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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa tells her daughter that she will not let her be taken away. She holds the tiny girl to her closely vowing to keep her in Harmony.

Ethan is behind Julian as he talks on the phone and hears Julian hooking up a new job for him with the company somewhere else.

Julian later tells him that he will be working in India very soon. “It has all been arranged and your transfer will go through as promised.”

Fancy is upset that Noah has called out Maya’s name during sex. She hugs the sheet to her naked body waiting for an explanation.

“Who is she Noah?"

Maya has gone to her room.

She takes out a picture of Noah and thinks about how wonderful it was with him.

Tabitha and Endora are downstairs as Kay is upstairs getting ready for her rendezvous with Fox.

“She had better play her cards right if she wants to be happy in the future. Getting engaged will be the end for sure.”

The big blue pot bubbles.

Tabitha looks in and sees Sheridan, Chris and Rachel over a computer.

They have found a clue to finding Marty. A number has popped up on the computer screen!

“22 degrees. What does that mean?"

They get the atlas to see where 22 degrees latitude would be on the map.

Theresa tells Eve that her heart has been broken but she knows that she will be fine when she is with Ethan.

Eve isn’t sure that Ethan loves Theresa likes she says that he does.

Theresa feels differently. “I know that he loves me and will leave Gwen. He hasn’t thought things all the way through. Soon he will realize that leaving with Gwen and Jane will be the greatest mistake of his life.”

Ethan ponders moving to India.

“I didn’t expect that we would be going somewhere that far.”

Julian says that he will be in Delhi and there will be no chance of Theresa popping up there.

That is what Ethan wants. He needs to be the best husband and father and so India will work.

Theresa will not like it but that is the way that it has to be.

Julian wonders how Ethan really feels.

“You know that you may never see Theresa again…”

Ethan says that all things have their price.

Fancy knows that Noah was talking about another woman when he called out, Maya during sex.

Noah tells the truth. “Maya is someone that I knew in college. We went out and I had real feelings for her but it didn’t work out and that is the end of the story. I was in love with her but that was over a long time ago.”

Fancy doesn't believe that. “You wouldn’t have called out her name if she didn’t mean that much to you.”

Maya is still looking at the picture of she and Noah from long ago while sitting on her bed.

The phone rings.

Maya confirms that she has made the initial contact and she is now ordered to proceed with the rest of the plan.

She says that she can’t do this. She can’t go through with this.

She is told that this is not an option.

She begs. “Please… Please… Don’t make me do it!"

Sheridan is sure that she is going to get her son back in no time thanks to Aunt Rachel.

Rachel certainly hopes that she has helped where Alistair has hurt for a change.

Chris searches the atlas, but he is confused. They don’t know if the latitude is North or South, the location really could be anywhere. He can’t pinpoint anything with just this one clue.

Eve remembers when Theresa was a little girl and now she is a grown woman with two children.

Theresa feels that everyone treats her like a little girl. She wishes that people would see that she is an adult.

“Why can’t you be on my side in this Eve? You think that it is best for Ethan to stay with Gwen don’t you?"

Eve sees that everything has to be black and white and things are not just that way.

“I think of you as one of my daughters. You and Whitney have been best friends from you were little girls. How could you think that I don’t want to see the best happen for you?"

Theresa sees that Eve wanting the best for Whitney didn’t have very good results.

Eve is really hurt by that.

Theresa didn’t mean to hurt the woman.

As far as Ethan goes though, Theresa will only be happy when she has Ethan.

Eve tells Theresa to forget Ethan and move on with her life.

She can’t. She wants Eve to see that she belongs with Ethan.

“I won’t let him leave Harmony.”

Julian wonders how Ethan will break the news to Theresa.

Ethan will be honest.

“I know that she will fight it but she can’t stop it.”

Julian says that keeping the destination a secret for the move is a good way to keep Theresa from planning any schemes.

Theresa walks into the room behind the two men.

Ethan says that he doesn't want to lie but if Theresa knew that he were moving to India she would definitely try to do something about it.

“India? You are not moving to India," Theresa shouts!

Noah says that he was only thinking about someone that he used to know.

“She and I were not meant to be.”

Fancy remembers the letter that she read from Noah’s wallet.

The girl said that Noah vowed that he wouldn’t love another like he loved her.

Fancy gets a strange look on her face.

Noah asks her what she has to tell him.

She denies that she has anything to say.

She only wants to know why he hid his feelings about this girl if she really meant nothing to him.

Maya doesn't think that she can do this.

She tells the female voice on the phone that she doesn't care what happens as a result.

“I will not do it. Please don’t make me do this to him. Please!"

Sheridan understands what Chris means when he says that he needs more information to find the destination on the map.

Ka-ma-kay-Kay is going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Tabitha is watching the trio and she feels that Sheridan should just let this go. Still Tabitha knows that the silly girl will not.

“I don’t think that I have met anyone as ill-fated as Sheridan. Well maybe Theresa is like that too. I sure hope that you will not be like those two when you grow up Endora!”

Theresa confronts Ethan about the move.

Ethan tells that he didn’t want to tell her about India because he didn’t trust her not to do anything.

He asks her to promise that she will not go to India.

She won’t because she is going to stop him from going.

“You are only doing this to make Gwen happy right?"

