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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy puts her foot down. She wants information on Maya and why that girl is on Noah’s mind when he is making love to her. "You straighten this out right now or I say ‘goodbye’ forever!"

Maya shows up for a beauty appointment. She has asked for ‘the works’. The attendant will see to her and get her started.

Maya is concerned about how long her appointment will take as she has to be somewhere important later. The woman smiles thinking that this must be about some man that she has to meet. "Don’t you worry. You will get to your appointment in plenty of time to meet your young man dear."

Maya thinks about her plan to see Noah that night. He has no idea about her plans as of yet for him.

Ivy is in the kitchen trying to get a meal prepared but the truth is that she isn’t very good at it and she curses as she handles the pots and pans. "I am never going to get a handle on this," she complains. Valerie has entered the kitchen and hers Ivy complaining. "Is this a bad time," she asks? Ivy’s face lights up when she sees Valerie. "At last! Just when were you going to tell me about Fox and Kay getting engaged?"

Valerie apologizes for not getting to Ivy sooner. "With things falling apart at work, I just didn’t have time to get to you to fill you in on Fox’s plans," Valerie explains. Ivy doesn't give a flying fig about Valerie’s job. "You were supposed to get to me the moment that you heard anything that might be of interest to me about Fox or Kay!"

Ivy complains that it took the coincidence of calling her jeweler for some other reason to find out that her son had bought a ring and was in the process of proposing…if he hasn’t already done so to that Kay Bennett!

Valerie tries to apologize but Ivy isn’t finished ranting yet, reminding Valerie that she doesn't seem to be interested in that bright career at Crane that Ivy promised to help her get.

Valerie tells that she is interested in becoming a biggie at the office, and also Mrs. Fox Crane if they can swing it.

Valerie says that Fox was determined to propose and Valerie wouldn’t be surprised if Kay is already wearing that diamond on her finger.

Tabitha see Kay with the engagement ring on her finger again. "Good grief girl. Don’t tell me that you accepted the proposal and have gotten engaged Kay…"

Sheridan is overjoyed as she tells her mother that she is sure that she has found her son and that he is somewhere in Hawaii.

Gwen is with Ethan and still hasn’t come down off her high about moving to India. She asks Ethan again to confirm it for her that they really are going. He tells her that it is true. "We are going to India!"

Gwen knows that they will make it to India without incident if they can manage to keep that Theresa out of their plans. "Promise me that we will not let Theresa find out where we are going Ethan. She will do anything to stop us, and you know it."

Pilar finds her daughter sad and brooding. "What is the matter Theresa?"

Theresa tells how Ethan is moving to India and taking Jane with him.

Noah is under the gun. Fancy wants answers and he can’t give them to her. How can he make her understand without revealing all the horrible details?

Fancy wants an explanation of why Maya is suddenly an issue. Noah called out her name while making love to her!

Noah can’t explain this.

Fancy warns him to level with her. "Trust me to understand. You not trusting me allows my imagination to run wild. Oh my God! Are you still involved with Maya?"

Kay is wearing the ring again.

Tabitha asks Kay why she is wearing the ring.

Kay just wanted to try the ring on again.

They hear Fox coming from upstairs. He is getting ready for the trip he will be taking Kay on.

Kay hurries to get the ring off her finger.

"Are we all set to go on our little trip," Fox asks?

Kay can’t wait to be alone with Fox.

Tabitha can see that trouble is coming.

Valerie tells Ivy that Fox plans to propose to Kay.

Ivy has to stop this.

Theresa tells her mother that Ethan is making the biggest mistake of his life, as she knows that he really loves her.

Pilar feels that Ethan might be leaving because of Theresa causing trouble and not because he really loves her.

She wonders what she can do for Theresa.

Theresa just needs to fix this. "Ethan has to see that he will be making a big mistake by leaving."

Gwen is floating on cloud nine. "We are going halfway around the world Ethan. Thanks you!"

Gwen fantasizes about the way that it will be when they get to India and Theresa isn’t around. It will be just like one of those India dancing videos.

Everyone over there will be in India costumes and there will be cultural shows of singing and dancing.

Then Ethan will come in escorted by men…

…And Gwen will come in escorted by the women..

