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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha sees that the trees and electrical lights are down outside. No one will be getting off the estate.

Alistair was so smug about terrorizing his guests that he forgot that he was the victim of his own party.

Wonder what else will happen here tonight at the Crane mansion.

Julian and Eve sit by Alistair. Eve has no idea if Alistair will live or not. “He needs to be in the hospital. I have never seen anyone so intent to live.”

Chris feels like Alistair likes these attempts on his life. “He must like the challenge to live through it all and beat the odds.” All wonder what life would be like to be without Alistair.

The killer will be revealed but only if Alistair tells to say who did this.

Aunt Rachel is alone in the attic in the mansion. “I went too far.”

She falls to her knees. “Oh God! I am sorry. I am very, very sorry.”

TC looks outside and sees that there is no chance of anyone leaving the house this night.

Rae and Simone are talking and they separate for now. They will get back together later in the evening.

Rae goes upstairs while Simone goes down.

TC is at the bottom of the stairs when his daughter comes down. He hugs her. “Oh Simone!"

She looks up at him strangely.

Rebecca and Gwen are worried about Ethan finding out about the tabloid secret, that Theresa isn’t really responsible for it.

Ethan bumps into Theresa in the kitchen.

Theresa gets him into a conversation about them again. He can’t discuss this and has to get back to Gwen.

Theresa moves closer to him. “Ethan… Come back to me…”

Ivy and Kay talk and realize that they both know that Alistair knew about the scam with David Hastings and Grace.

They wonder how Alistair found out the truth.

Ivy is quick to blame Kay for this.

Kay says that doesn't matter. “Fox and Sam will be furious if they ever learn this truth.”

The women hear noises behind them and turn to see Sam and Fox standing behind them.

Ivy and Kay try to cover for what they were saying but it turns out the boys didn’t hear anything.

Sam has come to tell about Alistair’s condition. It is grave but he is still alive and holding his own.

They are going to be stuck at the mansion for the night it seems. The road crews are not out yet.

Alistair might get better, and if he does, he will point the finger at who stabbed him as soon as he can. Whoever did this is waiting for the bomb to drop and knows that their time is running out.

Aunt Rachel cries alone. “I have created more trouble.”

Tabitha hears Rachel crying through the vent.

“Wonder what she is upset about? That is not a good sign. I love a good bloodbath, but I would love to be with Endora right now at home…”

“I need a little privacy to make a little magic.” Tabitha runs off to hide

Katherine hears something.

“Someone is crying.”

Katherine and the others move to the other wall and look up to the ceiling.

Pilar wonders who it could be crying.

Katherine says that it sounds like…

“No it can’t be…” Katherine says.

“This has to be a sick joke that Alistair as cooked up.”

Sheridan sees something in her mother’s eyes. “What is it mother? Who do you think it is?"

Katherine goes running out of the room. The others follow her.

TC is happy now. He sees that Alistair has caused his daughter to think that she is a lesbian and he believes that she really isn’t.

Simone tells her father that she really is a lesbian whether Alistair paid someone to seduce her or not.

TC tells that he and others saw her friend Rae on the monitor and that she took money to seduce Simone and screw up her life.

TC wouldn’t be surprised if this Rae person was the one that did the murder although she was in cahoots with the man at the same time and taking his money.

All he really cares about is that his daughter will stop thinking that she is gay now and go back to living like a normal straight girl. “Don’t worry dear those feelings will go away.”

Simone says that she knows Rae and she wouldn’t ever do a thing like this.

Simone knows Rae and will not listen to this. “You are just saying this daddy because you are the one that killed Alistair!"

Simone feels that her father is the one with the out of control temper, and she thinks that he is the one that did the attempted murder.

Julian and Eve come into the area. “What is going on here?"

TC says that Simone isn’t a lesbian.

Simone says that she was attracted to women before Rae. “I am gay because I am gay. Stop pinning things on Rae to justify my behavior. You are the one that threatened to kill Alistair as long as I can remember. You said that you saw the pictures of me and Rae and that must have made you angry. It was you daddy!"

TC hauls off and slaps his daughter in the mouth.

Simone runs off.

Eve wonders what else TC could do? “If you could go crazy and hit your own daughter then what else would you do? Did you try to kill Alistair tonight?"

Ethan tells Theresa again that he will be married to Gwen for the rest of his life and that there is no chance for he to be with her.

Katherine comes into the kitchen with Martin, Sheridan and Pilar. Ethan and Theresa tell that they didn’t hear any crying when asked.

Katherine worries. “If this isn’t one of Alistair’s tricks, then… Oh my God.”

She leaves the kitchen and the others follow her. All but Pilar and Theresa leave the room.

Pilar asks her daughter what she was doing with Ethan in the kitchen. “I want him back mama. I will get him back and I will not stop trying.”

Rebecca and Gwen talk about how they hate Theresa. Gwen is determined to get rid of her one way or the other.

Rebecca is all for that. “Tell me! How are we going to kill her?"

Gwen will not kill Theresa. She has another idea. “Alistair has to have some sort of evidence that he is holding on them. Let’s try to find it before he gets better. Where would he hide the proof that we did what we did?"

Rebecca wonders what the evidence would be? Gwen is sure that when they find the evidence they will know it.

Gwen tells her mother to search the study, while she goes upstairs. “Remember mom, my future depends on this, so be thorough.”

Rebecca keeps drinking after she is left alone.

Katherine and the others come to the sunroom.

All are quiet.

They hear the crying again.

“Sounds like someone is in the attic.”

The group head up to the attic.

Chris leaves Sheridan in the room.

Fox and Kay talk now. Fox wants to talk about secrets that his grandfather has.

