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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Katherine asks Pilar if she wants to spend her life with a man that loves another woman.

Katherine tells that Martin still loves her and that Pilar should really think about stopping the renewal of her vows with him.

Pilar tells her that Martin does love her. “Martin still loves me. You have a lot of nerve coming here and saying this to me?"

Katherine wants answers. “Can you be with this man after knowing that he loves another woman?"

Noah and Fancy discuss whether it is okay to marry early in a relationship or later.

Noah feels that one should wait and get to know each other better.

He guesses that Fox is thinking that he knows Kay well enough to get married now.

Fancy really would like to know what Noah feels about getting married in a relationship and how long it should take to be married.

Kay is giddy with glee on the dinner date. “I have never had champagne like this. Woo! Look! Caviar too!"

Tabitha is watching Fox and Kay on the monitor on her television. “What is he up to? Caviar and champagne… It is like he is about to…”

Tabitha sees something in Fox’s hand under the table.

“It s a ring!"

Kay wonders what she has done to be treated so well.

Tabitha sees this is a disaster, although Fox got her a very nice rock. Tabitha has whammied up a magnifying glass and looks at the ring through that.

Tabitha tries to focus now that she has been sidetracked for a minute. “He can’t propose as their love will be doomed.”

Fox looks down at the ring.

“Kay… I want this to be the night that you will never forget…. And with what I have to ask you, it will be, if you want it to be.”

Tabitha knows that she will not forget it too. “It will be the night that her love is doomed forever!"

Pilar tells Katherine that Martin loves her and wants her back.

Katherine disagrees.

“How dare you," Pilar shouts. “How dare you come into my house and try to make me think that my husband doesn’t love me? I knew it was an act. I knew when you said that you would stay away from him you didn’t mean it!”

Katherine wanted to do the right thing but Martin is still in love with her.

Pilar orders her out.

She opens the door. “Don’t you ever come near my husband again!"

Katherine will not leave until they straighten this out.

Tabitha heads to the big blue pot.

“There must be something an old witch can do to stop Fox from proposing.”

Kay tells how she is having the best time ever at dinner.

Tabitha pours a pitcher of water into the big blue pot. “Oh dear… You need to freshen up after all that water that drinking you have been doing… Don’t you Kay?”

Fox tells Kay that he has something that he has to ask Kay.

She has a sip of her champagne and then…

…”Oh! I have to go right away to the women room but I will be right back…”

Kay runs off.

Fox can’t wait to see the look on her face when he asks the important question.

Kay is safely away from the table now.

Tabitha picks up the phone and starts dialing.

Fancy is really curious about Noah’s feelings on marriage.

Noah says that marriage is a great institution but then again who wants to live in one.

Fancy wants to know what Noah thinks of marriage for himself.

Noah is fine with Fox getting married now to Kay if that is what he wants to do.

“I just think that one should be sure about what they are doing," he explains.

Fancy feels that the relationship is what matters and not how long people are together.

Noah can’t decide what others do with their lives, but for himself… He never really answers Fancy’s question and she notices.

Noah asks Fancy is she would like to go out and have a little fun.

She guesses that she feels like that.

He runs upstairs to change.

Fancy thinks about Fox and Kay and how they are getting engaged this night.

“What about us? Can’t we get engaged too?"

Finally, Kay and Tabitha hook up by phone.

Tabitha tells that she has to speak to the girl about something important.

“Fox is about to propose. He is going to pop the question the moment that you return to the table!"

Kay starts freaking out and jumping up and down.

Tabitha tells her that this isn’t good news.

Kay isn’t listening.

“Thank you for giving me the good news. I have to now act like I am surprised. I have to go and get back to the table.”

She hangs up.

Tabitha is shouting for her but she is already gone.

“The girl is a real ditz… a ding-a-ling. She will get engaged but she will remember my words when she loses him. What a twit!"

Pilar orders Katherine out again but Katherine will not go.

