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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy knows that her grandfather can be a monster but he is still her grandfather.

Noah disagrees.

She opens a door and shows a beautiful bedroom. It is hers. Alistair designed and created it for her.

“How could a man that made a room as beautiful as this be a monster Noah?"

Fox wants Kay to understand that he as no secrets. He can see that she is uptight and he wants to be sure that she understands that she has nothing to fear that this has anything to do with him.

She tells that isn’t the reason that she is uptight at all.

She says that the whole situation with Alistair has gotten her upset.

Fox believes that she could never have a secret. “You are too good for Alistair to get the better of you by using something that you are hiding.”

Theresa confronts Gwen about ransacking Alistair’s room. “Are you looking for the evidence about the tabloid to keep Ethan from leaving you for me?"

Sheridan greets her aunt after all these years. She didn’t kill her!

Her jewelry was on the corpse that Pilar saw, and Katherine saw her body but it must have been some kind of trick.

It wasn’t her.

The man in black is in the house with the ski mask hiding his identity. He is assorting Alistair’s study.

He pulls the books from the shelves and he breaks framed pictures.

When he is through he gets a picture of Alistair and just stares at it.

Julian and Eve sit in the kitchen. Julian muses his father clinging to life.

Eve feels that at this point Alistair will pull through. “That is if nothing unexpected happens to him.”

Out in the main room, Alistair is sleeping on the couch in the dark.

The door opens, and a dark figure appears with a pillow in hand.

The man walks to Alistair’s figure on the couch and holds the pillow to his face in an effort to suffocate him.

Fox knows that someone felt threatened enough to try to kill Alistair but he is sure that it can’t be Kay who did this.

Kay remembers Alistair telling the story of what she did with Ivy and David when she broke up her parents’ marriage.

Fox tells Kay that they need a swim in the pool to relax. “We can be alone. I love you Kay. I am glad that we have no secrets between us.”

Theresa tells that she is going to tell Ethan that Gwen is searching for the proof that Theresa knew always existed.

“I don’t even have to break my promise to God to get Ethan back. Ethan is going to leave you and you will be left out in the cold when he finds out what you have done.”

Theresa thinks about the way that it will be. She and Ethan will be married and have their children with them. They will live in a big house and she will be the best mother ever. The kids will be teens by then.

They will be a happy family and very successful. Theresa will make hot chocolate for the kids and the kids will adore them.

At that time, Gwen will be jealous and when she sees the kids outside the house, she will tell them that she is their mother. Ethan will explain to the kids that Gwen got caught in a lie and now she has a bad life.

Ethan will call for firewood to build up the fire again.

It will be promised to him by the staff.

Gwen however will be in the snow dressed as a convict and whipped to get her working on the firewood for Ethan and his family.

Gwen is furious at the way that Theresa sees her in the future. “You are not going to be with Ethan as I am going to kill you first.”

Gwen lunges for Theresa and they fall to the ground fighting and rolling around.

Rachel tells how she was held captive by Alistair for years. Sheridan remembers that Alistair blames her for things and tortured her for things that didn’t even happen. Ivy wonders how Alistair could blame Sheridan for Rachel being dead when he knew that she was alive.

Rachel explains that Alistair didn’t know that she was alive until she revealed herself to him.

The man in black has held the pillow in place for a long time now.


The heart monitor shrieks.

Alistair has flatlined.

The man removes the pillow and sees that Alistair doesn’t stir at all.

Noah tells Fancy that her room is like a fairytale.

Alistair used to tell his granddaughter that she was his princess. “When he tucked me into bed, he would tell me how special I was.”

Noah has to agree with that. “You are special in a million wonderful ways. So special to me… I can’t afford to build you a room like this to show you how special you are, but I can love you.” That is all that she wants. “Love me as much as I love you. He assures her that he does. They kiss.

“…and they both lived happily ever after," he says smiling.

Rachel tells how Alistair thought that she was a ghost the first time that he saw her.

Rachel explains that Sheridan did poke her with the letter opener but that was just Sheridan protecting her father and she really didn’t hurt her aunt.

That was when Alistair had whisked her away and Sheridan thought that she had killed someone.

Rachel is telling her story but suddenly the sounds of Theresa and Gwen’s voices are heard. They are fighting again.

Ethan has to make sure that they are not killing each other. He leaves.

Rachel explains that she came back secretly to see what Alistair was up to. “I saw that he was up to the same things and that made me very unhappy.”

Sam suddenly realizes that Rachel could have been the one that attacked Alistair earlier that evening, but he says nothing out loud.

Julian and Eve sit and have coffee.

Alistair has tried his best to tear Julian and Eve apart but they still ended up together. Eve assures Julian that they will always be together.

Alistair lies still in the dark.

Eve comes into the room.

She hears the machine calling out, and she sees the dark figure in the room.

“Who are you? What are you doing? Oh my God! You have killed Alistair Crane!"

The figure stands frozen as he faces Eve.

Fox and Kay are swimming in the mansion’s pool. It is heated and indoors.

“Nothing says rich like an indoor pool," Kay remarks.

Fox warns her to make smart investments and not to blow her trust fund and she too will have a place like this. She laughs at that.

He kisses her. “You are so good. You are honest and good Kay.”

She tells him to stop.

“I am not honest at all.”

Theresa and Gwen are still at it fighting.

Theresa tells how Gwen will lose Ethan forever when this gets out.

Gwen decides to just kill her so that she can’t say anything.

Ethan comes into the room and pulls his wife out of the fight away from Theresa.

