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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Fancy begs Eve to help Alistair and save him.

Sheridan isn’t sure how she feels. She may feel nothing.

Pilar can’t even pray for Alistair. Katherine has to agree that he doesn't deserve prayer. Martin sees that Alistair is getting what he deserves finally.

Rebecca wants Eve to let Alistair die. Gwen knows that Eve has to do what she has to do. They will keep their fingers crossed that luck will take him. Gwen doesn't believe in fate like Theresa.

Theresa is praying for Alistair to die. She would like to see him suffer a little more though. Noah knows that Theresa has lived in hell recently. Alistair raped her repeatedly and tried to take her children. He even saw to it that her brothers died. Noah knows how she feels.

Kay asks Tabitha to do a spell and finish the man off. Tabitha says that a spell isn’t always the best way. “I like Alistair’s evil but he went too far… Even for me. Sometimes the old fashioned ways are the best.”

Liz brings TC a drink, but he would rather her not wait on him and leave him alone. She tells him to relax as they will be there for a long time. He lightens up. That is true. They are both sorry that the knife didn’t quite do the trick though and that Alistair isn’t already dead.

Sam and Ivy come to Jessica. Ivy is worried about who might be found out for doing this.

The storm is finished outside but the ground is covered with ice so no one can leave still.

Sam really wants to get Jessica home, but they all have to stay and be questioned.

Eve doesn't seem to be doing very well with Alistair. Julian asks her to give up.

Eve tells Fancy that she had better face facts. “No matter what I do, he is probably going to die.

Alistair has barely a heartbeat. Eve is trying to keep that going. She does CPR on him as she talks. “I need to shock him. We might have to rig up a defibrillator to save him.”

Eve calls out for help but no one will budge.

Fancy begs that someone help her grandfather.

She goes to Noah. “I know that if you save his life, he will make things up to you.”

Noah remembers going into Alistair’s study about what he did to Sam and the family.

Alistair pulled a gun on him. “I am the one that decides what happens here. To me, you all are a bunch of puppets. You think that you got the best of me didn’t you by putting that ad in the paper? I have had a party arranged and I will tell every one of your secrets. That Tsunami will look like a walk in the park when I am done. I have a file… It is about you. Noah it is very interesting reading about you and your ex-girlfriend. It isn’t important how or where I got it… What is important is that when Fancy sees it she will never want to see you again. You look so angry. What are you going to do? Kill me?"

Fancy calls to Noah.

He comes out of his daydream.

He decides to help when she asks him to.

Eve tells Noah and Julian to find some paddles or plastic plates that they can use to shock Alistair back to life. “If we don’t do something, Alistair will die.”

Julian leaves the room to go searching for something to help.

Noah and Julian return with Frisbees and pans from the kitchen.

They rig the items to shock Alistair.

Theresa prays that this will not work.

Gwen asks Ethan if he thinks that Theresa did this. Ethan says that everyone in the room has a reason for wanting Alistair dead.

Eve tries her best, but it isn’t working.

She keeps trying to shock Alistair into a better heartbeat.

TC goes out in the back in the snow.

Liz comes out behind him. “What are you doing?"

TC is just thinking about why Eve would think that she should save Alistair’s life.

Liz says that Eve thinks that she can save everyone.

TC knows where this is leading and he begs Liz to stop bad-mouthing Eve.

TC and Liz have no idea who could have done this.

Liz thinks back to the early evening.

Alistair made a move on her.

She pushed him off her.

He told her that he was predicting her future and she will have a bad year. “Tonight, I am going to reveal that little secret to Eve that you have been hiding. You remember how you caused her all that pain and suffering.”

Liz told him that he was bluffing about that. Alistair says that he is not.

“You will not have a chance to hurt her again, and you will be dead in the water Liz.” Liz told him that he will be dead first.

Liz shivers when she remembers talking to him.

She goes back in the house.

TC is alone and remembers what Alistair last did to upset him.

He showed Simone on a monitor with her lesbian friend.

They were kissing…

They were in bed together…

They were out dancing together…

TC shouted that he would kill the man. “I will kill you.”

TC smiles now. “You have crossed the line, and you will never get back…” TC smiles and goes into the house again.

The woman in white heard what TC said. “Alistair… You have hurt so many people’s lives, and now you will die…”

Eve has gotten Alistair’s heart rate in better shape but she still has to fix up his wound.

Eve knows that everyone wishes Alistair dead but she can’t let him die. Theresa says that she wouldn’t say that Eve were negligent if she were just to walk away from the man. Fancy shouts that she would say it was negligence.

Theresa remembers earlier that night.

Alistair talked about Little Ethan and announced to her that he has already adopted Little Ethan and the boy is now legally his son. “He will be the heir to my empire and after tonight not anyone will be left. The only people standing will be Little Ethan and me. He will have ice water in his veins and we will crush anything around us.” Theresa shouted at him that this will not happen.

Alistair asks her what she is going to do about this? “Why don’t you give up?"

Theresa tried twice to kill Alistair. “They say that the third time is the charm.”

Ethan and Gwen have a drink and discuss Alistair’s condition.

Rebecca and Gwen leave the room for a moment.

Ethan says to himself that some people wanted Alistair dead more than others it seems.

