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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy demands to know who Noah was talking to.

Noah wants to know why she has been sneaking up on him.

Noah was with Maya.

She told him that she loved him. She begged him to take her back.

Fancy demands an answer now.

At the Book Café, Simone and Paloma talk.

Simone tells about the horrible New Years Eve.

“Jessica was tied up and drugged and then her father saved her.”

Sam comes in looking for Jessica. She is missing again.

Sam is sure that Jessica has gone back to Spike. He sits with Paloma and Simone to talk about this.

Sheridan is working on the laptop.

Her mother comes in to find that her daughter is still searching for her son.

Katherine really likes Chris and tells Sheridan so.

“He is very much in love with you.”

Sheridan is afraid for Marty though. “I might not recognize him. I might not get him back as well. Still, I will never stop loving him.”

Katherine has something that she has to tell her daughter.

“I want to talk about Pilar. Sheridan I love Martin and I want him back.”

Pilar tells Martin that she has a date for the renewal of the vows.

“We can do it on our anniversary.”

Martin is pleased. “I love you Pilar, and I can’t think of anything that can make me happier.”

He goes to get them some coffee.

Pilar looks at the paper and sees Katherine’s picture in the high society section.

She remembers Katherine telling her that she will fight for the man that she loves.

Martin returns to the room with coffee for them. Pilar quickly hides the newspaper.

Pilar decides that she doesn't want to wait. “Let’s renew our vows tonight!"

Chris is over Alistair’s bed and he hates the man for what he has done to the lives of everyone.

“It is time for you to go Alistair…”

The door opens.

Chris looks over and sees Rachel entering the room.

“What are you doing here?"

Rachel tells that she wants the same thing that he wants. “…To see Alistair dead!"

Rachel tells Chris that he can’t kill Alistair as he will lose his future with Sheridan. She can’t be heartbroken again.

Chris can agree to that.

They wonder if Alistair can hear them.

Rachel whispers to the man to go to the light.

Chris jokes that ‘the light’ for him is probably the flames of hell.

Rachel never knew that she could hate someone as much as she hates Alistair.

Chris asks how she became involved with Alistair.

Rachel tells that she was young and innocent. “His generosity was amazing and he was so romantic…

“And then… I woke up one day and my life was a nightmare…”

Sam thought that Jessica couldn’t get her head turned by Spike after all that had happened to her.

Sam would like to catch Spike with some drugs on him just one more time. He would fix the kid for good.

Sam has to find Jessica and get her away from Spike.

Simone is with him on that.

Sam remembers that there is a killer on the loose and not the one that tried to kill Alistair.

Paloma and Simone look at each other.

Simone thinks about how she and Paloma kept finding Jessica with the dead men right after the murders. She is probably the killer that Sam is talking about.

Sam sees that Simone’s face has changed.

“What is it? If you know something about Jessica, you have to tell me.”

Noah tells Fancy some story about helping a waitress out just now by lending an ear.

Fancy hugs him. She knew that he would be doing something noble.

She tells how she has had that feeling that something bad was going to happen.

“Maybe you are going to run off with that waitress.”

Noah doubts that.

He tells Fancy that he has a surprise for her and he walks her away.

Pilar wants to renew her vows now.

She lost her husband with no warning and she worries that she will lose him again so why should she wait?

Martin tells her then that they will renew their vows if that will make her happy.

Pilar thinks to herself that she can’t let Katherine take Martin from her.

Katherine tells her daughter that she only gave up Martin because she had been threatened by Alistair.

“Alistair also threatened to tell that you were a murderer Sheridan. There are no more threats hanging over my head. Rachel helped me to understand that I have a right to happiness. I told Pilar that I was going to fight for Martin. She was furious and frightened. She knows that Martin still loves me. Martin will renew his vows as he feels very bad. Now though things are different…”

Sheridan can tell that her mother has made up her mind.

Katherine was worried about how Sheridan would feel about her mother doing this to Pilar who is a woman that Sheridan cares very much about.

Katherine wants Sheridan to accept what she is about to do.

Rachel fell for Alistair as she was young and it took her a long time to realize what Alistair really was. “He was so needy as if he hadn’t had attention as a child. When you paid attention to him, he became obsessive.”

Once Rachel remembers catching Alistair in bed with another woman. They were having a party and she went upstairs to get him.

“After I went downstairs to tell everyone that the party was canceled, I went upstairs and changed my clothes and then…”

She knocked on the door to his room.

She went in and told Alistair that she was leaving him.

“I am not going to marry you Alistair! What has come over you? I don’t know who you are.”

He grabbed her telling her that she was never leaving him.

He had her locked up in a room with a bed and some books.

She read in a newspaper that she got daily, that she was reported dead in a boating accident.

“I realized that I wasn’t going to escape but I had to try.”

Martin tells Pilar that she shouldn’t worry about the renewal of the vows.

“Come on… Everything will be fine.”

Pilar just worries that something else will be taken from her now. “Alistair has affected all her children somehow and they have all changed, died or left town for whatever reason. I couldn't stand having you taken from me again.”

Martin asks her what is going on. “Why are you afraid that I am going to leave you?"

Sheridan says that she will have to understand what her mother does if she goes after Martin.