Gwen shouts at Ethan that Theresa attacked her. She waves her hands like a frightened child.

Theresa says that Gwen is lying.

Gwen continues saying that she was walking by and saw Theresa in Alistair’s room ransacking it and she asked her what she was doing and then Theresa just attacked her for no good reason.

Pilar knows everything now. She has left the attic now and is alone. “Martin only came back to me because Alistair forced him to…”

Sheridan is relieved that she isn’t burdened with the guilt of killing her aunt anymore. She walks off now to find Chris in the mansion.

Rachel tells how she fell accidentally off a cliff, but was rescued by a boat.

A guard comes to the attic.

He has a plastic bag with him.

He tells Sam that Alistair told him long ago that he should take this evidence and find out who hurt him if he were ever hurt.

Sam takes the knife in the bag.

Alistair must know that Sam is so honest that he wouldn’t ever do the wrong thing and he would bring a killer to justice if needed.

Sam takes the knife.

He walks over to Rachel. “I am sorry but I have to do this. Have you seen this knife before?"

The man in black is acting erratic. He breaks things in the study and makes a lot of noise.

The people in the attic wonder what the noise is all about.

Sheridan goes into the study and sees no one but the room has been destroyed. “I wonder what happened here…”

She thinks that she sees someone hiding behind one of the couches.

“Is someone here?" she calls out.

Suddenly the man in black gets the pillow and runs back to Alistair to put it back in place over his face.

Eve rushes to the man. “I will not let you kill him! I won’t let you do it!"

Noah and Fancy are making love in her bed. They smile and hold each other when it is over.

He smiles. She tells him that he is the only man that she has ever brought to her room.

He is surprised to hear that. “Not even the French tennis pro?"

She tells him 'no'.

She suddenly gets sad.

Looking around reminds her of grandfather and what he does for her. “I can’t understand how he is mean to everyone else. I love him more than anything but knowing that someone wants to kill him really upsets me.”

Noah knows that she heard Alistair say that he loves to blackmail people with their secrets.

A thought comes to Fancy. “Did grandfather have anything on you Noah?"

Sheridan enters the study thinking that someone is in there.

She sees someone but only or a minute.

She runs to the hall! “Help! Someone is in the mansion!"

Eve fights with the intruder for a while.

Soon the person decides that they need to get out of there. The person runs off.

Julian comes to the room and learns what happened.

Julian wonders if he would stop someone had he been the one that had one to find Alistair being smothered.

Rachel doesn’t answer Sam’s questions.

Katherine knows that her sister didn’t do this.

Martin too finds this questioning to be ridiculous.

Sam has to do this. “Is this your knife?"

Katherine begs him not to do this.

Sam says that the knife will be taken to the lab anyway, so they will be able to tell if it belonged to Rachel anyway.

She tells Sam not to bother to do all that. “It is my knife. My fingerprints will be on it.”

Kay admits that she has done things in her life that she isn’t proud of.

Fox thinks that she is talking about the problems at work but she doesn't mean that. “I got fired because Alistair is a bastard and for no other reason. I want to be honest with you. I brought you to the pool to seduce you. I feel horrible. I had a whole plan. We could swim a little… dance a little… then show you how much I love you.”

Fox hits the remote and music starts playing.

He takes her in his arms and they slow dance.

Then he is kissing her and they end up on a nearby futon.

Kay worries that he may just find out her secret.

Chris comes to Sheridan at the study and she tells him how there was someone in there.

Chris can’t believe the mess.

Sheridan was looking for Chris and found someone in the room. That person is gone now.

“We need to find out who this person is and what he was looking for.”

Chris says that security can take care of this.

Sheridan remembers what just happened upstairs and tells Chris about his aunt and how she is alive.

Theresa tries to tell Ethan the truth, but he isn’t sure who to believe.

Theresa is talking about the tabloid issue again.

Ethan decides that he has to believe his wife.

Pilar enters the room.

Ethan tells Pilar to tell her daughter to stop her scheming. He walks out with Gwen.

“I promise you that I will get to the truth Ethan!" Theresa shouts after them.

Pilar wants to know what is going on.

Theresa is just smiling now.

Pilar asks her what she is smiling about.

“Mama! I have Gwen on the run mama! The truth is going to come out!’

Sam has more questions. “Did you stab Alistair with this knife?"

Rachel denies killing Alistair. “I wanted to scare him not kill him.”

Katherine says that anyone in the house could have killed the man, herself included.

Sheridan feels that whoever wrecked the room must have been the one who tried to kill him.

Chris says that there is a possibility that the person who wrecked the room could be a separate person from the one that tried to kill Alistair.

Julian and Eve have a drink. “Someone has tried to kill father twice now. I don’t think that they will stop until they succeed.”

Noah hears Fancy asking him if he had been threatened by her grandfather.

Noah thinks back to the talk where Alistair revealed something in writing about Noah’s ex-girlfriend.

Noah decides to hide this conversation from Fancy. “No! Alistair didn’t threaten me.”

Fancy seems relieved. “Nothing can hurt us ever again.”

Fox and Kay are together and he finds their time together so perfect. “It is never going to change Kay.”

Secretly, Kay knows that nothing will be perfect ever again.

Gwen is with Ethan now alone and she goes on about how ridiculous Theresa is. “She even lied to God about what she would do if you lived. Theresa scares me. I am afraid that Theresa is going to try to kill me next.”

Theresa tells her mother that she doesn't have to break her promise to God. “All I have to do is prove to Ethan that Gwen is lying. The proof still exists that she and her mother sent the info to the tabloid and it is in this house.”

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