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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fox and Kay are on the couch professing their dying love for each other and gazing up into the other’s eyes.

He had this feeling that he lost time or something but it doesn’t matter now. He only cares that he never wants to lose her.

Tabitha comes downstairs with Maria and Endora.

Fox takes Maria and plays with her.

Kay hasn’t ever seen Fox this happy.

She is so glad that she managed to have Fox sent back in time so that she could erase time. This has prevented him from really knowing anything about what Kay did in the past. She made the mistake of telling him the truth about her and he freaked.

Now if only Alistair will just die and make everything alright for the future. She has saved her relationship this time but what if Alistair talks?

Tabitha wishes that Alistair would die too. Kay isn’t the only one that could suffer at the hands of this man.

Theresa is on top of Alistair trying to get him to talk about what he knows about Rebecca and Gwen. "Come on Alistair. Tell them what you know. Please Alistair! Please do this for me!" Gwen finds Theresa insane.

Fox tells Kay how he wants to be with her forever.

Tabitha sits nearby knowing that Kay is only fooling herself. She knows that the spell is going to stop any chance of their being together.

Fox tells Kay that he knows now that building a family is what really matters most in life to him. They can start with he, she and Maria.

Tabitha hates all this sunshine and light.

Fox’s cellphone rings.

Fox starts answering it but Kay wishes he wouldn’t.

He has to answer. "It might be word about my grandfather. Maybe he has died after all." They hover over the ringing instrument for a moment.

Tabitha knows that if Alistair dies that would solve all Kay’s problems and she wouldn’t have to worry about her secret ever coming out.

Fox answers to his father Julian who is calling in to report on how things are going with Alistair. "So dad is he dead yet?"

"Father is alive still Fox. Alistair is incapacitated and so I am in charge of the company. I am rehiring you to take care of things over at Crane. Now get over to the office and put out some fires. The company is in terrible trouble now that word has gotten out about father."

Fox tells his father that he would like to talk about a career change actually. He wants to do something different actually.

Julian can’t deal with that now. He really needs Fox to pull himself together and help him. "The stocks in the company are plummeting."

Fox agrees then to go to the office and work things out until Julian can get things under control.

Julian will head to the hospital now, and take any calls that Fox needs to make to him from over there.

Fox tells Kay that he has to go to the office. She is fine with that. She tells him to go ahead. "I will leave my heart here with you though Fox promises." The young couple kiss and then Fox is out the door.

Tabitha feels like she has been gagged with a spoon as Fox and Kay make her want to puke.

She feels that Kay should go ahead and enjoy her fantasy as long as she can as reality is going to come crashing down in a minute.

The ambulance attendants start trying to take Alistair out of there but Theresa stops him.

"I want him to talk before he goes anywhere."

Fancy begs Noah to stop Theresa from doing this. He is torn. He has no idea what to do.

Theresa points at Alistair and tells him that she will expose him for the criminal that he is.

He simply laughs at her while she threatens him.

An officer pulls Theresa off him, telling her that what she has been saying lately is criminal and that he is going to run her in for it. Alistair says that she isn’t to be taken in, he doesn't mind her behavior.

"I will talk Theresa. I will tell what you want to know Theresa…" She stands before him waiting.

Alistair suddenly clutches his heart and his eyes slowly close. His head falls to the side with his mouth open.

Theresa freaks out. "Not now! Talk first! No!"

Rebecca and Gwen have no idea what shape Alistair is in but he certainly looks dead. "One can only hope."

An oxygen mask is put over Alistair’s face and he lies very still as he waits to be transported to the hospital.

Valerie is on the phone.

Fox enters the office.

She ends her call quickly.

They talk about work a little, and Valerie can’t understand why he is so happy. It can’t be because he was fired.

"I am in love," he announces. "I just realized that love is the only thing that matters in this world and now I know what have to do. The only thing that I really care about is building a family with Kay and Maria."

Kay is on the couch thinking about how in love she is with Fox. She lays on her back smiling up at the ceiling.

Kay dances around the room with Maria wondering if she will get to marry Fox now that things are getting better between them. "I am afraid to hope for a life with Fox in case something else goes wrong."

Tabitha isn’t so sure that things are going to work out anyway. Kay hasn’t had a good time of it.

Kay feels that he is so wonderful.

Tabitha wonders if this has to do with money that she would be marrying into if she got her hooks into Fox. "Fox will have a lot of cash if Alistair dies alright. That has to factor in somehow."

Kay denies that she was thinking about the Crane money. "He has such wonderful love for me."

Tabitha reminds the girl that the spell that was cast will break them up eventually. Kay really doesn't want to talk about that right now. "Let me be happy for a change Tabitha… Just a little bit. I am finally believing in happily ever after now that things are working out…"

Tabitha knows that not all fairytales end happily ever after and that Kay had better learn that.

