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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Sheridan is doing her search on the computer for Otto. Rachel gave her information about him. She overheard the man talking to Alistair about hiding someone and paternity tests.

Chris comes to check on her. She has got to find this man, as he supposedly has information that might lead to information about Marty and Beth. “I can’t give up.”

Fox wonders why Kay screamed.

She, Tabitha and Fox are over the big blue pot. Kay saw something in it and it frightened her. Tabitha takes Fox from the pot and says that Kay saw a bug.

Kay looks into the pot again and sees her wedding to Fox. They are smiling and happy.

They are about to kiss and then something looms over them. A dark shadow comes over them and they turn to face something terrible. Their happy faces grow frightened.

“It is all my fault," Kay says.

Fox asks her what she is talking about.

Noah had a fright. He is with Fancy in the attic and he saw her turn into a man who was then shot in the back.

“It was an accident," Noah says. “I swear it was an accident. It wasn’t supposed to happen!”

Fancy doesn’t understand. “What was an accident? Noah! Talk to me! Tell me what this means!"

Gwen is about to tell Ethan the truth about her secret and the tabloid. She has him alone…she thinks.

Theresa is listening from one door to the room waiting to hear the great confession that will surely make Ethan hers again. She has been looking for evidence of this secret but now she doesn’t need it. She has her ear up against the door smiling.

Rebecca is listening from another door to the room. She told Gwen not to do this but she wouldn't listen.

Eve confronts Liz. “What does Alistair have on you exactly?"

Liz says that she has nothing to hide but then asks her sister what she has to hide. If her theory that everyone there is there because Alistair has something on them, then she must be hiding something too.

All Eve’s secrets are out and she has nothing else to hide thanks to her sister who has made outing Eve her mission. “All I have to do is wait for Alistair to wake up and he will tell what you are afraid of Liz.”

Alistair is waking up.

He looks around and thinks that he might have died as everyone is standing around him.

Eve asks him who did this to him.

“The person who did this will rot in jail for the rest of his or her life.” He coughs while smiling.

Ethan is surprised that Gwen has a secret that she is keeping. He thought that Rebecca was the one in the family who would do that.

Rebecca makes a face from outside the door when she hears that. “The nerve!"

Gwen continues. “You are never going to forgive me for what I have done.”

Ethan knows that whatever she did, it can’t be that bad.

Gwen assures him that it is.

Rebecca leaves her door and walks the hall. She comes to another door and finds Theresa eavesdropping on Gwen and Ethan. “Get away from that door!"

Theresa tells her, “Make me!"

Rebecca thought that she would never ask.

Rebecca goes for Theresa and flings her from the door roughly by the arm.

Noah says that being in the mansion is making him feel strange. Fancy suggests then that they get the blankets they came for and leave the attic.

Eve doesn't care if Alistair lives or dies but tells him that he can talk about his attempted murder later.

He knows that everyone in the room wants to see him dead, but he will live.

“I will hold a press conference and tell everyone’s secrets. I will ruin all your lives. You all are finished.”

Everyone waits to hear what Alistair is going to say. Rachel tells him to get on with it. “Who tried to kill you?"

Alistair can’t believe that she is there. “I loved you. After you went over that cliff, I grieved for you for years.”

She says that she only went over that cliff because he held her prisoner for years. “I only had that jailer Otto to count on. And how could you let Sheridan think that she killed me? At least now she knows everything now.”

Sheridan knows that Crane has to have records about Otto somewhere in their computer files.

Chris secretly hopes that Sheridan will not find anything about him in those records.

He massages Sheridan and asks her to take a break from the computer.

She can’t stop now. “Luis died trying to find our son. I have to finish what he started.”

Fox wonders what Kay means by having destroyed them.

She tells him that they are fine now but not for long.

Tabitha interrupts saying that Kay is hallucinating and must be sick. “Lie down and get over what is troubling you.”

Kay can’t. “I have to face the music. Secrets ruin everything.”

Tabitha hates it when people say that.

Kay goes to Fox and tells him that she has something to say but he has to listen. “You will be really angry with me.”

He assures her that she can tell him anything.

“It is about your family and my family. It is really bad Fox!"

Fox says that she is a single mother and a great person so how bad can it be?

Tabitha feels she must be wonderful too as she is a single mother and great person too.

“What is it Kay?"

She confesses. “I am responsible for breaking up my parents’ marriage.”

Tabitha rolls her eyes. “My stars… The secret is out!"

Gwen tells Ethan that she loves him and that everything that she has ever done is because she loves him.

Theresa and Rebecca meanwhile are outside the door fighting to the death.

They slug each other like grown mean.

Rebecca goes Ninja on her using her legs to make martial arts moves in the air. “Pilates baby!"

Theresa slugs her hard in the face. “Growing up with two brothers baby!"

They lunge at each other now and roll around on the floor.

They knock a vase off a table in the corner.


Ethan asks Gwen what that noise is.

Suddenly the door flies open and Theresa and Rebecca come crashing in, holding each other’s hair and rolling on the floor.

Alistair insists on talking about his killer but taking it slow.

Fancy comes into the room and hears her grandfather coughing. She tell everyone to get away from him.

“Leave him alone!"

Liz wants to see Alistair die a slow death as that is what she feels he truly deserves.

Ivy tells Fancy to stop coddling her grandfather.

She has to help him. “He is the only one that cares about me. I love him and he loves me. I have seen sides of him that frighten me but there has to be a reason for that. I will not desert him.”