Ethan and Gwen will meet in the center of the room. They will be in traditional dress.

It will be a celebration and a renewal of their vows.

"There will be no Theresa this time and we will finally have the happiness that we deserve."

The wedding party will dance around Ethan and Gwen as they each walk around a tree in the center of the room with a ribbon slowly tying it around the tree.

Afterwards, Ethan and Gwen will just stare into each other’s eyes.

Then a strange dancer will come in.

She will cause trouble. She will have a black veil over her head and when she takes it off…

It’s Theresa!

Gwen would ask her if she is crazy.

Theresa would dance around the room and try to break the ribbon around the tree which would signify the end of Gwen’s marriage to Ethan.

Gwen grabs her hand in time.

Theresa and Gwen then compete in dance for Ethan.

"Ethan loves me can’t you get it straight," Theresa would sing.

"Look at the passions I arouse," Ethan would sing.

He Theresa and Gwen dance.

Finally Theresa falls to the floor.

AT that point, Gwen would point at her shouting, "Get lost Theresa!"

Ethan would come to her and claim her as his one true loves.

Then Ethan and Gwen would walk slowly off with their wedding party as Theresa watches from the ground… Left behind…

She watches hurt as the man that she loves kisses his bride.

Sheridan ends a call.

Her mother is there when she is finished.

Sheridan has set up arrangements to go and get her son.

Katherine warns Sheridan to be careful as there could be danger waiting for her.

Sheridan is not afraid. She would walk through fire to get her son back.

Katherine tells how she went to Martin to get him back and she isn’t sure that he will come to her now. They didn’t get a chance to talk.

Pilar was waiting in the background, in her wedding dress while Katherine was talking to Martin and so Pilar and Martin didn’t get a chance to really talk.

Katherine really hopes that Pilar will handle this well if she isn’t chosen as Martin’s partner.

Pilar reminds Theresa that she had an appointment to go to a spa with her mother that night.

Theresa can’t do right now. She forgot all about that. "Another time mama… Please."

Pilar really wanted to bond with Theresa this night.

Theresa thinks that she will be bad company as she will only be thinking of Ethan moving to India.

Her mother tells her that she can worry about this the next day but for now they should have some fun.

Noah repeats that Maya is his ex and they are not involved anymore.

Fancy feels that he would have told her about this before if it wasn’t important.

Noah tells that there are a lot of things that she doesn't know about him.

Fancy tells that she knows that Maya is important as she read the letter in his wallet.

Noah gets angry with Fancy. "You have been looking through my wallet? What are you doing? You act so high and mighty and yet…"

Fancy cares nothing about that. "Just tell me about Maya!"

Noah tells her to forget it. "I tell you nothing more, not until you tell me how long you have been holding that little secret about the letter to yourself!"

Chris and Sheridan tell James about their trip and how he will be staying with Martin and Pilar while they are gone. "We are going to try and find a little boy just like you."

James worries that Sheridan will be leaving him for good.

Ivy and Valerie talk about ways to get Fox to avoid proposing to Kay.

They are going to have to cause a disaster at the office to get him to concentrate on work it seems.

Fox is getting things ready for he and Kay and their trip.

Tabitha whispers to Kay that she had better not get engaged.

Kay doesn't care. She wants to go to a romantic Bed & Breakfast with Fox.

Tabitha tells that she has to stay at home or she will ruin things forever. "You know how you are when you get a couple of drinks in you. You will says 'yes' to a proposal at that point."

"Tell him that you are sick!"

Kay realizes that Tabitha is right about her going off with Fox. How could she say 'no'?

ZAP! Tabitha puts Kay on the couch instantly with a fever and a thermometer in her mouth. She sits under a blanket.

Fox reenters the room and sees Kay huddled on the couch.

Oh my God!

She has 108-degree temperature.

He has to get her to the hospital.

Tabitha smiles as she sees her plan is working.

Theresa and Pilar go to the spa to relax a bit.

Maya is there having her nails done.

The manicurist asks if Maya is getting dolled up for a man.

Maya says that she is trying to get a man back.

Noah wonders what Fancy was up to when she read his private letter.

She was interested in the letter but now she wishes that she had never read it.

"Why can’t you talk about her to me?"