Julian has heard enough and he leaves.

Theresa asks Ethan not to pretend anymore.

“Tell me that you are not going to leave Harmony with our daughter.”

Ethan says that he is going.

Theresa is angry and will not let this happen.

Ethan reminds her that she hasn’t got a legal leg to stand on in all this.

“You tricked me into getting your pregnant remember?"

Theresa reminds him that he said that he knew all along that it was her that he was making love to.

“You love me Ethan!"

Ethan admits that is true.

She begs him not to go but he has to.

They can’t be around each other he realizes.

“It can’t go on.”

Theresa will not let him go.

She goes to the door of the main room and she closes it and locks it.

“Give me the key," Ethan orders. “You are acting so childish Theresa!"

“You want the key," Theresa asks? “Come and get it!"

She holds the front of her shirt open and drops the key in.

Theresa dares Ethan to get the key since he is so dead set on leaving her and never seeing her again.

He tells her to stop this as she is degrading herself.

She feels that she is making a point. “Go ahead and prove that you want to get away from me? You know where the key is… Get it!"

Ethan doesn’t move. “You are playing a game and it is a dangerous one.”

Theresa moves closer to him. “Nothing about me and you is a game. I know how much you want to touch me right now. I also know that when you are making love to Gwen, you are thinking of me.”

She plants her lips on him.

He pushes her off. “I will be faithful to Gwen.”

He goes to the phone and dials.

“Gwen! Start packing. We are going to India as soon as possible.”

Sheridan, Chris and Rachel are working on the map.

Julian and Eve enter the room and get updated on what has been going on.

Rachel knows that she has the information in her but she can’t shake it loose.

Eve knows a way.


Sheridan knows that it will work. It was done to her once.

Tabitha hears the group talking.

“That Eve Russell is a handful. Isn’t there anything that she isn’t an expert in? Pediatrics! Surgery! Comas! And now Hypnotism! We should just put a cape on her and call her Wonder Woman…”

Aunt Rachel is okay with being put under hypnosis.

Sheridan feels they should do this right away.

Rachel is fine with that.

Julian dims the lights to set the stage.

Rachel gets a comfy chair.

Eve sits before her on the coffee table.

“Close your eyes," Eve says.

“Think of a place that makes you happy… Now we are going to go on a little trip.”

Sheridan smiles as she watches. “This has to work. If it does, I get my son back!"

“Now we will move into the time when you were being held against your will… Try to remember the place where you were held captive.”

Aunt Rachel says she doesn't know where she is.

Sheridan hopes this works. “I will find my son!"

Tabby watches skeptically.

“Sheridan will push and push and then regret her persistence. She always does that," Tabitha notices.

Aunt Rachel tells that she sees white walls.

“…I also see hardwood…the door is locked and it is always kept locked by Otto. He brings me food…I don’t remember there being a window but there are shutters over the windows and they are locked too…They are opened sometimes to let the air in. The air feels so good on my face… It is soft and warm… I wish the windows were open all the time… When I look out it is night. Alistair always comes at night and it is too dark to see… Sometimes I see twinkling lights in the distance…I hear birds chirping…waves hitting the shore…ocean waves…”

Julian feels that she has to be talking about an island in the Pacific.

Eve asks more about the surroundings where Rachel was held.

“…I smell Hibiscus… Pineapple… It is so nice.”

Julian wonders where Hibiscus grows…

Chris soon figures it out.

Sheridan smiles now.

Ethan tells Gwen to go for a key to free him from the main room of the mansion.

Theresa goes to him when he is off the phone. “Please don’t do this.”

She will not be happy without him.

He knows that she will have faith in herself and she will get custody back of Little Ethan and get strong in herself after he is gone.

She says 'no'.

He assures her that he will go to India and that she will not stop him.

The door opens.

Patty the maid enters.

Ethan thanks her for opening the door and he walks out.

Maya tells the voice on the phone that Noah has someone else and that now that she has seen him she sees that she still loves him with all her heart.

Noah tries to make up with Fancy but Fancy will have none of it.

“What is the secret that my grandfather has hanging over you? Did it have something to do with Maya?"

Noah tells Fancy to come back to bed, but she will not.

She wants to know everything about Maya.

“Your little slip of the tongue has ruined our evening and if you want a relationship, you are going to have to tell me everything.”

Maya tells how she has tried everything to get Noah out of her heart but it didn’t work.

The voice tells Maya that if she plays her cards right she can get Noah back.

Eve pulls Rachel out of her hypnotic state.

Sheridan tells how she did give clues that helped.

Sheridan is sure that Beth and Marty will be found now.

Tabitha shakes her head. “Sheridan may find her son but she may find a lot more than that. When she is finished she will wish that she had never gone looking for that boy.”

Ethan is heading to the stairs.

“Don’t you go!"

Ethan tells Theresa that he is going to pack his things and get on the first plane out of there.

Ethan keeps walking.

Theresa throws her bodyweight on Ethan’s back.

He stops walking.

“Listen to me! I am going to leave and you are going to find another man that will love you.”

Theresa starts crying. “No! No Ethan!"

He walks off from her and runs up the stairs.

Theresa sobs now like a little child. “Ethan no! Ethan! ETHAN!"

She falls to the ground crying her heart out.

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