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Passions Update Monday 1/16/06--Canada; Tuesday 1/17/06--USA
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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Noah and Fancy are ready to stop skating now and take off their skates.

The woman in brown watches their every move.

Valerie is glad that Fox has realized that he is head over heels in love with Kay but they have to get some work done in spite of that. The company is in trouble.

She knows that Alistair will fire him all over again if Fox doesn't make things work at the office. “This is your chance at proving that you deserve your job back.”

Fox sees that he is right.

He still would like Valerie to take care of things for a while though.

“I am expecting someone and this person will make me the happiest person in the world. This has to do with that phone call that I made earlier. It is going to be great!”

Kay and Tabitha worry about the shadow and try a spell to have the trouble removed.

They look in the big blue pot and see that the shadow is still there and looming over Fox and Kay.

This can’t be good.

Eve is ready to give the good news and the bad news about Alistair. Theresa is dying to hear.

Rebecca and Gwen worry what will happen now.

Theresa is thrilled to death.

She turns to Ethan. “It is time for you to learn the truth about your loyal wife," Theresa tells him.

Fancy feels guilty feeling happy with her grandfather being in the hospital. Still, she will try to have a good day.

Fancy feels creeped out again. “Someone is watching us. Can’t you feel it? Someone has their eyes on us.”

Fancy sees someone running when she looks at the person.

“Noah! The person is trying to get away!"

Noah and Fancy run after the culprit.

Valerie and Fox are almost arguing over work. She can’t get him to concentrate on anything. There is a lot of work to be done.

Someone knocks.

Fox answers the door. “Thank you for stopping by on such short notice.” Valerie cranes her neck but can’t see who is there.

“Valerie! This is Mr. Cohen.”

The man puts his briefcase on the desk and opens it.

“Oh my God!" Valerie says.

“Fox?" she questions incredulously.

He was serious when he was talking about being happy.

Fox and Tabitha look into the big blue pot and they think that things are going to be okay but then the shadow comes back.

Fox and Kay fall to the floor during their wedding.

The person with the gloved hands comes to them threateningly.

Fox calls out for Kay. They have been separated.

Suddenly an explosion goes off in the big blue pot.

Tabitha and Kay jump back. Tabitha isn’t sure what that means but it can’t be good.

At the hospital, Theresa goes on and one about how Gwen is on the verge of getting exposed now. She feels that Alistair has to be okay and will be able to tell Gwen’s secret soon.

Eve says instead that in fact Alistair is not able to talk.

Rebecca guesses that he must be dead then.

That doesn't seem to be the answer either.

Maybe he is in some kind of coma!

Theresa is upset. She will never see justice done it seems. She waits for more information from Eve.

Noah and Fancy are in the forest near the park.

They find a little boy with his father.

The man was chasing his child and they were in turn chasing the father.

Noah and Fancy laugh over their mistake.

They head back to the rink to have some hot chocolate.

The woman in brown comes out of hiding and follows the couple back to the rink.

The man with the briefcase has gorgeous engagement rings in the case. Fox is picking out a ring for Kay.

Fox asks Valerie to help him pick a ring out for Kay.

Valerie goes to get her glasses thinking that she should be picking out a ring for herself and not for Kay. “Ivy promised him to me.”

The explosion is over.

Tabitha sees that she was right all along. “Everything in this life has a price and you have paid enough. You will have to deal with life’s bumps and lumps now.”

Kay knows that she will die a slow and painful death without Fox if that happens.

Tabitha offers to see what her tarot cards tell her.

“There is the slim chance that there is a fifty-fifty chance that you could end up with Fox.”

All are in the hospital waiting to see what Eve means by Alistair not being able to talk.

She tells that Alistair has suffered a stroke and can’t say a word. “Whatever secrets Alistair had are going to remain secrets indefinitely.”

Rebecca and Gwen smile knowingly at each other. They have been saved!

The woman at the hot chocolate booth remarked that Noah and Fancy were having fun out there on the rink.

Fancy asks the woman if she has noticed anyone watching them.

The woman says that THEY ARE IN Harmony and there are a lot of things that are strange there.

Noah and Fancy sit to have their beverages.

Fancy gets a call.

It is Julian. “Your grandfather has had a stroke. You can’t do any good here, but you could help out at work. I want you to reassure the buyers that things are going to be working as usual. We all have to help out.”

Fancy will help.

Julian tells her to calm the staff and MOST OF ALL REMEMBER TO reassure the buyers.

Fancy tells Noah that their day is over AS She HAS TO GO. They kiss.

She is off now. Noah decides that maybe he should go home and see if there is any news on Jessica.

Noah gets a weird feeling now and he looks around.

“That is strange.”

He shrugs off the feeling and continues on his way.

The woman in brown follows him.

Eve comes out of Alistair’s room.

There has been no change. Alistair MAY HAVE brain damage.

Theresa asks if Alistair can do anything. “Can he write? Can he point?"

Eve tells that Alistair can’t do anything, and that might be permanent.

Eve has no idea what the timeline is going to be for anything to happen.

Theresa finds this all very unfair.

Ethan asks her why everything has to be about her.

Julian takes Eve aside. It has been a rough night and day.

“I despise Alistair and all that he has done, but still…” Eve says sadly.

Julian says that there is an upside to this. “I am in charge right now of the Crane empire. I could right some wrongs and help some people that have been hurt in the past.”

Julian gets a call and moves away to take it.

Pilar asks Theresa how she feels about fate now. “It clearly didn’t put you with Ethan did it? Do you want to have false hope in your life or do you ever want to face the truth? Sometimes I wonder.”

Tabitha gets her cards out on the table.