It appears that Alistair has had a heart attack and he lays still on the stretcher wearing an oxygen mask to help him breath. Alistair needs to be taken to the hospital and as quickly as possible.

Fancy will go with him to the hospital.

Theresa wants Alistair to stay until he talks and tells Gwen’s secret. She refuses to allow him out of the house till he talks.

The stretcher starts rolling away with the attendants, but Theresa grabs it and holds on tight.

***She clamps on to it and it takes three of the men to pry her hands off the stretcher.

Alistair is shown out.

Eve tells Noah that Alistair is okay but that is all that she can say for now.

Noah relays the information to Fancy and convinces her that shouldn’t go to the hospital but stay with him. "It is probably going to be alright. Let go somewhere." Fancy isn’t even sure that her grandfather is safe with Eve. "I am afraid to be away from him."

Noah goes to the police to tell them that they want to be questioned next so they can get out of there.

Theresa goes to Gwen and Rebecca and asks if they are going to the hospital. "You think that you are home free but you are not."

Gwen says that she isn’t planning on going to the hospital.

Theresa says that she must be afraid that Alistair will talk and her secret will come out. "Don’t you want to be there when it all comes out though Gwen?" Theresa asks.

Gwen says that she has no need to be there to hear anything.

Theresa says that she and Ethan are going to the hospital together and that Gwen and her mother can come with them.

Gwen seriously doubts that Ethan will be going anywhere with her… certainly not to the hospital to be with Alistair.

Theresa accepts that Ethan might not care to go to the hospital for Alistair’s sake, but she knows that Gwen will want to be there to see if she is going to be safe or not.

Noah and Fancy go to the park and are skating.

He is trying to get her mind off Alistair.

She wants to go to the hospital. "I don’t feel right being here. I want to go to the hospital."

Noah tells her that she really should get over this attachment that she has with her grandfather.

She turns nasty. "Don’t tell me what to do!"

Gwen tells Pilar that the officer wants to speak to her next.

Pilar walks off.

Gwen tells that she has answered all the officers questions the best she could

Theresa asks if Ethan and Gwen are ready to head over to the hospital now.

Gwen has no intention of going to the hospital.

Theresa asks him to ask her why.

Ethan will wait if he has to hear about how Alistair is doing.

Julian comes over and say that Alistair is still holding on it seems. Alistair seems to be recovering.

Theresa asks Ethan again if he will come with her to the hospital now. "Gwen you can stay here if you want. Ethan I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you learn the truth Ethan".

Ethan isn’t listening to what Theresa is trying to infer. "I believe my wife."

Gwen decides that she will in fact go to the hospital.

Theresa tells Gwen that they should stick a fork in her. "…Cause you are done!"

Ethan loves her now, but Theresa knows that things will change when Ethan hears the truth.

When alone, Rebecca and Gwen start praying that Alistair will just drop dead.

Valerie has Fox at work and she drills him to get things done. "We are in a downward slide."

"Have you ever been in love?"

Valerie doesn't answer.

She tells that they should call Chad and have him come in to help.

The phone rings and Valerie tells that she knows that there are problems and that she is working on it.

Fox really doesn’t care about anything to do with the office.

Fox has a blasé attitude all of a sudden and he really isn’t in the mood to do work.

"Valerie you are competent. You do the work. I am going to make a call… A very important phone call."

Kay holds Maria and dreams of the day when she will not be a single mom anymore. "My life has turned around. I am going to have that fairy-tale ending."

"You really shouldn’t get your hopes up Kay," Tabitha cautions.

Tabby knows that it is difficult as well, but she chose to be a single mother herself.

Kay was so in love with Miguel and she really thought that she would have ended up with him in the end. "I would do things differently now."

"Instead he ended up with that dreary cousin Charity."

Kay feels that she should have seen that nothing was going to come of the relationship with Miguel. "We didn’t feel the same things for each other."

All of a sudden, there is kicking at a door that is closed. "What is that?"

Kay and Tabitha see the door jumping.

The door opens.

The big blue pot is bubbling like crazy.

The table holding it slowly rolls the bowl over to where Kay and Tabitha are standing.

They look over into the bowl.

Tabitha’s face changes. "Oh no".

Kay looks into the big blue pot. She closes her eyes quickly. "It is the shadow that comes over us at the wedding!"

Again she sees herself and Fox getting married.

A shadow looms over them as they are about to get married.

They turn and look up at the shadow and the expressions on their faces change to one of horror.

Kay has to find out what that shadow is. "It is trying to ruin me!"

Kay puts the girls down to figure this thing out.

Kay is upset that things are not as great as she thinks.

