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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy is heading into the restroom of the restaurant and she bumps into a beautiful brown haired woman

“Sorry,” Fancy says.

The woman can tell that Fancy is thinking about a man.

Fancy admits it.

Noah is talking the waiter about Fancy and how she will be a while in the restroom, being a woman and all. He then gets to work starting a shift.

The brown-haired woman knows how Fancy feels.

She knew a man like the one that Fancy speaks about once. “Sometimes I feel like he is here now, in this very place…

Sheridan and Chris are in the Crane computers and they are getting closer to finding Otto Krauss.

Julian knows that this will be difficult but there has to be evidence of where the man is stationed.

Kay has made her way home.

“I got away from Fox before he could propose”.

Tabitha tells that Fox is determined to propose that night.

Kay panics. “I can’t just run can I? I need a plan!"

Tabitha says they will stall him.

Kay thinks that maybe Tabitha is mistaken and that Fox has gone home.

Tabitha has to find a way to get Fox to avoid the proposal.

Fox is outside Tabitha’s house and he is determined to propose to Kay this night.

“Fancy might not think that it is romantic but that is what I am going to do.”

Theresa sits with her daughter and dreams of the day when Ethan is going to come back to her for good.

Gwen and Ethan are in their room.

Gwen is thrilled! They are moving and she can’t wait.

Ethan tells that it will still be a while before they can leave.

He has to wonder if getting away from Theresa is all that moving away is about for Gwen. “Is there something else that I should know about all this Gwen?"

Gwen says that after all the things that Theresa has done to them she can’t see how he can’t understand how she is so happy that they are moving.

Ethan understands that. He will talk to Julian again.

“We might have to wait a month or two. I will stress the urgency to Julian.”

Ethan leaves the room now.

Gwen sees the brown-haired woman at her table alone.

“Excuse me. I just wanted to know if you are still with the man that you love.”

The woman says 'no'.

Fancy tells that she has a great guy and she loves him.

“I know he loves me but he won’t talk about the subject of marriage.

The brown-haired woman says that some men like to go from one women to the next.

She tells how you can look at a guy’s life and see what kind of person he will be. “Is he the reliable settling down type, or the moving from here to there type with no real goal in life?"

Fancy looks over at Noah and sees him juggling bottles of booze as he works the bar.

“Oh…” Fancy sighs.

Noah takes the letter out of his wallet that he carries everywhere. He reads about the woman he used to know and how they could never love another as much as they love each other.

Tabitha and Kay come up with a plan to stop Fox from proposing. Kay will just have to keep running.

Fox starts coming in the house.

Kay runs off and hides.

Fox asks for Kay.

Tabitha says that she isn’t there.

Fox knows that she was there. “I heard her talking to you. Also what was the emergency that you called her about?"

Tabitha doesn’t answer his questions and so he goes to the kitchen to look for Kay himself.

Kay is running through the house.

She comes to the kitchen door exiting the house and sees that she could go outside but she won’t as it is too cold out there.

Tabitha looks at Endora. “You’ve got to do something!"

Endora tells mummy telepathically…”I am on it!"

Kay is in the kitchen.

Fox walks in. He sees her and then…

ZAP! She is gone.

“Kay?" Fox thinks that his eyes are playing tricks on him now. “I could have sworn that I just saw Kay.

ZAP! Kay appears in the living room with Tabitha and Endora.

They have stalled the proposal for now.


Kay closes her eyes. It is Fox’s voice and he is roaming the house looking for her.

Fox is coming in.

Endora tells telepathically that she is on the case.

Fox calls out for Kay and shouts that he is coming!

“No!" Kay shouts and then quickly clamps her hand over her mouth when she realizes how she screwed up. Now he will come into the living room for sure.

ZAP! Kay is sent to the kitchen and is sitting on the counter.

Fox heads to the kitchen again for something to drink.

ZAP! Kay is back in the living room sitting in a chair.

Fox heads out of the kitchen and back to the living room.

ZAP! Kay is in the playpen.

Fox enters the room just as Kay is zapped out of the pen and standing normally again.

“Oh hi Kay! Where have you been?"

Chris and Sheridan are about to leave the study when Ethan comes in.

They overhear Ethan telling Julian that he wants to move and needs a transfer.

Theresa tells Jane that she will get Ethan back and they will be a family.

Gwen comes into the room.

“What are you doing?"

Theresa says that she is putting her daughter to bed.

Gwen reminds her that the child isn’t her daughter legally right now.

Theresa says that is just for now. “I will get the information out to Ethan about what you did.”

Theresa closes the door to the nursery now.

Gwen asks Theresa what she is doing.

“Are you going to kill me know?"

Theresa doesn't have to go there. “I know that once the truth comes out about ruining Ethan’s life, Ethan will leave you Gwen. Your secret isn’t safe.”

Gwen smiles brightly. “My secret is safe forever Theresa. You know why? Ethan has made it that way.”

Theresa stops smiling. She doesn’t understand.

Kay says that she just got to the house when Fox asks her where she has been.

Fox is about to argue that point about her just arriving at the house, but then decides not to. He would sound crazy.

Fox heard that Kay left because of an emergency.

Tabitha says that she wasn’t feeling well and called Kay to come home.

Fox turns to Kay.

“I have something that I want to ask you. It is an important question. A very important question.”

