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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Spike has shown up at Jessica’s as she is taking out the garbage.

Thunder claps in the sky. A storm is coming. Spike tells Jessica to come with him before the storm starts. She will not go with him. She came home to spend Christmas with her family. Spike reminds her that they don’t even want her around. She knows differently now. “They do want me!" She turns to the house shouting, “Daddy!"

Spike puts his hand over her mouth. “Don’t do anything stupid.”

In the Bennett house, Sam is cleaning up the living room.

Fancy is trying to get Noah to go over to Alistair’s party that night. Noah will not go.

She goes over to Sam and asks him to rethink his not going to the party. Sam won’t go.

Ivy tells that she and Sam are going to have friends over this evening and they can’t change their plans.

Fancy tries Noah again to see if he will budge about going to the party, but there is nothing that will get him to Alistair’s party.

Chris and Sheridan have seen the ad in the paper about Alistair’s party.

Fox and Kay come over to see the ad. “A Murder is Announced.”

Tabitha and Endora watch the others from across the room as they discuss the murder party. Tabitha has invited the people over to have hot chocolate. Tabitha wonders what the murder party is about.

She looks over and sees that James as found the big blue pot that Tabitha had hidden under a blanket in the center of the room, and he is looking into it.

Tabitha runs over and covers it from his view.

She knows that the dark side is behind this party somehow.

Alistair is home ragging about the person who is trying to frighten him and what they might do.

The woman in white is watching Alistair enjoying him being afraid. She is in his house looking at him through a doorway.

All that are at the hospital in Ethan’s room ask Theresa to leave, even Ethan. She will not. “If I didn’t rescue you when I did Ethan, Gwen would have killed you.”

Gwen moves to call security. “Well if you will not leave voluntarily, I will have you removed.

There is a surgeon’s tray in the room. Theresa runs to it and grabs a scalpel and holds it to Gwen’s face to make her stand back. Gwen moves closer to Ethan who is sitting on his bed. “Get away from me you bitch!" Theresa hisses at her.

Eve orders Theresa to put the scalpel down. Theresa will not. “Look at how I am acting Ethan! I rescued you Ethan before Gwen tried to kill you. You would be dead now! You were not brain damaged like you stipulated you had to be in the Living Will before the plug could be pulled. You were just in a coma Ethan! She was going to kill you!" Gwen said that his condition was irreversible and that was why she was going to do what she intended. Theresa tells how she took care of Ethan in the cabin. “I took care of you the whole time. The electricity went off… the backup generator went off and I worked to save you!” Ethan can see that Theresa was terrified while on the run with him. Theresa never gave up hope. “…But they all did! I prayed on the Christmas star that God would give you back to us.” Gwen reminds Theresa that she also made a vow to God to leave Ethan alone if he came back them all. Theresa will not break her vow to God, but she wants Ethan to have a chance to pick who he wants to be with now that he knows everything.

Eve asks for the scalpel again as Theresa is holding it up in front of her between she and everyone else. Theresa will not stop. “I will not let things end this way Ethan. I won’t!"

The woman in white is looking at the ad in the paper. “The storm is moving in for the party. Perfect!"

Alistair is in his study frightened. Trembling in his boots. “I will scare that person instead. That is what I will do.”

The woman in white continues to watch him.

Someone comes to the door.

Alistair calls the man in. “I am having a party tonight. Get some extra men to watch the place. This has to do with the ad in the paper about the murder. Someone may be murdered tonight but it will not be me.”

Noah tells Fancy that this isn’t Alistair being nice by inviting them all to his party. “He is being manipulative. Alistair hurts people. I am staying away from the mansion tonight and I want you to stay away from there too. Something weird is going to happen there tonight. I can feel it.”

Jessica breaks away from Spike. “You keep hurting me Spike, not my family. I want to stay with them.” Spike says that he only wants to go on a date with her not take her away from her family. “I want to take you to a dressy party. We will dress up! It will be a blast. Plus it will give me a chance to make things up to you. Listen babe. I love you. Please be my date.”

James and Endora talk telepathically wondering what is wrong with adults these days. They are listening to the grownups in the room discuss the party that night.