Kay and Tabitha look into the big blue pot and see a hand with a glove on it. It is clear that there is someone that is trying to stop the relationship and not something. This person is clearly a threat to Kay’s happiness with Fox. "Who could it be?"

Fox can’t stop thinking about Kay.

Valerie had an agenda to break up Fox and Kay but she is clearly going to have trouble doing that.

Fox drops his pen and takes Valerie in his arms.

He dances her around the floor.

"Have you ever seen me this happy? I am going to make a call and then I will be happy for the rest of my life."

The office phones ring, but no one answers it.

Noah apologizes to Fancy for being too pushy about making her stay away from the hospital. She tells him that she is the one that should apologize. "You are right. We should spend some time alone and have fun."

There is a woman in the park. She is dressed in brown. She watches Noah and Fancy as they go to the skating booth.

Theresa walks in with Julian, her mother, Ethan, Rebecca and Gwen.

Eve isn’t pleased to see Theresa there. "What are you doing here Theresa?"

There is no time for an answer.

Theresa looks past Eve to her husband on his hospital bed. "His eyes are open!"

"If his eyes are open then he should be able to talk. Quick Dr. Russell… Get him to tell us about the tabloid incident!"

Noah and Fancy enjoy their skating…

They kiss in the snow…

They dance with the children…

They do couples skating as if performing…

He acts like a clown falling down to make her laugh…

It is the perfect day.

Fancy thanks him for the great day. "I needed this."

He wants her to know that he knows all about her.

She gets a funny feeling that someone is watching them and she looks around.

He has no idea why anyone would be watching them.

Out in the park, from a safe distance a woman dressed in brown watches Noah and Fancy.

Valerie finishes a business call.

Fox is waiting for a call to be returned to him.

Valerie only cares about the office, but Fox really sees no big deal.

"My dad will take care of things and you are the most confident person that I know."

Fox is so happy right now. "I have the right person." He sounds like a paperback roman novel.

"We need to see who that gloved hand belongs to. How can I stop this if I don’t know who that is that is trying to hurt us? You have to do another spell Tabitha."

Tabby gets upset. "You don’t just snap your fingers every time that you want something from the dark side. First you ask me to do this and then to do that. Don’t you see? Magic doesn’t float away. All your spells have surrounded us in a magical smog. We can’t do this. If all these spells get mixed up, there could be trouble."

Kay says that if she does this, Kay will be indebted to her.

"You already owe me big time Kay. Will you massage my neck?"


"Will you massage my feet?


"Okay! I must be losing my mind."

Tabby gets Endora and tells her to concentrate. "Magic time Endora. I need you to concentrate."

"You and mommy are going t0 cast a spell to chase that dark shadow away."

"Love of all ages… Love strong as a rock …Protect Kay and Fox… Don’t let them get socked!"

Kay finds that to be a silly thing to say but who cares if it does what she wants it to?


The big blue pot rises into the air and hangs suspended there.

All are in Alistair’s room.

Alistair’s eyes are open but Eve wants everyone to leave.

Theresa is defiant on this.

Eve has to get stern with her. "Please leave and let me examine my patient! Now Theresa!"

Julian and Pilar drag Theresa out of the room and the others follow her.

The nurse tells Eve that something must be terribly wrong with that woman.

Eve only says that it is a long story.

She starts examining Alistair to see how he is doing. "Let’s see if he is awake."

Eve shouts at Alistair to speak to her but he remains unresponsive to her. She looks into his opened eyes and shines a light into the both of them to see what is really going on inside the man.

"Oh no. Oh my God!" Eve says after her examination.

Fancy has a feeling that someone is watching them as they skate.

Noah tells her that she is just a little jumpy as her grandfather just got stabbed.

She rushes off on her skates. "Try and catch me!"

Noah thinks that he knows why someone may be watching them. "If it is who I think, we are in big trouble."

Fancy calls out to him.

He takes off to follow her.

The woman in the brown boots continues to watch Noah and Fancy.

Fox is on the phone doing something that makes him very happy.

Valerie ends the call that she is making and turns to Fox.

"What are you doing?"

Fox tells that he is doing something that will make him very happy.

Kay and Tabby finish off the spell.

Kay grabs the bowl to look in it tio see that the spell has worked.

Kay opesn her eyes and looks in…

Eve orders some medication for Alistair.

Eve is concerned now. "I can’t believe that things have come to this."

Outside the room, Rebecca and Gwen are sweating bullets waiting to see if Alistair will live or die. "That bitch can’t expose us." Rebecca will rip those tubes out of that old man if she has to.

Theresa comes to them smiling. "Aren’t you guys worried about Alistair getting up and talking?"

Eve comes out. "I have good news and bad news."

Theresa only hears ‘good news ad figures that things are going to work out for the old man. "That means that he is going to live and he will talk."

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