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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Alistair is raging and crying out. He is on the couch writhing back and forth. Eve tries to hold him down as everyone watches.

Rachel has injected him with something but what? Sam takes the syringe from her and hands it to Eve so that she can inspect the contents.

Eve looks at the medication and sees that Alistair will be killed for sure.

Rachel stuck him in the heart and she is glad that she did it. She smiles.

Fancy cries out for her grampy! “He is dying!" Alistair continues to cry out.

Sam was suspicious that Rachel tried to kill Alistair before the first time.

Tabby is so glad to be back home where she belongs and away from the mansion.

She is cleaning the house and wonders why she is doing that.

ZAP! Endora takes care of everything and her mummy is ever so grateful.

Tabitha tells Endora that she was lucky to be home and not at the murder party.

Tabitha has no idea what is going on at that house. “Anyone can end up on life support the way that things are going on over there or worse.”

Eve only knows that Alistair is alive right at this moment but that is all she knows.

“How did you know that this drug would harm Alistair? It is only used on animals Rachel," Eve says. Rachel confidently explains.

Rachel says that she passed out on the outskirts of town when she first was thought to be dead, and this animal doctor took her in and fed her and took care of her. “Best of all I was just left me alone. Eventually, I was the Dr.’s assistant in the practice and learned a great deal. That is how I know how to kill animals in the most human way possible. I have put to sleep hundreds of animals in my time. At least they are not aware that they are spreading madness or death.”

Fancy finds her monstrous.

Katherine is sorry that Rachel felt that she had to be the one to do this. “We all hate him.”

Rachel wishes that she was the one that tried to kill Alistair the night before.

Sam thinks about locking Rachel up in a room but what is the point, she can’t go anywhere.

Sheridan likens this to someone giving to charity. “The law may try to punish whoever tried to kill Alistair but the person shouldn’t be punished.”

Alistair’s wound starts to bleed again.

Eve goes off to find something to stop the bleeding.

Fancy talks to her grandfather trying to will him back to good health.

Noah thinks that if Alistair survives and tells Fancy about him, he will be finished with her forever and she will never want to see him again.

Fancy tells her grandfather that she needs him.

Eve asks someone to try the telephones.

Julian tells that the landlines are still dead.

Everyone tries their cellphones but nothing works.

Eve explains that she has a number of drugs that she is going to try on Alistair to counteract what Rachel has done.

Rachel prays that Alistair dies.

Katherine knows that Alistair is the devil on the earth for what he has done to everyone but her sister is taking things to heart far too much.

Rachel takes responsibility for Alistair being the evil person that he is. “He kept me captive for years and away from all the people that I loved and that made him bitter and nasty to everyone. I could have come back but I was so frightened. If I have to go to prison for killing him, it will be a small price to pay.”

Sheridan is thinking how she has wanted a word of praise from Alistair for years and now she is just numb. She hasn’t got even a speck of love for him.

Ethan and Theresa know that any other man would be dead by now from the things that have happened to Alistair. Eventually, they are sure that he will die.

Gwen prays that God will take Alistair before he can have a chance to ruin her life.

Fox and Kay wonder where Tabitha is right now.

They figure that they have to get to the house to check on the babies.

Kay knows that she has to go and see what is going on there.

Fox says that there are snowshoes around the house and they can use that to go out to Tabitha’s house.

Fox and Kay tell the others that they are going to leave to check on Maria.

Sam hugs Kay reminding her to call the police when she gets to the house.

Ivy is upset. Kay looks like a hero now in Fox’s eyes now. “Dammit! I will never get her away from Fox."

Ethan tells Julian that he can't believe that Alistair was someone that he looked up to. “That man was proud of me but that all came crashing down around me when he found out that I wasn’t a Crane.” Julian abandoned Ethan too and he is sorry about that now.

Ethan doesn't want Julian to feel bad. “It is the person that sent the email to the tabloid who is to blame. Theresa says that Rebecca and Gwen did this. I can’t see Gwen doing that, but if Gwen didn’t and Theresa didn’t, then… who did? I lost everything that I ever worked for.”

Theresa is listening to Ethan. In her mind she promises to find the person responsible for ruining his life.

Eve is ready to inject the cocktail she has concocted into Alistair.


Alistair grimaces.

“Damn! It didn’t work! It just sent Alistair into cardiac arrest!"

Fancy cries out for someone to help him.

All in the room but Fancy smile and wait for word as to whether or not Alistair is about to die or not.

“Dr. Russell! You have to help him! You have to!" Fancy cries.

Eve does CPR on Alistair.

Rebecca comes into the room upset at the noise that is being made. “What? He is dying again?"

Eve gives Fancy instructions on how to help with the CPR.

