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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Gwen and Ethan go to see Jane in the nursery.

She is sleeping.

They are ready to go to the airport but have to pack Jane’s things first.

Ethan isn’t looking forward to the trip around the world.

Gwen knows that it is going to be worth it all in the end.

Ethan worries about the culture shock, but not Gwen.

She knows that they are finally going to be free of Theresa and that is all that matters.

Hannah tells Theresa that every woman has rights and she had better learn what hers are in the marriage.

“That band of steel around your finger gives you rights that you can use to your advantage.”

Theresa asks the woman who she has met in the sauna why she should listen to her about marriage.

The woman tells that she is Hannah Nicola Smythe and if Theresa is smart she will fashion her life the same way as she did.

“I was going through grief and when it was time to get paid off, I got to know what my rights were and I enforced them. That ring around your finger is like the key to Fort Knox”.

Tabitha and Kay are watching Ivy and Valerie via the big blue pot.

They hear Ivy talk about ways to stop Kay from getting Fox. They are conspiring.

Kay wants to go outside and give the women a piece of her mind but Tabitha stops her from doing that.

Tabitha knows that would be foolish.

Fancy has given up. “What is it going to be? Are you going to be honest with me or not Noah?"

Noah can’t tell Fancy what she wants to hear about Maya.

She tells him to forget it. “It is really over for us then.”

She turns and walks out of there.

Gwen would climb Mount Everest to get away from Theresa when Ethan points out how difficult it is going to be for them to fit in over in India at first.

Gwen doesn't care. She only knows that she is going to have a fabulous new life with no Theresa to deal with.

Ethan tells Gwen that they are moving but Theresa will still be a part of their lives.

“What are you talking about," Gwen demands to know?

Hannah counsels Theresa on how to hit it big in a marriage when the time comes.

“If you are smart, you will hang in there until your husband kicks the bucket.”

Theresa tells that her husband is in a coma.

Hannah loves that. “Power of Attorney girl. What is in the Will by the way?"

Theresa isn’t sure what is in there.

Hannah says to find that Will and find out what it is worth.

“His children probably ran to read it when he got sick.”

Theresa isn’t sure that has happen.

She tells that the kids are around and not really doing anything about getting control, but then there is Fox who helps with the company.

Hannah tells that the children are the worst when it comes to this kind of thing. They try to scrounge everything.

“I knew my rights though.”

Theresa finds the woman is like Rebecca in a lot of ways.

Hannah doesn't understand what Theresa is talking about, but affirms that she worked hard for her money.

Theresa didn’t marry for money though, she married for love.

Maya talks to her contact over the cellphone as she stands on the waterfront.

The female voice tells her that she has to get the job done.

Another call comes in and Maya takes that one instead.

“Maya? It is Noah. I have to talk to you.”

She tells him that she is down by the waterfront.

He will meet her there. “We have to talk about the past and put it to rest.”

He hangs up.

Maya is sorry for him. She knows that the past can’t be put to rest… Especially now.

Fox comes into the office and finds Valerie and Ivy in there.

Ivy says that she just came to see what is going on with him.

He is a little suspicious of her sudden concern.

She admits that he caught her in a little white lie.

She says that she wanted to know about the ring and the proposal.

Fox gets it now. “You heard that I was going to propose right? Are you here to talk me out of this? I am not old enough? Let me know why I shouldn’t propose to Kay mother.”

Fancy comes to see Tabitha and Kay just as Tabitha is hiding the big blue pot.

Fancy is crying. “I need to speak to Fox”.

Kay tells that Fox is not there but at the office.

She explains that she was sick and he had to go to work anyway.

Fancy asks if Fox talked to Kay about anything before he left.

Kay says that he didn’t.

Fancy tells Kay to head to the office and to talk to Fox.

“Life is short and you have to make the most of every moment before it slips away…”

Kay asks who she is talking about. “Me and Fox or you and Noah?"

Noah and Maya are together at the waterfront.

They discuss what happened years ago and how it ruined their relationship.

Noah tells that he needs to be honest and open with Fancy now.

“I have to tell her the truth.”

“No," Maya shouts.

“Maya. I have to tell her the truth and that is why I have come to see you. I have to tell her everything.”

Gwen demands an explanation about why she and her husband should still have to deal with Theresa after they leave.

Ethan tells that Theresa will always be Jane’s mother.

Gwen understands that but maintains that she will actually be the girl’s mother from now on.

Ethan knows that Gwen will raise the child but Theresa is still her mother and that will never change.

Gwen really feels that Theresa has no rights to Jane whatsoever.

Gwen remembers that Theresa tricked and drugged Ethan to have that baby in the first place. She didn’t really want her.

Ethan hopes that Theresa will settle down at some point in her life, but still, he wants them to give Theresa a chance.

“If she starts acting like an adult, we won’t be able to deny her a chance to be with her child.”

Theresa explains to Hannah that she married Alistair to get to the man that she loved.

“My husband was going to help me get the man that I really loved with his control. My marriage turned out to be torture. He was vicious and cruel and he put me through the wringer.”

Hannah feels that Theresa should be paid well for what she has been through.

Theresa really doesn’t care about the money.

Hannah tells her that she is talking foolishness.

“I am going to show you how to get exactly what you want.”

Ivy denies that she is going to try to stop Fox from marrying Kay.

She says that she is thrilled to see her son find the girl that will make him happy.

“What did Kay say when you asked her?"