***Eve and TC argue. He believes that people turn gay and not are. Eve tries to make him see sense but he will not.

TC blames Eve for this. Both his girls are screwed up and he feels that Eve is the reason.

Liz jumps in agreeing too. “It is a miracle that your two girls are not more screwed up than they are now. One got knocked up by her brother while the other one prefers chicks instead of … well… you know…” Julian tells Liz to shut up.

Eve only knows that they have lost Whitney and are in the process of losing Simone now.

Simone goes upstairs and Rae is there.

Rae sees that Simone is upset and she goes to hold her.

Simone pushes her away. “Don’t touch me.”

“I know. I heard how Alistair paid you to come on to me. Was that it? Was I just some job for you?"

Simone demands the truth from Rae. Alistair said that you took money from him.

Rae says that she knows Alistair and he did lend her money to start her club.

“No one paid me to go out with you. I was drawn to you and that was why I asked you to dance.”

Simone remembers how Rae broke up with her all of a sudden.

Rae did that as Simone is so young and she hadn’t had a relationship with anyone before.

Rae cares for her but she wasn’t up for a lifelong commitment at the time. “I am telling the truth Simone and wouldn’t lie to you. If you want to get together sometimes that is fine. If you need a fulltime commitment from me, then we had better quit right now.”

Eve believes that Simone is old enough to decide what she is and who she wants. TC will not let her be a lesbian. “Save your unconditional crap for someone who respects you.” TC walks off.

Liz finds it funny how Eve seems to always bring out the worst in people. “You are behind it Eve and you can’t expect to have eternal happiness with Julian either.”

Eve finds her bitter. “when I look at you, I see someone to be pitied. You are a miserable lonely woman who wants to make everyone as unhappy as you are. I have a life and a chance at happiness and that is more than you have.”

Fox tells Kay that he is not stupid. “I can see that you are tense. Let’s talk about whatever secrets we have between us and get it out in the open.”

Tabitha wants to contact Endora.

“She is the only one that can get me out of here.”

She finds a secluded corner.

“Endora… I need you…”

A picture on the wall changes before Tabitha into a live video of Endora in her crib.

“Endora! You have to help mommy get out of here…”

ZAP! Endora sends a magic smoke out of the wall hanging to her mother.

Tabitha really hopes this works.

Slowly, very slowly, Tabitha starts spinning. Round and round…

Rebecca is lying on the couch in Alistair’s study.

Her drink is finished now. She really didn’t do a search of the room, but tells herself that she did.

She gets up to leave the study, and when she opens the door, she freezes in her tracks.

There down the hall, before her, Tabitha is spinning like a top. She goes round and round, and she seems to be spinning faster and faster now. There is also smoke all around her.

Rebecca calls out to her. “Hey what are you doing Tabitha?"

Tabitha ignores her.

“Come on Sweet Pea! You got to get mommy out of here.”


Tabitha disappears!

Rebecca shrieks a little.

“Where is she?" Rebecca sees nothing.

“Was she burned to a crisp?"

Bang! Clang!

Tabby lands in a garbage heap.

“Endora screwed up! I am in Boston! Still… I would rather be here than in that house of horror!"

Julian and Eve have alone time. Julian is glad that Eve put her sister in her place that evening.

Alistair is still alive and that must be making someone very desperate.

Eve wonders if someone will try to kill him again.

Gwen is searching through Alistair’s things in his room.

Theresa sees Gwen searching through an open door.

Theresa stands back wondering what it is that Gwen could be looking for.

Rae and Simone make up. Rae admits that Simone isn’t her only girlfriend but Simone is definitely her favorite girlfriend.

They passionately kiss.

TC is outside in the hall and he is disgusted that no one thinks that Simone’s lesbian tendencies are ridiculous.

He opens a door and is further disgusted when he finds Simone kissing Rae.

“Get away from my daughter," he shouts at Rae.

“Daddy!" Simone says jumping away from Rae.

Rae snaps back that she doesn't take orders from him.

The group has gone to the attic to see if someone is there.

They find a woman there. She has her back to them and she is dressed in white. She isn’t crying now.

Katherine recognizes her from the back. “It can’t be…”

The others come up behind Katherine to find out from her who this woman in white is before them.

Rae tells Simone that she really gets to make her own choices. “You don’t have to take his garbage anymore.”

She tells TC that if Simone wants to see her, she will do that. TC warns Rae to stay out of his business.

She will not be threatened. “If you come after me, you will wish that you had never been born.”

“Come on Simone," she says. She takes Simone’s hand and they walk out.

Fox reveals to Kay that he has a secret that he wants to reveal to her.

Rebecca tries to make a go of searching the study, but instead decides her work is done.

She grabs a bottle of the good stuff and leaves the study turning off the light behind her.

After she is gone, someone in a black ski mask comes into the room from the outside door and starts rummaging through Alistair’s desk drawers.

Theresa comes stomping up to Gwen who is searching still in Alistair’s things.

“Can I help you search for something Gwen? Why are you rummaging through my husband’s stuff? Could you be looking for the proof that Alistair probably has on you about sending that stuff to the tabloid?"

Sheridan is in the attic now. “Mother who is it?"

Katherine can ‘t believe this.

The woman turns around and Katherine can see that her hope has been confirmed.

Katherine goes to her sister. “Rachel?"

The sisters hold hands.

Sheridan sees now that she really didn’t kill her aunt like she was told she did.

Eve hovers over Alistair dutifully.

Julian has to drag her away so that she can get rest for a while. They turn off the light in the room and leave.

After they are gone, the man dressed in black who has crept into the mansion enters the room leaving it in darkness.

He walks over to the sick of man on the couch, and takes a pillow to hold over his face in an effort to suffocate him.

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