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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Kay is in the pool thinking about how Fox will leave her if he learns what she did to her mother’s marriage.

Fox surprises Kay in the pool. “I feel like the happiest man in the world because I am with you.”

Kay thinks to herself that she hopes that her luck doesn’t run out.

Noah and Fancy are sleeping.

Noah wakes and sees Fancy sleeping.

He confesses to her sleeping form that he lied. “Your grandfather does have something on me. I can only hope that Alistair doesn’t live to use that information. If he lives that will be the end of our happily ever after.”

Martin and Katherine are alone in a room talking.

Pilar walks by in the hallway and hears Martin and Katherine talking.

From what they say, she believes that Martin is back with his mistress.

Katherine is trying to get him to return to Pilar so that she doesn't find out about them. Martin is telling Katherine that it will be alright and that they don’t have to worry about Pilar.

Sheridan is up early wondering what her grandfather has in store for her now that she knows that Aunt Rachel is alive.

Chris promises that he has something in store for Sheridan if she will come back to bed with him. She smiles at that.

Sheridan asks Chris if Alistair has anything on him that he is trying to use to get leverage on the man.

Jessica goes out to look at the snow. The weather is still pretty bad.

Spike comes running into the house.

He says that he is there to get Jessica to go off with him. “I spent the night in the garage. I am freezing. Come on let’s go!"

Jessica slugs him in the mouth. “Get away from me! You drag me here, you drug me… I never want to see you again.”

Spike secretly doesn’t want to see her again either. He has to wait until that old bat Alistair dies before he can stop doing the man’s bidding.

Theresa goes to check on her daughter in the nursery.

She knows that Ethan and Gwen are next door in their room.

She tiptoes over to the door and peeks in.

Ethan and Gwen are sleeping.

Gwen suddenly wakes and sees that Theresa is looking over at her.

At first she is angry… But then she gets an idea.

She leans over Ethan, hugging and kissing him while leering at Theresa who is smiling in the doorway at the display.

In her mind, Theresa thinks, “Go ahead Gwen! Enjoy him while you can. When I get the goods on you, Ethan will leave you forever and be with me.”

Noah is thinking that he can’t lose Fancy for any reason.

She wakes.

She is happy to see that she is waking in his arms.

They kiss. That was where they left off the night before.

Noah says he can’t remember exactly where it was that they left off, and asks her to jog his memory.

She kisses him. It seems to be working. He is starting to remember now. They kiss some more.

Sheridan asks Chris again if Alistair has been blackmailing him somehow.

Chris remembers that Alistair did make reference to something bad in his past that he would use but he says nothing.

Chris lies to Sheridan saying that Alistair didn’t threaten him at all.

Sheridan is so glad to hear that.

Pilar listens to Martin and Katherine through the doorway.

Katherine is telling Martin to go to his wife and leave her alone before Pilar figures out that they have been together.

The door is open now. Katherine sees Pilar in the doorway.


Pilar runs off.

Katherine sends Martin after her.

Martin runs to the bedroom that he has been sharing with Pilar in the mansion.

Pilar will not listen to his lies. “I heard you talking to her. You were worried that I would wake up and find you gone and in her room.”

Martin denies that he was making love to Katherine. “I thought that I heard a scream and I went to check it out. She was upset and I took her to her room.”

Pilar will not believe him. “I heard what Katherine said up in the attic. She said that Alistair blackmailed you to come back to me and that is why you are here.”

Theresa is still watching Gwen with Ethan while in bed.

He wakes.

They talk about what happened earlier. Ethan has questions about her behavior and if she has anything to hide.

Theresa smiles widely behind Ethan who can’t see her.

Gwen can see her though and she gets visibly uncomfortable.

Theresa hopes to herself that Gwen will confess what she is hiding now instead of later. “It is all going to come out in the end Gwen," Theresa thinks.

Downstairs, Alistair is resting comfortably. He is perfectly still, except for his pinky finger which moves ever so slightly.

Spike denies that he would ever hurt Jessica.

He starts explaining when…

“Get the hell off her!"

Sam and Ivy come into the room.

