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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha is with Endora at home. Tabitha is thankful that the holiday is over. “That nasty Norma comes every year to try to kill me. Thank heavens for Endora who saved her mummy.”

Tabitha hears noise outside.

She looks and sees Fox and Kay frolicking in the snow. “They are at it again. Like rabbits!" Endora telepathically says, “They have no shame!" Tabitha can’t understand why the powers of evil haven’t split the kids up yet.

The boys in the basement roar and blow smoke through the vent. Tabitha agrees that Fox and Kay make her nauseous too.

Fox and Kay have made a snowman in the yard. They really should have brought Maria down to play in the snow with them but it is so early.

Soon snowballs are flying from behind them. James, Chris and Sheridan and are throwing snowballs at Fox and Kay and screaming. Soon it is an all out war!

Sam and Ivy hear the screaming and Ivy goes to look out the window.

She sees Kay and the others in the snow. She wonders what it will take to get Kay out of Fox’s life.

Ivy is angry that Fox and Kay have used her expensive accessories to dress the snowman. Sam is just glad that the kids have gotten back together where they belong.

Noah comes down and greets his father and Ivy. He has gotten out of jail and he is happy as can be. Ivy wants to know who did this wonderful thing for him.

Alistair is in turmoil. He paces the floor and talks to himself. “This can’t be true. She is dead! Dead! Alistair… Control yourself man. Someone is playing a joke on you! I do not frighten. I frighten other people.”

The woman in white is watching Alistair through an open door, and she knows that everyone gets frightened and for him it is just beginning.

Fancy comes running in to kiss her grandfather. “Thank you. Thank you so much. You were the one to post Alistair’s bail right?" Alistair didn’t want Noah out of jail, but he plays the role and pretends that he did release Noah from jail.

Theresa sits with Ethan and watches him sleep. “You have to get your strength back. I want to be the first person that you see when you wake up. I need to explain.”

The door opens and Gwen comes in. “I can’t believe this.” She goes to Theresa and drags her off the bed from Ethan’s side, tossing her to the door. Theresa says that she will not leave. “Not until I talk to Ethan”.

Gwen warns that she will call the police if Theresa doesn’t get out of there. Gwen walks by her to get to her husband.

From the back, Theresa grabs Gwen’s arm and pulls her back to the wall away from Ethan. Theresa holds Gwen to the wall and puts her hands around the woman’s neck choking her.

As the women fight, Ethan sleeps. He isn’t disturbed and he doesn’t move.

Fancy is confused. “I thought that you hated Noah and his family? Why would you get Noah out of jail?" Alistair does hate them.

The woman in white listens to see what Alistair will come up with as an answer.

Alistair lies to Fancy telling that her love for Noah gets stronger and stronger and Alistair can’t fight him any longer. “So if you can’t beat ‘em… join ‘em. I was wrong about Noah but I wanted to give him another chance to prove that he is worthy of you.”

The woman in white hears that the lies drip easily from his lips. “You are going to pay.”

The kids are still in the yard throwing snowballs.

Happy humans playing in the snow nauseate Tabitha.

Endora wants to go out in the snow and play with James. Tabitha tells her that they should go to the basement instead and play with the boys.

The big blue pot is brewing and bubbling.

Tabitha and Endora rush over to see what is going on. Tabitha doesn’t like what she sees. Tabitha can’t let Endora out in the snow. “We had better stay in until the New Year at least dear.”

Fox and Kay have won the snowball fight. They do the victory dance in the snow.

Sheridan is having the time of her life for a change.

She remembers the night before when she and Chris made love for the first time.

She is tired and wants to stop now so that she can save her energy for something better.

Noah finds out that Jessica is back home and he hugs her warmly to welcome her back to them.

Gwen is tossing Theresa out.

Eve enters and asks Theresa what she is doing dressed like she works as a nurse for the hospital. She says she just wanted to see Ethan. “I wanted to explain to Ethan what happened.” Gwen says that she already did that. Theresa knows that Gwen didn’t tell the whole story. “Did you tell him that I saved his life? Did you tell him that if I didn’t kidnap him he would be dead right now? Yeah right Gwen! I know that you didn’t tell him that!"

