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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha is wondering where Alistair is.

A door suddenly opens to the main room of the party, and Alistair staggers in.

The crowd goes to him and watches him fall to the ground. There is a knife in his back.

Fancy goes to her grandfather and sees that he needs help desperately. She looks up into the crowd.

Rebecca walks of to the refreshment table and ignores the whole affair.

No one moves.

Fancy asks Dr. Russell to help.

She goes to Alistair and tries to find a pulse.

“No pulse!"

The crowd smiles.

Rebecca lifts a champagne glass. “I’ll drink to that.”

Fancy cries out, “No!"

The crowd disperses and head to the food table for snacks.

Fancy is upset but no one else is. She calls out to anyone but no one cares about Alistair. She calls them heartless.

They even laugh.

Turns out that everyone at the party had an incident where they were alone with Alistair and words were exchanged.

Ivy remembers telling Alistair that she wished for his death.

Fox remembers telling Alistair that he would love to see him dead.

Kay said that if she had to she would stop him from hurting her family.

Even Tabitha threatened him in the rain that night under an umbrella on the grounds.

Julian said that he would kill Alistair if he threatened Eve in his study.

Noah was told by Alistair that he could not see Fancy anymore. Noah refused to listen. Alistair asks, “What are you going to do? Kill me?"

Liz threatened Alistair when he threatened her first.

Theresa said to Alistair that she would do anything to protect her family.

Ethan called him disgusting and said that he will be stopped.

Rebecca told Alistair that he would be controlled eventually.

Sheridan remembers when she threatened Alistair with revenge, and he punched her in the face. Chris was pretty angry too and he came up behind Alistair and turned him around for a punch as well.

Katherine told Alistair that he will be dead when she finished with him.

Pilar loves the lord but has a terrible temper and she admitted it to Alistair when he pushed her too far with his behavior.

Rebecca loves this party.

Fancy calls them all monsters. Sam says that Fancy is right and that this is cold-blooded murder. Sam can’t turn his back on this murder. “Whoever murdered Alistair is in this room, but the question is who did it?"

Tabitha thought that Christmas was a drag but this Murder party is a definite smash!

Rebecca says that Theresa did this. Now Little Ethan owns everything that Alistair had.

Theresa says that Alistair probably changed his will from the last time that she tried to kill him. Eve hated him and so did Julian. Theresa is glad that Alistair is dead. Rebecca pipes up that she is glad that Alistair is dead too. “He hasn’t been good in bed for ages.”

Katherine seems happy about this and that breaks Fancy’s heart. “You used to be married to him.”

Sheridan is happy that Alistair is dead and she freely admits it.

Gwen is happy that bastard is dead. Rebecca is thrilled and hopes that the killer keeps on going as there are others in the room that she wants dead.

Fancy is upset.

The woman in white is watching. “It is a time for joy…”

Rebecca is upset that Alistair is bleeding over her good carpet. Theresa reminds her that the ‘good carpet’ belongs to Little Ethan.

Fancy goes to Alistair and checks him again.

“Dr. Russell! I think that he is alive. Check him Dr. Russell.”

Dr. Russell checks. “No! Nothing.”

Fancy tries again. “There is something. I saw him breathe. Test him again.”

Eve does and she admits that Alistair is alive.

Everyone in the room groans.

Ivy thinks that if they just leave for a few hours he will be dead. Theresa would like to put a pillow over his head. “Maybe we could freeze him to death.”

Liz pipes up about her hatred for Alistair. People are surprised that she has something to bitch about where Alistair is concerned. Seems that Alistair had dealings with Liz in the past that hurt her deeply.

Theresa goes to Eve asking her to make sure that Alistair dies. “Please Eve.”

Sam thinks about the trouble that Alistair has caused his family.

Rebecca comes over to Sam telling that if they jiggle the knife a little Alistair might die.

Sheridan tries to make a call out but the phones are not working.

Katherine suggests that they all go into the other room and have a round of bridge.

Fancy is disgusted by this display. She asks Eve to please help her grandfather. “You took an oath. You have to save my grandfather!"

Fancy begs for her grampy’s life.

Eve will at least examine him. She goes to Alistair on the floor. Theresa suggests Eve pulling the knife out. Eve knows that will kill him.

Kay tells Theresa that was a good try. Theresa replies that she tries to help whenever she can.

She knows that if they don’t get Alistair to the hospital he will die. TC finds that a great way to ring in the New Year.

Fancy remembers that there is emergency equipment in the house. She asks Theresa where it is. Theresa says that she has no idea about that. Fancy knows that there is a mini hospital in the house as her grandfather was always afraid of having a heart attack or something. She turns to Fox now. Fox says that there is something like that somewhere in the house but he has no idea where. Rebecca reluctantly gives the location of the room.

Fancy asks for help in bringing Alistair to the mini hospital in the house.

Most walk off but some of the men agree to help.

The woman in white says to herself that Alistair will suffer her wrath.

Noah offers to help carry Alistair and Fancy is grateful for that, thanking him with a hug. Eve tells Fancy not to get her hopes up about this. “Alistair could still die.”

Sam says that no matter what, whoever did this will face the consequences.

Fancy pushes everyone to help with her father being transported and taken care of.

She tells her grandfather to hang on. “We are going to help you.”

The men go ahead with Eve to get the room ready.

Fancy tells everyone that she can’t believe what she had heard tonight. “God will punish you.” She leaves.

Sam asks who the last person was to see Alistair.

Ivy thinks back to being in the study.

Alistair found her in there poking around his desk. “Found anything interesting in here?" Ivy tells that she was looking for him. He tells her that she has found him. He checks his desk drawers to see what she was doing.

