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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Gwen can’t get the door open. She blames Theresa for this happening. “They went into Jane’s nursery and now they are locked in the room for some reason with the children. “You have to know something about this," Gwen says. Theresa says that she knows nothing about this but that Alistair must have something planned.

Alistair is in his study having a drink. He is worries but tries to shrug it off. “No one spooks me. I don’t let anyone spook me.”

The assistant enters the room. The party is set up to go. Alistair didn’t make the ad in the paper but he is going to make lemonade out of lemons.

On the monitor, Alistair sees that Noah has arrived. Alistair is disappointed that Fancy didn’t stay away from that boy.

Theresa has arrived. He is going to get Theresa and Gwen out of the house before this sick party starts.

Noah goes with Ethan to get Gwen and Theresa. Fancy follows.

Alistair finds that gallant how Ethan is trying to save the two women who love him!

Sam, Ivy and Fox arrive to make sure that Ethan is okay.

Alistair now switches the channel to see what Spike is up to.

Spike is with Jessica in the spare room.

Alistair plans to have Kay at the house to that night as well.

Kay plans to avoid the Crane party. She will be staying at the house until Fox returns for her to attend the party at her father’s house. Tabitha is dressed and ready to go. She will not miss this party for the world.

Someone is at the door.

There is a special delivery for Fox. Kay signs for it. It is a letter.

“It is from Crane Industries.” Kay opens it. “It says that Fox has been fired.”

Kay rushes to the phone to call Fox.

She waits to hear from him but no one answers. The phone must be turned off. Tabitha feels that Crane owns the phone and they might have turned it off since they are firing him. Kay has to get there to warn Fox. Tabitha knew that she would end up there at the party. “I told you Kay… It has been predetermined.” Tabitha knows that she can’t escape the party either so she grabs her coat.

ZAP! A babysitter arrives knitting on the couch to take care of the girls.

Kay and Tabitha walk out.

Katherine is with Chris and Sheridan at the mansion. They are all talking about the mansion and the party. Sheridan is only going to see about Luis’s death and find the person that is going to tell her the truth about Luis and Antonio’s deaths.

Alistair is watching and listening to Sheridan and he knows that she will get no further in winning at playing his game than she ever did before.

The woman in white is nearby and watches Alistair from a doorway. “You are wrong Alistair… Sheridan will learn a great deal that she needs to know.”

Gwen and Theresa call out for help.

Noah, Ethan and Fancy arrive at the door.

Theresa and Gwen are surprised to find that Ethan is there. He insisted on coming. Gwen wants to get out of there before Alistair does whatever he is going to do.

They are going to have to burst the door down.

Theresa and Gwen move back for the door to be broken down.

Julian and Eve arrive at the Bennetts’ for the party.

They call out but no one is there.

TC and Liz arrive together at the Bennetts’ for the party as well.

Eve is surprised to find TC with Liz. He says that they are just going to the party as friends. “This is no big deal.”

Eve notices that the computer is on.

TC goes to turn it off. He hits a button.

The monitor goes blank. He hopes that he hasn’t lost any important data.

Suddenly the image of Simone with another woman in bed comes to the screen. They are kissing and naked under the sheets. It is live video. “Oh my God!"

Alistair is watching the couples at the Bennetts’ and he knows that anytime now, TC is going to explode.

The people that have arrived at the party go to Alistair’s study. Sheridan demands to know what happened to Luis and Antonio. Alistair confesses to be the one that caused Antonio and Luis to be killed. Sheridan is surprised that Alistair is doing this. “Why now? Why did you pick now to finally tell me the truth?" Alistair tells her that is for him to know and for her to find out.

TC is disgusted with the video on the computer. Liz orders TC to turn the computer off.

He reaches for the keyboard, but then the image on the screen changes.

Alistair is on it now talking to the people in the room.

TC vows to kill the man.

Alistair has obviously filmed this ahead of time so that he could play it for the group now.