Spike starts trying to explain but Sam doesn’t give him time.


Spike falls to the ground hard.

Fox and Kay talk about the secrets that everyone has been threatened with.

Fox is just glad that they don’t have any between them.

She thinks to herself he has no idea that she has a doozie that she is hiding from him.

Fox wants to make love to her again.

She likes that idea. “What a way to start the day.”

Martin denies everything that Pilar thinks is true. She offers him a chance to go and be with Katherine, leaving her on her own. Martin doesn’t want that. “Look Pilar! If you still want me I will still stay with you.”

Katherine and Rachel are together. It is going to be a great time for the sisters.

Katherine has been so alone without her sister. “This is like a dream come true.”

Rachel thought that life was drab without her sister.

Katherine tells how Alistair tortured the kids after she left.

Rachel was imprisoned and then thought to be dead in the boating accident.

Katherine was married to the man after that. “It took years for me to leave him. Martin saved my life.”

Rachel can see that Katherine loves Martin.

Katherine said that after a while, she and Martin couldn’t deny their love for each other. “I haven’t had anything like that in my life before.”

Rachel can see that Katherine still loves Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Doesn’t matter. “He is married to Pilar. Martin and I have had a bad time letting go. Pilar keeps finding us together and she did again this morning. Martin is trying to make Pilar understand that they have to be together.”

Rachel can’t understand why.

Katherine tells how she took that man from his family and caused he and Pilar misery.

Rachel just doesn’t see why Pilar’s happiness is more important than Katherine’s. “You deserve happiness after all the hell that Alistair has put you through.”

Theresa listens as Ethan asks Gwen if Alistair threatened her the night before.

Theresa knows that Gwen wasn’t afraid last night and that she is just pretending now that she didn’t have an active part in the fight that they had.

Gwen says that she is afraid of Theresa. “Theresa threatened me and might try to kill me next!"

Theresa shakes her head. “She is such a liar.”

Gwen tries to make Ethan see that she really is very afraid of Theresa and wants to be kept from her.

Theresa continues spying. Quietly she says, “Oh Gwennie… When the tabloid information comes out, you will be afraid then, but not of me.”

Fox feels guilty feeling happy while his grandfather is about to die.

Kay points out all the lovely reasons why Fox has a right to feel happy. Alistair has done a lot of terrible things to a lot of people.

It is really creepy that they are in the house with someone that wants to murder someone else. “It could be anyone," Kay says.

Fox knows that it can’t he or she though. “Cause we have no secrets!"

They head out for breakfast.

Noah and Fancy lay in bed talking about Alistair and how the roads should be better this morning to transport him to the hospital.

Fancy is upset that someone could be so cold-blooded as to try to kill her grandfather.

Noah understands that there is someone who is desperate and felt that this had to be done.

Fancy kisses Noah and leaves the bed now ready to start the day.

Noah thinks about how Alistair threatened to expose the secrets that he has on everyone.

Spike and Sam fight in the foyer of the mansion.

Sam gets the upper hand and holds Spike in a chokehold squeezing tighter and tighter.

Jessica and Ivy scream and shout for him to stop.

The women go over to Sam and make him release Spike.

Jessica begs him to stop this.

Sam picks the scum up and tosses him into the snow outside.

Sheridan, Gwen, Theresa and Katherine are in the kitchen getting food.

Ethan and Chris come in. “It looks like we are going to be stuck here for a while.

They can’t even make a call out.

Rachel comes into the kitchen.

Theresa recognizes Rachel as the woman that she met once at the waterfront.

Rachel tells that she has been around lately. Before that, she was living under an assumed name.

Chris and Gwen get introduced to Rachel.

Rachel is asked to tell more of her story. “I have come back to right some wrongs. I have been living in the attic. Alistair actually thought that I was a ghost. I wasn’t seen unless I wanted to be seen.”

Theresa sees that this woman may have some secrets about Alistair and things that he hides since she has been watching him.

Gwen seems to pick up on this too and has a worried look on her face.

