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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay is upset. She has hurt Fox with the truth about her past. She has fessed up to the truth about what she and Ivy were up to in the past.

Tabitha warned her not to do this.

Kay wants to make him understand how it really was for her back then, and she gets up to talk to him.

Tabitha tries to stop her but she is gone to the other side of the room to Fox who is extremely angry right now.

“Please listen to me," Kay begs.

Fox did listen to her. “You split up your parents and you let your whole family down. How the hell do you to that to people that you love? You are not the woman that I thought that you were.”

Chris and Sheridan are in the tub in the middle of the day enjoying some adult time alone. Candles and champagne surround them.

James is with the sitter.

Chris just wants Sheridan to relax and think about nothing for a change.

Alistair is trying to write down the name of the person who tried to murder him the night before.

Fancy tells Sam to leave Alistair alone as he is very ill.

The police and ambulance attendants all wait to see what he writes.

Theresa comes in asking about Alistair’s condition. She learns that he is awake now.

Rachel hopes that Alistair dies.

Fancy doesn't want to hear that.

Katherine tells that Alistair was the one that created the meaning of evil and deserves whatever happens to him.

Julian remembers how Alistair ruined careers, lives and loves and now it is payback time for him.

Alistair continues to write the name of the person who tried to kill him.

Sam gets the paper from Alistair and looks at it.

“He wrote nothing on the page. All I see is a straight line. It could be anyone”

Nothing has been solved and Alistair is too weak to talk.

Rebecca tells how Theresa tried to kill Alistair before. “She poisoned him and tried to smother him with a pillow. She also attacked me a few minutes ago upstairs officers.”

Theresa tells that Rebecca attacked her first.

Rebecca pretends that she is still distraught and manages to fake fainting right where a cute policeman has to catch her.

He does.

Sheridan is happy with Chris. She never thought that she could be happy with anyone ever again. “Thank you Chris.”

Tabitha and Endora sit and watch as Kay goes to Fox and tries to explain.

“I am so sorry that I have hurt you like this. I love you. You have to understand what it was to be Grace’s daughter. She was a wonderful mother but she was perfect and I was supposed to be that way too. I wasn’t good enough for her and then Charity moved in and she took over. Then my mom loved her more than me.”

Fox finds that hard to believe.

Kay felt like nothing and like she didn’t exist. “I took the opportunity to hurt her when I got the chance. It was horrible of me and afterwards when my mom left and my dad was distraught, I felt horrible and I couldn’t make it better.”

Tabitha knows that is crap. “She wasn’t sorry. She loved that her mother was long gone.”

Kay says that she isn’t rationalizing what she did but she tried back then to tell herself that what she did wasn’t all that bad.

Fox wonders what else she would lie about if she would lie about this.

“I love you Kay but I don’t know if I could ever trust you again. You have broken my heart.”

Kay says that she never lied about anything else.

Then she remembers what she did when she lied about the cellphone but that was to be alone with him.

Fox doesn't care. It is still lying in his eyes.

Fox isn’t surprised that his mother would do something like this but Kay? “I didn’t even know that you had it in you to think about something like this. I thought that you were perfect when I met you. I trusted you and you are exactly like my family. How am I to believe in you again?"

Tabitha can see that this isn’t good for Kay at all.

Rebecca thanks the officer for catching her with his big strong arms.

She makes the man check how fast her heart is beaten by putting his hand on her breast. Everyone in the room is disgusted with her display at a time like this.

She begs the officer to stay with her for a while. She takes him off to another room.

Katherine and Rachel whisper quietly.

Rachel wants to leave the house but the officers will not let anyone out.

She wants to see Sheridan and talk more about Otto with her. “Will you cover for me Katherine?"

Of course she will.

Rachel makes her way quietly to the door without being seen.

Theresa needs Alistair to be revived. “We need him to be able to talk so that he can tell the truth about the tabloid.

“Shut up Theresa!" Gwen hisses.

Theresa turns to Dr. Russell. “Can’t you revive him long enough so that he can talk to us?"


The monitor goes off.

“Alistair is declining into a bad state again.

Eve panics. “We have to get him stable again.

Kay says that she isn’t like the Cranes.

Fox sees no difference. “You lied to me and you are just like the Cranes.”

Kay didn’t know Fox back then and she wouldn’t have hurt him if she knew about him and felt the way that she feels about him now. “I was stupid and juvenile but I can’t change things back again. I don’t blame you for hating me.”

He doesn't hate her… He feels bad for her.

“When Whitney lied to me I was crushed and then I realized that she must have felt backed into a corner and maybe you were too.”

Kay thanks him for understanding. “I grabbed the opportunity and I wish that I could take it back but I can’t!"

They hug.

Tabitha can’t believe her eyes. “That silly boy is going to forgive her.”

Chris and Sheridan come out to the main room and are wearing bathrobes.

They know that James is probably curious as to why they are wearing bathrobes in the middle of the day.

He guesses that they were taking a bath just now and they tell him that he is right.

Rachel arrives at the Bed & Breakfast.

She tells Chris and Sheridan about how things are going at the mansion.

Sheridan is glad that no one has been arrested.

Sheridan tells that she hasn’t found Otto yet.

Rachel tells her to keep looking. “He could be the one that has been hiding Beth and Marty. Alistair is meticulous about records and secrets. There will be something to find.”

The ambulance attendants and Eve work on Alistair.

Fancy is crying now. “He can’t die Noah.”

Noah holds her. Noah can’t let Alistair live. He will ruin what he has with Fancy.

Rebecca tells the officer with her that he has nice muscles. “Do you lift weights?"

He does.

She tells how she exercises too and is great on the mat.

Theresa talks to her parents. They hate to hear the way that Theresa talks about hoping that Alistair dies.