Gwen and Theresa start arguing again and Eve threatens to ban both of them from the hospital if they don’t cut out this fighting. Eve walks off.

Gwen finds Theresa like a vampire that keeps rising and killing no matter what is done to her. Gwen tells Theresa to go and come back later and she will let Ethan hear what she has to say. Theresa feels that she should stay as she really doesn’t trust Gwen to keep her word. Gwen feels that Ethan will understand what she was trying to do when he hears how she saved his life. Theresa only knows that her actions saved Ethan’s life and she wants him to know how he wife acted in the process.

Pilar arrives and isn’t happy to see her daughter there. “And why are you dressed like a nurse?" Gwen smiles. “Even your mother doesn’t understand you.”

Alistair shows Fancy the ad in the paper about the Murder party. Fancy finds it very weird. Alistair tells that he will be having a party and he wants Fancy to tell Noah and the others to come to the party. Fancy will not invite people to this. It is morbid. Alistair tells that she will come. “It will be a theme park party and it will be fun. I just got your boyfriend out of jail. You can pay me back by getting everyone to come to the party.” Fancy agrees to try to get everyone to come. She leaves.

Alistair will use this party to find out who is trying to make a fool of him. “The party will be tonight.”

The woman in white knows that this is going to be good.

Tabitha and Endora are on the couch talking. Tabitha knows that there is going to be trouble and that the safest place to be is the house for the next little while.

Tiny sparks from fireworks go off from the vase on the coffee table.

Tabitha knows there is going to be trouble that night and she and Endora are going to be part of the trouble.

Fox and Kay are out kissing in the snow.

Ivy watches them disgusted. “There has to be a way to split them up.”

Noah and Jessica are on the couch talking with Sam.

Ivy sneaks off to phone Valerie and she wants to know why Fox is getting cozy with Kay again. “You are not doing your job! If you don’t get Kay away from Fox, you are fired!" Valerie is wondering if Fox and Kay really do belong together. “Fox really seems to like her.”

Ivy hangs up angry. “If it is the last thing that I do, I will get Kay away from Fox.”

Alistair plans to have the person who is tormenting him exposed at the party that night. “However, if I punish everyone, I will be sure of my revenge.”

Someone knocks at the door.

Alistair opens it and finds Spike standing there.

He grabs the kid by the scruff of the neck and drags him in the study from the yard. “I heard a very disturbing story. Jessica is back home with her family. Go get her now.”

Jessica talks to her family about Spike and she finally decides that this time she will be staying close to her family and never returning to him. Sam is happy to hear that.

Someone comes to the house.

Noah lets Fancy in. She tells how Alistair was the one that freed him from jail. “He says that he realizes how much I love you, and so he let you free. He wants you and the whole family to come to a party tonight.”

Fox and Kay are kissing in the snow.

Valerie comes over to the house and taps on Fox’s shoulder to interrupt his kissing.

Ivy sees Valerie at work. “You go girl!"

Valerie tells Fox that there are some emails that have to be answered right away. Kay feels that this can wait. Valerie tells that since Kay played that game with the phones being off the hook, they have to do a lot of damage control. Kay tells Fox to go to work and she will see him later then.

Tabitha comes out and asks everyone there to come into her house for hot chocolate. All walk off.

Kay knows that something has to be up here. “Tabitha asking people over? Something is up.”

Pilar is upset with her daughter. “Do you now also break your promises to God? What are you doing here?"

Theresa promises not to break her vow to God, but she wants Ethan to decide which woman he wants now that he is awake again. “Do you think that Ethan will choose you or me this time?" Gwen demands that Theresa be taken out of here.


All the women look to the bed and see that Ethan is sleeping and calling out for Theresa…

His eyes open and he looks around strangely.

Alistair gives Spike a very clear warning. “You just better do what I say. You know what happens to people who fail me? I want you to rip that little girl from her family and bring her here tonight. Don’t ask questions as to why. Just do it!"

