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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

The woman in white is confronting Alistair and telling him that she is there to make him pay. They are in his study. It is time she feels to finally come to him. He knows now that she was the one that put the ad in the paper to scare him. He tries to keep strong but the fear is showing on his face. “I know that you are an imposter and that you are dead.” She tells him to look into her eyes and tell her that she is an imposter.

He looks deeply at her and sees that it is really her.

She removes her hood. “It is me Alistair! I have come back from the dead!"

Alistair screams and runs into the hall. “How can this be? Rachel! She is dead!"

She follows him out into the hall. “For all the pain that you have caused me… I have condemned you to death!"

“No!" Alistair shouts. He runs down the hall.

Norma and Edna are in an ornament. They have been shrunken and left powerless.

Endora did this to them to save her mother from certain death.

They have to find their way out of this. They are so tiny, they shriek when they talk their squeaky voices.

At mansion, the guests have been locked in the main room. Alistair has something in store for them but what?

Tabitha knows that everyone has to brace themselves. “I believe that murder has arrived.”

The twenty or thirty clocks in the room start chiming. It is midnight. New Years Eve…

The lights start flickering and everyone grabs a hold of someone else in fear.

Suddenly the lights go out. Tabitha is the only one that stands alone. “That’s right! It is bloody murder!"

Norma and Edna discuss their plight. They are in great danger. They are in an ornament in a box now that the festivities in the park are over.

The storm is coming. They are in great danger. Norma worries but Edna feels that this is a good thing.

If they are struck by lightening, the ornament will break and they will be free.

The lights come back on in the mansion.

Something went on in the dark. Everyone is laying on the floor and disheveled.

Fox and Kay hold each other.

Chris makes sure that Sheridan is fine.

Sam helps Ivy of the floor. Jessica is suddenly there with the rest of them.

Julian and Eve are worried about Jessica and hope that she is okay. At least she is dressed properly and not in her underwear as they had seen her on the monitor.

Simone is with her ex-lover in a corner. Their foreheads are together.

Julian and Eve come over to Simone and her friend.

Simone introduces Rae to Julian and Eve. They are very glad to meet this young woman.

Jessica is coming out of her drug-induced state. She lies still while Sam tends to her.

Noah feels that this is Alistair’s sick idea of a joke.

Tabitha knows that this is no joke.

Fox says that they should track Alistair down and kill him. All the men agree.

Kay goes to Tabitha to ask her what is happening. Tabitha says that this is a warning. “Someone will soon be dead. Murder has games to play before the evening has ended.”

The men have to figure out how to get out of this mansion.

The crowd smells smoke. “The house must be on fire.”

Smoke suddenly appears from nowhere. Ivy is sure that Alistair has entrapped them all there to burn them alive.

The group starts coughing.

Tabitha laughs.

Everyone gets down on the floor where the air is cleanest to breathe.

All the men check the walls and doors for weak spots but there are none.

Tabitha loves this. “It is like watching vermin get fumigated.”

Julian remembers that all the rooms have controls in them. One is bound to open a door somewhere. “There are some near the desk and the fireplace.”

The men search.

Suddenly, Julian remembers where the magic buttons are, and he runs to the fireplace.

He presses a button, and a door opens.

Everyone runs out of the room, but Tabitha who isn’t afraid.

She takes some of the cheese appetizers and has a bite. Tabitha sees that the group has saved themselves… for now.

Alistair gets to the study. “Thank God! I have given Rachel the slip.”

He gets his phone to call his driver and get out of there.

His phone is dead.

The door opens and Rachel enters. “The phone is dead Alistair. I have a few plans for you and then its curtains for you.” He tells her that he has the last laugh. “I am going to get back at all those people at my party.” She tells him to guess who it is that is going to die this night. She advances on him holding the butcher knife before her.

Norma and Edna are still stuck in the ornament. Edna had a bladder accident and they are standing in it much to Norma’s dismay.

“Who cares about that?" Edna asks. Edna knows that soon they are going to be free thanks to the storm.

Suddenly, lightening strikes.

The women scream!

Edna is so excited about getting free; she keeps tinkling and can’t stop. Norma is not pleased.

Another lightening bolt strikes.

The women scream!

Suddenly, they are free from the confines of the ornament… And full-sized again.

Edna wants to have a celebration. Norma will celebrate later, but first they have to kill Tabby.

Edna reminds Norma that they have to get her young again before killing Tabby.

Tabitha is drinking champagne by herself in the main room of the mansion. She wants to see what is going on with the group, but they have all scattered.

She sees the punch bowl on the table and gets a great idea. “This will do well as a substitute for my big blue pot…” She will see everything that is going on.

ZAP! Tabitha tips her head down to look into the punch bowl. “Look! Alistair is afraid for a change. I wonder if Alistair is the one that murder has come to claim tonight? I sure hope it is!"

Now Tabitha sees Norma and Edna in the punch bowl. “Oh no! Maybe I am the one to be murdered tonight," Tabitha worries.

Norma is glad that they didn’t waste any time going to Tabitha’s house. “There is that party at the mansion tonight and I bet that Tabby is there!" Norma shouts.

Rachel sees that Alistair hasn’t changed. He tells that he loved her and wanted to keep her to himself and that is why he did the things that he did. She doesn't want to hear any of that. Rachel sees that she frightens him and he should be frightened.

Alistair runs out of the room.

Rachel knows that he can run but he can’t hide. “You will pay for a lifetime of hurting people.”