Noah reads the letter that his past love wrote to him.

“You were my great love, but now you are gone.”

The brown-haired woman hopes that she isn’t getting Fancy down with all this negative talk about men. “Nevermind. I am sure that your guy will love you just fine.”

Fancy is starting to wonder.

“You see a woman wrote him a letter once. She was his true love and she said that they wouldn’t ever love another…

“…the way that we love each other…”

Fancy is shocked. That is exactly how the letter was written. “How did you know that?"

Julian is sad to hear that Ethan is moving but he will work on something for him.

Sheridan doesn't think that Ethan should move. She listens to what he says and then tells him that he is only moving because he is still in love with Theresa and can’t deal with his life the way it is right now.

“I know that you love Gwen but if you move and love Theresa anyway, then you will still have her in your heart no matter where you go.”

Theresa wants to understand how Ethan could keep Gwen safe from the truth.

Gwen will only tell her that she will see in the end.

Gwen admits that she regrets turning Ethan’s life upside-down with the stuff about the tabloid, but it happened and she has to live with it.

“I hate lying to him but I would rather do that instead of losing him.”

Theresa knows that somehow the truth is going to come out. “You can’t stop it. You can step aside now and you can save yourself in Ethan’s eyes.”

Gwen tells that she doesn't need saving.

Theresa has a suggestion. “Why don’t you make things easier for both of us and just let me have him now.”

Fancy demands to know how the brown-haired woman knew what her boyfriend’s ex wrote in a letter.

The woman tells that everyone has written something like that at some point.

That seems to calm Fancy.

The brown-haired woman has to wonder if the reason that Fancy’s boyfriend will not commit has to do with the fact that the man is still stuck on his ex.

The woman has to be on her way now and she leaves.

Fancy turns and looks at Noah. “He is different from other men. He is a man of his word," she tries to convince herself.

Fox gets on his knees before Kay.

Maria starts crying upstairs.

Kay jumps. “I have to go and see about Maria.”

Fox wants to come with her but Kay says 'no' as he gets Maria excited and she might not go back to sleep.

Fox decides to wait then for Kay to come back.

Kay tells him that he should go as she could be a while with the baby.

Fox tells her that he will wait as long as it takes

Sheridan understands where Ethan is coming from but she counsels him about not following his heart. He hugs her.

Gwen and Theresa talk about their situation and who is going to get Ethan in the end.

Gwen feels that she did something wrong but she finds that in comparison to the things that Theresa has done she looks like an angel.

Gwen will not give up her husband.

Theresa will be following Gwen around. “We live in the same house and I will be watching your every move. So watch it! I am going to get you.”

Noah comes over to sit with Fancy.

She tells about a woman that she met and how they were talking about relationships.

Fancy looks sad.

“What is wrong?" Noah asks.

Fancy says that she is fine but was just thinking.

She wants to go to the hospital and check on her grampy.

That is fine with him but he really doesn't want to go there.

She will go alone and they will meet up later.

Fancy leaves.

Behind Noah, the brown-haired woman stands smiling at him.

Kay plays with her daughter in her room for a while.

She wonders how she will deal with this problem.

“I will just say that if we get together, our relationship will be doomed… No… I can’t say that. I will tell him that if he loves me he will trust me.”

Tabitha and Endora are alone with Fox in the living room now.

Kay comes in and stands in the doorway.

“I want to talk to you Fox but I can’t come in and look at you. There is something that you should know.”

Tabitha waves Kay in, but Kay will not enter.

Kay insists on getting this out.

“Fox… I can’t wait until you become my husband but the thing is that it can’t be right now.”

She looks into the room and sees the back of Fox’s head as he sits in a chair.

“I hope that you are willing to wait Fox…”

Fox doesn't respond.

“…Are you willing to wait or are you mad at me?"

No answer…


Chris and Sheridan have found Otto’s US passport application. With Julian’s help they can see where Otto went last with the passport.

Julian knows that Alistair pays off a lot of people and that this will not be as easy as they think.

Chris promises to find Marty and bring him home.

Kay is waiting for a response from Fox about what she has said.

Tabitha tells her to come around and look at his face. “He is sleeping.”

Kay smiles.

She sees that he is holding the ring box in his hand.

She opens it and looks at the ring. “It is exactly what I would have chosen. This is just what I have always wanted all my life. The man of my life to propose to me and to have this beautiful ring on my finger is all that I ever wanted. Seems that I can’t have those things. Isn’t there some way that I can have these things Tabitha?"

Tabitha is sorry but getting together with Fox means losing him forever.

Kay puts the ring back in the box and then back on Fox’s lap.

“Some day… Some day soon…”

Fancy has some doubts now about Noah but she shrugs them off. She heads to the hospital now.

Noah is alone at the club now.

He hears high heels walking up behind him.

“Fancy… I thought that you were going to the…”

He turns and finds someone else behind him that he didn’t expect.




“It has been a long time," she says.

Theresa and Gwen are still talking in the nursery.

Ethan comes in and confirms that he has spoken to Julian and that things are in the works.

Gwen is so happy.

“What is this?" Theresa asks.

“We are going away," Gwen announces as she hugs her husband grinning.

“For what," Theresa asks. “Vacation? For how long?"

“Forever…” Gwen smirks. “We are tired of being here with you and living with all we have to put up with because of you, so we are leaving!"

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