Rachel hates this. “He doesn't deserve to live.”

Katherine agrees.

Noah hopes that Fancy will screw up the CPR and let the man die.

Sam and Ivy are curious as to how this will end up.

Eventually, Eve gets Alistair back on track and he is safe again.

Rebecca really wanted the bastard dead.

Sheridan tells Eve that once she wishes that she wasn’t a good doctor.

Sheridan wants to go home now. “We have to get back to James. I want to find out more about what Rachel said about Beth and Marty. If there is a tiny chance that I can find my son, then I will try to find him.”

Gwen wonders how Sheridan is going to track down Otto. Rachel overheard him talking about someone’s paternity and hiding someone. He seems to have the information that Sheridan needs to find her son. Sheridan isn’t sure what she will do but she will try. Sheridan knows that she would tell the truth about something as important as this.

Gwen wises her good luck. Sheridan returns the wish.

Gwen whispers to her mother that she has to tell Ethan the truth. “It is the right thing to do.”

Tabitha and Endora are alone in the house.

The door flies open.

Fox and Kay enter. Tabitha greets them.

She tells that she came across some cross-country skis and skied home. “I was the downhill champion in my day. I will never forget shooting down the Alps with my friend!"

Tabitha says that she tried to use her telephone but it doesn’t work.

Fox leaves the house to try to get better reception on his telephone.

Kay wants to know how Tabitha really got home now.

Tabitha tells that she ended up in Boston and had to ski her way from there.

The big blue pot bubbles.

Tabitha looks at the bowl and then quickly shields its contents from Kay.

“No! No! Dear! You don’t want to see this.”

Kay strains her neck to see what is inside the bowl.

Tabitha fights her. “No! You don’t want to see!"

Kay fights her way to the big blue pot.

She sees herself marrying Fox. “This is great! Is the bowl lying?"

Tabitha says that the bowl isn’t lying. “You haven’t seen the whole story though.”

Kay asks if something happens to Fox.

Tabitha says that something is going to happen to her and not Fox.

Chris, Sheridan and James arrive at the Bed & Breakfast.

Sheridan takes James off for hot chocolate.

Chris hopes that Sheridan only finds the good things that she is looking for. “If she finds my secret, that will tear us apart forever.”

Noah and Fancy go to the attic. They are there for the blankets for Alistair.

Fancy hates how the others are only worried about themselves and not her grandfather.

“They are just as bad as Alistair as they all have secrets to hide. I am so glad that we have no secrets.”

Fancy goes to a chest and opens it to check for blankets.

As she kneels before the chest, and opens it…

Noah watches her slowly turn from a woman to a man and then get shot in the back shouting out… “No!"

Liz is being her miserable self again.

Eve asks her why she is there. “Everyone that is here has some secret that Alistair is holding over them. I am wondering Liz, what is your secret?"

Pilar touches base with Theresa.

Theresa tells her mother that Ethan and Gwen are about to break up.

“Gwen is ready to go to Ethan and tell him that she and her mother were the ones that went to the tabloid. He will leave her after that and come back to me and we will be together the way that it was always supposed to be.”

Pilar has heard that before.

Gwen tells Rebecca what she is going to do.

Rebecca finds that to be a bad idea.

Gwen hopes that maybe Ethan and Theresa will forgive me.

Theresa is listening outside the door and she likes what she is hearing. “Tell the truth and Ethan will return right back to my arms…”

Eve is really curious now. “What is it that Alistair has on you that makes you want to kill him?"

Noah as a bad frightening reaction.

Fancy comes to him. “What is it? What made you freak out?"

He just grabs Fancy and holds her close to him in a hug.

Sheridan brings Noah some hot chocolate.

She tells him to let her have the computer now.

Luis taught me an awful lot about searching on the Internet. “My lives and the lives of everyone that I love depend on this. I will not let lies destroy those that I love ever again. “

Tabitha and Fox are looking into the big blue pot.

Kay sees something and cries out!

Fox appears. “What is wrong?"

Theresa is listening at the door.

She hears Rebecca and Gwen admit that they were the ones that ruined Ethan’s life.

Gwen tells that she has to be honest with her husband.

Theresa is outside the door nodding her head and smiling.

Ethan comes into the nursery through the other door. “Tell me what?"

Gwen pushes her mother out the door.

Theresa still listens.

Gwen turns to Ethan. “I have to speak to you. I am going to tell you the truth myself Ethan.”

Ethan seems really curious and concerned now. “Tell me the truth about what Gwen?"

Theresa listens. She can’t wait to hear Gwennie tell the truth… tell how she was the one that sent the email to the tabloids and ruined Ethan’s life as he knew it. With her ear up against the door, Theresa waits …

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