“You can see that I am right Pilar.”

Pilar slams the door shut.

“If you are having trouble accepting the truth, then I pity you," Pilar says.

Katherine just wants her honesty about their situation. “You must have doubts that he loves you. I know this man and his feelings for me. You know that he is still in love with me.”

Pilar doesn't believe that. “I will not let you do this. I will not let you destroy my marriage!”

Katherine wouldn’t have come if there was anything to destroy.

Pilar asks Katherine what she thinks that she is doing by coming here. What is it that she wishes to accomplish?

Pilar feels that Pilar knows the truth and will not admit it.

“Alistair blackmailed Martin and he went off with me and I begged him to come back to you. That is the reason that Martin is here now.”

Pilar feels that none of this matters now. “Stop trying to destroy my marriage.”

Katherine agonized over this and blamed herself for everything that went wrong. She tried to do the right thing.

Pilar says that if she had any kind of morals, she would stop this talk.

Katherine knows that Pilar was married for many years, but Katherine was actually with Martin for most of that time. “Our love became an unbreakable bond, so why is your love more important than mine?"

Noah and Fancy are out at the club.

Fancy wishes that she could see Kay when Fox proposes.

Noah knows that Fox will be excited too.

“At the house he couldn’t wait to pull out the ring.”

Fancy knows that is how it is when people know that they are supposed to be together.

A woman in purple comes by Noah and Fancy and stands by staring at them.

Noah feels a little strange.

Fancy notices and asks him if he is okay.

He says that he is fine but will leave for a moment to schedule some hours with Liz for bartending since they are there.

He walks off.

The woman in purple turns in Fancy’s direction.

A woman who sees Fancy alone comes over to her and tells her that she knows how she feels. She has seen Noah walk off and she feels that she knows what he is all about.

“The men don’t want to commit. They want to keep you hanging and keep you stringing. Then when you want to commit, they dump you.”

Fancy has never had anything like that happen to her.

The woman knows that Noah is just that way. “Trust me. I know the type.”

The woman in purple watches from afar as Fancy talks with the stranger.

Kay is trying to make her way back to the table.

Her phone rings again.

She looks at the display.

‘What is it Tabitha?"

Tabitha reminds her that she can’t get engaged.

“Your love is doomed if you do… Remember?”

Kay remembers all that Tabitha told her before about not getting engaged as it will be a disaster.

‘What am I going to do?"

Kay suggests some magic but Tabitha can’t put anymore magic into this. Things are close to disaster as it is.

Tabitha has to go as it is time to wake Endora.

The girl snores loudly in the background.

Kay continues to beg for more magic and finally Tabitha gives in.

She doesn't want to use Endora to help with this but she may have no choice.

Kay feels like she is jinxed.

Tabitha has to admit that this is most unusual.

Fox is at the table waiting for Kay.

He talks to the waiter about getting engaged that night.

Everything is rigged and the surprise is in the dessert.

Kay returns to the table.

Fox has ordered dessert for her.

She loves it.

She grabs her spoon and starts slowly eating her Strawberry Chocolate Mousse as Fox watches her impatiently.

Pilar says that her marriage in church, before God takes priority over Katherine’s slutty relationship.

Katherine knows that she is not a slut. “I am the woman that Martin loves. Tell me if you are going to make Martin stay with you!"

Pilar moves to strike the woman but Katherine stops her.

“I am through being made to feel guilty. I have done everything in my power to make your marriage work. I did all this for you.”

Pilar feels that Katherine did this for herself and Sheridan. “You are a selfish and self-centered woman. You don’t care about taking another woman’s husband.”

Katherine can’t see why Martin should be held to this marriage. “What about Martin’s feelings in all this? You are the selfish one here Pilar…”

Tabitha tries to wake the loudly snoring Endora.

“Get up! Kay needs you! Fox needs you! Get up right now or we will be spending time in lonely desperation. You don’t want that do you?"

