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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Julian finds Katherine and tells her that Alistair is still hanging on to life but could go at any moment.

Katherine looks sad for a minute.

Julian has been trying to right the wrongs that Alistair has done over the years by putting people’s lives right side up again.

Katherine has been praying but not for Alistair’s recovery for something else. Julian is curious about what she is talking about.

Martin brings Pilar some tea.

Pilar can’t stop worrying about Theresa.

Martin knows the girl will never be free of Alistair.

Sheridan has to try to find Beth and Marty no matter what. She still sits at the keyboard trying to search for Otto.

She knows that her father will do his best to rob her of someone else that she loves if she doesn’t find Marty soon.

Tabitha counsels Kay. “You can’t get engaged to Fox. At least not until the planets have realigned. “The tarot shows that the planets are not in sync. You can’t get with Fox until after Mars is out of retrograde. I don’t know when that will happen but we will get a telescope and look at the stars in the backyard.

Kay finds all of this to be hogwash.

Tabitha tells that if Kay doesn't do as she is told, she will ruin her chances for happiness ever with Fox.

Kay decides that she will wait then for the planets to realign themselves. “Fox isn’t going to propose now anyway.”

Fancy and Fox are outside the house ready to come in. Fox is about to ask Kay to marry him.

Kay feels that this is all going to work out. It is too soon for us to get more committed anyway.


Tabitha and Kay turn to find Fox and Fancy at the door.

‘I want to talk to you Kay," Fox says.

Behind his back, he holds the ring that he hopes she will accept from him.

Sheridan has to keep working hard with her searches. Her father is sick and could have something in place to keep Beth and Marty from him even while he is sick and dying.

Chris wants her to stay calm.

She can’t do that. Her son has been missing for months and she can’t stand it.

Rachel is there and she has given all the information that she can about Beth and Marty. Still she remembers something very important now...

Kay fears that something is wrong when she looks at Fox’s face but he assures her that he is fine.

Noah enters the room now and greets Fancy with a kiss.

“Young love… I will go and get us all something from the kitchen," Tabitha says.

Fox stops her from leaving the room. “I have something that I want to say so stay right there while I say it.”

Fox turns to Kay.

“I have never met anyone like you before and when you meet someone like that, you have to do what you can to keep them.”

Kay understands what he is talking about. Their love is like someone grabbed her insides and turned them inside out.

Tabitha whispers that she has heard all of this gibberish before but in much more graphic terms.

Fox wants everyone to know about how he feels.

“I have to ask you a question Kay.”

Fancy interrupts Fox’s proposal telling him that she needs to talk to him alone.

She pushes him from the room.

Kay wonders what this is all about.

Tabitha finds the both of those siblings very rude. “I don’t like it when people are rude," Tabitha says.

Fancy and Fox are alone in the other room now.

“What is it," Fox demands?

Fancy needs to stop this. “I can’t let you do this. You are making a big mistake," Fancy counsels.

Katherine talks about love and not being able to have it forever with Martin.

Julian finds that true love is always forever. “I thought that I lost Eve but then we rediscovered each other later in years.”

Katherine feels different about her situation. She can never have Martin.

Julian feels that if she really loves Martin, she will have a chance at love and she should grab it and never let it go.

Martin wishes that he had used the chance to mould Theresa’s mind so that she wouldn’t act out now the way that she does.

Pilar knows that Theresa needs them right now.

“Just because Rebecca and Gwen may get exposed will not guarantee that Ethan will be with Theresa and that will destroy her.”

Martin knows that he and Pilar will be the best parents that they can for their daughter.

Pilar wonders if parents are all that they are.

He tells her again that he is there for her and rebuilding the family.

Pilar thanks God for that. She wouldn’t be able to stand losing him again.

He promises that he won’t leave her again.

Rachel has remembered Otto’s last name. “It is Krauss.”

Great! Now they can all search for the man.

Sheridan suggests that she and Chris go to the mansion and use Alistair’s computers to search for Otto. Rachel will stay with James.

Chris and Sheridan leave the Bed & Breakfast.

Rachel hopes that Sheridan finds what she is looking for.

Fancy tells Fox that he can’t propose the way that he is doing it.

“You have to propose in a special way. I am a connoisseur when it comes to this stuff. Think about how she will think about this later when she tells people about this. She will be admitting that you proposed in front of his sister, his brother and Tabitha… Do you get it? When you propose, you have to make it magic!"

Noah tells Kay that he is glad that she is with Fox and he is happy for her.

Tabitha hopes that things last.

Noah finds Fox really sincere. “This should be the relationship that will last forever if you are lucky.”

Tabitha knows that will only happen if Kay doesn't get engaged to Fox.

Fancy and Fox discuss what he is to do for Kay’s special moment.

He will get flowers and champagne and he will make the proposal special. “This is going to be something that she will remember for the rest of her life.”

Fox returns to Kay and explains that there is no big crisis. He just wanted to talk to his sister for a minute.

He asks Kay to go out for dinner.

She loves that but they can stay in, she says and order pizza.

Fox insists that they go out.

Tabitha will watch the kids.

Fox sends Kay to get dressed upstairs.

Fancy sees Noah smiling from the couch.

She wishes that Noah were ready to commit to her like Fox is ready to commit to Kay.

Tabitha follows Kay to the stairs. She fears that Fox is going to pop the question and she warns that can’t happen.

Kay doubts it.

Fox looks at the ring again. “I can’t wait to pop the question”

Katherine comes to see Rachel at the Bed & Breakfast.