Katherine needs to know though whose side Sheridan will be on if she goes after Martin.

Sam asks Simone again to help him if she can with Jessica.

Simone says that she was just thinking about New Years Eve and how terrible it was.

Sam will accept that but asks the girls to call him if they hear anything.

He leaves.

Paloma feels terrible about lying to Sam.

Still, that is better than having your father hate you. Simone knows what that feels like.

Paloma looks over to the waiter in the café who is waiting on tables.

Paloma likes her job. “I like cleaning!"

She has to go to get coffee filters in the basement and she asks Simone to come with her as it is spooky in the basement and there are spiders down there.

Noah has Fancy at his place.

He whips out a bottle of the good stuff.

Fancy is surprised.

Noah pops his cork and proposes a toast. “To us!"


They both sip.

“Next surprise…” Noah announces.

He pulls out a tray of strawberries and cream.

He dips a strawberry in the cream and hand-feeds her.

He is a good Boy Scout and she promises him a merit badge.

Katherine says that she has done a lot of things wrong in the past and will understand if Sheridan will not support her effort to get Martin back.

Sheridan knows that Katherine lived a difficult life.

She would like to be neutral on this. “You and Pilar both deserve happiness so I guess you both have to go for it. Martin will make his own decision. Still, I feel bad for Pilar. She has been without her husband for many years.”

Katherine knows that Pilar could have found someone while Martin was away but she didn’t.

Katherine knows that sometimes more than one man can touch a woman’s heart in a lifetime.

Katherine wants to be kept apprised of Marty’s whereabouts if there is any news. She leaves.

Sheridan hopes that her mother gets what she wants.

Rachel tells Chris how she got a newspaper one-day that told of Alistair’s engagement to Katherine.

“I was enraged and became numb. I wanted to die but I was just kept prisoner for years. The only person that I had contact with was Otto. He was devoted to Alistair. There was this other woman who would clean the room. She had news sometimes for me. She helped me by giving Otto something to sleep one time. The door was left unlocked and I ran free. Later, the housekeeper was found dead of a heart attack they said. I knew that Alistair had her killed.”

“I went to the house to go after Alistair when I escaped. Sheridan was there and she attacked me thinking that she was protecting her father from someone that wanted to kill him. Alistair then lied to the girl telling her that she had killed her mother. He had me drugged and then sent me to a prison by the sea…”

Rachel remembers something.

“I know a place where Marty might be held… Alistair used to talk about this place called Ka-ma-kay-kay.”

Chris wants more detail about Ka-ma-kay-Kay.

Rachel tells him that there is no time. “We have to get to Sheridan!"

Paloma and Simone are in the basement of the Book Cafe. It is creepy down there.

Simone knows that the café is owned by Alistair and that creeps her out too.

Paloma wonders if Jessica is really the one that killed the johns, or if she could have been the one to try to kill Alistair.

Paloma trips on a floorboard.

She stoops to mark it so they can get it fixed later.

Paloma finds the board really loose.

“There is something down here…”

Martin assures Pilar that there is nothing to be worried about. The ceremony is going to be great.

Martin tells Pilar to try on her wedding dress.

She shies away from it but he insists.

She goes off to change.

The doorbell rings.

Katherine is at the door.

Martin wonders what is wrong with her.

“I have to talk to you Martin. I have to ask you something. It is very important.”

Sheridan wonders what will happen now that her mother has set her sights on Martin.

Rachel and Chris enter the room happy to find Sheridan.

Chris tells her that Rachel has remembered something that could help them find Marty.

Noah and Fancy sit up in bed drinking champagne.

Fancy asks if this is where Noah took all his conquests.

She is sure that there were plenty of girls in Noah’s life.

She has a question. “Have you gotten all your exes out of your system?"

Noah thinks back to a passionate night with Maya in that very same bed.

He shakes Maya from his head and kisses Fancy passionately. “I love you Fancy… Only you.”

Paloma and Simone find a trap door in the floor.

Paloma wants to call the police but Simone says they all work for Alistair so that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Paloma wants to check it out.

Simone is leery of that.

Paloma climbs down and finds another room down there.

Simone follows her.

There are storage boxes arranged along the walls. They are label, ‘property of Alistair Crane.”

Rachel tells Sheridan that Alistair would say that he could send her anywhere in the world and she would never be out of reach… “Then he would say Ka-ma-kay-Kay!

Sheridan heads to the computer again. She has another clue to assist her with her search for Marty!"***

Paloma finds files, documents and computer disks in the boxes.

These are his secret files. “We have discovered a gold mine," Paloma says.

Katherine tells Martin that she doesn't want him to renew his vows with Pilar.

“I love you Martin and I want you back. I want you to marry me and not Pilar.”

Pilar is in her bedroom in her dress.

It still fits.

“When Martin sees me in it, it is going to happen. We will renew our vows and we will be together forever!"

Noah and Fancy are making love…

While in the throes of passion, Noah calls out, “Maya!"

Fancy jumps up. “Who the hell is Maya?"

Sheridan, Chris and Rachel are working on the computer now.

A number pops up.

“What is that?" Sheridan asks.

It seems to be a location number.

“We have found him? We have the location!"

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