Sheridan, Chris, Kay and Fox all decide that they are not going to the murder party.

Tabitha is peeking under her blanket into the big blue pot to get a spoiler of what the party is all about.

“Oh no!" She pulls back in horror from the pot and what she sees. “It can’t be! It isn’t possible!"

Sheridan will not give her father a chance to manipulate her again by going to his party.

Endora and James telepathically say goodbye.

Chris comes to take James and they leave with Sheridan.

Endora asks her mother telepathically if they are going to the party. Tabitha feels that somehow they are all going to end up at the party.

Spike tells Jessica that he wants to take her to the party at Alistair’s that night. Jessica says that she will not go to that. Her whole family will not attend that.

Spike shows Jessica the pills that she is hooked on and tells her that they could really have fun if she would only just come with him.

She takes one look back at the house and then she walks off with Spike and the pills.

Fancy fights still to have the Bennetts go with her to the party at her grandfather’s. Noah will not do it. “Your grandfather will forgive you if you don’t go Fancy. Stay here for my dad and you mom’s party.” ***Fancy decides that she will stay then. She will go upstairs now and change.

Pilar orders her daughter to hand over the scalpel. She will not.

Gwen rushes to the phone but Theresa runs to it first and takes it off the desk. Ethan begs Theresa to stop this. “You are going too far. I am staying with her and she is staying with me. Now please leave!"

Theresa drops the scalpel on the floor. “How can you hurt me like this? I sacrificed everything for you.” Ethan appreciates that and knows that Gwen does too but he will not leave Gwen. Theresa says again that she is sorry and was only trying to kill Alistair. Ethan tells her that she shouldn’t say things like that before witnesses and this whole mess proves that she needs to move away and find somewhere else to be. Theresa can’t do that. She will lose her son. Everyone warned her but she didn’t listen. Gwen points that out. Pilar offers to take Theresa home, but Theresa has to go to the mansion. “My son is there and so is my daughter.” Gwen reminds Theresa that Jane belongs with she and Ethan. Theresa tells Gwen that Jane is really her little girl.

Fox walks Kay over to her house and then leaves.

Kay tells Tabitha that she is heading up to get ready for her father’s party. Tabitha tells that Kay will end up at the party at the mansion this night. Tabitha tells Kay to wear something dark so that the bloodstains will not show.

Alistair tells his henchman to let people into the mansion but not to let them out.

Alistair sits at his desk. “Whoever you are, you are going to be found out.”

The woman in white finds the family album. She flips to a page and a very young Alistair is showing. “Does your heart hurt? It is so black! Don’t worry my dear as I am going to carve it right out of you!"

The woman in white goes and gets a wooden box. She opens it and reveals what is inside. There is a huge carving knife inside and rose petals… Lots and lots of rose petals.

Sheridan comes out dressed to kill.

Chris can’t take his eyes from her. He kisses her.

James comes out dressed for bed. The sitter will be coming to stay with him.

Kay doesn’t see how she is going to end up at the party.

Tabitha shows Kay the big blue pot and says that it told her that somehow they were all going to end up at the party. Kay isn’t going to be there, she says heading upstairs.

Tabitha and Endora are alone now. Tabitha tells her that they have to get ready. They know that they are going to be at that party.

Ivy comes down dressed in pink satin. Sam tells her how beautiful she is.

Noah comes to them saying that he can’t find Jessica. Sam knows what that means. “I have to go and find her.”

Eve is with Ethan and Gwen and she tells them that things are fine now but that she has to leave to go to a party. She leaves.

The thunder claps.

Ethan and Gwen talk about Theresa and how she kept accusing Gwen of wanting to kill him. Ethan doesn't want to talk about Theresa. Gwen is happy to see the New Year coming. “My plans for the night is to be with you here at the hospital.”

“Knock Knock!"

The book lady comes in offering something to read.

She ends up giving Ethan the paper.

He sees the ad. “A murder is announced? Alistair must be up to no good again.”

Gwen decides that she has to go see Jane if things are going to get weird.

Pilar comes to the room. Gwen asks her to stay with Ethan while she runs to the house for a minute. Gwen leaves.

Ethan shows Pilar the ad in the paper.