“I am sorry that I am not there to see how you get angry over this TC," Alistair says smiling from the screen.

Eve is very stunned that Alistair would do this.

Alistair tells the group that Sam and the others are at his house to attend a party.

Liz finds it that funny that Sam would invite people to the house and then not be there.

Alistair tells that something came up and Sam had to get over to the mansion. The others followed.

TC will not have anything to do with Alistair or his party that night.

Alistair says that if they want to learn anything about Simone and her lesbianism, they will have to get over to his mansion. “You see… I am responsible for Simone being gay.”

Fox, Sam and Ivy are at the mansion discussing the party.

Kay arrives and shows Fox the letter that was delivered to the house.

“It says that I am terminated.” Fox is not surprised.

“I already knew about this. I will make Alistair pay for this.”

Tabitha knows that losing Fox’s job is the least of his worries.

The door flies open. Noah has broken it open.

Gwen wants to take Ethan back to the hospital but Ethan will not leave. “I want to give Alistair a piece of my mind.” Fancy feels that everyone is jumping the gun here by blaming her grandfather for all this. Theresa knows that Alistair has gotten everyone there for a reason and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gwen asks the nanny to take the kids and lock them up in the room for the night.

Alistair confesses to killing Luis and Antonio in front of Sheridan, Katherine and Chris. “I just want to clear up a few mysteries for my daughter. I, as your father, as the one that has been lurking in the shadows of your life, and in your conscience ever since you have been a girl… Has made sure that you never had a successful relationship in your life.”

“There was Jean-Luc in Paris, and then all those boys in college who just took off…”

Martin and Pilar arrive in the study and are surprised to see the guests who are there. Sheridan tells that Alistair admits that he was the one that killed Luis and Antonio.

Martin rushes Alistair but Alistair has a plan and was expecting an outburst just like this.

He pulls out a gun to keep Martin back from him. Sheridan was afraid of him but she isn’t anymore. Although he holds a gun, she rushes to him.

Katherine holds her back. Alistair offers to tell Sheridan that he made sure that she was never happy for a reason. Katherine and Martin try to stop Alistair talking but he will not stop. “You took away the one person that I could truly be happy with. I might have been happy with this person if it hadn’t have been for you. You killed her. You killed Rachel and that is something that I will never forgive you for.” Sheridan stands staring at him with her mouth open.

Alistair takes responsibility for Simone’s love life.

“I paid a woman to seduce her…”

“She was gentle and subtle…”

“I should give her a bonus for the way she roped Simone in…”

Scenes of Simone and the other woman are shown on the screen.

They are out dancing at the gay bar…

Sharing time together like lovers do…

TC takes the laptop and flings it against the wall. “Alistair is a dead man…”

Ethan comes to the living room of the mansion. His mother goes to him and hugs him glad to see him okay.

On the monitor in the room, Alistair speaks to the group. He is on tape.

“I imagine that you are all contemplating an abrupt departure tonight. That isn’t going to be possible.”

Sam shouts that Alistair can go to hell. He turns to leave.

A picture of Jessica comes on. She is tied spread-eagled to the bed in a vulgar disgusting way. She is scantily dressed, and Spike hovers over her with his knife tracing figures out on her leg.

Sam stops dead in his tracks. He turns to the monitor.

Alistair tells that Spike will be playing a deadly game. “Later he will toss a coin. Heads… He will just make love to your daughter. Tails, she will be killed. She is upstairs in one of the rooms. Do you really want to leave now?"

Sheridan realizes that what Alistair is saying is true. “I am ultimately responsible for Luis and Antonio’s death. Katherine and Martin tell Sheridan that what she is saying is wrong. Alistair tells that it is true. “You are the reason that Marty is gone. You are the reason that Marty calls Beth mummy and not you…”

Sheridan loses it and rushes at Sheridan like a wildcat.

He raises the gun slightly in her direction and fires one shot.

Noah hopes that Fancy is watching all this.

Sam is getting angry.