Noah and Fox are looking for Fancy and Kay but they can’t find them.

Noah worries that the victim might be Fancy tonight. “I think that Alistair would rather kill his granddaughter instead of seeing her with me.”

Fox worries about Kay. “I have to find her. I was thinking about asking her to marry me.”

Chris finds Sheridan alone out back of the house. She is standing in the snow with no coat.

“I was looking for you. I thought that you were hurt.” She went outside to get some fresh air.

She can’t get over the fact that she killed her aunt. “I have her blood on my hands. Father tells me that I am a wicked girl and he has destroyed every relationship that I have ever had because of what I have done. I am worried about you Chris. Luis and Antonio loved me and they are dead now.” Chris says that Alistair will pay for what he has done and that she isn’t to worry. Sheridan has to believe that. “Father will pay for what he has done, and soon.”

The men are looking for the women.

Julian is especially worried about Eve. He hasn’t seen her in a while.

Rebecca as been making it with a waiter at some restaurant she was at earlier, and she has missed all the festivities at he house. She smiles when she thinks of the way that she just rang in the New Year.

Ethan finds Rebecca and asks her where Gwen is.

Rebecca has no idea. Ethan is trying to find Theresa and Gwen.

Suddenly Gwen enters the room. Ethan goes to her and hugs her.

Gwen asks if the fire was put out.

Rebecca had no idea about this. “What fire? What has been going on in my house?" Ethan assures her that things are okay downstairs now. They will explain later.

Ethan says that they have to find Theresa now. Gwen will not hear that.

“We have to check on the children Ethan.”

Gwen, Ethan and Rebecca go out into the hall.

“Oh my God," Ethan says.

They all look down and see Theresa laying on her back on the floor with her eyes closed. Rebecca smiles. “My God! It is going to be a Happy New Year after all! Theresa is dead!"

Tabitha feels that she should get home before Norma and Edna get there to kill her.

She rushes to the door but Edna is there.

Tabitha tells her to run as there is going to be a murder there tonight. Edna won’t listen to her. “You promised to make me young again and now look at me! I am old again!"

Tabby knows that Norma has to be near if Edna is there.

***She turns to run the other way and bumps into Norma!

Kay and Fox find each other. He holds her close to him. “I love you Kay.” She tells him that she loves him too.

Julian finds Eve and they embrace.

Sam catches up to Ivy in a hallway. They rush to each other.

Pilar and Martin too find each other.

Katherine comes over. “Are you two okay?" They are but where is Theresa?

Ethan rushes to Theresa’s aid. He gets down on the ground as his wife and mother-in-law watch. He listens to Theresa’s heart to see if she is alive. Rebecca and Gwen don’t like what they see.

Gwen tells Ethan that they have to leave Theresa and get the children out of the house. Ethan can’t leave Theresa like this. He feels that he should have been with her so that this wouldn’t have happened.

Ethan suddenly finds a pulse. He considers giving Theresa mouth-to-mouth.

Rebecca rushes to him and grabs him by the collar to stop him from doing that.

Theresa stirs. She is getting better. Ethan helps her up.

Ethan gets a text message.

“Pilar is in the living room and she is in trouble.”

Ethan and Theresa run ahead.

Rebecca tells that her resolution for the New Year is to get Theresa out of their lives.

Simone and Rae are together downstairs. She is worried about her father. Rae doesn’t want to look for anyone, but Simone rushes off.

Rae doesn't like this. “This is getting more complicated than I like things.”

Julian and Eve worry about Simone and where she could be.

Liz goes with them to find her.

Everyone’s cellphone rings and they all rush to answer it.

Fancy is finally realizing that her grandfather is really not the person that she thought.

Pilar says that Theresa is in trouble in the living room. She, Ivy and Sam rush to get there.

Rachel worries that Alistair is going to cause more trouble. “If he is going to hurt someone, I will stop him!"

Tabby tries to talk Norma out of killing her, but the mad woman will not be stopped. She raises her axe.

Edna reminds Norma that she was supposed to make her young first before dying.

Norma will not wait.

“Stop!" Tabby shouts! “Something terrible is going to be happening this night. Alistair is going to be making a murder here this night. If you don’t leave, you will be blamed for the murder. You will have a cell in death row.” Norma feels that she is lying.

Tabitha shows the pair the punch bowl and what is in it.

Norma and Edna scream when they see it. “We can’t be blamed for that! We just can’t!"

Tabitha sees that she has hit a nerve. “No one wants to be blamed for that! No one!"

Norma and Edna are scared now.

Tabitha reminds Norma that she is an escaped mental patient and should be especially afraid. “You have to leave Harmony and never come back. You have to go too Edna.” Norma and Edna see that Tabby is right.” Norma will go now but she will be back and she will get Tabby one day when she isn’t expecting it.

Chris and Sheridan got a text message saying that James was there in the room and is in trouble.

The rest of the crowd arrives. All have gotten a message saying that a loved one is in trouble.

Eve comes in asking about Simone but she isn’t there.

Theresa arrives and Pilar runs to her glad to see her safe. Sam figures that Alistair as set this up to get them all back into the room.

All wonder where Alistair is now.

He comes into the room. He has blood on his hands. As he walks in…

All see that he has a knife sticking out of his back. The members of the crowd smile at the sight of him fatally injured.

Alistair falls to the ground on his stomach.

The woman in white is in the back at the doorway behind everyone. Watching…

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