Noah thinks about the shooting that both he and Maya witnessed. The night when a man was killed and they kept quiet about it. He vowed that he would never tell of what happened that night.

Noah asks Fancy to please forget all about this and just try to focus on their relationship again.


Noah turns to his window.

He then shouts to Fancy. "Quick! Get down!"

He grabs her and throws her on the bed, getting on top of her to protect her.

Noah crawls over to the window.

"It is okay. It is just a car backfiring. I am sorry that I overreacted. I just wanted you to be safe."

Fancy knows that normally someone would think that the noise was a car backfiring and not a gun going off.

"You are lying to me again. Is this about Maya too? It is as if you are really afraid for our safety!"

Sheridan tells James that she will miss him and she will be bringing Marty home and he and Marty can play together.

Chris takes the boy to his room now.

Sheridan tells her mother that she really does love that boy.

"Chris and James are a great replacement for the void in my life."

Katherine knows that soon Marty will be home.

Pilar and Theresa are in the sauna.

Pilar talks about getting a massage later.

Theresa is just sad, and her mother can tell that Theresa isn’t trying to feel better.

Theresa tells her mother to go ahead and get ready for her massage. "I will be along later."

Pilar leaves.

Theresa wonders what she was thinking by marrying a man three times her age.

"That’s okay honey…"

Theresa turns and finds a woman in the sauna behind her.

"Do I know you," Theresa asks?

"Let me introduce myself… My name is Hannah Nicola Smythe…"

Ethan and Gwen are talking about India and how she and Ethan will be able to handle anything if they can handle this.

They will be in India on their camels smiling and waving to the crowd.

Theresa will be in the crowd griping about fate.

Gwen will know what she is thinking and she will gloat over Theresa’s belief in fate.

Then Ethan will take Gwen’s hand and they will lead their camels away to restart their lives anew!

Fox wants to rush Kay to the hospital but Tabitha comes in and says that the mercury isn’t good in that thermometer and she will read it as really only being 100 degrees.

"You should give her 2 aspirin and put her to bed, but she can’t go on the trip."

Fox agrees with that.

Someone knocks.

It is Valerie.

She is let in and she tells Fox that he has to get to the office tonight.

Fox can’t go in now.

Valerie warns that some of Alistair’s competitors are sniffing around.

Fox sees that he has to go in.

He kisses Kay and leaves.

Kay gets up. "Great! Valerie probably set this up so that she can be alone with Fox."

Tabitha is glad the girl came in and got Fox out of there.

Kay heads to the kitchen for ice cream.

Outside, Fox decides that he will take his own car. He heads back into the house for his keys.

Ivy comes running out to see Valerie who is alone now.

"At least you got Fox away from Kay for tonight Valerie. Good work."

"Oh my God!"

Kay is looking out the window and she sees Ivy and Valerie talking in the yard.

Tabitha comes running. "What is it?"

Kay tells how she is positive that Ivy and Valerie are teaming up to ruin her relationship with Fox.

***Noah tells Fox that he doesn't want to talk about Maya as he openly wants to protect her.

He tells her that she is just jealous and acting out.

"You are a princess through and through. I can see that you find it hard to understand that I was with anyone before you."

Fancy is really offended.

"You are either going to tell me about Maya, or I am walking out that door! You decide!"

Kay wants to get Fox as Valerie wants him and may get him if Kay doesn’t want him.

Tabitha warns Kay to be careful what it is that she wishes for.

Chris and Sheridan are ready to go.

Chris promises to take car of Sheridan while they are gone.

Sheridan hugs her mother wishing her luck in her quest for love.

Katherine watches as Chris and Sheridan leave for their trip.

The phone rings.

Gwen answers and happily announces she will be there.

She turns to Ethan. "The jet is fueled up and ready to go! We will never have to see Theresa again."

Hannah tells Theresa that every woman has rights and all a girl has to do is get familiar with them.

"Have you checked into what is yours if things end," Hannah asks? "You need to find out ahead of time what is coming to ya!"

Maya is getting her massage.

She wonders what is to be in her future.

Fancy sees that it is really over now. She is crying and she sees that Noah and she will never be. "It is really over for us."

She turns and walks out.

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