Fancy goes to her grandfather and tells him that she will be going to Noah’s party instead. Alistair is not happy but he hides it. Fancy runs of to get dressed.

Alistair has just figured out how to get everyone to the party.

Theresa enters the house.

Alistair grabs her and kisses her full on the lips. “Get dressed. We are hosting a party tonight.” She will not be a part of Alistair’s sick jokes.

He grabs her arm roughly and holds it hard behind her back, making her whole body shake. “Are you going to do what I ask you to do Theresa?" She answers him quietly…”Yes!"

Spike has Jessica good and high now out at the waterfront. The storm is really kicking in. Jessica is all giddy and goofy from the pills. Spike gives her another pills to keep her flying. “Come on now. Let’s go to the mansion to the party!"

“Jessica! Jessica!"

Jessica hears her father’s voice. “Daddy! I’m over…”

Spike clamps his hands over her mouth. “Be quiet! Let’s go to the mansion now.”

Jessica can’t even walk. Spike picks her up and carries her off.

Sam and Ivy arrive and no one is around. Sam can’t understand why Jessica keeps choosing this life over her home life.

The storm breaks. Sam and Ivy huddle under an umbrella together in the rain.

Tabitha is ready for the party. She has got a sitter for the kids. Fox thought that she would be babysitting but she wants to go to the party.

Sam comes over asking for Kay.

Kay goes to the door. She learns that Jessica is missing again.

Tabitha thinks to herself that three are bigger things to worry about tonight than Jessica.

The woman in white is sitting in a chair waiting for the party. She holds the knife up by the side of her hood ready to strike.

Ethan fears that Theresa; Gwen and the kids are all in danger due to that party at the mansion. He gets up to go to the mansion. “I have to save the children and the woman that I love.”

Pilar asks Ethan what woman he is talking about.

Theresa is with Little Ethan all dressed for the party. They make their way to Jane’s room.

Theresa finds Gwen packing a bag, with Jane dressed and ready to go somewhere. “What are yon doing?" Gwen tells that there is that stupid party happening that night and Theresa is getting Jane out of the house before it starts. “I suggest that you take Little Ethan and get out of here as well.” Theresa isn’t leaving. “I am hosting the party.” Gwen makes a face.

She picks Jane up and walks to the door to leave. It will not open. “What is going on?" Theresa comes over to the door as well and sees that it is locked. She and Theresa call out and bang on the door.

Fancy is dressed now to go to the Bennetts and as she walks by Jane’s room, she hears the yelling.

“Help! Someone has locked the door!"

Fancy looks around the halls. “What is going on around here?"

Pilar waits for Ethan to answer as to who is the woman that he loves. Ethan sidesteps her question. He leaves.

Pilar gets her cellphone out and dials.

Eve returns dressed for the party and asks where Ethan is. Pilar tells that Ethan is gone to the mansion to get the kids and Gwen and Theresa.

Pilar reaches Sam. Ethan is on his way to the mansion. “I couldn’t stop him and he wants to get Gwen, Theresa and the kids out of the house.” Sam will go and get everyone.

Sam tells that he is going to the mansion.

Fox and Ivy decide that they will go with Sam. They all leave.

Tabitha tells Kay to get her coat. “This is fate. Get your coat. Let’s go to the mansion. When lady fortune spins her wheel, all my hope for luck. All are going to end up at the mansion tonight!"

Fancy tries to open the door and she can’t.

She calls Noah on her cellphone.

Gwen, Little Ethan, Jane and Theresa are locked in the nursery. “I am scared. Can you come up here?" Noah is on his way.

Sheridan gets a call. It is a text message.

“If you want proof that Alistair is responsible for the murder of Luis… Come to the party at the Crane mansion.”

Sheridan tells Chris that they are going to the party tonight.

Alistair smiles.

Spike arrives at the back door to the study.

Alistair lets him in. He is carrying Jessica who is unconscious. “Take her to the guest room at the end of the hall upstairs. No one will see you.” Spike marches off with Jessica in his arms.

The woman in white sees everything. “You are going to be punished…”

She flings her knife at the picture of Alistair on the wall before her and hits it dead center in Alistair’s forehead. “Bullseye!"

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