When she tried to leave, he got in front of her. “You want me dead. You came in here to be alone with me. You were the one that put that ad in the newspaper.” Ivy denied everything. “I want nothing to do with you. I am with Sam now.”

She walked by Alistair and headed for the door.

Alistair called out to her and asked how Sam is going to like the story about what she did with David Hastings. “What about what you are doing with Valerie to destroy Fox’s relationship with Kay?" Ivy told Alistair that she hated him then.

Ivy chokes when she rethinks what happened.

Sam asks her if she is okay. She says she is fine.

Sam thinks back to his upset.

Seeing Jessica sprawled out on a bed, displayed on a television monitor for all to see really got to Sam.

“God help me!"

Rebecca thinks that they should have more to drink. “If he dies, we can celebrate! If he lives we will be drunk!" TC is on board with that idea.

Katherine and Sheridan talk about Aunt Rachel. Sheridan says that she suddenly feels a sense of relief knowing the truth. “My hallucinations are finally over.” Katherine feels numb too and that is good. She doesn't feel anything at all.

Theresa tells her mother that it is finally over and Alistair will not torture her or her children ever again. Pilar points out that is only true if Alistair dies.

Fancy comes running. “Hurry we may not have much time.”

The men from the party file out from a door behind her with medical equipment.

Fancy asks Ethan to help but he seems weak.

He tells Gwen that he has the strength to help, but he doesn't want to.

Fox remembers bumping into Alistair in the halls of Crane Industries earlier that day. They are in a spot where Alistair’s picture hangs proudly for all at the company to see.

Fox would like to have his picture there one-day.

Alistair tells Fox that he will not ever have his picture there. “You are not worthy of having your picture there. All you ever did was drink and be a playboy. In fact, you are fired. Go pick up that girlfriend of yours and get out of the building. You have no function or purpose here anymore.” Fox told Alistair that he was making a big mistake. “I have been doing very well at the company.” Fox says that it is funny how he can’t think of a single soul who wouldn’t want to see him dead.

Kay asks Fox if he is okay. Fox says that he is fine.

Kay remembers talking to Alistair that night.

She told Alistair that firing Fox wasn’t right. “That job means everything to him.”

Alistair finds it funny that she expected him to respect her recommendation. “You are nothing but a scheming whoring mother. You are trying to latch on to some money and Fox is it. I will put a stop to that relationship.” Kay says that he can’t tear them apart. “You don’t know me Alistair.” Alistair may not know her personally, but he knows that she let Ivy and David Hastings ruin Sam’s marriage.

Kay gets immediately quiet.

“I can do anything that I want Kay. I am Alistair Crane.” Kay told Alistair that she is ‘Kay Bennett’ and that she will stop him.

Kay wonders about that conversation now.

Tabby has a recollection that she revisits. Alistair asked about his granddaughter.

Tabitha was stunned into silence. She had no idea that he knew the truth about Endora. She has been guarding that secret with her life. Alistair knew that Julian fathered that child after a night of wild and mind-busting sexual entanglements. “You never age Tabby do you? You stay the same for decades and decades and decades. I remember you looking just like this from the time that I was a little boy. Strange isn’t it? Doesn’t matter how you had that child, but you had her and she is my granddaughter. So as of tomorrow, you will bring that little girl to the house and she will live here with me.” Tabitha told Alistair that she will stop him. “Oh yes, I forgot. You are a witch! I run this town and all your herbs and spells can’t change that.” Tabitha told him that she will do whatever it takes to stop him dead, and she meant dead. “There are other traditional ways to deal with you besides witchcraft Alistair.”

Tabitha fumes when she thinks about what he tried to do to her. “He has no idea of the power of the dark side. He will have to pay for this with his life.”

Julian and Eve are over sitting by Alistair who lays on the couch now. Eve has to wonder if Julian feels anything for his father.

Julian thinks back.

Alistair was accusing Julian of placing the murder ad in the paper. Alistair asked if Julian felt that he would frighten his father with that. Julian denied putting the ad out. Julian warned Julian that his well-being was in danger. Julian isn’t afraid anymore of his father. He felt that everything has been done to him that can be done. “I haven’t started punishing you for being the way that you are Julian.” Julian doesn't care about the money if this is what this is all about. “I still have Eve and that is all that matters.” Alistair had a secret and he promised to reveal it at the party. “After that every time that you wake up in pain, you will know that I am the cause of it. I can see that I have you worried Julian. When I am finished with you, you will wish that your life were over.” Julian told Alistair that he in turn would be sorry if that secret that he had were something that could hurt Eve.

Julian can see now that he wouldn’t be worried if his father died and he tells Eve just that.

Noah is looking out the window and he thinks that he sees something out in the storm.

“Did you all see that? I thought that I saw a woman running out there.”

Kay wants to get Jessica home. She is in rough shape.

Jessica sits in a corner in the room rubbing her head.

Tabitha wants to get going too. TC doesn't mind staying although there really is no reason to.

Sam tells everyone that no one is leaving the house. “The police are not here and so no one will go.” Rebecca says that no one in the house will run for the border so everyone should be able to go to their own homes. Sam tells everyone that they have to stay. TC doesn't want to play Agatha Christie really. Tabitha feels that they might as well stay and figure this out. Pilar too feels that way as well. Sam knows that everyone has a motive for killing Alistair, and one of them did. “Question is… Which one of you killed the old bastard?"

Through the window, Rachel is walking in the snowstorm.

She looks in the window. “At last! The night of revenge. Alistair Crane will die!" She walks off and for the first time she looks worried.

Eve sees that Alistair’s heart is giving out. “He is dying.” Fancy begs that Eve save her grandfather.

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