Ethan went to Alistair earlier. Alistair told Ethan to get his wife out of there and stop freeloading. “I want you to leave and get the hell out of here for good.”

Ethan was planning on leaving anyway with his wife and daughter.”

Alistair tells that Jane isn’t going anywhere. “She stays here and by the way, you didn’t shake me up with that ad in the newspaper. I am having a party and that will give me an opportunity to get rid of you people. I would have gotten rid of you Gwen didn’t get around to it. I wanted Gwen to pull the plug an so I changed the test results of the coma to push Gwen into pulling the plug by her thinking that you were never coming out of the coma. I was going to tell her the truth after you were gone.”

Ethan was angry that Alistair would hurt Gwen this way.

Alistair told Ethan that his wife isn’t as innocent as he thinks. “There are things that she has done that you don’t know about. You don’t like what I am saying? What are you going to do about it?"

Rebecca and Gwen are alone in the foyer and they discuss Alistair and how he should be dead by now. That would have been the best thing for the both of them.

They remember earlier that evening…

Rebecca and Gwen were alone.

Alistair came in with the paper and asked Rebecca and Gwen if they were the ones that put the ad in the paper. They said they didn’t do this.

Alistair revealed to them that he knows that they got the information for the email and sent it in to the tabloids, making Theresa look like the one that sent it to the tabloid. That ruined Ethan’s life. Rebecca tried to deny it but Alistair knows better.

Alistair planned to tell Ethan the truth about the tabloid situation.

He wouldn’t have to do that if Gwen had pulled the plug as she was supposed to.

“I was the one that changed the test results of the coma tests to get you to pull the plug. You ended up not pulling the plug and now I have to tell Ethan your ugly little secret and once I do that, he will run back to his little Theresa and you will have no one.”

Rebecca vowed that she would stop him and she said she didn’t care what it took. “We will stop you!" She even stood up to him and looked him in the eye.

Alistair just laughed at her.

Sheridan revisits the past.

Alistair told her that she was the one that took away the joy in his life and that is why he has treated her badly all of her life. She always wondered about that. “You killed her… you killed Rachel and that is something that I will never forgive you for Sheridan!”

Sheridan can see that now Alistair can’t cause her anymore pain anymore and she likes the way that feels. “He can’t hurt anyone anymore. I made sure of it.”

Katherine comes out to her daughter and asks her if she is alright all alone in the foyer.

Sheridan tells how she lived with guilt all those years thinking that she had killed her mother. “And then you came home and I was so happy. Then I found out that I really did kill someone. I killed your sister.”

The woman in white is watching from a doorway, and her heart breaks as she listens to Sheridan.

“It is because of me that Luis and Antonio are dead. I have committed many murders.”

Katherine tells her that this is Alistair’s fault and not hers. The last thing that Katherine wants is for Sheridan to blame herself.

“I am a murderer… Mother, I am a murderer.” Katherine begs her to stop talking that way.

Chris comes to see Sheridan and her mother.

He tells that Alistair is still in bad shape.

Sheridan is only glad that Chris hasn’t been hurt by her father. They hug now. He is so dear to her.

Chris was with Alistair in the study.

Alistair told Chris that he was intending on revealing all about him, and Sheridan.

Chris forgets the conversation now and walks Sheridan back into the main room.

Katherine remembers Alistair breaking his agreement about telling Sheridan about killing her Aunt Rachel.

He said that he did that because she put the ad in the paper and she put the rose petals around the house. “I know that was you! I am going to destroy everyone tonight.”

Katherine was angry. She has been abused by Alistair more than anyone.

Alistair knows that he can still hurt Katherine. “What about Martin? I will take great pleasure in ruining Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald. He will rue the day that he ever took you from me.”

Katherine corrected him. “You will regret the day that you ever crossed me.”

Julian goes to his mother who confirms that she will be alright soon! They walk back into the main room together.

The woman in white worries that she has gone too far. doesn't matter. It is too late for her to turn back now.

She rushes up the main stairs of the mansion.

Fox and Kay meet up with Ivy and Tabitha outside. They are happy that Alistair is not responding to Eve’s treatments.

No one but Fancy wants Alistair to survive. Ivy goes back in the house.

Theresa hates that Eve keeps trying to save the man.

Martin does too.

Martin remembers talking to Alistair in his study a while back. Martin was threatening Alistair.

Alistair called him gutless and Martin warned the man that underestimated him.

Martin knows that finally Alistair has paid.

Pilar was angry with Alistair earlier that evening.

Alistair called her gutless like Martin.

Alistair revealed to her that he was the reason that Aunt Rachel went back to her. “I told her about Sheridan killing Rachel and he and Katherine asked me to keep the secret. I told him to go back to you.”

Pilar got angry with him. “Not only will I get angry Alistair… But I will get even too.”

Pilar thinks about what he told her about Martin and Katherine.

She looks over at them now.

The woman in white is in a room in the house. “What have I done? It is too late to stop what has happened. Things have gone too far…”

Eve tells that Alistair is stable for the moment. “He is out of danger for the moment. It looks like he will survive.”

Sam sees now that Alistair can tell who killed him now.

Alistair dreams of all that wanted him dead.












Jessica …


Sam tells that he is positive that Alistair will make good on his threat to expose every secret of everyone in the room…

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