Rachel thinks about Otto and how she owes her life to him. He works for Alistair. “I heard a conversation between Alistair and Otto. They were talking about keeping someone’s paternity a secret.”

Sheridan is very interested in this. Theresa is interested too.

“Please Rachel… Please tell us what you remember," Theresa begs.

Noah is on Alistair’s laptop trying to get in. He can’t find the password.

Sam finds him in there.

“Why are you on Alistair’s computer? Were you threatened too?"

Noah admits that there is something that would blow his relationship with Fancy sky high.

Sam offers to listen if Noah wants to talk about it but Noah can’t do that. “Right now I have to find that file and destroy it before it ruins my relationship with Fancy.”

***Sam hopes that Noah can find the file and be happy in his life, or end up chasing the woman that he loves all his life.

Sam says that he was with Grace but now she is gone. “I have to move on and I have chosen Ivy.”

Ivy and Kay are outside the door listening to Sam talk to Kay.

Sam says that Grace left and there is no revisiting the issue of Grace and he being together.

Kay can see that she has made a mistake keeping quiet. “My dad still loves my mom, and I helped split them up. I am going to tell him the truth.”

Rachel’s listeners are taking in the story of Rachel’s journey to where she is now.

She tells of how she overheard a conversation about someone’s paternity. “Alistair said something about having to hide someone.”

Sheridan’s face lights up. “Beth and Marty… It has to be Beth and Marty!"

Spike picks himself up in the snow.

“Alistair isn’t paying me enough for this.”

He gets up and Jessica is there with a towel for the blood falling from Spike’s lip.

He immediately thinks that she is coming back to him.

She isn’t and she never wants to see him again.

Spike tells how Alistair threatened him and offered him the money to start his club again. “We will send you to school, buy a house and raise a family.”

Jessica smiles. “You want to settle down with me?"

Spike says that he has been doing all this for the both of them. “I love you please. Let’s start a life together… Please….”

Ivy stops Kay. ‘You can’t go in there and tell Sam that I was the one that helped to break up Grace.”

Kay feels that she is thinking straight and needs to tell her father the truth. “He needs to try to get my mother back.”

Kay knows that this is all Ivy’s fault and that Sam will hate her for this.

Sam will be mad at his daughter, but she doesn't care.

Ivy asks about Fox.

Kay thinks that she can salvage the relationship with Fox.

Ivy says that she has come to regret hiring David but for now they have to leave well-enough alone.

Sam and Noah come out of the room asking if everything is alright. Ivy and Kay say they are fine.

Sam and Ivy walk off.

Noah asks Kay if everything is okay.

She admits that she has done something really stupid.

Fancy is sitting with her grandfather talking to him, hoping that he will be fine.

Alistair’s head moves slowly.

Fancy smiles.

“Grandfather? You are awake!"

Alistair turns his head and his eyes flicker open.

Spike tells Jessica that he needs her. “You were the one that afford to turn tricks.”

She did but then Spike pushed her too hard.

He says that he was only excited to get to the good part of working hard. “I wanted to get to the part where we are a family with our kids. Tell me that we can have a life together.”


It is Sam. Spike begs Jessica to run off with him.

Sam is searching the house for her daughter.

Jessica walks off from Spike to the house.

Spike kicks himself. He has failed to get her to go with him again.

She returns. “Come on… Let’s get you someplace warm.”

Rachel tells how she fell off the cliff. “It was an accident and Otto told Alistair that I fell off and everyone thought that I was dead. I got on a boat and ended up in Montana. I have no idea how I got there.”

Martin enters the room. “Alistair is awake.”

The group decide to all go and see him. He will undoubtedly tell who tried to kill him.

Kay and Noah talk about the secret that Kay has. “Fox will hate me if he learns what the secret is.”

Noah’s advice is to tell Fox the truth before Alistair has a chance to use it against her.

Noah knows that will be hard. “I have a secret as well. The truth is going to come out.”

Sam and Ivy come to Noah and Kay. “Alistair is awake.”

Fancy is with her grandfather and talking to him. He is lucid now.

As the others walk in, Fancy urges her grandfather to tell who it was who tried to kill him.

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