Theresa only wants news about the tabloid so that she can get Ethan back.

Theresa’s breaking a vow to God sickens Pilar!

Theresa tells that at the time that she made the vow, she really meant to keep it.

“Shame on you Theresa!" Pilar says. “You are still going after Ethan after you promised that you would leave him alone.”

Theresa isn’t listening anymore. “Alistair has to stay alive," she tells herself. “He will tell Gwen’s secret even if she doesn’t.”

Kay loves Fox and thanks him for forgiving her.

Fox says that he has to find out if he can ever get his trust back in her.

He leaves to house to get some air.

Kay feels like an idiot. “Why did I open my big fat mouth?"

Tabitha pats her head.

Tabitha hates that Endora is making her softhearted lately.

“Roar," The boys in the basement cry out in anger.

Tabitha apologizes for what she said.

Kay has to find a way to get Fox to forgive her.

Tabitha tells her that it is too late. “You chose to ignore my advice and look where it got you?"

Kay sees that she should have listened.

She has an idea. “You can help me.”

Tabitha will not cast another spell for Kay. “My powers are not up to par right now.”

Kay knows that Endora’s powers are working and the both of them together could turn back time.

Tabitha says that she hasn’t had that kind of power for decades.

Kay wonders if Endora has the power.

Tabitha says she will not let Endora do this. “She doesn't understand the concept of time travel.”

Rachel watches while Sheridan taps the keys of the computer.

She finds nothing about Otto in the Crane files.

Rachel says that maybe Sheridan should use some dirty porno words in her search. Alistair would do something disgusting like that and tie the dirty word to whatever he is hiding.

Chris returns to the room. He hears that the women have found nothing.

“I really want you to face the fact that you may find nothing Sheridan.”

Alistair is all tucked in on the stretcher now under a blanket.

Rebecca asks if he is dead yet. “Alistair was horrible to everyone in the room but Fancy who is crying over him now.”

Katherine says that actually, Alistair has been horrible to people outside the house as well.

He was mean to his daughters, and caused the death of Luis and Antonio. Julian and Eve thought their son was dead for years because of him.

Fancy knows there has to be one person in the room who cared about her grandfather but she can’t find that person.

Ivy and Katherine decide to head up to the nursery for a while.

Liz wants to go home now, and offers herself up for questioning.

Sam offers to question Liz in the library.

Since Sam was the Chief, he is given permission to do the questioning.

Martin will be questioned after Liz. He would like to leave as well.

Eve has Alistair stable now. “Let’s get him ready for transport to the hospital.”

Eve offers to go and check in Alistair’s bathroom to see what kinds of medications he may have been taking.

Ethan decides that he will go to the hospital to keep an eye on Alistair’s condition. Gwen really feels that Alistair will not make it to the hospital.


The monitor goes off again.

Alistair has flatlined!

Fancy panics. “Oh no!"

Theresa hears the machine and comes tearing over to the stretcher where Alistair lies hanging in the balance.

She gets on the stretcher and straddles Alistair’s waist with her legs. She takes her fists and starts beating his chest repeatedly as she screams at him. “Get up you miserable bastard! Wake up! You can’t die! Alistair get up!"

All in the room are shocked at this display!

The two officers in the room go to both sides of Theresa and try to pull her off the ailing old man.

Sheridan wonders if she is wasting her time searching for Otto in the Crane files.

Rachel knows that there has to be something.

Sheridan will try to find it.

“I am so happy that you are back and alright Aunt Rachel.”

Rachel tells of other things that she heard in the house.

Alistair was on the phone once laughing about something that he was doing to his daughter. He said that if Sheridan overheard what he was up to she would be devastated.

Sheridan tells that she will kill Alistair with her bare hands if anything happens to Marty.

Theresa continues to beat on Alistair, and she is so strong that the cops can’t get her off him.

Rebecca and Gwen are surprised by the strength that Theresa is showing.

Eve returns asking what is going on here.

The monitor shrieks and Theresa keeps pounding on the old man’s chest.

“Come on! Get up! Come on!"

Endora telepathically tells her mummy that she wants to try to do a little time travel.

Tabitha gives permission. “Okay, then go carefully.”

Kay asks Endora if she can do this. “Do what you have to do Endora.”


Fox is hit by a beam of light while out in front of the house.

The hands of the clocks turn backwards.

Kay, Endora and Tabitha go to the window and see Fox out there.

Kay has to wonder if the spell worked or not.

Tabitha can’t tell!

The door opens.

Fox enters the house looking around strangely.

All watch as Fox walks into the main room of the house and then speaks.

“Were you upset about something before? I think that I lost track of time. What were we talking about before?"

Tabitha can see that her Little One has pulled it off. She actually did it!

Kay lies to Fox and tells him that they were at the mansion before and then they came home on snowshoes.

Fox feels weird. “I think that I lost time, but … Who the hell cares?"

He kisses Kay and then takes Endora from Tabitha’s arms to dance around with her.

Kay can’t believe that this worked. “I will never be this stupid again.”

Rachel tells Sheridan to try ‘petite chou’. “Alistair used to call me his little cabbage in French.

Sheridan enters the words and waits. The computer searches.

Chris comes into the room.

Rachel tells how Alistair had vowed revenge on any and everyone. “He is pure evil.”

Sheridan plans ion beating him at his own game.

Theresa still sits on Alistair screaming at him to wake up!

His head moves.

He starts coughing.

When he sees Theresa on top of him, he thinks that they are about to have sex but she pushes his arms off her.

“No! Tell them Alistair! Tell them that Gwen and her mother were the ones that sent the damaging information to the tabloid… Tell them!"

Alistair turns his head and sees Gwen cringe when his eyes meet with hers.

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