Kay sits across from Tabitha. “Do you see me with Fox yet?"

Tabitha hates it when Kay talks about herself and what she wants all the time.

“You used to be crazy about Miguel and thought you wouldn’t get over him. Now it is Fox and soon it will be someone else. You know there are people in this world who manage all of their problems without the assistance of any magic.

Noah has walked into the house and he hears Tabitha’s statement about magic.

“Magic?" Noah asks. “What is all this about magic?"

Tabitha and Kay turn their heads to see Noah behind them while they huddle over tarot cards like a pair of witches over a cauldron.

Chad and Valerie have a look at the various engagement rings.

Fancy comes in asking what is going on.

She explains that she is at work to help out. She has finished all that has to be done for her department an offers to help Fox with his.

Fox is in for the same reason too and mentions how Valerie is angry with him for not being able to focus.

Fox shows Fancy some rings and asks which one he should choose.

Fancy has a close look and then tells Fox that he shouldn’t chose any of the rings that he has shown her. “You can’t give any of those to Kay.”

Kay tells Noah that she wasn’t referring to real magic when she was talking to Tabitha before when he walked in. They were just messing with some tarot cards.

Noah apologizes for coming in without knocking.

“Fancy has been freaking out thinking that someone has been following us. I thought that she was just being edgy but then I got the same feeling.”

Tabitha is sure that the feeling was just his imagination.

***Tabby leaves to make some tea.

Noah asks Kay if she believes in tarot cards. He didn’t know that about her. She denies that she does, but that truth is…

Noah has been worried about Jessica.

“None of this would be happening if our mother were around.”

Kay changes the subject to Alistair.

Noah tells how Alistair can’t move or talk. “He as suffered a stroke. Fancy is broken up about this. He is her grandfather and can’t hate Alistair the way that we do.”

Noah admits that Alistair as something pretty big on him.

Kay admits the same.

They are in the same boat and people that they love could be hurt if the secrets get out.

Ethan tells Julian that he will handle some legal briefs for him to keep things moving at the office.

Ethan tells Julian that it is much more rewarding working for him than Alistair.

Julian appreciates that. “I will be reversing every unfair practice that my father has put into place over the years. It will take years to do this.”

Theresa still thinks that Ethan and she are going to be together, but evil things keep getting in the way.

Rebecca and Gwen come up and hear Theresa going on about Ethan again.

Theresa tells that Ethan will learn the truth!

Ethan begs Theresa to stop attacking his wife.

He takes Gwen off to talk for a moment.

Theresa shouts at Gwen to enjoy it while it lasts.

Ethan and Gwen talk privately.

Gwen has a fear that Theresa will eventually split them up the way that she is going.

Ethan promises her that will never happen.

“In fact," Ethan tells. “I have a way to keep Theresa away from us indefinitely.”

Rebecca thinks that Ethan is thinking of putting out a hit on Theresa.

That is not what Ethan meant. He wants to have a transfer to another Crane location.

Gwen loves this idea.

Ethan is doing this for Gwen as well as for the both of them. “This isn’t good for you or for me. I can’t believe that Theresa thinks that you would sell me out to the tabloids. I owe it to you to get you away from here. I will talk to Julian and set this all up for us.” They happy couple hug.

Fancy likes the idea of Fox proposing to Kay but she just doesn't like the rings.

Fox knows that the rings are top of the line and that women like that.

Fancy feels that Kay has different tastes and will not like a gaudy ring. “It is not about the size.”

Fancy looks the rings over and then picks one out.

Fox hates it. “I am not giving her that.”

Mr. Cohen tells that Fancy has an eye. “That ring is flawless.”

Fancy finds another one that she likes for Kay even more.

Fox likes it too. “I am done! I will ask the woman that I love to marry me!"

Tabitha looks over her cards. “How am I going to break this to Kay?" She wonders.

Tabitha hears footsteps.

She runs to the window and looks out.

The woman in brown walks by the window.

Tabitha can see that Noah has got a few problems himself.

“Nevermind that. I have to tell Kay about the cards no matter how bad that makes her feel.”

Kay worries about his brother and his secret.

Tabitha comes in asking to talk to Kay alone.

Noah goes to use the phone.

Tabitha tells Kay that she has some answers.

“The key in this is what you can’t do. You have to prevent your ‘happily-ever-after’ with Fox!"

Julian has been on the phone getting people back to work and saving the environment, etc…

Julian knows that the second that Alistair is able he will put things wrong again.

Julian hates to say it but Alistair’s death would ensure that things were right again. If he lives everything and everyone around will suffer.

Ethan would do anything for Gwen and leaving Harmony is just a small part of what he would do. Gwen deserves to be happy, he feels.

Ethan’s cellphone rings.

He sees the office is calling.

He leaves to take the call.

Rebecca and Gwen are so happy. Ethan is going to take his wife away. “As long as we leave before Alistair gets better, Theresa will never be able to hurt them again.”

Theresa and Pilar walk by and they see Gwen smiling strangely.

Theresa has no idea why Gwen would be smiling like that. “She is crazy.”

“I was thinking mama and all is not lost. There has to be proof somewhere that there is tabloid evidence. I will find that proof and Gwen will lose Ethan. I will wipe that cocky smile right off Gwen’s face.”

Kay demands more information from Tabitha about her relationship.

Tabitha tells Kay that she has to turn Fox down if he asks to be engaged to her. “Saying ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal is a very bad thing to do.”

Fancy and Fox arrive at the front of Tabitha’s house and he prepares to enter and asks Kay to marry him.

He takes out the velvet box and looks again at the ring that he will offer in exchange for her hand in marriage.

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