Sam asks Alistair to please tell who tried to kill him.

Alistair says that it is someone they all know.

“It is a member of a well-established family in Harmony. I never thought that they would have carried the threats to fruition. They tried to kill me but they lost and I win as usual. The person who stabbed me is…”

Cops come running into the room.

“Everyone freeze put your hands in the air.

The officers have their guns drawn. Everyone looks back at them in horror and surprise.

The officers got word about an attempted murder and came up behind a snowplow.

Eve starts going to Alistair, but the officers turn their guns in her direction.

“Get back!"

The ambulance attendants work on Alistair.

Fancy tries to get to her grandfather but the officers order her back as well.

The crowd explains what happened the night before.

Fancy tells that her great aunt Rachel tried to kill Alistair…

Katherine asks Fancy not to say that.

Liz jumps in saying that she is the one that really knows what happened…

Rachel decides that she will tell the truth. “I did try to kill him. He should be dead right now. However, I am not the one that stabbed him. I just wish that I had.’

The cops declare the house an official crime scene. “No one leaves this house!"

Sheridan is determined and will not go upstairs with Chris.

Chris reminds Sheridan that the night before was stressful. “You need to relax and later I will help you find this Otto person. I swear I will help you find Marty. I have a sitter that has James for the next few hours. I am taking you to bed.”

She doesn't want to go to sleep but sleep wasn’t what he had in mind for her.

Fox finds Kay to be ridiculous thinking that she could actually be responsible for her parents’ break up. “I know the story of their breakup.”

“Your mother had amnesia and she didn’t know that she was married to David. He wanted his wife back and he came for her," Fox says. “Your mother and David have a son together and so Grace went to her old family as her new marriage was bigamous.”

Kay blames herself for all that Fox said. “It is not true. My mom wasn’t ever married to David and they don’t have a son together.”

Fox remembers that David had a marriage license and documents to back up what he was saying.

Kay tells that all of it was a lie. “The marriage license, the DNA tests… all of it was a lie.”

Fox demands to know who could do something like that and have the power and money to make that work.

Kay tells that Ivy was the one that did it. She wanted to be with Sam and she got him.

Fox finds this a sick joke. “I know that my mom is self-centered but she couldn’t do that.”

Fox can see by the look on Kay’s face that this is true. “My mother ripped away a family like that? How did you know about this?"

Kay tells that she overheard Ivy talking to David and she was paying him and blackmailing him at the same time. “She was setting him up to be Grace’s ex giving him information and telling him what to do.”

Fox is angry now. “Why didn’t you tell someone?"

She says that she couldn’t.

“Why not?" Fox demands angrily.

Fox can't believe that Kay let her parents’ marriage go to hell.

Kay tells how she was mad at her mom. “Let me get this out. My mom! She was always on top of me… Nagging me and disapproving of everything that I did. ‘Why aren’t you more like Charity?’ She was holier than thou.”

That is not what Fox heard. He heard nothing but really nice things about Grace.

Kay remembers that he wasn’t there when this all happened and so she knows that he can’t understand what she is saying and how she felt.

“This whole plot fell into Kay’s lap and she found a way to hurt her mother by breaking up her marriage to her father.”

Fox wraps his head around this. “You let your mom leave town, and you hurt your dad cause you were mad? Let’s recap! Should we start with Jessica? She is a prostitute and in a freefall because of this!"

Kay is crying now. Fox is not going to be forgiving on this.

Chris has Sheridan in the bathtub and he rubs her back and scrubs it.

She gets sad when she sees a picture of Luis and Marty before her on the wall.

Chris sees her sadness.

“Don’t worry. I will help you find your son.”

Sheridan doesn't get as sad as she used to she tells. She has Chris and she never thought that she would find another love like this again.

They kiss.

She is getting him wet.

“I know how to fix that," she jokes. She starts unbuttoning his shirt.

Rebecca and Theresa are separated.

Rebecca tells how she found Theresa eavesdropping.

Theresa admits it.

Ethan really wants to know what is going on.

Rebecca says that the secret is that she wanted to kill Alistair. “There… I said it!"

Theresa tells that isn’t the truth.

“That isn’t what you were going to say Gwen. Go ahead. Tell him how you were going to confess to being the ones that sent the information to the tabloid. Tell him.”

Alistair is coughing now.

The officers have their guns drawn.

Pilar moves to get Theresa upstairs.

She tells the officers that Alistair’s wife needs to hear this.

Alistair wants to stay and talk with the others some more. “Let me say my peace.”

Sam brings paper and a pencil to Alistair.

“Write down who killed you on this piece of paper. Go on…”

Alistair grabs the pencil as he coughs continuously.

Fox realizes that his mother is a manipulative liar… “And you are nothing but a complete lie.”

Kay thought that telling the truth would have made things better. Tabitha doesn't want to say that she told Kay this would happen but she wouldn’t listen. “You have destroyed all the trust that he had for you. You warmed his heart and he had faith in you, but now he is gone forever.”

Chris and Sheridan sit in the bathtub together sipping champagne.

She tastes the champagne by kissing his lips.

Theresa tells Rebecca to tell the truth about this.

Pilar bursts in. “Alistair is ready to tell who tried to kill him,"

Theresa likes that. “This may be when Alistair tells what Gwen and Rebecca will not.”

They all head to the stairs.

Alistair tries to sit up but he can’t.

He just keeps coughing and coughing.

Sam holds the pencil as Sam holds the pad for him to write.

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