The woman in white is angry. “Drugs… Prostitution? I swear this evil will be rooted out!"

Sam and Jessica talk happily now.

Noah and Fancy come over to the others. She tells that Alistair was the one that got Noah out of jail. The family can’t believe that. Fancy tells how Alistair wants to get to know Noah. “Grampy is giving in. He can be a nice guy.” Ivy laughs at that. Fancy sees that her grandfather is holding out an olive branch. “He has invited you all to a party.” Ivy knows that something horrible is going to happen if they go to this party. “We are not going to that party and that is that! Something terrible is going to occur.”

Tabitha has Sheridan, Chris, James and Kay drinking hot chocolate at her house. Tabitha loves having people over she says. Kay rolls her eyes when she hears that.

Chris remembers the last time that he was over with the others. “Your piñata went a little crazy.

Endora caused the trouble. The piñata turkey at Thanksgiving turned real and attacked everyone ruining the party.

Tabitha says that the piñata was a radio-controlled turkey and they just don’t make those things like they used to these days.

She pours some hot chocolate for the adults, but insists that the children have milk.

The kids hate milk and want chocolate.

***Tabitha turns in time to see Endora fling her wrist at the table. She hates milk!

ZAP! The container of milk topples over. Tabitha turns to clean it up.

She then goes to Endora and James telling the kids that if there is anymore trouble they will have to play elsewhere. The kids telepathically demand chocolate. They are so loud that Tabitha ends up shouting, “Alright! Alright!" She hugs her ears.

The other grownups don’t understand.

Tabitha gives the kids chocolate to shut them up.

Sheridan is looking at the paper and she sees the invitation to the murder party.

Kay is peering out the window.

Tabitha comes over. “My my… Fox said that he was going to be back by now. Maybe Valerie is holding him at the office.”

Fox and Valerie are working at the office. Fox answers all the emails and is ready to go back to Kay.

Valerie calls out to him. “Look! There are a whole new batch of questions from Hong Kong to answer.” Fox returns to his desk to get working.

Fancy tries to get Ivy and the Bennetts to go to her grandfather’s party. Sam feels that he will not accept anything from Alistair ever again. Sam and Ivy leave to go to the kitchen.

Fancy says that she wants to go to the party. Noah will not go. “Let me make this very simple… No!"

Ethan is calling for Theresa. Everyone moves closer to the bed. Gwen tells that Theresa was just asked to leave and she will not. Theresa begs to talk to Ethan. Gwen tells her to get out. Theresa ignores her. “I was the only one that fought to keep you alive. Gwen was the one that tried to have you killed.” Pilar tells Theresa that she is not saying how things really happened. Gwen tells Ethan that she was trying to make a decision and it was very hard. Theresa says that Gwen is lying.

Gwen turns to Theresa. “I love Ethan and everything that I did was for him.” Theresa says that was a lie.

Ethan holds his head. “Both of you get out of here. I can’t take it both of you stop it!"

Sheridan knows that this invitation to the party in the paper is something that her father has dreamed up. Besides she and Chris are going somewhere else for New Years.

Tabitha watches Chris and Sheridan from afar. “Kissy kissy…”

Fox returns home. He grabs Kay.

Tabitha thinks that Kay shouldn’t be so sure of her relationship. “Things still are not going to turn out well for you at all.

Alistair takes Spike out of the house.

When he returns alone, he finds rose petals all over the desk. He was only gone seconds. “Who is here? Who is here?"

The woman in white is there. She is his worst nightmare.

Ivy really wants to know what this hold is that Kay has on Fox.

Fancy is still trying to convince Noah to go to the party but he will not.

Sam comes to the kids telling Fancy that it is really best that the Bennetts stay away from Alistair.

Jessica is taking out the garbage.

When she turns to go back in the house, Spike is behind her.

“Hey babe… How you been?"

Ethan sits up in his bed. He is so tired of hearing the girls fight over him. “Theresa… Please just go," Ethan begs.

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