson told you to fly that plane, but I am Alistair’s wife and if you fly my plane, I will have you arrested for theft. Is that clear?"

The pilot has no choice in the matter it seems.

Ethan and Gwen arrive with Jane on the plane.

Gwen is upset and hoping that things will be peaceful and wonderful from now on.

The pilot tells Ethan and Gwen that they can’t leave. “Mrs. Crane just called and ordered me to stay put.”

Noah and Fancy arrive at the waterfront and find a brown-haired woman unconscious face down.

Another elderly lady tries to help revive the girl, but she is unable to do so.

Noah looks off to the left and sees two thugs staring at them from a distance.

“Hey! You there!"

The men hurry out of the area as Noah starts to follow them.

Noah chases the men but ends up falling hard to the ground.

Noah gets up and continues his chase.

Fancy and the elderly woman try to revive the brown-haired woman and it is then that Fancy realizes that she has met the woman before. “We met at the Blue Note," she tells the other woman.

There is nothing that they can do for the woman now but wait with her.

Fancy just assures the unconscious girl that an ambulance is on the way.

Kay still asks about Fox’s beliefs where magic is concerned.

She suddenly feels very stupid asking those questions.

Fox says that it would be cool to live in a world with magic. “That would be sweet to get whatever you want, whenever you want.”

Tabitha knows that with the sweet comes the bitter. “You propose to her tonight Fox and you will taste the bitter.”

Julian can't believe that he felt sorry for Theresa when she first married Alistair, but now he is seeing that Theresa fits right in.

Theresa says that this is payback time. “I want my daughter and Ethan.”

Julian finds her a fool. “Face the facts. With Alistair in a coma, I am the only one that has any power whatsoever. I will order that plane off the ground and straight to Delhi.”

Theresa gets on the phone now.

“Let’s see what powers I have. I will order a copy of the Will and see what rights I have and then we will see who has control of what…”

Fox and Kay continue to play in the tub.

She wishes that he wouldn’t dismiss magic as easily as he does.

She sees a shooting star and makes a wish.

He wants to know what her wish is but she can’t tell him or that will jinx it.

She can’t believe that he doesn't believe in magic as he has such a romantic soul.

He is a romantic but he really thinks that people make their own destiny.

“I don’t believe in superstitious stuff and four leaf clovers. All these things that we live through are from ourselves.”

Kay tries to believe what he believes. “Yes, maybe people who love each other are just that

Tabby can’t believe her ears. “Kay is denying the very magic that is within her.”

Tabby looks into the telescopic lens again.

“It is still too soon. Don’t do it Kay!"

Kay tells Fox that she loves him and she knows that nothing could ever come in between them.

Theresa calls the lawyer and demands an injunction to stop the plane from leaving Harmony.

The man laughs at her. “Alistair wouldn’t ever give this kind of power to a woman.”



Theresa is furious.

Julian knows that his father will never give power to a woman like Theresa needs.

“You better just get on your knees and pray that the old man dies! Give up this obsession and get on with your life.”

Ethan and Gwen sit worried about what is going to happen.

The pilot comes in.

“Good news! Julian Crane just called and we are ready for take-off.”

Gwen sees that it is happening. “We never have to see Theresa again.”

The elderly lady leaves to see if she can spot the ambulance.

Noah comes back to Fancy who sits with the brown-haired woman.

He turns the woman’s face towards him.

“Oh my God…It’s Maya.”

Chris thinks that maybe Sheridan feels funny because they are close to Marty somehow.

An attendant comes to Chris and Sheridan and tells them that their room is almost ready.

Sheridan and Chris look over Otto’s picture just one more time as they sit and wait for their room.

Across from them, a man moves his newspaper aside and peers at the handsome couple.

He wears a white hat.

Quietly, to himself he says, “Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly…”

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