Alistair says on the screen that he has been the one that has been funding Spike’s frequent attacks on Jessica to get addicted to drugs, and to keeping her on the streets.

Sam calls the man a coward.

Alistair warns him to behave. “Your daughter’s life hangs in the balance.

Ethan, Noah and Sam rush off.

Fancy goes to the monitor. “Do you think that this is a joke?" She is talking to a videotape and it doesn’t answer back.

The screen goes blank.

Tabitha tells Kay to go with the others to find Jessica.

Tabby knows that this night is going to be like no other.

TC arrives with Julian, Liz and Eve, and he shouts for Alistair to show himself.

Liz is really worried. “I wonder what that mad man Alistair has in store for us now.”

No one has been hurt by Alistair’s gunshot in the study. It was just a warning shot.

Sheridan turns to her mother. “Why didn’t you tell me that I killed Aunt Rachel?"

There is no time to talk about that. “Alistair is gone!"

The group rushes out.

The woman in white enters the room that has just been vacated. “”Don’t worry Sheridan. I will see to Alistair for you.”

Alistair comes to where Spike and Jessica are. Jessica is still unconscious and has no idea what is happening.

The door bursts open. Sam and the others enter and grab Spike. “Get the hell away from her!"

All the men descend on Spike and hold him from the bed.

Kay goes to her sister on the bed. “Oh God dad! He’s killed her! He has killed her dead!"

Kay is really scared.

Sam finds a pulse.

Jessica gets up… “Daddy?" Sam has to get Jessica home. She probably can’t even walk from the drugs that they gave her.

Spike is missing now. They will get him later. They just have to get out of this house.

Noah tells Fancy that this is the reason everyone wants Alistair dead. “If I find him, I will kill him myself.”

Alistair is back in his study.

He gets a speakerphone and talks to everyone with it. He can see then on a monitor.

TC shouts out that he is going to kill the man.

Alistair isn’t afraid.

Tabitha can smell the murder coming.

Fancy still wants to stand by her grandfather. Noah wants her to see the truth and she has to after this.

Fancy turns and runs out. Noah follows her.

The others leave the room.

Simone arrives at the mansion. Her ex-lover is there. “Why did you ask me here?"

The ex says that she didn’t ask Simone there. “I got a message from you that you wanted to talk.”

Alistair sees on the monitor that everything is going as he planned.

“Happy Holidays Alistair…”

Alistair looks at the woman’s face before him. “It can’t be…” She assures him that it is exactly as it looks.

Everyone is in the main room. Sam decides that he is leaving with Jessica, and he advises everyone else to do the same. He turns to leave, but the door to the foyer slams shut.

Every exit to any door or window slams shut.

They are trapped.

Tabitha tells Kay that they are to beware the stroke of midnight. “Someone is going to die. We just have to wait and see who that will be.”

Everyone huddles in the middle of the room looking around and waiting.

Noah and Fox point at the skylight at the top of the room. They know that they could get out that way, but they have no way of reaching the forty-foot glass. Al the doors that have slammed shut are made of steel. There is no way to break through them.

Alistair doesn't believe what he is seeing. The woman in white tells Alistair that she is going to make him pay. He sees now that it was she who put the ad in the paper. He is afraid but still says that her tricks will not work on him. “I know that you are an imposter and that you are dead.” The woman in white tells Alistair to look into her eyes and tell her again that she is an imposter. “Now do you think that this is a hoax?"

The woman in white removes her hood and reveals herself. “It is me Alistair! I have come back from the dead.”

Tabitha can see that murder is about to strike.

Ivy is very uncomfortable.

Sam finds Alistair to be a coward.

TC will kill him on sight.

Fancy can’t see how grandfather can see this is funny.

Sheridan will see Alistair dead before she lets him hurt anyone else.

Tabitha feels that murder has arrived.

Every clock in the house starts chiming. It is midnight. The murder is supposed to happen now.

The lights start flickering.

Then it goes out…

“It is bloody murder!" Tabitha says.

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