The child goes right on snoring.

Tabitha shakes the crib as hard as she can.

Drastic times call for desperate measures.

She gets a wooden spoon and pot and starts banging on them as she sings, “Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall… Ninety-nine bottles of beer…

Fox watches as Kay jams every spoonful into her mouth.

While he is paying attention to his dessert, Kay looks down and sees the ring that Fox as hidden in her dessert.

“What a rock!" she thinks.

She can’t accept it though.

She uses her spoon and jams the ring down into the dessert glass so that it is hidden.

“Wow! That was great!"

Fox is surprised that she is finished now.

“Let’s dance!" she shouts getting up.

Fox tries to stop her but she rushes to the dance floor.

He follows her.

While they are slow-dancing, Kay looks to the floor sadly.

“Oh no. This is terrible!" she thinks to herself.

Fancy tells the woman with her that Noah is not a guy that is using her.

“I know that he loves me.”

THE woman cautions that until she has that ring on her finger she should proceed with caution. “believe him if you want but don’t be surprised if he has a million reasons why he can’t marry you when the time comes. If and when you get a ring, drag him to the altar fast. I have a friend who has been wearing a ring for 14 years and she still isn’t married.”

Noah returns to Fancy.

He managed to snag some more hours behind the bar for the week.

Fancy seems a little cool to Noah but she says that she is fine.

A beautiful woman is sitting alone at a table.

The waiter comes to take the woman’s order.

“Wow you are beautiful," the waiter remarks.

“A woman like you can only mean one thing… trouble.”

She admits that she is “…big trouble.”

Tabby can’t get Endora up.

Tabitha turns her back for a minute.

Endora jumps up on her playpen.

“Great! Do you know how long I have been trying to get you up? We need your magic powers to help Fox and Kay. We have to stop Fox from proposing to Kay…”

Fox and Kay are dancing but Kay is tense. Fox can feel it.

She says that she is relaxed.

“I am exhausted and I want to go home..”

Fox isn’t tired and he wants her to stay up longer.

“I have a favor… Stick around with me for a little longer and this will be a night you will never forget.”

That is what Fox is afraid of.

Tabitha explains everything to Endora.

ZAP! Endora points her finger at the big blue pot.

The busboy goes over to Fox and Kay’s table while they are dancing and he takes the two dessert dishes from the table.

Endora finds her baby to be a genius. “Now Fox can’t propose to Kay. You have saved them Endora... You have saved them.”

Pilar orders Katherine out of the house again.

Katherine will go this time but she will fight for the man that she loves. “You get ready Pilar..”

Katherine leaves and Pilar shuts the door behind her quickly.

Fancy looks sad.

She tells that she is anxious to know if Fox has proposed yet.

Noah checks his messages.

“I know that Kay will call as soon as she is engaged.”

Fancy knows that marrying the man that a girl loves is something to be excited about.

Fancy leaves to go to the restroom.

Noah knows what Fancy wants but he can’t give it to her.

Fancy is about to go into the restroom when she bumps into the beautiful brunette coming out.

“Sorry. I was preoccupied.”

The brunette guesses that she is thinking about a man.

She used to know a man who used to make her preoccupied like that.

Fox and Kay are in the restaurant.

Fox suddenly sees that the dessert dishes are gone.

“Oh no!"

Fox goes running off to the kitchen.

Kay tells the waiter to tell Fox that she had to get home right away.

The waiter tries to make her stay knowing that the gentleman would be very happy if she waited or him to return.

Kay has to go and she leaves.

In the kitchen of the restaurant, Fox digs through all the dirty dishes and he finds the ring!


The waiter comes into the kitchen to tell him that the lady has gone for the evening.

Fox is surprised and sad but that is fine he will catch up to her and fix things.

He wipes his hands and heads out to get his ladylove.

Tabitha is not happy with this turn of events.

“Fox is going to catch Kay and propose to her on the way home. We can’t have that now can we?"

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