“We have been separated for so long and I really need time to be with my sister.

Rachel can see that something is wrong with Katherine.

Katherine admits that she needs someone to talk to.

“I have been thinking about what you said Rachel. You told me that my happiness is as important as Pilar’s. I want Martin but I can’t break up their marriage again. I need to talk to you about Martin. I want Martin but I have to find a way to live without him and without love.”

Julian finds Chris and Sheridan in the study.

“What are you two doing here?"

Chris and Sheridan are on the computer.

They are looking for Marty before it is too late.

Sheridan explains that Alistair may have arranged for Beth and Marty to die and they have to step up the search.

Sheridan has been trying different passwords but nothing works.

Julian knows some passwords but knows that they must have been changed over the years. Julian was only in Alistair’s good graces when he was being bad and that was a long time ago.

Sheridan forgives him for all that.

She wants him to now try to use his passwords that he can remember and see if that will open up some information about Marty.

Pilar hates doubting Martin. It is just that now that Alistair doesn't have anything on Martin anymore, she was sure that he was going to leave her and go to Katherine.

Pilar suggests renewing their vows then since Martin wants to stay with her.

Martin finds that unnecessary.

Pilar really wants that. “I am sure that we should do this, and I can’t wait anymore. We will be together forever. Till death do us part…”

She rushes to the table to make the arrangements.

“I will arrange for the earliest day possible for us to do this.”

Rachel can see that her sister loves Martin.

Katherine admits that she still does.

“Does he love you too?"

Katherine is sure of it. “This is just about Pilar’s feelings and making up for the past because of what we did to her.”

“What kind of marriage are you trying to save if both the partners don’t love with their whole hearts," Rachel has to wonder.

Katherine finds Rachel so strong while she was always the dramatic one.

Rachel finds this all unfair for Pilar. “This may work for a while but in her heart, Pilar will know that Martin doesn’t love her and they both will be unhappy. Don’t you think that it is better for Martin to make a clean break?"

Katherine just isn’t sure that she feels right about this.

Rachel says that doing the right thing isn’t always easy.

Katherine tells how this all started when Martin did the ‘right’ thing and saved her from Alistair all those years ago.

Rachel knows that staying with Katherine and running off with her wasn’t just because Martin was doing the right thing. “He must have loved you deeply to do that.”

“You are all going to be hurt far more if you let this drag on. You deserve love Katherine.”

Julian sits at the computer in his father’s study.

Sheridan hopes that maybe there is a password that Alistair has forgotten to change and that it will unleash some information about Beth and Marty.

Julian remembers that Alistair liked using the titles of good books to make his passwords.

Julian gets an idea.

“Father kept Rachel hidden all those years because he loved her and treasured her. Think about books with the word, ‘treasure’ in it.”

“The Count of Monte Crisco?"

That doesn’t work.

They try some others.

Sheridan suddenly remembers the most famous book that there is about treasure.

“Mother has a first edition on the bookcase!"

“My God!" Julian says. “Treasure Island!"

Julian types the words and hits ‘enter’.

The computer sings as it opens its gates.

“We in!"

Noah and Fancy are at the Bennett house now.

They saw Fox and Kay off to dinner.

Noah really likes him.

Noah noticed that Fox was acting very odd.

Fancy tells that Fox is proposing tonight.

Noah is really surprised but not like Fancy thinks he should be.

Noah says that he hopes that this isn’t too soon.

Fancy says that they love each other and so that should be enough.

Noah agrees but reminds Fancy that Fox and Kay have only known each other for a few months.

Fancy visibly cools now. “Just like us.”

Noah points out that the isn’t proposing to her and they have been dating about the same amount of time.

Fancy confirms that is definitely true.

She walks off coolly.

Noah suddenly realizes how insensitive he has been.

Fox and Kay are at dinner and smiling at each other.

Fox tells Kay that he has something really special to discuss with her.

Tabitha and Endora are watching Fox and Kay using the monitor on the television.

Tabitha puts Endora down and heads back to the television.

Fox is all sweetness and sugar.

Tabitha could just gag if someone would only give her a spoon.

Tabitha see that the man is holding something in his hand. “What is that?"

Fox tells Kay now that he has something very important to ask her.

Pilar gets her recipes out to plan a menu for their renewal of their vows.

Martin can see that she is going to be busy for a while, and so he suggests going out for some take-out.

After he is gone, Pilar gets to work with her planning.

The doorbell rings.

Pilar answers to Katherine.

She walks in uninvited.

“What do you want," Pilar asks her?

Katherine asks her if she wants to spend the rest of her life with a man that doesn’t love her.

Julian sees that this will be more complicated than they thought. “Father has tricks in they system. There will be more passwords undoubtedly.”

Chris enters Otto Krauss’s name.

A nasty picture comes to the screen.

Sheridan guesses that this must be Otto. “He must be the one guarding my son.”

Noah apologizes for saying what he did before, but he has had bad role models for marriage. His parents didn’t do a good job.

“I am just saying that Fox and Kay should just take some time and make sure that they are making the right decision.”

Fancy on the other hand feels that you can tell when you are dating the right person. “You will know in your bones that you are dating the right person. If you find the right person, then you know it in your heart… Don’t you?"

Tabby waits to see what Fox has in his hand.

Fox is trying to get the words out.

Kay is just marveling over the champagne and caviar.

The waiter drops more goodies off at the table.

Tabitha wonders what Fox is doing.

“He has champagne and caviar and … What is that thing?"

Tabitha zooms in on Fox’s hand and she sees it. “Oh no! He is going to propose!"

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