Fox tells that he hasn’t had time to ask Kay about he engagement yet.

“She has been very busy lately.”

Ivy feels that maybe Kay feels that it might be too soon for them to get engaged and she may be causing the delay in the proposal.

Fancy cries saying that her relationship with Noah is over.

Kay knows that this has to be a mistake.

Fancy feels so bad about the breakup. She hasn’t met anyone like Noah.

“This is something that we will never be able to get past. Noah can’t get over someone else that was in his life before.”

Noah tells Maya that he has to tell Fancy the truth here. He loves her too much to lie and he will not lose her.

“I will do anything to keep Fancy.”

Maya felt like that about Noah and she grieves for him still.

Noah assures her that their love is gone.

Now he has Fancy.

“She annoyed me into loving her, and so I love her. I will not lose everything over something that happened so long ago. I will not lose Fancy.”

Maya can see that he is sure about this.

Noah doesn't mean to hurt her in any way and that is why he wanted to tell her what he was going to do ahead of time.

Maya is glad about that but first she has something that she needs to discuss with him that is very important.

Ethan and Gwen are downstairs and she jokes that if they forget anything Theresa can always bring it to them in India.

Ethan hates her sarcasm. He only will give Theresa access to Jane and not himself or Gwen.

Gwen knows that Theresa will find a way to get to Ethan using Jane.

Ethan says that Theresa will have access to her daughter but only if she is acting like a responsible adult.

Gwen isn’t sure that she believes this.

“Believe it Gwen. There is no way that Theresa can stop this from happening our way.”

Hannah tells Theresa that she has a lot more power than she thinks.

“The husbands should pay when the bill is due. You don’t seem like the kind of girl that just rolls over and cries uncle. You have to turn things around and turn everyone into roadkill. I am right. Man oh man… It sure is hot in this sauna. Trust me girl. Remember what Marilyn said. ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’”

Hannah walks out of the sauna now.

Theresa thinks to herself smiling. “Maybe she is right. Maybe I do have more power than I think…”

Fancy tells that she was happy and then it was over.

“Come on Kay. You have to go away with Fox for the trip. Think how sick you will be if you lose Fox one day. You never know if love will be taken away or when it will happen.”

Fancy leaves the room.

Tabitha tells Kay not to listen to Fancy when they are alone.

Kay sees disaster everywhere anyway, so why should she avoid Fox. They are going to be doomed from the spell or from Valerie or from Ivy. Kay starts leaving. “Where are you going," Tabitha asks?

“I am going to the man that I love.”

Ivy tells that Kay might be gun-shy about love and for good reason.

Valerie brings up Miguel and how he broke Kay’s heart.

Fox says that Kay hasn’t brought up Miguel in months and thinks that Kay is fine about that.

Ivy has to wonder if Kay is carrying a torch for Miguel still.

Ivy also has to wonder if Fox is really over Whitney.

Fox doesn't care about this. “I am marrying Kay okay?"

Ivy really feels that they need to find out if Kay wants this or not.

Valerie tells that if Fox pressures the girl too much she might bolt.

“She is a single mother, she works, she goes to school. Getting engaged might seem like another burden to deal with.”

That hits home with Fox. “Maybe you are right.”

Maya wants to ask Noah a favor.

Noah isn’t comfortable with her making demands on him.

She only wants him to give her a chance to explain.

“I just need a little time before you tell Fancy. I don’t know how much time but I need it.”

Noah can’t wait. “I have to tell Fancy now.”

Maya begs for his help.

“Look Maya. What we had was great but Fancy means too much to me. Good night.”

He walks off.

“Noah wait!"

He doesn't look back.

Maya tells herself that she has no intention of losing him either.

Fox decides that he will wait to propose.

He never thought about this from Kay’s point of view.

Ivy really thinks that is best.

Fox is glad that he has the engagement ring.

“When she is ready I will have the ring.”

“Hi honey!" Kay walks in.

Fox thought that she was sick.

Ivy says that she relay doesn’t look well.

Kay tells that she has decided that she wants to go away with him after all.

Ivy whispers to Ivy that Kay has just scored a point with Fox it seems.

Tabitha is looking out the window and she sees Fancy standing in the cold.

“Why doesn’t that silly girl just go home?"

Noah comes up to Fancy in the yard.

He apologizes for making her upset.

He asks to hold her hand.

“I love you Fancy. You are right. You deserve the truth and everything about me. Even if it is against my better judgment, I will tell you the truth. I will tell you everything about Maya.”

Tabitha chuckles. “The truth? You can’t handle the truth…”

Maya is on the cellphone again.

She tells the female voice that she has failed.

The voice is angry.

Maya never knew that Noah was in love with someone else.

Maya says that she will get the job done but that she needs a little more time.

“You are out of time," the voice states.

The line goes out.

“What did she mean by that?"

Maya turns to walk off but she can’t.

Two men arrive from both sides of the waterfront and approach her.

“Get out of my way," Maya says.

One of the men tell her that she isn’t going anywhere…

Ethan and Gwen are ready to go with Jane.

They are at the bottom of the stairs ready to head out the door to their new lives.

Ethan opens the door for them to leave.

Theresa is there smiling…waiting for them.

“Well hello…”

Ethan and Gwen tell Theresa to let them go by.

“Nothing that you think you can do will stop us from leaving," Gwen says.

Theresa tells her that she is wrong.

“You see… I can stop you, and you all are not going anywhere…”

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